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 December 2, 2014
marijuana tolerance break


There a handful of reasons why people take a break from consuming marijuana. The most likely reason is that you need to get a job, and that your desired employer drug tests. The second most common reason is that the break from consuming marijuana is court ordered do to forced rehab or probation or some other unfair reason. But another reason is what many refer to as a ‘marijuana tolerance break.’ A marijuana tolerance break is a good idea if you are not getting as high as you used to, and wish to get more out of the experience of consuming marijuana.

Most veteran marijuana consumers have been there one time or another. You puff and puff and puff, but you don’t seem to get that super baked feeling anymore. The quality of nugs or oil you are consuming likely isn’t the problem. The problem is likely that your tolerance is through the roof. This is becoming more and more prevalent as dabs grow in popularity. Most of the people I know that consume a large amount of dabs day in day out complain that they don’t get as high as they used to, and there’s just no way they can get high off of flower anymore, no matter what the quality is.

If this is you, maybe you should consider taking a marijuana tolerance break so your body’s tolerance level can go down. I know, taking a break from consuming marijuana doesn’t sound that appealing. I personally consume marijuana mainly to relax from stressful, work-filled days, and without marijuana I would probably go off on a person or two daily for being stupid. But, if you can handle the off days, I assure you it will be worth it. I took a few marijuana tolerance breaks during the last twenty plus years I’ve been consuming marijuana, and I can say first hand that the high you get when you start consuming again is well worth it. It felt like the first time all over again with the giggles and whatnot.

How long of a marijuana tolerance break one should consider taking depends on the individual. If you consume like Jay Smoker, you may want to take a week or two off (he smokes like a broken chimney). If you are like me, and work all day most days and can’t consume, a few days should be enough to get your tolerance level back in line. Of course, realize that once you start consuming again, your tolerance will go up again, so revisit the marijuana tolerance break approach again from time to time.

Realize that I’m saying take a break, not quit altogether. You would be taking a break in order to get higher in the future. Remember, quitters never prosper! Have you ever taken a marijuana tolerance break? If so, how did it go? Do you have any tips? How long did you go in between sessions? Leave a comment so that other readers can benefit from your experiences.



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    I take regular breaks for another reason. I use it for physical workouts and becoming more aware of what I do and how I think, finding all the ‘third ways’. Like weight lifting, the actual strengthening happens on the off days. 48 hours does it for me.


    Y’all need to read this:

    THE MOST RELEVANT BITS (by Jon Gettman High Times, July 1995):



    The NIMH tolerance study confirms what most marijuana smokers have already discovered for themselves: The more often you smoke, the less high you get.

    The dose of THC used in the study was 10 mg per kilogram of body weight, a dose frequently used in clinical research. What is the equivalent of 10 mg/kg of THC in terms of human consumption?

    While most users are familiar with varying potencies of marijuana, many are only vaguely aware of differences in the efficiency of various ways to smoke it. Clinical studies indicate that only 10 to 20% of the available THC is transferred from a joint cigarette to the body. A pipe is better, allowing for 45% of the available THC to be consumed. A bong is a very efficient delivery system for marijuana; in ideal conditions the only THC lost is in the exhaled smoke.

    The minimum dose of THC required to get a person high is 10 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. For a 165-pound person, this would be 750 micrograms of THC, about what is delivered by one bong hit.

    The THC doses used on the NIMH rats were proportionately ten times greater than what a heavy human marijuana user would consume in a day. Assuming use of good-quality, 7.5% THC sinsemilla, it would take something like 670 bong hits or 100 joints to give a 165-pound person a 10 mg-per-kg dose of THC.

    Obviously, the doses used are excessive. But the study indicates that the body itself imposes an unbeatable equilibrium on cannabis use, a ceiling to every high.

    According to Herkenham’s team: “The result [of the study] has implications for the consequences of chronic high levels of drug use in humans, suggesting diminishing effects with greater levels of consumption.”

    Tolerance and the quality of the marijuana both affect the balance between the two tiers of effects: the coordination problems, short-term memory loss and disorientation associated with the term “stoned” and the pleasurable sensations and cognitive stimulation associated with the word “high.”

    The distinction between the two states is nothing unique. Alcohol, nicotine and heroin can all produce nausea when first used; this symptom also disappears as tolerance to the drug develops. To conclude that marijuana users consume the drug to get “stoned” would be as accurate as asserting that alcohol drinkers drink in order to vomit.

    One result of the NIMH study is that there is now a clinical basis for characterizing the differences between these two tiers of effects. In clinical terms, the effects of one-time (or occasional) exposure are referred to as the acute effects of marijuana. Repeated use or exposure is referred to as chronic use.

    In addition to the now-disproved claims of dependence, opponents of marijuana-law reform always refer to the acute effects of the drug as proof of its dangers. Prohibitionists believe that tolerance is evidence that marijuana users have to increase their consumption to maintain the acute effects of the drug. No wonder they think marijuana is dangerous!

    Marijuana-law reform advocates, more familiar with actual use patterns and effects, always consider the effects of chronic use as their baseline for describing the drug. “Chronic use” is just regular use, and there is nothing sinister about regular marijuana use.

    Most marijuana users regulate their use to achieve specific effects. The main technique for regulating the effects of marijuana is manipulating tolerance. Some people who like to get “stoned” on pot, which (unlike the initial side effects of other drugs) can be enjoyable. These people smoke only occasionally.

    People who like to get “high” tend to smoke more often, and maintain modest tolerance to the depressant effects. But this is not an indefinite continuum. Just as joggers encounter limits, regular users of marijuana eventually confront the wall of receptor down-regulation. Smoking more pot doesn’t increase the effects of the drug; it diminishes them.

    The ideal state is right between the two tiers of effects. One of the great ironies of prohibition is that most marijuana users are left to figure this out for themselves. Most do, and strive for the middle ground. Some just don’t figure it out, and this explains two behaviors which are identified as marijuana abuse.

    First is binge smoking, often but not exclusively exhibited by young or inexperienced users who mistakenly believe that they can compensate for tolerance with excessive consumption. The second behavior these new findings on tolerance explain is the stereotype of the stoned, confused hippie. According to this NIMH study, tolerance develops faster with high-potency cannabinoids. People who have irregular access to marijuana, and to low-quality marijuana at that, do not have the opportunity to develop sufficient tolerance to overcome the acute effects of the drug.

    Another popular misconception this study contradicts is that higher-potency marijuana is more dangerous. In fact, the use of higher-potency marijuana allows for the rapid development of tolerance. Earlier research by Herkenham established why large doses of THC are not life-threatening. Marijuana’s minimal effects on heart rate are still mysterious, but there are no cannabinoid receptors in the areas of the brain which control heart function and breathing. This research further establishes that the brain can safely handle large, potent doses of THC.

    Like responsible alcohol drinkers, most marijuana users adjust the amount of marijuana they consume – they “titrate” it – according to its potency. In the course of a single day, for example, the equilibrium is between the amount consumed and the potency of the herb. Tolerance achieves the same equilibrium; over time the body compensates for prolonged exposure to THC by reducing the number of receptors available for binding. The body itself titrates the THC dose.


    Luckily I have a drug test in a week as a nice motivator.


    I’m a 29, 30 days a month user. More limited durning work week. My tolerance is at an all time high and it sucks. I find that a few day t breaks help a lot for that first high or so but the tolerance returns quick.

    My unscientific tips: don’t take that 3rd hit if your already high. You’re just building your tolerance with no related benefit. Indulge after a workout, and if your stomach is relatively empty you will feel it even more.

    2-3 day tbreaks are a big help but my guess is you need to go a couple weeks to have a longer term benefit.

    I had my last vapor at 1am last night. I avoided the 4am vapor and got up and worked out and am drinking a lot of water. Taking our dogs on long walk later. Even though I’ve indulged the last 3 weeks straight, I will catch a nice high tonight if I keep to this plan.

    Keep on keepn on everyone.


    I am studying in the Netherlands so smoke literally all day every day, first thing I do in the morning is smoke a spliff. I went back to my home city in Ireland for Christmas and make a point of not knowing any dealers at home so I can get a tolerance break. I just came back from 3 weeks at home, which is the longest I’ve gone in 2 and a half years without smoking. Rolled a fat spliff 20 minutes ago, am 3 drags in and already feel like it’s my first time smoking weed again. 10/10 would recommend a tolerance break! (P.S. it took me 19 of those minutes to write this post – happy blazing)


    I’ve blazed straight for 8 years. I’m 25 now. During July I decided it was time to take a lengthy break from smoking herb. I went all of July & August. It was killing me to have my best friend blazing away but I controlled myself. Boy did I get high when I smoked that first time after two months this most def helps you. Now since September I’m back to smoking regularly and am contemplating a herb fast maybe for a week just because I have a party coming up and want to smoke with some of my cousins. Salute, Dee from Brooklyn


    So I smoke for pain pretty much daily – I try to make an eighth last 2 weeks, but I don’t always make it. I’m trying to go on a 4 week t-break that will end in a cabin in Estes Park with that sweet sweet Colorado weed and the altitude making you even higher. My question is this – I’ve stored ten emergency nugs in different places throughout the house for if I have one of those migraines where it’s “smoke a bowl or spend a half ounce worth of money on the copay when they won’t even give you morphine anymore”, the decision seems obvious. So if, during these next 4 weeks, I smoke the occasional emergency bowl, will that just completely defeat the purpose of the t-break?


      I’m not too sure TanchoRed, the whole reason why tolerances build up because our body needs more to produce the same effect. Now i’m not 100% positive on what chemical in the cannabis is actually having the most effect on pain relief with your migraines (to could be largely attributed to CBD or THC, or both in combination), but maybe, just maybe, If you were able to get a strain with a low to high (respectively) thc:cbd ratio and you still get the same amount or close to the same amount of relief, then I don’t think smoking to get rid of a migraine would necessarily render your tolerance break useless.

      If you know that smoking high THC stains rids you of your migraines, then I guess all this is useless to you ): look into BHO alternatives (wax,oil,dabs, whatever you want to call it), it is immensely difficult to build up a tolerance quick, and you will still feel it no matter what. Even if you dab 30 times in one day, that 30th dab will still give you a good high, not to mention the ‘cleaner’ smoke has less effects on your lungs and heart.


    I don’t get high period, and I only smoke 2 times a month. One gram is a 6 month supply for me.


    I recently had to take one to avoid failing a drug test for my hs hockey team. It was randomly announced and would b randomly given by my coach. Prior to it, I was consuming daily (spending $60/week – I know that is a lot but whne you don’t buy much else and you’re employed while having finances under control, it becomes easier to incorporate) and once this was announced I thought it would be impossible to get thru. For 2 whole months of hell I pulled thru and on the test date I passed with flying colors. That first hit I took that night was so sentimental it was like the 1st time.

    If you have to do this, it doesn’t matter how long. The most important thing is to stay calm, stock up (I saved up 35g during that time) and most importantly, be patient and think positively.


    I am taking a break from marijuana smoking because I am drug tested frequently and because maybe even it’s lent season before Easter. But I think Overall the main bennifit of taking a marijuana smoking break is not just for your tolerance to feel good from it, it’s because marijuana smoke i read deposits four times as much tar into your lungs than smoking the same ammount of tobacco, don’t get me wrong, Because I believe the reason behind the lungs containing more tar from marijuana than tobacco is because the lungs don’t fully absorb the marijuana tar which is good if we take a smokers break we can expell more marijuana tar by coughing up the additional plem marijuana causes which is more mixable even with the marijuana tar to a certain degree so we can cough it out thee way it came in, in the first place. This marijuana tar can be explelled easily 1. The lungs contain more marijuana tar. 2. The marijuana tar stays issolated in the lungs so it doesn’t spread this tar “toxin” through the rest of the body. 3. If we take a smokers break wecan cough that crap out. 4. If your immune system is comprised from a virus or chronic bronchitus, I am not a Doctor, Although I would suggest that if your having trouble coughing up your plem during a smokers break, you might want to ask your MD doctor to see if they agree to prescribe a steriod like prednisone or an arbutural inhaler (steriod I believe) So on that your lumgs become stronger in the muscles so you’re able to couph up that marijuana resin or reburn in the plem during a smokers break especially if you’re sick or for whatever reason why you’re taking a marijuana smokers break.


      Who in the jesus told you this load of garbage? Weed has no tar, and if it does, find someone who actually sells normal weed and not an idiot.
      just saying. The only thing that is bad i the weed is usually the smome itself.

      Weed is not bad and dont you dare let anyone say otherwise.


        You must be really stupid, anything you burn produces tar…
        Marijuana actually produces 4x the amount of tar build up than what tobacco does. Hahaha, get educated.


          All you guys need to remember to be respectful to each other…

          Facts based on studies are subject to change with time – especially with Marijuana as there isn’t a great deal of study that has been done due to its legal status.

          So, whilst it may have more tar – you smoke far less.

          I’ve been an on and off again smoker for quite some time now. I find that when I smoke Jays, I smoke cigarettes far less… but I still need to quit smoking, and I wonder if I shouldn’t try to switch to edibles… I find I quite smoking, but then still roll joints with tobacco… the end result, I end up smoking cigarettes again when my current stash runs out…


          You need to get educated. It’s called research. THC help rejuvenate the lungs after smoking. But if you use a hemp wick, weed doesn’t even combust. Combustion is what causes tar. The worse that could happen is your lungs would get irritated, and that’s only if you don’t use hemp wick. Don’t spread propaganda like this. Whatever you read was propaganda and you would know this if you looked at the sources. You have to make sure it’s a scientific claim. People like CBS and CNN are already spreading bs.


    I’ve smoked every day after work for the last 3 months and it’s been making me feel hazy (at least more than usual) so I took a short break for a few days. The high was much nicer once I decided to toke up again. The guy talking about lung health is right though, even though smoking weed once a day isn’t as bad as a pack of cigarettes it’d be a good idea to switch to edibles now and then just in case. It also is fun to switch things up a bit!


    My pattern is like this. I buy a bag that lasts about 8-10 days then I take the following 8-10 days as a tolerance break which seems to get my levels back to where I can get super baked on resumption of smoking. I am sometimes tempted to give my connection a ring before the 8-10 days is up but I usually last the break period no problem. I’ve got a pretty busy life so there’s not really room to be smoking all day and night anyway.


    Last year i wanted to quit marijuana for good but that ended up being a tolerance break. I just couldn’t resist the sweet power of Mary J lol. I stopped for what seemed like years but only 2 months. I noticed that my focusing and memory skills Improved a lot. I also started to have vivid dreams more often, like seriously I couldn’t tell if it was real or not. After I finally told myself (it’s time) In a determined tone, I sparked one. Pulling and inhaling just waiting for the Big Bang theory to happen. Before I knew it I was high asf to the point that I didn’t want to finish the J.
    It was all fun, trippy, scary just all in one. I recommend anyone to try a tolerance break if you want a bigger better long lasting high…..To all the stoners out there ( enjoy your Buds )


    That’s all you can do. My tolerance is higher than a Martian fart. I even tried to “overdose”on Edibles, blunts, Bong rips, but I get a mild high and that’s with some hand made quality sh!t. A week off was good for me. When I did burn again the song ” it feels like the first time” by foreigner randomly played in my mind. Hope this helps. #animalcookies


    I’m pretty young and just started out smoking pot been here for a few months now and have had it, I noticed it had gone up. A lot, I used to be such a lightweight just one bowl and i’d be off my face, Now i’m standing up to 3 and i’m still fine, I tested this with a full hot box of my blankets, Lots of fun if i could get high. I hope this works haha, I’m gonna see if i can make it through 2 weeks


    I smoke cause of pain but once and awhile it feels nice to just bake out but my tolerance is so high and if I do stop I get nasty what do I do

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