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 March 30, 2010

Drug TestingCould A Saliva Test Detect Cannabis?

As a lifelong marijuana user, one of the biggest challenges I face is pre-employment drug testing. I have ranted before about how many types of tests unfairly target marijuana smokers so I will not get into that. My focus is specifically on saliva or spit tests. They are becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace since they can be administered by an employer at the job site. The best thing about this test is it is very easy for marijuana smokers to pass!

Saliva (oral fluid-based) drug tests can are set up to detect use during the previous few days. Saliva tests, for the most part, are very difficult to adulterate. On-site oral based tests in enable the employer to randomly test employees, which is recognized to be the most effective type of drug screening. Testing is usually performed by employers, for either pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, or return-to-duty testing. Saliva test provide results similar to the results of a blood test and is favorite for detecting on-the-job drug use or in post-accident testing.

Detection in saliva tests begins almost immediately after smoking and can be detected in the system for 12-24 hours after use. Compare this to other common drugs:

Marijuana and hash: 12-24 hours

Cocaine: 1 day
Opiates: Up to 2-3 days
Meth and ecstasy: Up to 2 to 4 days.
Alcohol: 6-12 hours

Wow! A drug test that is easier for weed smokers to pass then it is for a meth addict!

I’ve heard cases where people can smoke the same day and still pass! As a general rule, the easiest way to pass a saliva test is to stop smoking for a day or two prior to taking the test. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly and use mouthwash daily to clean out the potential toxins.

Of all the drug testing solutions employers use, the saliva test is the most weed friendly and the easiest to pass. If you have anymore tips or tricks, feel free to post them here for all to read and benefit from.

Click here for more detailed information on saliva testing.

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I have been smoking marijuana for almost twenty years and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. My life was turned upside down in 2009 after getting arrested and tossed in jail for being in the wrong state with legal medical marijuana. I got fed up, and I now devote all my time to ending this insanity.I am responsible for the technical side of this project, but try to chip in when I can, either with syndicated articles or original content.Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.Feel free to email. any questions or concerns. Peace!
  • Miracles

    I’m an avid pothead I guess you could say. I smoke daily, multiple bowls each session to ensure a thorough medication basically throughout my day. I got a call at around 3:00 on Monday saying that I was selected for a job and if I could go to orientation the day after, Tuesday, at 2:00. I said yes, and smoked from 5:00 PM Monday night until about 10:30 PM Monday with some buddies. The next morning I brushed my teeth thoroughly, used mouthwash for a good 3 minutes, spitting twice. And continued through my day drinking water constantly until orientation at 2:00. Right before I went into orientation, I used mouthwash in the parking lot and then put in a new piece of gum. Went in and was administrated an oral swab test. Just got the call, and I got the job.

    TLDR; Smoked 14 hours before test, mouthwashed twice, drank water to keep mouth fresh, gum, and win

  • jenni_fizzle

    Just took my first saliva test today, and I need some hope that I might pass it.. :/ I have been a heavy smoker for about 2 years now… Yesterday, I was called in for an interview for 10am today. I smoked till about 11pm last night, and I purchased synthetic urine. It was getting perfect body temperature under one of my breasts, and I was pretty optimistic. When I walked into the interview office, I saw the saliva test, and almost walked right back out. I stayed, however, only because there were others in the room, and I didn’t want to look like a fool. Has anyone passed a saliva test after not smoking for ten hours? I brushed my teeth last night before bed, and when I woke up this morning. I recently failed a urine test after using only a small bit of my own, so I do not have a very positive outlook on this saliva test… Hopefully someone has had a good outcome to share with me.. Lol..

    • ※ mAADtAi ※

      How did you do?

  • EverydayIs420

    I have been smoking weed for about 13 years. I smoke all day everyday. I had to take a saliva test and I passed. I was on here reading the different methods on how to pass. I stopped smoking for about 24-36 hours before the test. I gargled with peroxide and brushed my teeth every 4 hours. No need to go over bored to where you bleed, just give your tongue a good scrubbing. I chewed a piece of gum before the test and they told me I had to wait 5 minutes, so don’t let them see you chewing gum because that can help you pass. I hope this helps. Have faith and you can do it!

  • The Rolling Stoned

    About as nervous as I’ve ever been right now. Found an amazing job and aced the interview but smoked about 12 hours before the saliva drug test. When I read online it was standard practice for the company to give drug tests the day of the interview I went into clean up mode. I brushed the holy hell outta my teeth and stuffed my face with Altoids. I’m anxious beyond belief because most of my friends and family know I “got” the job and they’re all so excited for me. Most of whom don’t even know I smoke. And finally to top this whole thing off, it’s a holiday this week so I gotta suffer for at least TWO WEEKS while I wait on results. I don’t even have a question, I just needed to get this out. Say a stoners prayer for me and I’ll keep you guys posted.

  • Dr.dreenthumb13

    vvvvvvv——– Im in the same boat as you, good luck to you and stay smoking(after the test results of course) lol

  • Darth Lyric

    Can we all acknowledge that having an impressive resume, wooing the interviewer and then still possibly not getting the job because you smoke a little pot is stupid?

    • waynerider

      Im curious i just had to go in and do a mouthswab test yesterday an i havent smoked since the 1st or 2nd of july do you think i will pass

  • HeyYoKate

    I’m a pro at passing urinary drug tests, but saliva/oral tests always frighten me since there is no method of substitution. That being said, you can imagine the anxiety I feel right now as I’m getting ready to leave for an oral test for a temporary assignment. I’ve only taken one of these tests before, but it was in late 2011, before Quest Diagnostics came out with the new tests that show the blue dot once there is a sufficient amount of saliva on the test stick. I smoked last night around 6:30pm, and my test is today at 2:30pm. To prepare, I have brushed my inner and outer gum thouroughly every hour on the hour, as well as swishing with mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide. Since my interview is in another town an hour away, I plan to take my toothbrush, mouthwash and peroxide with me so I can stop at a public restroom and repeat the process one last time before I go to the testing site. After my final rinse, I plan on smoking a cigarette or two, chewing gum until I get to the test site, then as I walk up to the building, I will have two altoids shoved into the back pockets of my mouth. I’m fairly confident that I will pass. I actually used to administer these oral tests at my last job (I know I’m a traitor – but they paid me to do a job and I gots bills to pay and nugs to buy!), and as a well versed smoker, I could usually tell who my fellow stoners were. All those folks seemed to have unusually minty fresh breath when the test was administered, and I never saw one of them fail – and that was with the new style oral tests. Wish me luck, friends! I will update you to let you know my results.

    • chelsie

      Did u pass?

    • der

      Did you pass?

    • Angelina

      Please tell me how to beat a pee test, that is my biggest problem.

    • ※ mAADtAi ※

      Kate did you pass!?

  • Mary Jonesinton

    Dont make the mistake of trying all the BS shit you heard from a friend, The Mouth Swab Drug Test can be cheated easy, and that hydrogen P thing is bs my friend lost his job like that. I have used thc clears mouth rinse and it works

    • Ariah Stephens

      Wat is the thc mouthwash whre do u get it from

      • The Rolling Stoned

        Don’t waste your money. Regular mouthwash and Altoids.

        • Mary Jonesinton

          ?Altoids? ppl come up with crazy shit all the time. Some once once said to suck on a penny all day long just incase. Penny in your mouth 8hrs a day, 5 days a week?? WTF.
          @ariahstephens:disqus yes, the mouth wash works and its not a dreamed up idea that might work, The mouth wash works, and it was made for that purpose.

  • DJ

    If your urine is clean of all drugs will your saliva be the same?

  • crazysithguy

    Hello my name is matt. I have an interview today. I’m not worried about the drug test to day but just to be sure. I smoked weed on the 4th,and today monday I have an interview. I dont usually smoke but just to be sure. These swabs only last 24 since detox or some last use.

    • oscar

      U will be okay drink water before 7 get there and put a candy in your mouth before u get there.i had a surprise swab test performed 9 me the other and had smoked 16 hours before and passed u will be ok

  • oscar

    This is a true testimony I had a surprise drug test performed on me last Wednesday for an accident that happened. Well I had smoked the day before around 9 p.m my test was around 130 pm the next day. I wasn’t prepared for It so all I did was put life savers on my mouth and drink a bottled water on my way there and passed it was 16 hours without smoking and passed!

  • Valerie

    I smoked 5 blunts Lias night and today got a unexpected phone call saying I had to make it in for paper work and drug test I brushed my teeth and on the way I got some Altoids I was sucking on them for 45 min than when doing the actual test I was sucking on one hopefully I’ll pass I’ll post if I do

    Do you think I’ll past ???

  • The Rolling Stoned

    I PASSED. Smoked 11 hours before test. Brushed my teeth twice. Once right after I smoked and once before the interview. Also ate a bunch of mini Altoids. Not even a whole tin. If you know a test is coming, strategically store a few in your cheeks. I drunk a coke too, whether or not that had somethin to do with it idk but it couldn’t hurt. These tests are pretty easy to pass. Now I’m about to get high to celebrate.

    • waynerider

      I had to take a drugtest yesterday an i had smoked a week before do you think i passed the swab test

      • The Rolling Stoned

        I’d say yeah man. Nothing’s 100 percent but I’m pretty sure you probably did. You been brushing your teeth everyday?

  • chosenfew

    I have not smoked weed in 3 months and it showed up on the oral drug test as positivie and this was for probation.. But she did not violate me cuz she said it is not acurate.. I dont get it??

  • Hookatooka

    I have a interview tomorrow, and have smoked and took a barbiturate. I was told I have to take a Swab test tomorrow at my interview. So, I asked a few of my friends how to pass the Swab Test. & Since I don’t have the time to buy the mouth wash rinse, That they sell on this web site. Everyone said to brush my teeth, and my Tongue, Really well with Peroxcide mixed with Baking soda, Then Rinse well. Then just before going in to take the swab test. Use Listerine. Swish the Listerine in my mouth for as long as I can stand it. Then put the Listerine Strips in my mouth, and make sure that they are stuck up in my cheeks…I was wondering if I should be concerned’?

  • naee_rastaa

    i smoked maybe a tiny little blunt last night maybe even one inhale at like 8, but I smoked on Thursday , I had an interview this morning at 9:30 I brushed my teeth and tongue and flossed lol all that. when I took the test is didn’t touch my cheek just my tongue , will I pass?

  • kay

    I took a drug test and it only smoke once a week and i dident know ill be haveing a job interview whitch i did thr next day i smoke about a whole blunt and i snoked around 10 and my job interview was the next day at 345 i brush my teeth 5 times and also did peroxide 2 times and Listerine 3 times would i pass. Please help

    • Just me

      Hi! Did you pass your test? I’m just curious if ur idea worked

  • Shaman

    Just brush your teeth prior and chew on some trident gum up to nearly the time that you take it. No special tricks or poison necessary. Some use mouthwash but a clean mouth chewing Trident works fine even if u used a few hours prior

  • Shaman

    Just brush your teeth prior and chew on some trident gum up to nearly the time that you take it. No special tricks or poison necessary. Some use mouthwash but a clean mouth chewing Trident works fine even if u blazed a few hours prior. Based on personal experience and taught to others and it worked

  • L

    Ok I have a swab test at 1030 the last time I smoked was Saturday morning at 130am but ive been brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth out with listerine until it burns should I be ok because I was a heavy smoker please help

  • L

    Its been about 56hrs since last smoked just brush my teeth n gargle til burns I have mouth swab test will I be good?

  • Redlegs

    I never ever smoke until recently and I have smoked the past 3 weekends. Not even that much, but the last time I smoked was sat around lunchtime, and I have to take a oral test tomorrow at 4pm, I have an new job!! I need this job more than anyone could imagine, and I feel so stupid that i may fail a drug test!!!! Please help me to pass this test!!!!!!!! Will it really help to brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash!!!! I have already started doing that!

    • sapphire

      Brush your teeth and rinse (multiple times the night before and leading up to) with mouthwash that has alcohol in it it’ll burn and taste like crap but alcohol kills everything bacterial wise and such. That will def help and drink lots of fluid to keep your saliva moving around in your mouth and put the applicator between your teeth instead of between your cheek and gum or under your mouth like they say to. It’ll still get plenty of spit on it that way, it just is easier because it’s further away from your skin/blood that way.

      • Jordan

        Mouthwash won’t help with much. Your saliva will continue to produce small amounts of THC regardless of mouthwash or brushing. All it will do is clean the toxins currently in your mouth but not new ones in your saliva later on.

    • carolyndavis400

      Yes and eat fatty foods

      • tonyhaduken

        ha i got exactly same prob. got a new job i need more than ever bt dnt wana stop sniffin or having the odd toke of a j. u lot sure i’l be all good if i lay off them 4 a week or so b4 the test? dont wana get duped by a bunch of bloody stoners who ‘think thr right!’ tbf this blog has made me feel a lot better

      • carolyndavis400

        I already took it

  • carolyndavis400

    Okay so i have not smoking weed since july 1 and i took a saliva drug test today and its july 15 i brush me teeth throughly all the time no mouth wash…Do you think i will pass? It was a stick that i put between my cheek and jaw and held it there for like a 2 min. While it got all my spit on it and when it change to blue i took it out, he zipped it off then mailed it off today.

  • amy

    I had a saliva test today at 11.30.I smoked on 07-13-2014 at 11pm. That was two days ago I brushed my teeth and used listerine ultraclean and prayed!!!lol I am happy to report it was negative and i got the job.

    • caleb

      awesome! Praise God

  • anonymous

    I read everything that you people write and prayed to God that nothing would show, I thought it’s been long enough it’ll be out of my system. I smoked one hit of pot and had a mickey of cocaine in 1997 and in 2001 I still tested positive with a mouth swab test!! What is it that you people do to get a clean test?!

    • smoochywoochies

      wrong. that did not happen. i was getting tested once a week for a about 5 months with an oral swab and was smoking 4-5 days a week and still passed every time with no problem and even passed a urine test once. Tea bag green tea was all i used a detox.

  • schell

    Hey my name is schell, I smoke a roach this morning at 9 am and I have a oral test tomorrow @3pm. Will I pass the test?

  • Andrew

    i had a random drug test today at work i took like 2 hits before work which was about 6 hours before test the test was a swab test so when i found out i chewed like 3 pieces of gum and drank some soda will i pass?

    • The Rolling Stoned

      Damn I hope so but you cuttin it close man.

  • j0hn d0e

    I have an interview on Monday and I don’t know what to do to pass my swab test let’s say I smoke tonight will I still pass it

    • Mary Jonesinton

      from what i read thc doesn’t stay in your saliva for more then a few hrs, its too late to order that mouth wash from thcclear, but get it anyway for next time as a backup.

      I think thc only stays in your saliva for a few hours, as long as you dont smoke the day of the saliva test you might be ok.

      • j0hn d0e

        okay thanks a lot Mary I appreciate it

        • Kayleennnnn

          did you pass? im curious

  • 707Knowledge

    i smoked at 11pm-ish, the night before my swab test, smoked keif, hash, and buds. i just brushed, mouthwashed for a good 60 sec, with a generic (strong/high alcohol) mouthwash, and put the applicator head at the top or roof of my mouth, and kinda just flicked it with my tongue every 10-15 secs, accordingly to the lady administering the test, i passed. good luck to all.

  • copkilla94

    I smoked the night before a saliva test and I passed thc but didn’t pass methamphetamine when I didn’t do any for months then they took my urine and found thc it was fucked upp