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 March 30, 2010

Click HereCould A Saliva Test Detect Cannabis?

As a lifelong marijuana user, one of the biggest challenges I face is pre-employment drug testing. I have ranted before about how many types of tests unfairly target marijuana smokers so I will not get into that. My focus is specifically on saliva or spit tests. They are becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace since they can be administered by an employer at the job site. The best thing about this test is it is very easy for marijuana smokers to pass!

Saliva (oral fluid-based) drug tests can are set up to detect use during the previous few days. Saliva tests, for the most part, are very difficult to adulterate. On-site oral based tests in enable the employer to randomly test employees, which is recognized to be the most effective type of drug screening. Testing is usually performed by employers, for either pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, or return-to-duty testing. Saliva test provide results similar to the results of a blood test and is favorite for detecting on-the-job drug use or in post-accident testing.

Detection in saliva tests begins almost immediately after smoking and can be detected in the system for 12-24 hours after use. Compare this to other common drugs:

Marijuana and hash: 12-24 hours

Cocaine: 1 day
Opiates: Up to 2-3 days
Meth and ecstasy: Up to 2 to 4 days.
Alcohol: 6-12 hours

Wow! A drug test that is easier for weed smokers to pass then it is for a meth addict!

I’ve heard cases where people can smoke the same day and still pass! As a general rule, the easiest way to pass a saliva test is to stop smoking for a day or two prior to taking the test. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly and use mouthwash daily to clean out the potential toxins.

Of all the drug testing solutions employers use, the saliva test is the most weed friendly and the easiest to pass. If you have anymore tips or tricks, feel free to post them here for all to read and benefit from.

Click here for more detailed information on saliva testing.

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I have been smoking marijuana for almost twenty years and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. My life was turned upside down in 2009 after getting arrested and tossed in jail for being in the wrong state with legal medical marijuana. I got fed up, and I now devote all my time to ending this insanity.I am responsible for the technical side of this project, but try to chip in when I can, either with syndicated articles or original content.Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.Feel free to email. any questions or concerns. Peace!
  • Star

    I took a mouth swab a few years back but didn’t smoke two days prior, but, my mother passed a month ago, so I have been taking Xanax and smoking a lot… I have a mouth swab tomorrow, last smoked around midnight, if I don’t smoke today or take any pills, do the brushing and mouthwash and peroxide, am I likely to pass this test? I had been trying to obtain the mouthwash from local head shop, but due to crappy weather order keeps being delayed… Please give any input, accepting all advice!!!!

  • seven

    I took a swab test and had smoked 2 hours before the test and passed it tested negative for all other drugs and test negative for marijuana with just a piece of candy in my mouth just prior to testing

    • shar15

      That’s good shit lol I had a drug test yesterday I didn’t smoke anything all Tuesday and Wednesday morning I brushed the hell out of my gums and teeth rinsed my mouth 4 times with peroxideconsidering I didn’t take it til 3pm and i ate 4 icebreakers mints 20 minutes before entering to take the dug test…do you think I’ll pass?

    • Elle Cee

      I don’t smoke anymore but I failed my test smoking two days prior and i’m even less than a casual weed smoker. I think mouth health has a big effect on how long the test can define use.

    • llcoolsai94

      But were you on that loud?



  • lazare

    take 2 or 3 droplet of natural essentiel oil really strong mint or eucalyptus ,thyme etc … test and its the better for health

  • Dinosaurtrev

    Alright so Monday night of this week I smoked probably a whole bowl so we’ll say anywhere from a quarter of a gram to a half. Now then I had to go in for paperwork for the job I just got. (I’m working at a tree nursery, don’t necessarily understand why I have to be drug tested to work with trees and your every day garden variety plants. But I guess that’s government regulation for you.) I walk in with synthetic urine strapped on ready to pass my test no problem, oh just one thing. The woman who interviewed me was working for an agency that outsources employees for many places of business where I live, and part of that involved the swab test. As soon as I saw that thing I did a huge mental facepalm, “Sh*t sh*t sh*t”! So I just went ahead stuck it in my mouth and the lady tested it, put it back in the plastic tube. She said that I was good, but from smoking the night before around midnight and taking the swab test at around 5pm the next day, should I be okay? I know they send the swabs to a lab for analysis, but if I initially tested negative is there anyway they could reverse the decision and terminate my employment? I will say the only hygiene that I practiced was brushing after I smoked before bed with mouthwash of course because morning breath and weed breath is a rather ghastly combination, and I also brushed that morning around 11 am. I’m super nervous cause I kinda need this job… any insight? Thanks guys.

  • RoseMadder8711

    This has all been comforting. I’ve been abstaining for months due to job searching. I did a swab test today for Lowe’s so just waiting to hear back. I guess I’ll be fine.

  • Need4weed

    I have a probation officer and get tested about 2 times a week I found that if u stop for about 3 days before your test and wash and brush your teeth a lot u will come out cleen (I smoke about 2 grams a day)

  • Need4weed

    Bigest thing is you stop around 4 days before the test and use lots of mouthwash for the 4 days leading up to the test and before you test clean ur mouth like no other

  • JohnDope

    Does publix do thos testing method?
    I smoke a lot of weed and Ima be applying at Public soon and wanted to know beforehand so I don’t have to risk a whole month

    I’m a medical marijuana user (illegally, of course) and I can’t sleep without it do to my panic attacks. It helps me get through the day and treats my depersonalization disorder, ocd, anxiety/panic, stress, depression, scoliosis, migranes, and ADHD. I stopped taking all the medications I was taking months ago because they just weren’t helping, and if anything, worsening my problem. Ik my boss won’t understand that. You know… Because I smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes, therefore I’m an indecent delinquent who can’t properly function a cash register and I’m too irresponsible to go to work sober

    Tbh I’m high as shit rn. But I rarely ever smoke during the day. I’m responsible enough to go to work sober and get my shit done


    • Percepdep15

      Thank you for your continued support on FUCK THE SYSTEM. I feel bad that your medications weren’t helping and the one thing that does is illegal for no good reason. I smoke occasionally for medicinal purposes to help with appetite d/t condition I have. I’m a nurse (which I’m getting out of soon) because I’m sick of poisoning my patients with these bullshit pharmaceuticals. Also, if someone attacks me, which has happened, and I if I get injured: guess what…no more job, then that information is transmitted to the state, so no more nursing license. I understand your frustration, good luck to you. Wish I had some advice, but I have never used an oral swab for drug testing. I want to personally hug the individual that invented synthetic urine.

  • JO

    Okay so I went 40hrs without. Did peroxide twice and mouthwash too. I brushed about 7 times in the past 24hrs. I ate and brushed about 30mins before the test and I drank a soda on my way there. Thoughts?

  • Misty

    I just took an oral swab test for sleep train. I haven’t smoked in 6 days. However, I prepared in no shape or form for this! I foolishly assumed it would be a urinalysis. I brush n use mouth wash regularly. Do u think I have a chance.


    …THANKS !!