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What Is A Saliva Test And How Do I Pass One?


Could A Saliva Test Detect Cannabis?

As a lifelong marijuana user, one of the biggest challenges I face is pre-employment drug testing. I have ranted before about how many types of tests unfairly target marijuana smokers so I will not get into that. My focus is specifically on saliva or spit tests. They are becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace since they can be administered by an employer at the job site. The best thing about this test is it is very easy for marijuana smokers to pass!

Saliva (oral fluid-based) drug tests can are set up to detect use during the previous few days. Saliva tests, for the most part, are very difficult to adulterate. On-site oral based tests in enable the employer to randomly test employees, which is recognized to be the most effective type of drug screening. Testing is usually performed by employers, for either pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, or return-to-duty testing. Saliva test provide results similar to the results of a blood test and is favorite for detecting on-the-job drug use or in post-accident testing.


Detection in saliva tests begins almost immediately after smoking and can be detected in the system for 12-24 hours after use. Compare this to other common drugs:

Marijuana and hash: 12-24 hours

Cocaine: 1 day
Opiates: Up to 2-3 days
Meth and ecstasy: Up to 2 to 4 days.
Alcohol: 6-12 hours

Wow! A drug test that is easier for weed smokers to pass then it is for a meth addict!

I’ve heard cases where people can smoke the same day and still pass! As a general rule, the easiest way to pass a saliva test is to stop smoking for a day or two prior to taking the test. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly and use mouthwash daily to clean out the potential toxins.

Of all the drug testing solutions employers use, the saliva test is the most weed friendly and the easiest to pass. If you have anymore tips or tricks, feel free to post them here for all to read and benefit from.


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  1. I have not smoked for 30 days. An i still cant pass a saliva test. Pleas tell me what im doing wrong. Ive got the drug kits on line.at 20 dollars apeice.Im a chronic marijuana smoker only. I weigh 170 pounds im 6 foot tall. i dont drink or any thing els please give me some advice

  2. It may take 6 weeks but no employer i know of uses a saliva test. Check the over the counter pee test, sweat your ass off and drink lots of water.

  3. Hi miggy 420.Its for a gov job. They do this right on site.If I fail I cant aplie for a year an a day. THANKS FOR THE ADVICE

  4. im tryin to get this job and i passed everything for the job . today they want to do a mouth swab and i havent smoked in 2 days but i want to make sure i pass it , i need the money

  5. Holy cap sure didn’t think I would get a meeting with a potential employer over the holiday weekend so I took one puff today and now I may have a saliva test tomorrow! I’veused peroxide and im brushing the hell out of my teeth…..do u think I have a chance at passing???? Omg I’m freaking out!

  6. My daughter did a saliva test and smoked the day before. So we question whether the employer (which is a major grocery chain) looks over pot positive tests or that there’s a chance.

    In this market employers are looking for just plain hardworking show up on time people and the good ones know weed doesn’t hinder that.

  7. i do this all the time, all you have to do if brush your teeth three to four (or more depending on how paranoid you are or how much you smoke) and after you brush, you have loosened your gums so i rinse with peroxide and then regular mouthwash. i pass everytime!!

  8. ThisGuyRightHere on

    Get this. I smoke 2 hours before i took my saliva test, only brushed my teeth once in between. Passed!

  9. samanthataylor on

    I smoke weed maybe 3-4 times a week. I want to get a job for a major market company but i know for sure that they do the saliva drug test. What do i have to do in order to pass guaranteed considering how much i smoke?

  10. kushlady420 on

    I smoke weed maybe 3-4 times a week. Im trying to get a job for a major market company and i know they do the saliva drug test for sure. What do i have to do in order for it to be guaranteed that i pass? Considering how much weed i smoke

  11. Lovettboy601 on

    thank u so much for the response cuz i just took a saliva test this morning n smoked saturday night. Totally freaking out…lmao

  12. Tamira_lynnette on

    I take salivia test for probation i wanna smoke pot real bad i did a few days a go iwanna know how i can smoke and get away with it the salivia thing oges to a lab please give advise truthfully i weight 230 pounds

  13. I have worked for Kroger seasonally, will be rehired for the 13th time tomorrow. they use mouth swab. i have never failed, and never will. just stop 2-3 days before. I brush my teeth a ton, mouthwash a ton, drink and eat a lot, and exercise a lot during the 2 days before. Im not sure if the food/water and exercise helps but it makes me feel better.

  14. I went for my test at Kroger yesterday…I hadn’t smoked since Friday (it was a little bit) and im not a heavy smoker…I hope I passed….I think I did…..

  15. I havnt smoked since last Sunday n have a swab test tomorrow all my research seems like I should pass I have altoids, peroxide, been brushing n mouthwashing all day but still nervous cause this job is wanted/needed more then anything.

  16. I have to take a test in 3 to 4 days and haven’t smoke if I just brush my teeth a shit ton and using mouhwash work?

  17. I got a job at kroger and I smoked thursday and had my drug test on Wed I chewed like 3 packs of gum before and used a mouthwash and brushed my teeth a ton when will I know if I passed or failed?

  18. I didnt smoke a blunt for 60 hours brushed my teeth and mouthwash everyday and the morning of i ate a lil breakfast brushed my gums in my teeth put sum listerine strips in when i got close i chewed like 8altoid mints and put 2 on each side of my jaw did i pass??? Please answer

  19. A guy told me years ago that cheddar cheese will alter your breath to the extent that if you had drank beer no one could smell it. I wonder what this would do for pot.

  20. ahdearmewhatnow on

    Just smoked (1pm) and have a saliva test at (10am) in the morning. What do i do to pass? Im seeing testimonials and other questions here but not what steps to take.??

  21. What’s more important, weed or freedom (not to mention a decent job opportunity). Get off the stupid wagon and do the right thing.

  22. Man, I don’t believe this! All of these people trying to find out how to pass a drug test. That is all so 70-ist!!!

    There is only one way that’s tried and true… STOP DOING THE DRUGS, YOU IDIOTS!!!

    When you are getting high I bet you weren’t concerned about passing a saliva test, so why worry about it now? There are so many more important things in life to focus on that if you give up the temporary alter egos masquerade themselves as the drugs of your choice, passing a saliva drug test will be one less demon that you will need to battle. If you can’t, then it seems that the mind altering substances are far stronger than your will power.

  23. You are a narrow minded clown probably a bible bashing moron with 18th century values too. If you are not interested in this topic for the reason it was posted BACK OFF cause you are preaching to an empty church pal. Read the book of genisis even god says “I have given you every seed plant and herb to use” so keep your narrow republican opinion to yourself

  24. why r u here if your so anti drugs. why don’t go get a life intend of forcing your opinion on people that don’t care what u have to say.

  25. So let me get this straight…you smoked 2 hours before your DRUG TEST??? That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

  26. Stacie McClendon on

    I have a saliva test tomorrow morning. I haven’t smoked in 48 hours. Is there any chance I can pass the test?

  27. Well I had 2 puffs Sun am, taking my mouth swab test 2mrw (Wed) been brushing and rinsing. Hope I pass, need this new job!

  28. well my boy friend smoke all day everyday serious stoner. he new he had to drug test today for a job so he stopped smoking for 24 hours and the day of his test he brushed his teeth like 5 times he rinsed his mouth out with peroxide and mouthwash like twice n once right before he went in and he passed with flying colors he was shiting bricks…

  29. @ my job they do oral swab for pre-employment, i’m a cronic user so i stopped 3 days prior and made sure to brush my teeth real good 30 min before my test. im making 16.38 an hr…nuff said. now their doing random testing so if i fuck up or im called in, i keep some listerine in a large visine bottle and a toothbrush handy just in case.

  30. Hey I smoked a bowl 2 days ago and before that I was smoking every day for like 3 months think I’m gana pass I’m 2 days with out and the drug test is prob gana happen within the next few days I beleve I am fucked any one agree lol

  31. I haven’t smoking years. Well my gf wanted me to smoke with her and I did. Next day I got a phone call for a job. It’s been a few days since I smoked. I just took a mouth swab. Nervous if I will pass.

  32. Are you serious??? Oh gosh guys I’m shitting bricks! I haven’t smoked for 24 hours. Brushing teeth 8 times before I go. Mouthwash in between and peroxide and penny en route to the interview/mouth swab drug screen. Wish me luck. And for those idiots on here gawking and sqwalking about we should stop, you are not the one hiring us so please refrain from sharing your two cents. Looks like you need all the sense you can muster up and hold on too…. smh

  33. Yeah really what’s the penny/copper do? My good friend said all of this works so it looks like we’re on the right track. And I am thinking about just quitting because this is some straight up bull crap……

  34. Jesseca Loughry on

    So I smoked wednesday night and got blowed outta my mind. but i just gotta call back today about a job at Dillons. i have to take a mouth swab type test at 2:30 today!! I need help. I have to pass or I get kicked out of my house. HELP???

  35. Jesseca Loughry on

    I smoked wednesday and got really blowed. Now here’s my problem, Dillon’s called and they want to hire me and I have to take a mouth swab kind of test TODAY at 230 I NEED to pass. HELP?????

  36. I took 3 small hits and 15 hours or longer later I had a saliva drug test I didn’t cover it in saliva just barely do you think ill pass I’m freaking out):

  37. Bday420born2smoke on

    Well just took another swab test I took one in nov for this job as a temp the offered me a permanent position I passed the first test and I smoked the day b4 this one had a blue dot in the swab to make sure it gets wet I usually just hold it in my teeth..shit makes you want to stop smoking cuz of nerves!!!! This is my dream job I passed it once but I’m still noid…ill let y’all know…but all I did was brush gargle with peroxide and sucked altoids!

  38. I didn’t smoke for a good 4 days, so I probably should have easily passed an oral drug screening, BUT word of advice… actually put enough spit on it. I was still nervous and therefore didn’t get enough spit on it. It was too dry to get results. well they would not let me re-do it so told me i had to do a urine sample. bummer…

  39. i have a drug test 2ma at 3. i just smoked 3 hours ago, its also a swab test, how should i pass

  40. Touch the swab to ur tongue not the inside of your cheek.
    Hold it with your teeth and avoid as much contact with the softer tissue in your mouth as much as possible. :))

  41. My boyfriend just went to a job interview in Calgary, it’s Friday afternoon. He hasn’t blazed since Monday night. He drank one of those drinks to give you a clean urine test, but instead they did the oral test and he failed. Hasn’t smoked since Monday! Apparently if you drink those drinks, you automatically test positive on an oral test. SUCH A CROCK.

  42. disqus_wHCQJPyJaO on

    ok guys…i took a test today..i stopped smoking 7 days prior…i brushed my teeth constantly and rinsed with listerine and peroxide….i passed….no joke

  43. I am a daily smoker. I abstained for 36 hours before the test, brushed and rinsed well, and rubbed Altoids along my gums just before the test. I passed.

  44. This guy….I hope u still free it’s possible to smoke and get away wit it on papers but if you fuck up your freedom you fuck up your current life and might take a set back but if your testing for a job you don’t get the job you still have a choice stop smoking get ya ass up and keep looking for work but if they violate you you no longer have your own freedom and they gonna make your decisions for you not worth it be 4real…..depending on your charge sitting in a cell all day for a hit of some green probably your last hit aint worth the problem weigh your options Free: do what u want with out weed if on probation locked up for violating your probation do what they tell u to do when they tell u and still wit out weed ps I smoke everyday like a champ!! I don’t know your age but I been in your situation on probation on papers urines 2-3 times a week it’s just not worth the risk it’s only a phase but your freedom is not worth a jay be smart not stupid!! Smoke at your own risk

  45. This Girl I didn’t think females go so hard but ok yea it goes the same way

  46. Why is everyone asking “HOW DO I PASS?”
    It makes no sense to come to this website, knowing what the this particular article is about, and skipping right over what will answer your question and posting a comment, AND THEN, never returning.

  47. I ate a pretty decent amount (not huge though) of a pot brownie Saturday night, March 9th. I have a mouth swab drug test for Publix tomorrow afternoon (March 12th). I am REALLY worried it might show up. Can anyone help? Any suggestions on how to lessen my chance of failing the drug test? Or should I not be worried? PLEASE HELP!

  48. I just took a swab test for kroger today and i last smoked this past saturday.It’s been 4 days.I’m freakin out right now..Will I pass??

  49. I smoked one day before a swab and I passes I also drank a soda I heard something in the soda helps idk though

  50. I can’t believe you have to do a D&A test for a fucking job at a grocery store. What can happen? You drop a plum on someone’s toe. Lol. At least we’re still some what free in Canada and only test for jobs that have a high potential of danger. I’ve passed lots after quitting weed for only a couple of days. Coke I don’t know enough about. Hopefully 6 days is enough for doing a g. in a week.

  51. Or you can take there two cents for your next two drug tests, but cmon man, ya just need to stop for a day. Lol. Try citric gum, or something with acidity. Chewing gum produces saliva at a faster rate as well. But cmon man, sticking a penny in your mouth, imagine the people who had that sweat in their hands, and your gonna put in your mouth like akynele said.

  52. chris tucker on

    Like pavlovs dogs, the food makes you salivate. Water washes excretions down to the stomach and throat. Mouthwash is found unproven to help anything but clean breath and gingivitis. Its 2 to 24 hours for habitual users, and even less for those who smoke 3 to 4 times a week. Usually after smoking you get cotton mouth, this is due to low production of saliva, that allows the drug to be more absorbed and will be flitered out of the body at a slower rate in regards to saliva detection. I gave myself 4 days to be safe, and I read that acidic candy and gum changed the ph level, and lowers levels of detection.

    These tests are the future ,as marijuana becomes legalized and prescribed. They will use these tests to detect current intoxication, such as they do in austraila. Mouth wash does nothing, but spitting actually will have some benefit. Or stare at your favorite food for a day and slobber while you sleep. Lol.

    Hopes this help people, but just remember your body will do all the work. Butif you can’t quit for aa day, no offense people, you have a problem.

    And I’m out.

  53. omgc89@gmail.com on

    This is legit it just happened to me: I smoked a blunt last night around 6:30. I had a mouth swab drug test today at 12:30 and passed. I drank lots and lots of water this morning, around 4 liters, brushed constantly and rinsed with listerine 3 times. Also sucked on a few mints before hand.

  54. I just took a quest diognostics saliva test 20 hours after smoking weed. I brushed 3 times, peroxide twice and altoids. Will i pass?

  55. comptonkraze07 on

    gargling vinegar 3 times for 3 minutes each works to. Any type of vinegar then rinse with mouthwash if you have any

  56. There’s simply no way oral drug testing is to check current drug abuse not chronic a saliva drug test for THC only goes as far a 3 days and thats if your a heavy user are you sure you didn’t mean 3 days or a urine drug test?

  57. i had a job at kroger…. i smoked 3 joints and ate a big bag of mushrooms 20 minutes before my test, i failed. wtf

  58. Hoosier Dude on

    I have a drug test at lowes monday in the morning, Its friday morning about 10, does anyone know the type of drug screening lowes uses? Any help would be appriciated. This test ruined my weekend

  59. DontKillMyVibe on

    Ummmm im confused by this comment lol first i found this site by googling about the subject matter at hand. How did u find it? Why did u click on it? Obviously you do not agree with the smoking of marijuana but yet u are her lmao ppl are so funny

  60. DontKillMyVibe on

    I took one without warning and smoked on Sunday, then the night before I also smoked like a broke down “roach” in my friends one hitter. The crazy thing my friend works there and she didnt mention it lol but i was nervous and when i put it in my mouth i just held it between my teeth and i passed also i drank like 3 serious cups of coffee, and chewed a stick of cum after my avid cigarette chain smoking. I do want to let u know tht nicotine sticks in the mouth very much like a coating as well as cofee is very staining. Hope this helps someone. Im just grateful it wasnt a on the spot piss test cuz i would have been screwed

  61. Smoking black a milds, maybe having a rotten wisdom tooth, no morning saliva and a loogie saved my ass. Dont let that shit touch your cheek let your mouth naturally moist the swab and if possible cough up a loogie to wrap around it for more wetness. I only smoke bud and was dabbing a couple days earlier and smoked medical with in 24 hours. IDK how i passed but did. maybe there is a god

  62. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I’m a med student and have been a chronic smoker for 6 years. You have A point; as in one, being that the best way to pass a drug test would indeed be to quit the drug you’re doing. But we’re talking about marijuana, NOT drugs. If you didn’t concern yourself with the evident biases you have, maybe you would’ve at one point been open minded enough to try to understand not just what it does from a psychological level, but also a medical standpoint. Don’t judge a book by its cover, haven’t you learned that by now?

  63. I took a surprise swab test. I was 15 hours clean from weed. Took the test on Wednesday started work the following Monday. Got a call from the drug testing place this Wednesday. Scared to call it back. If they called me does that mean I failed? Or would they just notify the job & let them tell me I was dirty? I thought they did pee ( I was prepared for that) but they hit me with the mouth swab. Any1 ever been in this situation ?

  64. i work in produce at safeway and a former manager wants to get me in his dept. at frys for a huge pay increase. kicker is he called as i was smoking a bowl lol…so i had my interview a day and half later thats when they popped a mouth swab(not a heavy smoker, just a midnight toker so to speak couple bowls a night.). followed this guide though with the time i had so we’ll see. plus i smoke cigs(pack every 24hrs fuckin terrible btw and drank a few cups of coffee before hand.

    my question is has anyone takin that test where you have to leave it in your mouth until a blue indicator shows up? the guy said it has to turn blue and move down to a slot. coffee left me with little saliva in my mouth, waited a full 10 mins and it didnt do either of that. just turn a slight blue. so will this show up inconclusive?

    an intelligent reply would be greatly appreciate as I INTEND to keep people posted on this. thanks stoneyyys<3.

  65. Woop Diddy Dukes on

    I got An Amazing Job Offer At Lowes Right After Getting Stoned., Went To A interview the Next day. They Drug test me on the spot!!To make matters even worse it was a oral sample screening(Oral Eze. ;/ .Luckily I always drank close to 5 -6 bottles of water each day and brush my teeth and gums thoroughly on the reg for about a month prior. And on Saturday Got a call I PASSED!!! n started orientation this monday @ 10.75 per/HR…Moral- Smoke responsibly N take care of your self first .ANY ONE Can Pass Oral Screenings even SNOOP LION…. Believe Tht ….. Enjoy N Lets get High

    God Bless

  66. I smoke at LEAST 2 blunts daily in between a joint here or there…just left my interiew @ safeway and I got the job. I smoked last nite @ 11pm (1/2 a blunt) and took my test (saliva) today @ 3pm and passed. I ate alot (even tho they say not too eat or drink) I had 3 cups of coffee and brushed my teeth 3 times before going in the store…I also made sure to scrub my gums, tongue, and cheeks well w/the toothbrush and rinsed about 5 times w/listerine….thx for the advice ppl…BLAZE UP!!!

  67. just got my results back….FUCKIN CLEAN! so now you people know the steps I took and how I passed without doing something outrageous like sucking on a penny LOL.

  68. Shut up Roll up on

    Why are YOU even on a marijuana post if you don’t smoke ?? Shut the fuck up please & have a seat. outside of this post.

  69. I JUST took a swab test like an hour ago at an interview without knowing i had to and I’m terrified that I won’t get the job (I smoked last night) BUT i did brush and rinse really well this morning like always and I ate and drank some stuff right before..hopefully it works out in my favor some of the stories I read are giving me hope *fingers crossed* i need this job

  70. I smoked weed on 19th of may 2013 an had a swab test done on 30th of may 2013 will I be ok to pass the test I used mouth was every day before the test an kept my mouth clean ,but I smoke cigs a pack an half a day can someone give me a answer an ease my mind as iam still waiting for results the swab was sent to a lab in London ont Canada

  71. It is clear to me in reading just a few short post on this subject & topic, I get it… If the company is private is not funded by the government… They will probably do an oral swab. If you can lay off what ever drug you do for 48hrs they will let you have the job if you present yourself worthy of having the position… Thank you all for the info… Except you fuck heads with the dumb ass comments that need not even be here… Much love to the rest of you stay strong and keep your heads up…

  72. I have been smoking about the same amount of time and I have figured out how to pass a swab test for thc only after using not even an hour before. Since thc isn’t actually released in the saliva it is very easy to cleanse ur mouth to pass this test. I brush all parts of my mouth including tongue, cheeks, and basically every piece of skin in or around ur mouth. I actually do it three or four times to be sure. I have taken about 15 of these test without one break in my smoking habits. This is what I do. I don’t recommend waiting till the last minute. However, if u have no choice I’ve passed 15 of these swabs in a row.

  73. lorin wieland on

    I smoke regularly but yesterday there was a dry spell, I only took one hit, and two shotguns. I go a call this morning to take a swab test at 4 pm this afternoon, I have been brushing my teeth a ton and haggling peroxide. The comments have set my mind at ease a little bit, but fingers crossed!!!

  74. My sack just ran out and I have a saliva test in two days. I will post my results using this method. It sounds logical seeing as how thc is stored in fat cells.

  75. Kristin49719 on

    Hey guys, I haven’t smoked since march 29th, & I have a oral drug test today at 7pm, & I’m freaking out that I won’t pass, what do you y’all think??

  76. Gettin'Tested on

    I don’t see your steps, hope you see this by the morning. I just smoked and will be swab tested tomorrow at 2:00PM. That’s 14 hours away.

  77. Gettin'Tested on

    But wouldn’t a lougie contain even more THC since it’s coming straight from the gunk in your lungs? Not doubting you, just theorizing. Congrats on passing.

  78. Gettin'Tested on

    So clear me up. Brush brush brush, use listerine (this won’t cause alcohol to show, will it?), brush again, then I have a one hour trip to doctor. Drink coffee, smoke smoke smoke cigarettes, and drink more coffee. This should help cover the THC?

  79. Gettin'Tested on

    Whatcha think about all the coffee and smoking cigs? Can it only help? What about lots of listerine also? Trust me, I’m going to brush my teeth 20 times before I leave tomorrow, but I have an hour drive before a possible test.

  80. So how has everyone done on this swab test I am really interested in knowing. Not just for people I know but just want to know if you really can pass one if you dont smoke for a few days?

  81. Ok..
    So just to give you an idea about how much I smoke on a daily basis, I would say my boyfriend and I smoke about 2 1/8ths every 3 days.. Maybe a little more or less, money is just tight at the moment so days can vary.
    It was my boyfriends birthday on Wednesday, so of course we started smoking as soon as we woke up. I got a call from King Soopers (while we were inbetween bowls lol) and set up an interview for Friday at 10am. The lady that set up my interview ended the conversation by letting me know that they may have me take a drug test there at my interview. Couldnt be 100% positive on what type of drug test they were going to give me, so incase it was a mouth swab, I made the decision to stop smoking at 12am (Thursday), to allow 34 hours of not smoking before my interview. I knew if it was a urine test, I was in the clear, had synthetic urine on hand, but still was unsure about the mouth swab. Again, I allowed 34 hours of not smoking, brushed my teeth religiously (prob about 4 times a day on Wed, Thurs, and Fri). I also used mouthwash each time I brushed. I took a water bottle of mouthwash with me to the interview today, Friday morning, washed my mouth out about 5 times in the parking lot, 15 minutes before i went in. My interview was an hour long, so at that point, 35 hours had passed. She handed me the mouth swab test and told me to place the plastic side of the test against my cheek, and the cotton side against my gums. She also said the window on the cotton side of the test would turn blue once the test was properly soaked. Since she was watching me, I knew I had to hold the test the correct way in my mouth, but made a quick decision to clench my teeth together and place the test on the side of my teeth, not allowing it to touch my gums. After it was soaked, handed it back to her and she said she would send it off to a lab. She said it would take a few days before she recieves the results and would give me a call on Tuesday. Pretty much told me I have the job, just have to wait on the results.

    Fingers crossed! I’ll let you know how it goes when I get the results next Tuesday.

  82. well plz let me know cuz I have a test on Thursday and Im gonna smoke my last joint tonite…

  83. Its been 58 hrs since I’ve last smoked. Will i be ok for the swab test today at 2pm? I’m feeling extremely nervous right now!

  84. billabongbabesc on

    Took a couple of bowl hits around 9am this morning I have an oral drug test at 10 am tomorrow will I be ok?

  85. Sorry, but still don’t have an update at the moment.. I did call in to check up on my interview since I didn’t receive a call yesterday and all she said to me was that they were still waiting on my background check to come in, which can take up to a full week.. Never mentioned anything about the drug test, so all I can think is that they did get the results back and I passed.. Or so I hope. I’ll keep you updated.

  86. Sarah stoner here… smoked approx 36hrs before my oral swap test began scrubbing my cheeks gums and tongue vigorously with a hard toothbrush followed by peroxide rinse no dilution. I did this 3x the day before and 3x the day of the last scrub immediately before the interview. I am Also a cigarette smoke maybe a pack a day. During the process the manager actually gave me coffee… score! I held it between my teeth as advised. I was told they send it to a lab and I would have results by next Friday. I will let you all know if it worked. Please note I scrubbed like I had OCD it did become painful especially with the peroxide the rest of the day my mouth hurt when testing during or smoking. It wasn’t unbearable but it was pretty uncomfortable. By this morning I was fine. Hope this helps if it works. From all the research I’ve done I think I’m okay but since it is going to a Lab you never know :/ stayed tuned…

  87. Charlee Marley on

    I have a saliva test at King Soopers tomorrow at 8am. I smoke at least 2 grams a day. It’s the 4th of July so realistically hits will be taken. I’m going to follow the steps of avid teeth/cheek/gum brushing and just try really hard to not let the test touch my cheek. Wish me luck!

  88. alldaytoker on

    Ok so my husband was told he has a swab test Friday of next week. He’s been smoking for about 8 straight years pretty much 365 days a year none stop and smokes cigs almost a pack a day, is there any possible way he can quit for a week to pass this test we really need to know he really needs this job. Can he just wash his mouth out 3 times a day or what we need help. Thanks in advance!

  89. SmashleyfromMN on

    i smoked the day before and didn’t go to any drastic lengths to brush my teeth non stop or anything like that (i did brush them, but only the regular 2-3 times the day b4 and the day of). i literally just used mouth wash like 15 minutes b4 test and i passed… been smoking daily for 11 years now

  90. halfbreedsmoker on

    TOday is July 25 have a swab test on the 31st. Smoked my last bowl yesterday will let yall know if I passed. Sticking to what I read here mouth wash, brushing, and rinsin out my mouth….will post the results

  91. InNeedOfYourAnswers on

    my drug test is on wed the 31st of july and i just smoked my last bowl today at 1am.will i pass my drug test?plz lmk…

  92. halfbreedsmoker on

    I PASSED!!!!! didn’t do anything crazy, just brushed and rinsed. Oh and I drank coffee and smoked my cigs but that’s a regular habit of mine anyways. MY swab came back negativ

  93. Got a call on Monday to take a drug test, July 29. I had just blazed. The test was scheduled for that afternoon. I was covered on a urine sample, just in case. But never thought or prepared for swab test. It took about 30 minutes for the color dot to be absorbed. I even tilted my head so gravity would work. I had brushed my teeth thoroughly and rinsed a couple of times with mouthwash. I’m not a heavy toker mostly just at night for sleep. But I was nervous about the job. I got my results back today, Aug 1. And failed. I appreciate this blog, I am aware of the swab now. I am laying low for awhile, need to provide. Good luck stoners!

  94. I just had a swab test this morning @ 11 I took 2 hits off a one hitter lastnight around 10, i brushed my teeth & drank water will I pass?

  95. I smoked a blunt with my friend and went inside to play some video games. Then I got a call from a potential employer asking if I could come in that day for an interview. Just in case I brushed my teeth over and over again and rinsed with mouthwash. Two hours from the time I smoked the blunt to the interview. They administered a mouth swab dug test after the interview, and I passed.
    I see brushing your teeth and using mouthwash is important if you have smoked recently like I have. But it is a saliva test and I am a heavy smoker so it should have shown up on the test from me salivating and not the traces of thc in my mouth I cleaned out.
    Heres why I passed- 1. I was still high from the blunt and I had really bad cotton mouth 2.The person who administered the test should have waited for the swab to be saturated with my saliva but instead gave up after five minutes
    What have we learned? Before a swab test brush your teeth and mouth well, and make sure to stay dehydrated

  96. I smoked 3 bowls two days ago and resin hit my pipe last night. I just had a swab test. I literally brushed the hell out of my cheeks, tongue, gums and teeth and used like half a bottle of mouth wash before. I was also belligerently wasted last night. I will know on mon/tues if I passed.

  97. I smoked yesterday around 5pm an they randomly mouth tested me at work today about 1:45pm. Do you think my chances are good on passing ?

  98. I smoked yesterday around 5pm an they randomly mouth tested me at work today about 1:45pm. Do you think my chances are good on passing ?

  99. So the mouthwash do work,i have a test Tuesday coming up…I smoke lastnight but im not somking no more..Do u think im going to passed,and i heard to chew gum to day of going..How true is that????

  100. I interviewed at Lowes yesterday(Thursday) and was told I would be contacted Friday evening or Monday morning. I was contacted Friday at 8a and told to come in for the paperwork/saliva test at 2p. I had smoked 3 spliffs since I got up(@ 6a) and immediately started researching ways to pass it fast! I came across this blog among others and started following the suggested procedures. I continued to smoke cigarettes. I brushed my entire mouth 6 times(maybe 7) and used Listerine and the Peroxide mix(ran out of Listerine) after every brushing and every 30 min. between. I ate some fried potatoes about 1.5hrs before the test and continued to brush my teeth and rinse as before. I took some peroxide mix with me along with a ginger ale for the ride over. I swished the ginger ale around whenever I would take a drink and when I got there I did a few more rounds of rinsing before I went in. I finished the ginger ale on my way in and popped in a piece of gum for a couple of minutes. I had to wait for 25 or so minutes before the test was administered and was having MAJOR cottonmouth by then and wasn’t able to get a drink of water. So it took me a good 15min to get them the sample. BTW, Lowes uses the tampon style cotton swab with the blue indicator and sends it off to Kansas next day air. I have to say, my mouth is pretty raw. I am a pretty heavy weed smoker and usually smoke spliffs. I hope this works out! And will be back to let ya’ll know either way. Thanks For The Info!

  101. I worked in a lab for twenty years. Surprised its a saliva test. That’s for alcohol consumption. That’s it and you had to have drank within an hour before test. It does not test other drugs. They do this on drivers.

  102. Well….NOPE… This didn’t work I’m my case. I guess 8 hours isn’t long enough. Fuck.

  103. I go to the VA pain clinic and they do blood test to see if you are smoking. If you have in the last 45 days it will pick it up. I started using thier clinic a few years ago. I stop smoking pot 30 days before the test and failed. They let me come back three weeks later and I passed. If you are a veteran, don’t chance it. It is comming down that we will be able to smoke weed but it is a case by case basis. That is in states that have OKed weed.

  104. Just found out that. I will have to take this test on sat and smoke daily please give me good advise I have to get this job

  105. You passed because most drugs are completely eliminated from your saliva in a 24 hour period, not because of mouthwash.

  106. dont smoke for 2 days and gargle with a half oz of peroxide right before so your mouth is foamy lol and walah magic baby…no bs

  107. Be careful to only use peroxide specifically labled as an oral wound disinfectant, which is a 3% solution. Don’t swallow, and BE CERTAIN about the concentration!!!
    CONCENTRATED peroxide is very, very dangerous.
    From PubMed article “Hydrogen Peroxide Poisoning”

    “Hydrogen peroxide causes toxicity via three main mechanisms: corrosive damage, oxygen gas formation and lipid peroxidation. Concentrated hydrogen peroxide is caustic and exposure may result in local tissue damage. Ingestion of concentrated (>35%) hydrogen peroxide can also result in the generation of substantial volumes of oxygen. Where the amount of oxygen evolved exceeds its maximum solubility in blood, venous or arterial gas embolism may occur. The mechanism of CNS damage is thought to be arterial gas embolisation with subsequent brain infarction.”
    Be careful. o_O

  108. I have an oral drug test Monday and I’ve been smoking leaves and resin because I’m too broke for bud. Should I pass?

  109. Maggi The Magnificent! on

    I’ve heard that Swishing peroxide in your mouth for thirty seconds to a minute is also works. & I’ll happen to be trying it hopefully in the next few days. So as long as I don’t get high & forget…. =P I’ll come back and keep ya’ll posted.

  110. cashstrapedstoner on

    Hey everyone i just wanted to thank you all for the great info. I passed a saliva test today using much of the info i got from this site and wanted to share for those who will visit in the future. First and foremost i wanted to outline exactly what i did.

    So key point #1 is to NOT USE for at least 36 hrs.
    #2 I basically brutalized the entire ( gums/cheek/roof of mouth/tongue) inside of my mouth with a hard tooth brush, 5x per day for at least 2 days prior to test, again DO NOT USE for at least 36 hrs.
    #3 This order is important to cleanse the toxins from your saliva glands, brush rigorously/ gargle for 1 min with 100% hydrogen peroxide DO NOT SWALLOW/ spit / re-rinse with Listerine Antiseptic for 2 mins.
    #4 The morning of the test i repeated the 3 step process twice and made sure to spit out all of the excess saliva to ensure any residual toxins were out of my mouth and so as to not swallow any peroxide which will cause severe internal damage.
    #5 I made sure to eat 3 hash browns from Mcdonalds and washed it down with 1 small BLACK coffee, high calorie or fatty food will draw digestive enzymes from your mouth and stomach to break down the food. I believe this to be important as these enzymes and fluids will contain the unwanted toxins.
    #6 Finally and maybe most importantly is avoiding the correct application while taking the swab test. I have read that some have avoided cheek and gum contact with the swab or simply extended the duration of the test by trying to moisten the pad with humidity from breath. This will NOT work. Most of these swab tests are litmus based and require a substantial amount of actual fluid to register anything at all. I did try simply swabbing my teeth and using my breath humidity to moisten the pad, this prevented me from saturating the swab, having the test not register anything at all and seriously irritating the person administering the test to me. Upon the second test i sat the pad on the roof of my mouth, spinning it with my hand to fake my efforts to soak the pad, i then rubbed the center of my tongue which was coated in coffee residue on the pad. when i removed the pad from my mouth the administrator inspected the amount of fluid on the pad before returning it to testing tube. The pad was soaked and slightly brown from the coffee.
    The results of the first test were that NOTHING at all registered and thanks to some quick thinking the results of the second test were NEGATIVE across the board.
    I am an avid user of MANY things, and this test was designed to detect ALL of them. I would have to say that the combination of ALL of the above steps/time frame/processes, is why i passed, under any other condition i would have likely failed each of the toxins the test screens for.
    I sincerely hope this is useful for people researching this topic in the future as i had to do quite a lot of sifting initially to get factual information among all of the trolls and bad info out there. I want to thank this site and most of the people who commented. The job i got is VERY prestigious and was well worth the discomfort and dedication to the processes i have outlined. Theres ALOT of bad info out there guys and sadly some from people who want to seriously hurt others.

    NEVER NEVER NEVER suck on coins, ingest chemicals, eat raw meat, or take hormone/prenatal supplements to pass these types of tests. TY again to those who were sincere and provided real information. BE SAFE EVERYONE!

  111. I stopped smoking monday night, I usually smoke daily at least a joint (usually just midgrade bud), I have a swab tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning. I’ve been brushing my teeth, drinking hella water and I drink at least a cup of coffee a day and I’m a cigarette smoker. Would I pass bc I really need to keep my job!

  112. I stopped smoking monday night, I usually smoke daily at least a joint (usually just midgrade bud), I have a swab tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning. I’ve been brushing my teeth, drinking hella water and I drink at least a cup of coffee a day and I’m a cigarette smoker. Would I pass bc I really need to keep my job!

  113. So today is Thursday I smoked one bowl this morning and no more then a nickel a day. I just got a call that ill be doing a oral drug test most likely on Monday. I don’t plan on smokeing anymore till after the test. I also have some oral mouth wash from the dentist. Do you think ill pass? Got any advice?

  114. So today is Thursday I smoked one bowl this morning and no more then a nickel a day. I just got a call that ill be doing a oral drug test most likely on Monday. I don’t plan on smokeing anymore till after the test. I also have some oral mouth wash from the dentist. Do you think ill pass? Got any advice?

  115. I last smoked Sunday (9/22) night around midnight, and at work on Monday I was randomly tested. I only had 5 minutes notice so I grabbed some scope mouthwash swished and spat three times, and walked in there. I took the 25901N OSAP 6 oral mouth swab test (the one with the blue dot that looks like a pregnancy test). Still waiting to hear back. Anyone have any assuring thoughts or experiences? I’ll let you know if I pass.

  116. My boyfriend just passed a swab test this morning at 8:00 a.m. He last smoked at 1:30 a.m. We both smoke roughly .5-1g of butane hash oil a day. All he did wash brush and gurgle peroxide three times the night before and twice the morning of…and then once more in his car.

  117. I haven’t smoked in months, but I’m still really nervous. I have a drug test on wednesday.. will I pass?

  118. So last I smoked was on Saturday today is Tuesday, & I’m a light smoker. I brushed & mouth washed with peroxide yesterday & today again right before my test & kept chewing & sucking on mints. Will I pass even if I hadn’t drank NOTHINGbefore the test?

  119. I have a swab test at 330pm tommorrow i found out today at 1130 am im only brushing and rinsing with mouth wash i burned at 930am today we will see if this is a smokers friend that is all i do i do it alot and only the most potent will post results tommorrow afternoon.
    I will not be smoking again until after the test

  120. I havent smoked in almost two months but i hit a blunt about four times saturday night and today is tuesday do u think i can pass a mouth swab

  121. I passed just by brushing and swishing mouthwash right before i smoked yesterday at 9 am and passed today at 3 this really id awesome

  122. Just took one of the blue dot mouth swabs an hour ago. I went 48 hours without smoking. The past two days, especially today, have been spent brushing and rinsing the hell outta my mouth. The lab tech had me put the test swab under my tongue. About ten minutes and one serious case of cotton mouth later it was done. Now for the three or four days of stressing, hoping I dont hear anything!

  123. I’m guessing I’ll pass my test today for the same reason. The lady was too lazy to wait for a blue swab and just sent it to the lab after 4-5 mins.

  124. Im puzzeled I just done a saliva drug test and failed I been smoking literaly everyday for about six months but i quit for 2 months. Any opinions?

  125. I smoke pot everyday. My parents are crazy about me smoking pot. My father gets saliva drug tests from work once in a while. What I do is brush every nook and cranny in my mouth it might sound funny but it helps a lot. Brush reapeatedly 3 times in one sitting of brushing your teeth get your gums,tounge,underneath your tounge,roof of your mouth,sides of your mouth. All of it. Rinse and swoosh around peroxide 5 times in a row. Drink asynchronous water as possible. Mix salt and water and gargle it, gargle mouthwash and water. Wipe the inside of your mouth with cutips and a cloth that won’t leave materials in your mouth. I passed a saliva drug test within a 12 Hour period of smoking. It all sounds crazy but every step is worth it.

  126. The test itself, sure. And then there’s the lab… everybody following proper procedure in the lab? And then there are the results themselves, which can altered by legal substances. I don’t know what the number of false positives is… or if it would be worth it to take the test more than once. Seems like if you were applying for a job you really want, stand up and fight man.

  127. I smoked two hits before work, and it had been about an hour and fifteen minutes afterwards and drinking lots of water. I got hurt and had to take an alcohol and drug text. I passed the alcohol test, but the saliva text needs to be sent it to the lab still…whats going to happen? I metabolize marijuana really fast.

  128. My question is what if you took a couple hit’s on Saturday, didn’t brush at all until Tuesday morning and then just barely would I pass the test was tues so like 76 hours but I really didn’t brush much in-between.

  129. DO NOT touch, let alone, put 100% peroxide in your mouth. Sure he means undiluted off-the-shelf peroxide. 100% is highly caustic!!!

  130. yo i had ah swab test today (Wednesday 11/27/2013) bin smokin for about 2 years straight dident smoke all day yesterday took ah detox washed brushed scrubbed my mouth dis morning i wander if i passed

  131. Marilyn Walmart on

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  132. im not a heavy user i probably smoked a 2 bows last thursday and about 3bowls monday and my test is on wensday what can i possibly do to pass anyy answers might help}

  133. I had to do a swab test at 1:30 p.m. today, and I smoked at about midnight last night.
    I wasn’t worried about a drug test for this meeting/job set-up or else I would have quit smoking for a few days ;), (The best way to go) And, in my mind, I was just stopping by where my boyfriend works to talk to the marketing guy about some ads, flyers, etc that he wants me to make–stuff he doesn’t have enough time for. My boyfriend had told them I had a practical writing major and prior work experience–no big “hire” to me. The meeting went great, and before I knew it, Beth was walking in holding a swab test and paperwork! “AHHHH! Drug test!” I thought. I’m only working a couple hours a month?!?! Whoops! Never thought they’d waste the money on a swab test if I’m working for a couple hours a month! Haha. I had no choice but to pretend it wasn’t a big deal and put that “cotton square” in my mouth. I hadn’t brushed my teeth since 6:30 a.m. (No wait, I forgot to brush my teeth because I was drinking coffee on my way out the door!!) Fuck. And I ate a handful of cut mangoes and a little bit of water around 11:00 am. I held the swab between my gums and teeth hoping to not get too much saliva on there–I don’t know if it got soaked or not–but she took it and packaged it up to send to the lab. Because my boyfriend works there-they filled out and had me sign all the paperwork anyway–and I’m going in Monday for the first project. And you know what? I wonder if they’ll receive the positive Marijuana results WHILE I’m working there on Monday?? That would be fucked.
    I’ll let everyone know what happens!

    Sent from my iPhone

  134. I’m a smoker of 8 years and I have a job interview on Tuesday. I don’t know what kind of drug test it will be.

  135. i smoke wax out of my g-pen but not a lot lately, and just found out I’m getting random swab tests, but my po told me that they won’t be like more then a week apart, but I’m not sure if all the things on here will work. i read that it stays in your saliva for 1-10 days but everyone here say otherwise….i might be once a week so if i smoke wax like maybe 24 hours before the test does anyone think ill be ok?…this means me going to jail so please help.

  136. So I Smoked On New Years Eve And I Haven’t Smoked Since. I Have A saliva Drug Test On Wednesday. I Am Not Certain On What To Do To Get The Weed Out My System. I Do Know I drink A lot Of Water. I Also Heard I Can Take A intoxication Drink Before The Test. Can Someone Help Me Out? Please!

  137. So I Smoked On New Years Eve And I Haven’t Smoked Since. I Have A saliva Drug Test On Wednesday. I Am Not Certain On What To Do To Get The Weed Out My System. I Do Know I drink A lot Of Water. I Also Heard I Can Take A intoxication Drink Before The Test. Can Someone Help Me Out? Please!

  138. Well going in for a swap test tomorrow. Im not worried i quit for 3 days which is plenty of time. heard quiting for 2-3 days you will pass no problem. so if you know when your date is are your interview date is just stop smoking till then and you should be ok. Anyway i still prepare just to be safe. brush 4 to 5 times a day till testing time (mouthwash, peroxide, mints/strips) also drink lots of water to flush your system out. Also the swap im doing is some crappy one not a Blue Dot one those are a little harder to pass since you gotta slobber all over it for 10 mins haha. LOWES does this one so be prepared if you have a interview for lowes i know this cause i failed it.

    I”ll Post my results as soon as i can but the best advices i can give you is to stop smoking for at-least 3 DAYS!!!!! the more days you wait the better.

    I know its hard to quit but quitting for 3 days isnt hard just think to yourself “DONT SMOKE IM GETTING A JOB SOON AND THATS MONEY TO PAY FOR MORE WEED” SO good luck to you all who come across this.

  139. Passed with no problem. Waited 3 days didnt really do anything special just brushed my teeth,cheeks,gums once. Got in the parking lot used some Scope/peroxide 3 times before i went in. Waited 20-30 mins took the test. Chick told me i passed.

    So my advice is dont smoke for 2-4 days. If you know your interview date plan around that usually its gonna be that day or a they give you a 12 hour period.

    Now that i got the job gonna smoke a victory bowl. Good luck.

  140. I smoked yesterday… tuesday night three puffs tops didnt even get high smoked last week monday i was extremely f#%@!? up. Anyway i get a call today interview and drug test same day friday. Not at all a regular user but im not too sure bout this oral test.I will be back with results friday. Taking all this all this advice for sure!! Fml

  141. HELP! I got a unexpected mouth swab within the hour I smoked. I used act mouthwash after I hit it &it was about a half n hour before the test. I chugged a gadoraid right before the test.. Hoping it comes back inconclusive

  142. Chewing Big Red before going into work or for a drug test will cause you to pass. This is due to the cinnamon found in the game. It not only covers evidence but also acts as a antibacterial killing what may remain of evidence of smoking marijuana

  143. I smoke every day morning and nite I just smoked at 11am today and had a swab test at around 3 and passed I brushed my teeth about a half hour before testing and used mouthwash so I’m assuming that’s how that happened but not too sure. Heyy I’m not complaining lol

  144. hey i have a job interview at lows and they do a saliva test and i was wondering on any tips or stuff people can do to help it. as soon as possible would be nice just let me know?

  145. I'm Not Jay Smoker on

    I took a pre-employment saliva test today for a temp agency. I did not moisten the mouth swab I just held it between my teeth and breathed in onto it and out through my nose. The lady was not paying a lot of attention and only had one for me. I’m pretty sure the test said inconclusive and I doubt the control strips showed up. She threw it in the trash can and told me to show up monday morning.

  146. I passed two different saliva tests and had smoked the day before. I had thought they were going to be urine tests and had synthetic urine hidden in my underwear. You can imagine my surprise when they walked in with the saliva test. The first one I was sure it was a fail and didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of a room full of people so I left. Only to get to my car and realize they still had my drivers license for the application part. So I had to go back in. Amazingly I had passed. Both were from temp services. You should definitely wait at least two days if you know one is coming up. Abusing your teeth and gums makes no difference. They do sell mouthwash that you take beforehand that will mask it. But I wouldn’t count on it working.

  147. Stop smoking now. None of the other options are foolproof. If they test you after several days of not smoking you will most likely pass. You can even go to a head shop and buy the mouthwash designed to help pass saliva tests. You use it and it lasts for hours. You’re best bet is stop until the test and use the mouthwash the day off.

  148. THC in your system isn’t a living bacteria. The only reason that would work is by somehow masking the results.

  149. A suggestion for this site. Post a forum where people can advise others on what type of drug test various employers use. Passing a saliva test is easily done after just a few days of not smoking. But urine tests can take up to 90 days. And buying synthetic urine is expensive and very tricky since you have to maintain body temperature without knowing exactly when the test will happen. And for some states you have to add urea which ruins the sample after several hours if its not used.
    It seems most temp staffing agencies are using saliva now. And many will hire you the same day you fill out the application. So don’t even go in there unless you’ve been clean several days. Kelly Services and Integrity Staffing are two I know use saliva tests. But if you make it through the probation period the company will drug test you again before hiring you permanently. So if your hope is to stay on there try to find out, as subtly as possible, from a employee, what type of testing they do so you’ll be ready.

  150. They do a blue dot mouth swap probably one of the hardest to pass since you gotta have it in your mouth for 5-10 mins.

  151. I once took a home test like that, and the line for a clean UA was present, but not very dark. I mailed the sample off like a fail, thinking I could possibly get the levels of the sample. When I called the number, the lady said Yes, your test had marijuana present, I told her the test had shown a passing result, but I just wanted to be sure, and how did she explain that? She hung up on me. I personally think those tests are a joke. The best bet is to order the reagent strips off the net

  152. that’s so crazy I just got a job and I was so scared when they told me I was going to get drug tested. thank god he invented that cotton swab test. now stoners can get a job easy we don’t even have to worry about not smoking any more haha

  153. It works because the gum makes your mouth produce more saliva, witch will dilute the findings of the saliva test. It’s not fool proof but it is a convenient last ditch effort that’s helps.

  154. ontopoftheworld on

    “It kills ambition, organization, and motivation”

    Funny, sounds like the effects I suffered through many of the jobs early in another career…Now I work for myself supporting my family, paying my mortgage…get it? Weed works for those that want to and for those that don’t, hey it’s an easy excuse.

  155. the best way to pass any test is to flush your system out , there are several methods of doing this…… drinking plenty of water, drinking cranberry juice is very good.exercising will make you sweat ,sweating is good because the thc in your system is stored in fat cells. another way can be a sauna, the hot steam and sweat rids of the toxins in your body a three session round is what I do . combine these together along with not smoking untill after your test and this should result in a new job. good luck

  156. My Bible says i can have it in Gen 1:29 and i do not believe it is mind altering it is not a sin to smoke weed but can become one, just like it is not a sin to have money but to make it priority is. God gave me this plant, the verse saying i can have it. so why does my 1st Amendment of freedom of religion not apply to me?. not only that it is a natural growing plant Iowa lost 50% of its topsoil when hemp became illegal to grow. and i have not been sick for over 3 yrs, oh but that’s with no govt meds.

  157. The bible also speaks of not doing anything to harm body. Which weed does. Don’t get me wrong I smoked for many years and an loved smoking only quit because it started giving me panic attacks and I AM NOT against it BUT I am sick of everyone trying to legitimize getting high. And that is all you are doing. Period. No god made it no amendments, you ARE altering the way you think and also harming your body. Sure not AS MUCH as cigarettes which most would say but it DoES have carcinogens which ARE harmful. Anyway smoke if you want but don’t think it makes it better to try and sound as tho it’s legit.

  158. you are an idiot. im sorry i was in the same boat for felony stuffs and listen.. if it means going to jail FUCKING STOP.. i learned the hard way do u want to? dude, get through ur PO bullshit i know it sucks but just do what they want u to do and i promise when u do smoke its gunna kick fucking ass

  159. your a dumb ass like what the hell breh you come on a pot head question to whine and moan stfu breh just stay off the question if your going to be dumb… and hydrant peroxide works for 15 to 20 minutes

  160. Been a regular user for 40 years. In that time I got a bachelors degree, and a masters. I have worked successfully as an educator for 32 years. I have raised three adopted children as a single mother. I know to capitalize the word “I,” and the first word of a quote! I have a clean driving record and am FAR from a “stoner.”

  161. I did a research paper for my college psych class last semester and there is a 20 year study that proves smoking pot does 0% harm to your lungs AND has anti-cancer properties. Also you are WRONG pot has ZERO carcinogens in it AT ALL!!! Maybe YOU should re-educate yourself in the medical studies done in the last 5 years alone on the effects of marijuana -.-

  162. I am worried that I wont pass… I had a mouth swab thag got sent to a lab.. I smoked the night before but I brushed my teeth throughly twice and drank about 4 cups of black coffee .. I got to administer the test myself he told my scrap my cheek and then put the test on my tongue. My cheeks were rubbed raw from brushing but when I put the test on my tongue I sucked on the pad and avoided contact with my tongue… all I really did was make more saliva and drenched the pad..do you ill pass..? Please answer this job means the world to me.. I didnt really expect the test yesterday…

  163. I herd that hydrogen peroxide works if you swish it around a couple times a long with brushing your teeth you will be fine

  164. I just about shit myself when I went to take my pre employment drug test. I had my Quik Fix ready but almost fled the building when the manager
    explained that they did in house testing with an oral swab! I literally felt like
    a busted trapped animal. I had just smoked a bowl at 11 am and it was 2:30. The test consisted of a dipstick with a sponge at the end. Your supposed to hold it in ur mouth for 3-4 mins…I held it with just my teeth do no spit would touch it….that was a no go so they gave me some water
    and a third test…I prayed like no tomorrow…this could potentially be VERY bad and embarrassing! I held some of the water in my mouth and that made it wet enough. When he said You passed I was so F’n relieved! I was almost 95% sure I would fail….so Happy I passed!!!!

  165. I got to take a saliva test at Lowe’s I think 10 days from now how do I pass I smoke bud and im s big guy so I think it stays in my system longer hoe do I pass I need this job bad

  166. Just out of curiosity, wouldnt u drink a beer to get drunk. I dont understand how u can put a standard on someone that smokes pot… caffiene alters people, people on medications Prescribed by a doctor that alter u as a person not only that one Side Affect on Almost all medication is may cause thoughts of suicide… even stuff they put pregnant women on may cause birth defects. So dont be so quick to judge others for using the bible and their ammendment rights bc if they cant then hows it ok to legalize PRESRIBED pain killers THAT LITERALLY KILL PEOPLE.

  167. You’re not supposed to drench it. Just get it wet enough for them to be able to test it.

  168. Donald Sterling on

    I passed a saliva test and had smoked heavily the day before so it was about 18 hours between last hit and test. I brushed the hell out of my teeth, used peroxide several times, Listerine strips, Altoids, and ate a big burrito on way to test.

  169. LadyLuminosity on

    Youre an idiot, THC is a stimulant according to every dare program and doctor you talk to, so before you start dissing on “burnt out stoners” educate yourself.

  170. Thc is not a stimulant, no dare program or dr lists that either. Look it up on a credible site like any of the .gov sites.

  171. LadyLuminosity on

    maybe you should take your own advice and do some creditable research!

    “The human central nervous system (CNS) is effected by the addition of substances

    These effects can be categorized as stimulant, depressant, etc.

    THC in marijuana has been shown to be a CNS stimulant in at least the following manners, to date:
    a- Stimulation of the appetite centers of the brain
    b- Stimulation of the pleasure centers of the brain
    c- Stimulation of the bodies natural defenses to reduce free radicals caused by injury to the brain and from other damage — the leading cause of injury due to stroke is injury due to free-radicals-“

  172. ReeferFarmer on

    You discuss me… i am a very psychologically depressed person have been since i was very little.. and have been on anti depressants since i was 9 till i was 16 one even help land me into a mental institution .. weed is the only thing that takes the bad thoughts of killing miself away ..its the only thing that makes my life bearable.. on top of alllllll that its organic! Not like the CHEMICAL anti depressants doctors prescribe.. i smoke it to be happy and to live another day .. and yes the feeling doesnt hurt either! but you have no right to say we’re wrong .. you dont know any of us.. just like me…. do you know weed has been known to treat in SOME way about 80% of ALL illnesses .. it even helps prevent Cancer and Liver damage .. the THC forces a Cancer Cell to stop growing and it dies off .. oh but i guess us stoners are to stupid to have done our research… how avout you do yours….. have a good day

    Oh and P.S

    When they say it kills your brain cells .. thats true ..the weak ones, to make room for the Stronger ones to take its place..

    Marijuana 101

  173. Hey weed hater. I bet i make more money than you :) . And had a 4.0 in ChemE. And I’m in great shape ~6% body fat, 6’1″ , 205lbs. Weed doesn’t make ppl shitty. Shitty ppl that smoke weed are just, well… still shitty.

  174. Stonermcgee on

    When people say, drugs are bad for me when they see me smoking I simply reply… I don’t do drugs! I smoke weed :)

  175. Just a thought, could a someone from say virginia use the goverment for allow people to have smoking rights in Colorado…but not in Virginia. Doesn’t the constitution say all men are created equal. Allowing Colorado to smoke but putting other people in jail or fining them in another state seems unconstional at best. Diffiantley people are not equal in this equation shame on you goverment local and federal someone should sue your asses maybe i ll try :p

  176. dudeguest234 on

    i smoked at about 930 10 this morning went to class came back home and started surfing the web to find out if i was going to pass an oral drug test tomorrow around 830ish so far what i have found out is dont let the swab touch your tongue. i also dip so i am pretty sure that the dead skin still holds thc i have brushed my teeth and cleaned my mouth 3 times not using all the other redicilious methods of cleaning out your mouth and practually making your mouth look and feel like a woman on the rag and to be honest i am very confident that i will pass my oral drug test tomorrow lol i know for damn sure if it was a urine test there would be no hope but its oral so i know im good so stop stressing out ppl

  177. He’s an idiot, I have epilepsy and no longer have seizures thanks to weed so I am now able to work. I hope his “teen” becomes a hippie looking, dreadlock wearing, Bob Marley worshipping Rastafarian, and gets busted with a few lbs.

  178. You should read up on complex partial grand mal seizures, that’s what I was having everyday since I was 14 until I found marijuana. If i had listened to some of the people on these websites and not smoked it, I would either be dead by now or drooling on myself in a wheelchair.

  179. divine intervention on

    I had quit smoking for a month then yesterday I hit two blunts four or five times a piece but I was drinking alot of beer afterwards and then I came home took a couple of niacin pills and drank alot of cranberry juice and water and then brush myteeth and rinsed my mouth out with peperoxide and got up this morning and did the same thing and before I took my redeployment oral swab drug test and right before I went in I rinsed my mouth out again with peroxide do you think I will pass

  180. divine intervention on

    Can someone help me and reply to divine intervention blog truthfully

  181. there is an oxymoron if ever i heard one…credible government sites!!! Poor Jane…lmbo…you think your government is credible…that’s a hoot!

  182. Myth. That was started by Reagan and the monkeys his administration used as scape goats. The monkeys lost brain cells because they werent given oxygen during tests. Thus kick starting one of the biggest myths of weed.

  183. systemlocked on

    and are totally illegal unless a doctor gives them to you……hmmmm….ironic…….money

  184. systemlocked on

    hold up here , i can see your concern is for your child and his health that i dont think anyone stoner or otherwise cant understand and i only wish everyone was as concerned for their kids sake. not bc i agree with you about pot but bc kids are our future and should be educated about all the dangers they face growing up…as a parent of a similar teen i told him to research the drug and all its effects ill or otherwise and report to me his results. i expected he would have alot of the common good but no bad surprisinglly he had alot of both he had enjoyed thr study and has done it for school a second time as a presentation on the effects of marijuana physically and sychologically on a teen, He also learned about alot of other drugs he may have been exposed to later and now educates his freinds when they come up with some new hairbrain idea of recreational use of such drugs…..i smoke alot of pot due to nervouse issues and depression i have tried the anti-depressants to no good end i agree with kristen and many othersit has its uses. i still dont want my kid to use…i told him he is still growing and developing mentally and chemically that i dont want him to add anything to an already explosive combination of chemicals that are still erupting in his pubecent body…..wait to smoke until he is sure of who he wants to be and how to get their(as if any of us know)…amazed it worked….he admits he smoked but only when he couldnt control his anger.as he said i didnt hit my brother…..kids will be kids…guide them and hope thats all we can do.once free of the whoom they are their own person…u get angry and hate him now…you may lose him later….mine is 15…lived with his dad till 13 his dad committed suicide..his dads mom who was very close to my son died a year later…i am 33 and still have my grandma i cant imagine the pain of his loss…but in the end im just glad i didnt lose him if he says it helps i dont doubt it…..good luck to you. remember sharing is caring sometimes as simple as info

  185. I haven’t smoked for nearly a month, before that I was a regular user. Had a oral court ordered drug test on Wednesday. 5 days before my test I took two hits from a bowl. And 3 days before my test I took 2-3 soft hits. I smoked a lot cigarettes during the 3 days leading to my oral test and brushed 3 times a day along w some Listerine. Once I had to take the test I made sure not to let the swab touch my tongue, cheek,.gums, nothing, at least I hope not but it might’ve touched my tongue. I Just let it rest in my mouth for 2 minutes. Barely soaking it. I’m freaking out because I will be sent to jail if it comes back positive! (please don’t judge me, I’m aware it was stupid of me…) what do u think the probability of me passing is?

    Tl;dr.smoked a little on the 3rd and 5th day before my test- probation.

  186. read the comments below. There are a lot of advice on how to beat it. Seems like the best way would be to stop smoking 36hrs before along w/brutal brushing of the mouth

  187. I smoked before my interview and passed. All you have to do is just brush your teeth and tongue and use mouth wash and you’ll be fine

  188. Manniefresh on

    OK I got a job interview dis up coming Wednesday they do saliva test I didn’t smoke since yesterday but I’m a heavy smoker but I’m not gone smoke until after the drug test would I still pass

  189. I havent smoked in 2 days and I have a salvia drug test on tuesday and idk if im gonna pass.any tips

  190. I smoked last week and only took 2 hits and I have a drug test June 3rd I am not sure if it will be an oral or urine test how could I pass it

  191. I haven’t smoked in 3 days, then took swab test, I brushed my teeth in morning but nothing else. You think I will pass it?

  192. I smoked Sunday and I just been saliva tested Tuesday I brushed my teeth 2 times since then and drank a lot bottles of water and pee a lot but I’m not sure if that’s good enough

  193. people and there negativity if people are lazy when they smoke weed then they should switch to a sativa layoff indicas or smoke indicas at night personally i have my own business and i smoke every morning before im off to work it just makes my hard working day great im more focused and i do the best work when im blown!!!!!

  194. So, I quit smoking for eight days and just went and took a mouth swab drug test. I am very much nervous about this because this is the one thing in the way of a decent paying job. I brushed my teeth four times this morning and used mouthwash excessively until thirty minutes prior. They sent it into a lab to get results. Do you think I passed?

  195. brain cells do grow back, recent studies have proven First, studies from back in the ’90s show that adult human brains actually contain stem cells. These are cells that can turn into any other kind of cell on demand, including brain cells. Basically, they’re like the blank tiles in Scrabble. When you damage the brain, these cells scramble to rebuild what’s broken. More than that, your brain is incredibly adept at patching itself up in a fix, and can even repair itself after a major event like a stroke, quickly creating new blood vessels to restore oxygen flow, and rewiring brain cells (called neurons) to work around the blockade of dead tissue. Neurons are constantly born through a process called neurogenesis, and can migrate anywhere in the brain that they’re needed.

  196. Hatterasman on

    You knew you had a pre-employment drug test and still “smoked a bowl” that morning?

  197. Hatterasman on

    Sorry, but “smoking a bowl” during a period of time when one is trying to find employment is just plain stupid. Everyone does pre-employment drug testing these days. He specifically stated “I went to take my pre-employment drug test.” That certainly does not sound like it was a surprise. I have been in management positions where I have hired (and unfortunately fired) employees. I have nothing against “weed” when used responsibly. I do have a problem with stupidity. Anyone “smoking a bowl at 11 am” knowing full well that they could be called at any moment for a job interview and possible pre-employment drug test is obviously struggling with stupidity.

  198. F#@K This Guy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ on

    Go fuck yourself douche bag, you’re on the wrong site you troll.

  199. May have a mouth swab test tomorrow. It’ll be just over two days since smoking. I know you say 12-24 hours…..but I smoke a LOT. Ever hear of someone not passing after a couple days off because of how much they smoke regularly?

  200. Yesterday I had a swap test done. Yesterday made 30 days I had not smoke. Do you think I will past? Oh and my mouth was very dry. What do you think?

  201. CannabisIsNotEvil on

    No, it’s stupid to think people should live without effective medicine. The problem is that people are drug tested for something like cannabis to begin with. You’re on the wrong side.

  202. I havent smoked in 6 days now, went and spent $70 on a 5 day detox cleanser and havent smoked in 6 days now and ive been detoxing. Gotta take a mouth swab tomorrow morning. Do you think ill pass?

  203. I’ve heard that gargling peroxide like mouthwash helps people pass too. It might not taste pretty but if it works it works. My friends have used this trick a few times.

  204. woke up took a hit from the bong looked at my phone and had a text from my box saying they were drug screening today I have some peroxide purshed my teeth Intel they bleed and mouth wash have done of for 4 hours I go in . in a hour wish me luck at least she gave me a warning

  205. tiedtotheair2 on

    I passed my drug test!!! I smoked 2-3 blunts yesterday. The last 1 around 9:00 last night. I brushed my teeth 3-4 times, mouthwashed about 5-6 times. I even gargled some vodka 4 extra cleaning. Moments b4 the test I chewed 2 sticks of gum. I had 2 hold the swab n my mouth for about 5 mins. I still passed.

    Im pretty sure all u have 2 do is give ur mouth a good cleaning for a couple of hours.


  207. theresavandivier on

    I had to take a saliva test yesterday and I did smoke the day before not sure what to think didn’t put it between my cheek and gum. Just held it in my mouth. Very worried…..what do you think

  208. Nothing is “legit” including wine, which according to the bible jesus drank. Smoking weed isnt harmful compared to half the garbage we put in our bodies today. People can legitimize anything these days including war and theft. Its refferred to as politics. The closet thing youll get to legit is a monk . I think our freind up there was simply trying to prove a point against someone who obviously has an issue with his choice of lifestyle. Btw, my girl got her cannabis card to control and get rid of her panic attacks. we are all different. Whats legit is what makes us happy and or content.

  209. I don’t smoke a lot of weed but I do lortabs regularly. I don’t let them dissolve in my mouth, nor do I even take them orally (snort) should I worry at all about this test? My mind has been racing ever since I found out about the swab test. I’ve never done one.

  210. I heard the oils from your finger will mess the swab test giving it negative results.

  211. ConcernedMother420 on

    I’ve never smoked in my life or in past lives, but I have a mouth swab test in four years, d0 u think i will pass??!!??!

  212. Yes, I feel like it would still show up on the test because the narcotics are still going IN your body and in your system period. Doesn’t matter what way you consume them.

  213. Toking_Turtle on

    When I got my mouth swab test for my job , my manager accidentally touched it with her finger… She sent it anyway and I didn’t get a negative result and that was also with smoking the night before as well… So I don’t think it does but I could have just gotten lucky :)

  214. Is this even a question? You have never smoked yet you are asking if you will pass? Are you a fucking moron!? Clearly because of course you would pass….Damn idiots these days.

  215. I smoked on Saturday the 21st and just brushed my teeth like normal and got my drug test today on the 23rd, and passed with flying colors , I’m a heavy smoker, smoke everyday for 4 years

  216. I’ m a dialysis. And recently moved to Oregon. My new PCP doesnt believe in opaites, and is trying to wean me off. Everytime I see him they do a saliva test. But not a swap. I have to spit into a test tube. I stopped smoking on a sunday night with and appointment on tuesday. Do you think it will be out of system by then. I had dialysis on monday.

  217. I took one took from my bud pipe at 7pm and walked in the next mrng to a random saliva test. Is it possible to still pass? ?

  218. I agree with your closing words. Damned idiots these days can’t even detect sarcasm yo!

  219. I literally took a massive bong rip right before I got a call stating that I have to take a saliva test. It’s Wed and my test is Fri. Little experiment. I am not going to smoke again until after my test. I will brush regularly twice today, twice tomorrow, and twice before test time with standard Colgate paste. I’ll also follow each brushing with a 3 minute mouth wash with standard blue Listerine. I will post the results as soon as I find out. Wish me luck my fellow smokies!!!

  220. Lol dude really umm this site is for people that have questions about passing a test after smoking weed. If you have never in life smoked weed then yes of course you’ll pass lol. Drug test like mouth swab test are for to detect if you have smoked any pot recently. If you have not smoked at all then you’re good.

  221. I’m an avid pothead I guess you could say. I smoke daily, multiple bowls each session to ensure a thorough medication basically throughout my day. I got a call at around 3:00 on Monday saying that I was selected for a job and if I could go to orientation the day after, Tuesday, at 2:00. I said yes, and smoked from 5:00 PM Monday night until about 10:30 PM Monday with some buddies. The next morning I brushed my teeth thoroughly, used mouthwash for a good 3 minutes, spitting twice. And continued through my day drinking water constantly until orientation at 2:00. Right before I went into orientation, I used mouthwash in the parking lot and then put in a new piece of gum. Went in and was administrated an oral swab test. Just got the call, and I got the job.

    TLDR; Smoked 14 hours before test, mouthwashed twice, drank water to keep mouth fresh, gum, and win

  222. Just took my first saliva test today, and I need some hope that I might pass it.. :/ I have been a heavy smoker for about 2 years now… Yesterday, I was called in for an interview for 10am today. I smoked till about 11pm last night, and I purchased synthetic urine. It was getting perfect body temperature under one of my breasts, and I was pretty optimistic. When I walked into the interview office, I saw the saliva test, and almost walked right back out. I stayed, however, only because there were others in the room, and I didn’t want to look like a fool. Has anyone passed a saliva test after not smoking for ten hours? I brushed my teeth last night before bed, and when I woke up this morning. I recently failed a urine test after using only a small bit of my own, so I do not have a very positive outlook on this saliva test… Hopefully someone has had a good outcome to share with me.. Lol..

  223. EverydayIs420 on

    I have been smoking weed for about 13 years. I smoke all day everyday. I had to take a saliva test and I passed. I was on here reading the different methods on how to pass. I stopped smoking for about 24-36 hours before the test. I gargled with peroxide and brushed my teeth every 4 hours. No need to go over bored to where you bleed, just give your tongue a good scrubbing. I chewed a piece of gum before the test and they told me I had to wait 5 minutes, so don’t let them see you chewing gum because that can help you pass. I hope this helps. Have faith and you can do it!

  224. The Rolling Stoned on

    About as nervous as I’ve ever been right now. Found an amazing job and aced the interview but smoked about 12 hours before the saliva drug test. When I read online it was standard practice for the company to give drug tests the day of the interview I went into clean up mode. I brushed the holy hell outta my teeth and stuffed my face with Altoids. I’m anxious beyond belief because most of my friends and family know I “got” the job and they’re all so excited for me. Most of whom don’t even know I smoke. And finally to top this whole thing off, it’s a holiday this week so I gotta suffer for at least TWO WEEKS while I wait on results. I don’t even have a question, I just needed to get this out. Say a stoners prayer for me and I’ll keep you guys posted.

  225. Dr.dreenthumb13 on

    vvvvvvv——– Im in the same boat as you, good luck to you and stay smoking(after the test results of course) lol

  226. Darth Lyric on

    Can we all acknowledge that having an impressive resume, wooing the interviewer and then still possibly not getting the job because you smoke a little pot is stupid?

  227. I’m a pro at passing urinary drug tests, but saliva/oral tests always frighten me since there is no method of substitution. That being said, you can imagine the anxiety I feel right now as I’m getting ready to leave for an oral test for a temporary assignment. I’ve only taken one of these tests before, but it was in late 2011, before Quest Diagnostics came out with the new tests that show the blue dot once there is a sufficient amount of saliva on the test stick. I smoked last night around 6:30pm, and my test is today at 2:30pm. To prepare, I have brushed my inner and outer gum thouroughly every hour on the hour, as well as swishing with mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide. Since my interview is in another town an hour away, I plan to take my toothbrush, mouthwash and peroxide with me so I can stop at a public restroom and repeat the process one last time before I go to the testing site. After my final rinse, I plan on smoking a cigarette or two, chewing gum until I get to the test site, then as I walk up to the building, I will have two altoids shoved into the back pockets of my mouth. I’m fairly confident that I will pass. I actually used to administer these oral tests at my last job (I know I’m a traitor – but they paid me to do a job and I gots bills to pay and nugs to buy!), and as a well versed smoker, I could usually tell who my fellow stoners were. All those folks seemed to have unusually minty fresh breath when the test was administered, and I never saw one of them fail – and that was with the new style oral tests. Wish me luck, friends! I will update you to let you know my results.

  228. Mary Jonesinton on

    Dont make the mistake of trying all the BS shit you heard from a friend, The Mouth Swab Drug Test can be cheated easy, and that hydrogen P thing is bs my friend lost his job like that. I have used thc clears mouth rinse and it works

  229. crazysithguy on

    Hello my name is matt. I have an interview today. I’m not worried about the drug test to day but just to be sure. I smoked weed on the 4th,and today monday I have an interview. I dont usually smoke but just to be sure. These swabs only last 24 since detox or some last use.

  230. This is a true testimony I had a surprise drug test performed on me last Wednesday for an accident that happened. Well I had smoked the day before around 9 p.m my test was around 130 pm the next day. I wasn’t prepared for It so all I did was put life savers on my mouth and drink a bottled water on my way there and passed it was 16 hours without smoking and passed!

  231. U will be okay drink water before 7 get there and put a candy in your mouth before u get there.i had a surprise swab test performed 9 me the other and had smoked 16 hours before and passed u will be ok

  232. I smoked 5 blunts Lias night and today got a unexpected phone call saying I had to make it in for paper work and drug test I brushed my teeth and on the way I got some Altoids I was sucking on them for 45 min than when doing the actual test I was sucking on one hopefully I’ll pass I’ll post if I do

    Do you think I’ll past ???

  233. The Rolling Stoned on

    I PASSED. Smoked 11 hours before test. Brushed my teeth twice. Once right after I smoked and once before the interview. Also ate a bunch of mini Altoids. Not even a whole tin. If you know a test is coming, strategically store a few in your cheeks. I drunk a coke too, whether or not that had somethin to do with it idk but it couldn’t hurt. These tests are pretty easy to pass. Now I’m about to get high to celebrate.

  234. Im curious i just had to go in and do a mouthswab test yesterday an i havent smoked since the 1st or 2nd of july do you think i will pass

  235. I had to take a drugtest yesterday an i had smoked a week before do you think i passed the swab test

  236. I have not smoked weed in 3 months and it showed up on the oral drug test as positivie and this was for probation.. But she did not violate me cuz she said it is not acurate.. I dont get it??

  237. The Rolling Stoned on

    I’d say yeah man. Nothing’s 100 percent but I’m pretty sure you probably did. You been brushing your teeth everyday?

  238. I have a interview tomorrow, and have smoked and took a barbiturate. I was told I have to take a Swab test tomorrow at my interview. So, I asked a few of my friends how to pass the Swab Test. & Since I don’t have the time to buy the mouth wash rinse, That they sell on this web site. Everyone said to brush my teeth, and my Tongue, Really well with Peroxcide mixed with Baking soda, Then Rinse well. Then just before going in to take the swab test. Use Listerine. Swish the Listerine in my mouth for as long as I can stand it. Then put the Listerine Strips in my mouth, and make sure that they are stuck up in my cheeks…I was wondering if I should be concerned’?

  239. i smoked maybe a tiny little blunt last night maybe even one inhale at like 8, but I smoked on Thursday , I had an interview this morning at 9:30 I brushed my teeth and tongue and flossed lol all that. when I took the test is didn’t touch my cheek just my tongue , will I pass?

  240. I took a drug test and it only smoke once a week and i dident know ill be haveing a job interview whitch i did thr next day i smoke about a whole blunt and i snoked around 10 and my job interview was the next day at 345 i brush my teeth 5 times and also did peroxide 2 times and Listerine 3 times would i pass. Please help

  241. Just brush your teeth prior and chew on some trident gum up to nearly the time that you take it. No special tricks or poison necessary. Some use mouthwash but a clean mouth chewing Trident works fine even if u used a few hours prior

  242. Just brush your teeth prior and chew on some trident gum up to nearly the time that you take it. No special tricks or poison necessary. Some use mouthwash but a clean mouth chewing Trident works fine even if u blazed a few hours prior. Based on personal experience and taught to others and it worked

  243. Ok I have a swab test at 1030 the last time I smoked was Saturday morning at 130am but ive been brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth out with listerine until it burns should I be ok because I was a heavy smoker please help

  244. Its been about 56hrs since last smoked just brush my teeth n gargle til burns I have mouth swab test will I be good?

  245. I never ever smoke until recently and I have smoked the past 3 weekends. Not even that much, but the last time I smoked was sat around lunchtime, and I have to take a oral test tomorrow at 4pm, I have an new job!! I need this job more than anyone could imagine, and I feel so stupid that i may fail a drug test!!!! Please help me to pass this test!!!!!!!! Will it really help to brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash!!!! I have already started doing that!

  246. Brush your teeth and rinse (multiple times the night before and leading up to) with mouthwash that has alcohol in it it’ll burn and taste like crap but alcohol kills everything bacterial wise and such. That will def help and drink lots of fluid to keep your saliva moving around in your mouth and put the applicator between your teeth instead of between your cheek and gum or under your mouth like they say to. It’ll still get plenty of spit on it that way, it just is easier because it’s further away from your skin/blood that way.

  247. carolyndavis400 on

    Okay so i have not smoking weed since july 1 and i took a saliva drug test today and its july 15 i brush me teeth throughly all the time no mouth wash…Do you think i will pass? It was a stick that i put between my cheek and jaw and held it there for like a 2 min. While it got all my spit on it and when it change to blue i took it out, he zipped it off then mailed it off today.

  248. I had a saliva test today at 11.30.I smoked on 07-13-2014 at 11pm. That was two days ago I brushed my teeth and used listerine ultraclean and prayed!!!lol I am happy to report it was negative and i got the job.

  249. ha i got exactly same prob. got a new job i need more than ever bt dnt wana stop sniffin or having the odd toke of a j. u lot sure i’l be all good if i lay off them 4 a week or so b4 the test? dont wana get duped by a bunch of bloody stoners who ‘think thr right!’ tbf this blog has made me feel a lot better

  250. I read everything that you people write and prayed to God that nothing would show, I thought it’s been long enough it’ll be out of my system. I smoked one hit of pot and had a mickey of cocaine in 1997 and in 2001 I still tested positive with a mouth swab test!! What is it that you people do to get a clean test?!

  251. Hey my name is schell, I smoke a roach this morning at 9 am and I have a oral test tomorrow @3pm. Will I pass the test?

  252. i had a random drug test today at work i took like 2 hits before work which was about 6 hours before test the test was a swab test so when i found out i chewed like 3 pieces of gum and drank some soda will i pass?

  253. Mouthwash won’t help with much. Your saliva will continue to produce small amounts of THC regardless of mouthwash or brushing. All it will do is clean the toxins currently in your mouth but not new ones in your saliva later on.

  254. I have an interview on Monday and I don’t know what to do to pass my swab test let’s say I smoke tonight will I still pass it

  255. Mary Jonesinton on

    ?Altoids? ppl come up with crazy shit all the time. Some once once said to suck on a penny all day long just incase. Penny in your mouth 8hrs a day, 5 days a week?? WTF.
    @ariahstephens:disqus yes thcclear.com, the mouth wash works and its not a dreamed up idea that might work, The mouth wash works, and it was made for that purpose.

  256. Mary Jonesinton on

    from what i read thc doesn’t stay in your saliva for more then a few hrs, its too late to order that mouth wash from thcclear, but get it anyway for next time as a backup.

    I think thc only stays in your saliva for a few hours, as long as you dont smoke the day of the saliva test you might be ok.

  257. smoochywoochies on

    wrong. that did not happen. i was getting tested once a week for a about 5 months with an oral swab and was smoking 4-5 days a week and still passed every time with no problem and even passed a urine test once. Tea bag green tea was all i used a detox.

  258. 707Knowledge on

    i smoked at 11pm-ish, the night before my swab test, smoked keif, hash, and buds. i just brushed, mouthwashed for a good 60 sec, with a generic (strong/high alcohol) mouthwash, and put the applicator head at the top or roof of my mouth, and kinda just flicked it with my tongue every 10-15 secs, accordingly to the lady administering the test, i passed. good luck to all.

  259. I smoked the night before a saliva test and I passed thc but didn’t pass methamphetamine when I didn’t do any for months then they took my urine and found thc it was fucked upp

  260. I dont smoke marijuana at all but I’m always around my sister that do will it show up in my swab test that I took yesterday???

  261. Bobbie Strouss on

    I haven’t smoked in two months, I passed my urine test the other day, and I’m just wondering if I would also pass the swab test.

  262. Stress will kill you before weed… Believe that!! Smoke responsibly… Stop bashing us smokers and get the hell off here.. Obviously you miss it…why else would you be surfing the net about weed

  263. Wow! Too much misinformation. Saliva tests ordinarily will show usage up to 72 hours post use. That’s first and foremost. Now, unlike urine tests, saliva tests, as well as blood tests, are for THC content. Just THC! That is why it can be washed away, but there are a lot of hiding places in your mouth! Ordinary “wear off” effect is averaging 12-24 hours, but tests show that it can be detectable for up to 72 hrs. So…the whole worry that somehow the body will put THC in your saliva is REALLY WRONG! Your body can move the METABOLITES around after burning fat cells which release them. THAT is what they find in your urine…NOT THC. They look for THC in the saliva, not its metabolite. So, you could easily pass a saliva test with a shit ton of THC METABOLITES in your urine! Nice, huh? Not too happy about anyone in here posting about their heroin, pill popping and snorting crap. You deserve to be fired! That is some nasty crap that us weed enthusiasts/activists hate more than anything. All it does is do the same thing the Government does…lump cannabis (never lethal) in with all the stuff that REALLY is bad. If you are worried about a saliva test after using anything OTHER than cannabis, go find a page that deals with those issues! Stop attaching negative stigmas to God’ miracle plant! Peace!

  264. Try Stinger detox mouthwash. Available on Amazon. Follow instructions on bottle. Lasts up to 5 hours :-)

  265. I last smoked yesterday around 11:30am. Got the call to come in and do a saliva test the next day…my test is at 4:00pm about 30hrs since I last smoked….brushing my teeth, mouthwash, peroxide, water, gum, coffee i’m using all methods up until the test…hope I pass. if it goes well I will keep you informed.

  266. I smoked a couple hits this morning and had to do a swab test. No warning!! So I went to the bathroom and scrubbed my mouth out with antibacterial soap. Yuck!!

    I so hope I pass. I have drank tea, sprite and was chewing gum.

    Pray I pass!!

  267. The best thing I have found is called Palo Azul Tea…I smoke from sun up to sun down. I started drinking the tea for my drug test 4 months ago and it has worked like a charm every time. Don’t get the cheap stuff though. I get mine from http://www.paloazultea.com

  268. Hey everyone. Dedicated weed smoker here. Quit smoking last Friday when I lost my job. I have a job lined up working for my dad selling cars. How long should I wait before going in. They use a quantisal saliva test that’s mailed off to a lab. Oh and I haven’t seen anything on here about it, but chainsmoke before the test helps.

  269. I had a swab 24 hours after smoking. I did not drink a lot and a brushed my teeth very good before going in. I came back positive for THC and now I am hoping for a metrical. I hope they will allow me to retake the swab because I am positive I will pass this time (going to say im not a smoking and will be willing to come in immediately for the retesting) . I have not smoking in 4 days. Please, if you read this form with questions and you have a test within 24 hours of smoking and you are a chronic smoking, know that you have a chance of failing the test. Don’t be like me and push it.

  270. smoker* smoked* sorry for the errors… my stress level is through the roof because of this.

  271. I wanted to re-post a error free update on my mouth swab drug test.

    Please note: I am a chronic smoker that smoked 3+ bowls a day.

    I did not smoke for a little over 24 hours before my test. I found out, by the lab, my test came back positive for THC. :(

    I did not know I was going to have the test during my walk-through at the distribution center I applied for. So, the only thing I did before the test was brush my teeth very good. I also did not drink a lot of fluids before hand (if it matters, I am also heavy set).

    My test was screened by Lab-corp. I spoke to a representative after getting the call regarding the positive test results and she told me “it was up to the company that is wanting to employ you, if they will allow a retake”. Retaking the test would be no problem because I have not smoked in 4 days. However, I spoke to the HR from the company that ordered the test and the only thing they can do is retest the sample. I am not getting the job. :( a Lab-Corp representative told me the test is 99% accurate and would more likely come back the same- positive.

    (I told the HR of the company that I do not smoke and I do not know how the test results came back positive. I am hoping to reinforce this again after getting the second results back.)

    Realistically, I believe the only option I may have available after the second screening comes back, is to apply again for the job and hope that the HR will allow me to rush the processes and take the test again. I am doubtful. Normally when you have a test come back positive, the company will not consider you for a job again- at least for a few months. The funny thing is, a chart made by Lab-Corp clearly states that THC will be in the saliva <12 hours after consumption!!!

    I am hoping for a partitive outcome to my positive test result and I will keep everyone updated. I hope this helps people that had questions like i did before going for my swab.

    Do not smoke for 48+ hours before hand. expectantly if you are a chronic smoker!!

  272. very strong smoker smoked yesterday around 9pm got mouth swab on 31 at 8:15 what to do.

  273. Drink lots of fluids
    Brush your teeth
    Eat Altoids like crazy right before.
    Eat lots of food.
    Work out and sweat.

    Good luck. Be prepared for a positive. :( I wish you the best.

  274. I didn’t know this was going to happen..i took a random swab test at around 6pm and took some bong hits the day before the swab, around morning and early afternoon. I have a habbit of drinking water and drinking nothing else, but I didn’t drink that much before the swab as I think I should. I had brushed my teeth before. I also ate a orange and lasagna, and some other foods during that whole time duration before the swab…not sure if it matters or not. Do you think I’ll pass?

  275. I am a every day weed smoker last time I smoked was Tuesday night I had to do the saliva test this morning before I went I brushed my tongue and cheeks with Colgate followed by listerine and a peppermint and I passed that B****!! Thanks to this blog bc it is where I got the ideal from so I had to share with my fellow tokers!

  276. Ok I have an swab test today at 11:00, I smoked 2 bowls yesterday but I usually smoke everyday heavily and I went to go play ball for a couple of hours also. the last time I smoked was maybe at 6 pm and I also went to go buy some ultra klean detox mouthwash from a smokeshop and I was wondering if used that and brushed my teeth a couple of times right before if I could still pass the test. I will be back to post the results wish me luck fellow potheads!

  277. smoked 3-4hits yesterday. Haven’t smoked for 2-3 months before that. And today I had to get tested. Didn’t put the swab I my mouth. Instead I put the swab on my chin, playing it off like it was in my mouth. Do u think there’s a possibility of me getting a negative??

  278. hell yea man I passed just buy some ultra klean mouthwash from a smoke shop and you should be good bro

  279. I’ve been smoking for years myself. I have to take a swab test tomorrow morning after 8 am. I haven’t smoked since day before yesterday and then it was only a couple of joints. I haven’t been smoking much in the past several months. I’ve passed swab tests before though. I always rinse my mouth out with Listerine on and off for several hours or a day before the test as well as use the little strips that they make. I also keep peppermint in my mouth up until the last minute and if at all possible I keep one under my tongue when doing the test. For whatever the reason it works…wish me luck.

  280. Hey guys. I recently applied for a job and they conduct drug test with saliva. The swab test. I havent smoked for 5 day. (Started not smoking since August 1st) Before that I smoked about 2 blunts a day for about 2 – 2 1/2 weeks. and before that I didnt smoke for 2 weeks. How long do you think it will be in my system in order to pass the test? Possibly next week?

  281. I once smoked a hash blunt 10 minutes before applying at a temp agency. When i got there they had me do a mouth swab test while i filled out the entire application. I bit it with my teeth and never let it touch my tongue or gums, very nerve racking the whole time. When the lady got it from me she said i must have really bad dry mouth, she made me spit in the container, she tried mixing it with the drug identifier,

    my body language said i dont do drugs, so she stopped trying to check it and just threw it away and passed me. Worst anxious moments ever

  282. “I last smoked yesterday around 11:30am. Got the call to come in and do a
    saliva test the next day…my test is at 4:00pm about 30hrs since I
    last smoked….brushing my teeth, mouthwash, peroxide, water, gum,
    coffee i’m using all methods up until the test…hope I pass. if it goes
    well I will keep you informed.”

    How the hell did 53 people find the above post helpful when it doesn’t
    indicate whether or not it worked? Does up-voting here mean “good luck”
    as opposed to “I find your post helpful and/or informative”? I’m not
    opposed to the content of the post at all, just don’t see how it could possibly be so helpful without confirmation of a pass or fail.

  283. I got tested by work 6-7 hours after smoking 2 joints. Non negative result for amph, now waiting on lab results to come back.
    It’s impossible for amph to be in my system but THC was the next category on the swab stick indicator which has me worried.
    Hopefully it’s just a false reading from something else I consumed and then I can tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  284. has anyone heard of a saliva test done with a mouth guard that is placed in your mouth for up to 3 minutes?

  285. If you want to pass the test in under 24 hours whether its a piss test or mouth swab i suggest doing an intense workout to swear non stop, when ur done eat a good healthy meal and brush ur teeth. From that point on drink a lot of water because there will be thc fatty deposits dumped into your blood stream. Drink tons of water, a shot of vinegar, take b vitamins. Drink breakfast essentials the day before, and the night before the test. On the morning of the test drink tons of water and pee 3 times itleast. Dont eat any food.

    The idea is to drink enough water to dillute it, at the same time getting a huge dose of vitamins that will pass right through you and make your clear pee very dark yellow. If u dont eat food the day of ur test then ur metabolism wony start thus u wont burn fat and release any thc. The vitamins make ur pee look real.

    When you are going to pee in the cup just remember to catch it in mid stream,,,, toxins build up at the beginning and end.

    Take it from a guy whos never failed a drug test and has taken 20+ ua’s and half of them have been 1 day passes.

    Hope that helps!

  286. Just ran into this problem a few days ago. My boyfriend was applying for a new job and got it on the terms that he passed the saliva test on Monday morning at 11am. My boyfriend and I smoke literally everyday, so it was a bit of a challenge. But if you can sacrifice a few days of no smoking you should be able to pass… So here’s what we used:

    – Last blunt smoked was on Friday at 10pm
    – No smoking until after the test (approx. 61 hours total Clean)
    – Used Crest 3D whitening toothpaste and mouthwash
    -Wintergreen Altoids (used before and during the test)
    -Travel Size Bottle of Listerine
    – A good fatty meal before your test (in our case a bacon, egg and cheese bagel)

    Everyday before the test he washed his mouth and flossed intensely. Make sure to scrub your gums, tongue, and inside your cheeks. On the morning of the test he washed his mouth with the Crest toothpaste, mouth-washed, and flossed again. He ate his breakfast (the bagel mentioned above) and we went to Walgreens to pick up a travel sized Listerine bottle and Altoids. On the way there he was munching on Altoids. Once he was there inside waiting, he went to the restroom to take a quick swig of Listerine and more Altoids. While in line for the test he ate more Altoids. As soon as he got into the test room, he slipped in a few more additional Altoids and had the swab directly touching where the Altoids had been. This test was in his mouth for about 5 mins, he tried breathing through his nose to prevent himself from salivating too much and keeping a dry mouth, but regardless he still salivated. He was told he would get the results in two weeks.

    3 days later he gets an update email with a Congrats of how he passed the drug and background check!

    The Altoids really did wonders, but I believe it was a combination of all the dental hygiene.

    Good luck to you all!

  287. I just took a mouth swab on this lovely Thursday at 10am. I spent the weekend smoking but had been clean for 2 months. I took maybe 3 hits Monday night. Since Tuesday, I have been brushing 3 times a day and rinsing with Peroxide. This morning, I did the same brush and rinse with Peroxide routine. Also, I smoked 2 cigarettes before I went in. I have a protein shake in the mornings so I left a small bit of that in my cheek where I would put the swab until I walked in the door for my drug test. From what I’ve read, I should very well pass. I’ll keep ya posted. I should know my Mon. or Tues. of this coming week!

  288. Why the fuck are you on this forum? To just troll, hate, or spread your bullshit. Go back to you liquor while i smoke my blunts and go fuck yourself you self rightous asshole. Go tell your children this when you catch them with weed. Not on a forum asking for advice you fucking cockhead.

  289. hahahahahaha, I love how the name troll is used only for those who oppose YOU. If you agreed with me then I wouldn’t be a troll, so really it’s just that we disagree, but u can’t see that. Good luck with the drugs.. really!

  290. hahahahahaha, I love how the name troll is used only for those who oppose YOU. If you agreed with me then I wouldn’t be a troll, so really it’s just that we disagree, but u can’t see that. Good luck with the drugs.. really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  291. Really though we all do drugs even if its just caffeine or food. You’re an arrogant bastard if you think your way of life is better than anyone elses. People are lookin for help here and you’re just bein a douche. Have fun bein a tool!

  292. No it’s trolling. Not because you disagree, but because you are purposely spouting abstinence on a drug forum, a place devoted to people who partake in marijuana. That makes you a troll. Had this been yahoo answers then maybe you’d have a point there, Betty Ford. As it stands it seems you are just spinning your idiotic wheels hoping to get a rise out of somebody.

  293. have a job interview on tuesday 8/26, not sure if the drug test will be that day. i do know that it will be a swab test. last time i smoked was on 8/18 and it was only three hits and im not going to be smoking until im positive i have passed the test. do i have anything to worry about and should i take precaution anyway? i

  294. I am going in for an interview with a really good company tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. I’m a have weed smoker and cigarette smoker. The last time I smoked was Wednesday at 7 p.m. Before that I hadn’t smoked for 3 days. I know they do an oral drug swab during the interview. I plan on brushing my teeth 3 times before hand and once right before I go in and having two mints in my check during the test. Do you think I’ll pass?

  295. I smoke everyday,I just got a job last week after smoking the day before then taking a mouth swab. After 3 days you will 100% pass free of thc in your saliva.

    Did i mention i smoke a dub a day average

  296. Smoking a cigarette would help make it a solid 200% pass. Should quit tho theyre bad for you

  297. I took drug test a couple of days ago, we had to hold it oral plastic have cotton in our mouth for ten minutes.

  298. I have a oral drug test Tuesday at 1030am last time I smoked was at 530am Saturday morning (today). I have been brushing my teeth tongue and gums all day today. Plan on doing it tomorrow Monday and Tuesday morning before the test. If I do all that and don’t smoke all weekend do y’all think I’d pass on Tuesday morning??

  299. VictarionGreyjoy on

    ok now ive read so many post below and I basically get the idea…. although one difference I will have is I have bottom dentures and a top partial with only one real tooth holding it in place….. so I mean im thinking the answers pretty obvious, but is there anything else I should possibly need to know??? I have no swab test scheduled as of yet (my buddy told me it takes 15 days and this site says 24 hrs….. then my female friend whom has 3 degrees told me 24 hours as well) ….. IDK im just nervous because I just lost the most important person in my life and I truelly didn’t wanna become an alcoholic after drinking myself to sleep the first 2 nights afterwards so I had to buy a cut of pot last night…. if im rambling Im sorry cuz I probably don’t even know because im still a train wreck but I need this job like yesterday because my family is stuck with so many property taxes and things of that nature….

  300. bekka Washington on

    Hey ghost I’m having to take a test at a Dr’s appointment where you have to hold the swab in you’re mouth until the end turns blue. Just wanted to know are we all talking about the same test? Or is there a difference?

  301. Hey i ive been smoking for 10+ years heavily (8th every 2 days) and i had a swab test just this morning and passed. I quit for 4 days brushing heavily and using regular listerine. I rinsed with hydrogen peroxide and listerine before the test then munched on about 10 altoids. This test is a peice of cake! Still was so goddamn nervous tho

  302. Hello i came her fot gelp guys i smoked today about an hour ago and i have a interview tomrrow around 10 and i have to take a test do you guya think i shall pass it?

  303. Hey waz up I have a mouth swab tomorrow at 12 and I haven’t smoked since last night didn’t light up today at all do you think that i will pass the test

  304. prettyredstoner on

    Hey guys! I smoked on Sunday/Monday maybe around (12/1 am) .. I am taking a college course in which we had to take a drug test (I didnt know). It was today! The oral swab. I rushed out the house and forgot to brush my teeth smh but I’ve brushed themof ccourse since sunday and I smoked a cigarette yesterday. Pf course been eating and drinking regularly. What are my passing chances? btw im a rookie smoker so its mid most of the time and I always tap and put out. I’d say this week I’ve only smoked 2 1/2 whole blunts!

    Also let me add that I was told to keep it in 5 minutes between my teeth and inner cheek. I did not. I had it in my mouth so it barely touched anythibg in my mouth!

  305. somerandomperson on

    Actually 3 weeks ago my friend smoked 9 1/2 hours before her shift and didn’t listerine or brush she just rinsed her mouth with her water and passed so it might be a good chance but you never know.

  306. HAHA. (Just say no to drugs) I feel bad for you. You might think you’re above everyone here, but I bet your boss smokes, and you have to take his shit everyday. Before you go to bed tonight I hope that you think about how much of life you missed out growing up because of that stick up your ass.

  307. I have to get my mouth swab but it the type of swab that they take back to the lab! So how do I beat it????

  308. You’re the one who went out of their way to post somewhere where you knew you’d stir up the pot (pun intended) thus making you a troll. If this was an anti-drug forum, obviously you wouldn’t have been “trolling” them with these comments. Open your mind a little, grandpa.

  309. I had a mouth swab pre-employment drug screening yesterday. I smoked the day before, the last BH being around 11:30pm. At around 1am I drank 1 bottle of the super concentrated stip nc that covers blood, urine and saliva, also brushed teeth before going to sleep. I woke up at 6:30am, ate breakfast and drank another bottle. Then proceeded to brush my teeth again and using mouthwash up until my interview. Hydrating as well. Now my question is, are the chances of me passing the test good or not? Please help. Thanks

  310. Does anyone know what kind of testing places offer a swab test opposed to a urine test? I want to get a swab test and was planning to go to a labcorp but need to find out if there’s a better place to go. Please and thank you

  311. So I hit the blunt once last night around eh 11:00 & I brushed my tee that night brushed them in the morning and then went to work around 4 got told I got selected for random drug testing with mouth swab.. & I ended up taking the test around 5 pm. Right before I ran in the restroom and all I had in my purse was toothpaste and chloraseptic. I sprayed chloraseptic all over the inside of my mouth then squeezed toothpaste in there and swished it around and threw some more toothpaste in my mouth… Wondering how clear I will be lol. Help.

  312. So I smoked a few bowls the day before and then I hit it a few times before work around 550 went to work and had to take a drug test at around 1 I smoked cigs and rubbe Tabaco all over my gums and used a lot of mouth wash and bushed my teeth a lot to the point my gums were bleeding and drank some water and sucked on altoids and had one in my mouth while I took the test should I be okay?

  313. So I have a saliva drug test tomorrow but I smoked yesterday…..I haven’t smoked all day today….I did last night around 10pm…..I brushed my teeth and mouthwashed….Do u think I’ll pass??

  314. so im on probation and have an appointment with my p.o. the 15th of this month, i havent smoked since august 29.. im sure im getting drug tested because my probations coming to an end, if i get mouth swabbed will i pass?

  315. Smoked at 1AM and have a test 13hours later. SWIM smokes frequently(about a Quad-Half Oz. a week of some good herb) and SWIM is brushing and mouth washing as much as possible as well as rinsing with hydrogen peroxide because SWIM’s heard that helps as well. Anyone thinking my odds are good? PS. It’s an oral swab that is likely to be sent to a lab… Feel free to comment ASAP

  316. my husband had a surprise swab test one morning and he had smoked the night before, and pretty much every day before and he passed.

  317. I have done alot of research because I’ve recently got one that got sent to the lab yesterday I am on probation and haven’t smoked for about a week before that in which I was clean and I’m 6 2 and weigh approximately 140 lbs anyway for thc I’m sure I’ll be fine I beleive morphine is one of the longest which can be detected for up to 7 days in the saliva and marijuana if u r a heavy smoker 4 days hope this helps if I remember I’ll post my results

  318. I am shitting a brick lol… I have 5 days until my oral screen; I’m pretty healthy, only mary j. don’t drink alcohol ever, don’t consume any other type of drugs etc. but I consume a ton water on a regular basis, i’m working out extra hard before monday(to cause profuse sweating), does anyone have a similar scenario they already went through? I REALLY NEED THIS JOB TOO !!! lol

  319. Okay this is a true story I smoked on a Thursday morning between 10 and 11 AM then was told around 3 PM I had to take a drug test the next morning at 9 AM I bought Listerine mouthwash peroxide and Altoid it’s the mini ones I brush my teeth three times that day I am rinse my mouth with while mouthwash and peroxide the next morning I brushed my teeth rinse my mouth with mouthwash and peroxide chewed on a couple of many Altoid and took my oral swab test and passed it!!!! It’s completely possible to pass THC is only detected within 12 to 24 hours after smoking

  320. wow I like smoked last jus a sec agoo so its bout 27 hrs til my interview …… guess ill tel ya what happens! lol any advice>????

  321. Just wanted to thank everyone who posted helpful tips and calming stories through anxious moments. I passed !! Got the best job ever thanks to all of you !! =0) On my way to Celebrate all night, than I go in at noon tomorrow. Amazing!! Special thanks to #peachdabs

  322. I pretty much read everything I could first. Than I mixed and matched a few suggestions. I really wanted the job so I didn’t do anything that seemed like it could have an unpredictable outcome. For example scrubbing the gums till they bleed. I’m a heavy smoker for the last 10+ years. Never had to stop smoking until just now. According to some journals, and other postings here I think 4 days is the furthest a saliva based screen goes. So I stopped smoking 6 days Prior to going in for the screen. Within those 6 days, I brushed 4 times a day and worked out every day, ate healthy and drastically increased how much water I consumed daily. Past that the day of the exam I woke up brushed 4 times and used Scope after every brush. On my way to the exam I had a pocket sized bottle of antiseptic Listerine and a small tin of Altoids. Chewed about 3/4 of the mints on my way there and then used the entire Listerine bottle near the facility. Once inside I kept a handful of mints in my gums up until I was just about to put the swab thing in my mouth. Fortunately no one was watching me, and I administered the exam in private; therefore it let me hold the cotton in between my teeth. I tried my best to make sure my cheek nor my tongue were really in the way or touching it. It took about 10 minutes for the dot to turn blue and once it did they send it off to a lab. I waited 3 days, and got the call that everything came back clear. I was good to go. So the exam is def. made not to fail. My girlfriend and I both have anxiety, lol unfortunately so we can smoke about 2-3 blunts daily, or sometimes just a blunt or two at night. That has been pretty consistent for the last 5 years, and before meeting her I smoked the same alone for an additional 10 years. SO obviously am a chronic smoker. I am 5/9 and weigh about 180lbs if that helps draw a metabolic comparable. Good Luck.

  323. Karlynn Beechner on

    My bf is going for a drug test tomarrow and wants to smoke but is afraid to test negtitive he’s on probation so if there are any tips that can help me I really would appcraite it

  324. Here’s my story. I’m a daily smoker – about 2-3 bowls per day of the best I can get. Generally it’s the name brand weed – Sour diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, etc. I am 6’0, 200lbs and work out daily with weights and cardio. I took a piss test about 2 years ago and was able to pass it after 3 1/2 weeks of not smoking using all the normal methods – lots of water, exercise, using mid-stream piss, not taking the test first thing in the morning, etc.
    Now im facing a mouth swab saliva drug test for a new job. Today is 9/23. The last time I smoked was on 9/10. Since then ive been working out, hitting the steam room, drinking water, etc. Just for the heck of it I bought an at home piss test and used my very first pee of the morning just to see what was coming out. I failed it.
    Everything I’ve read on the internet says that saliva mouth swab tests don’t go back as far as piss tests but since I was a daily smoker of good bud, I’m still concerned….Especially since failing the at home test. My mouth swab test is on Thursday 9/25 and at that point I’ll be 15 days clean. I plan on doing everything I’ve read – fatty meals the day before and day of, brushing really well my teeth and cheek, using Listerine and Peroxide rinses, and some altoids right before.
    The test is administered at the location and then sent off to a lab.
    I can’t ever recall being this nervous for a test before…probably bc if I fail I will lose out on a 6-figure job which is total bs. I’ve smoked for awhile and excelled in everything I’ve done – even won salesperson of the year last year out of 40+ people.
    Any other advice from anyone? I will certainly post my results as I’ve become frustrated with reading a lot of people’s stories without seeing them post a result.

  325. Ive smoked everyday for 6 years and at least 3 times a day. I havent smoked in 9 weeks and I have a urine test next monday. will I pass?

  326. I smoked a bowl at 8am and had a saliva test at 9:30am. (I did not know this was going to happen)I passed! I had not brushed my teeth just 1 tic tac. I smoke all day every day for the last 3 years. I don’t think these tests are very reliable…LMAO

  327. Just took a swab test for amazon quit for 4
    days but have been smoking heavily everyday for 3 years now and brushed twice a day and mouth washed twice aday. Think I’ll pass?

  328. Yes, thc is only detectable within 4 weeks after use through conventional means. Hair folic tests will detect more but are seldom used.

  329. So I’m a heavy set women I have been smoking off for 3 1/2 years and If I have two snappers tonight, 9/25 my dt is on Monday, 9/29 will I be good? I drink a lot of water, work out moderately, brush my teeth. Help

  330. Im sure you’ll pass. 9 weeks is plenty of time. Ive been a heavy smoker too along with all my friends. 9 weeks? Damn I’ve had it out of my system in a week. If ur really worried Bout it. Drink a lot of water, and tea. Whatever you can do to piss a lot daily. But I’d bet you’ll be fine. But a piss test I’d give it a week or two. These saliva test a day or two. I wouldn’t even worry about it. You’ll be fine.

  331. Took a swab test this morning, after I woke up at 5am and hit a jay around 6am before going to the interview. I brushed my teeth, used peroxide, mouthwash before I left the house. Didn’t take the test till 10am, 4 hours past since I last smoke. Hopefully I pass! Also I used mouth wash and peroxide a second time right before taking the test in the car and smoked a cigarette. Anybody here gone through that and passed???

  332. Have a swab on Monday,, smoke daily for 25 + years, this is new to me. I am a older woman who enjoys the pleasure and its a huge pain reliever for my chronic pain in all my joints, I desperately need this job…. Any help is appreciated, nervous and need this job.

  333. I passed!! Glad this site and others exist. You can find a lot of information by looking at the manufacturer’s websites that make these products. -ILikeToFish727

  334. Don’t smoke this weekend if you can. If you have to for your pain and have no other choice use an edible or something you can swallow without much chewing.

    Try not to use anything the day before or at minimum day of test. Make sure to brush well and use mouth wash. The more you wash the better. If possible mouth wash before the test.

    But try not to make it to obvious.

    As long as its a true saliva test you should be OK. The metabolites don’t stay in saliva more than 6-12 hr. But if they test ur checks it could be a problem. But, most of the time you should be OK.

    There are products that are used to pass saliva test. If that is a regular form of testing at you work place you should look into picking up a bottle or two.

    I have use one before and they work, a friend that didn’t lost his job, but that was over 10yrs ago. My current employer does urine tests on a “as needed” bases. Which means I have to look at the ground when talking to management.

    Good luck, check out my blog if you want. I kind of made helping people deal with this my thing. Thcclear.com

    And can you reply to me here afterwards, I pray for good news

  335. R u sure u passed because I just smoked a joint last nite and been smoking weed for 14 years everyday all day and I have to take an oral drug test tomorrow so I want to make sure I pass.

  336. hi, I was chronic for 24 yrs…stopped smoking and had urine test 4 weeks later…sadly I failed…it took another 5 weeks before testing clean…yes that’s right it took 9 weeks to come clean I am 43 5′ 120lbs….shocking how long it stayed in my system

  337. Hey i went to an interview today, i smoked last night like at 10pm, didnt smoke today at all. They came out and handed me a little swab thing that looks like a blue toothbrush. The lady timed me for 5 minutes and told me to hold it on the side of my mouth between my gums and cheek. Then i had to put it in a little tube and they sent it to a lab… has anyone passed this test????

  338. I took a hit on Tuesday and have a saliva drug test this following Monday am I going to be clean..I’m trippen balls ?Help

  339. Smoked a water bong then took a random saliva test 2 hours later… had smoked once a day for 3 days prior to… PASSED!

    I think it’s because they’re so cheap… HELPS US!

  340. i smoked a joint 8 days ago prior to taking my saliva test today, all the research i have done seems to say i will be fine, was just curious if anyone else had a situation similar to mine and passed ?

  341. I just smoked at 10:30 Friday night, I have a swab drug test at 8:00 Saturday morning. Will I pass?

  342. Yep, 8 days ago! U should be free and clear . it doesn’t stay in saliva for more than a few hrs.

    And if its a cheek swab u should still be good

  343. If its a few days later and u stay clean you will pass. Saliva tests are only a real threat when they are with out notice.
    If u stay clean for 1 or 2 days u will pass, if its a cheek swab it might be a little risk. But not much. THC is fat soluble and there is no fat on the inside of the mouth.

    Brush and use lysterine a few times before.

    Get a detox mouth wash if u think they might surprise u later on

  344. Does anyone have specific information about “cheek swab” testing. I hear for a saliva test 48 hours is a great safe zone. But I’m more concerned about an up coming cheek swab and would like to know a more relevant time frame for this specific testing type.


  345. @maryjonesinton:disqus

    Would a week-9 days clean be plenty of time to pass a Mouth/Cheek Swab test that gets sent to a lab? Especially using Listerine and Altoids on top of the week+ clean?

  346. Yes u can..I’m a heavy smoker and I stopped smoking for three days and passed my urine test. .The key is to drink water!

  347. Yes, you will be fine you will pass the test with no problem it only takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours before the thc is no longer detectable, but this will only work with a mouth swab test so yeah a week plus is more than enough days good luck bro.

  348. So I have a mouth swab tomorrow @ 2pm, I smoked once today @ bout 4:30 my question is will I b able to pass my mouth swab,I drink water,brush teeth on the regular,I use the mouth wash and the peppermints in the tin can. I just found out about the mouth swab about a hour ago! Praying that I will pass it!!

  349. Ok, heres my deal. I have been a daily smoker of the good stuff for about 10 years, I don’t smoke cigarettes or do any other drugs at all. I knew I was going to have to take a drug test for my new job so I purchased a $30 bottle of Quick fix, warmed it up & tucked it in my panties. (classy I know) Then when I got there SURPRISE-it’s a cheek swab test. Had to hold the thing in my mouth for 5 minutes and then they put it in a tube & in a sealed bag to have it sent out for testing…. I have done NOTHING to prepare for this, I mean I brush 2X a day but no mints or Listerine or any of that. Today is Monday & I took the test at 12:30. I last toked up on some very sticky yum-yum at about 11pm Friday night. Will I be ok? Im sweating bullets right now because I really need this job. What say you fellow smokers?

  350. chettacheeze427 on

    Hi so I finally have a job orientation tomorrow afternoon &iI’ve been hoping to get it cause its right up my alley. I kno this is more about weed smokers (which I am one myself) but another thing that’s worrying me is last wk I’ve been taking percs. The last one I took was on Sunday night & the last time I smoked was around 10pm last night. Now suddenly I have this orientation tomorrow & ever since yesterday I’ve been drinking lots of water & cranberry juice to flush out my system. I checked out the chart above, but in my nature.. I’m worried the swab test will show what’s in my system. My friend recently got the job & she passed the test. So anyway I was wondering if I have anything to worry about or should I be fine aslong as iI keep using mouth wash, peroxide, keep drinking water & not smoke at all. Are there any other helpful tips that I could use?? Ty :)

  351. I snorted a heroine pill last night and have an interview Friday that does mouth swabs how do I pass this test?

  352. It would seriously be so helpful if some of the people who posted on here would update us all & let us know if you passed. I am still waiting…. still freaking out. From what I understand, it takes about 24 hours for the ones that get sent out to a lab, what I don’t know is WHEN they sent it or when the lab got it. (again-I took my test Monday, it’s now Thursday) I promise I will update all of you whenever I find out. Just in case you were all curious-this is a job with Marriott so if you’re looking for a job with them, be prepared!

  353. Clean 17 hours , brushed teeth nigh before and gargled w.
    peroxide , did same thing when I woke up the day of the test , drank lots of water , soda ,ate gum and rinse my mouth in the parking lot , Got one of those sponge test you keep in your mouth for 10 mins then put in the tester and turn it . Do you think I passed I’m stressing

  354. I was a chronic smoker meaning I smoked alot.for 10yrs never stopped. about a quarter of weed daily.. about 7 blunts maybe more daily.. I stopped smoking about 4weeks ago because I’m looking for work.. jus got a job offer thought it was goin to b a urine test so I bought a home pee test jus cuz I was curious n I came out dirty :-( but it was a salvia test .. . Day of the test I brushed my teeth like 6x did mouth wash also rinsed my mouth with peroxide.. omw to the appt.. I was rinsing my mouth with mouth wash n peroxide like 3 times each.. and one last time with mouth wash in the parking lot threw some mints n Listerine strips in my mouth.. I hope that worked.. even tho all over the internet says it online last in it saliva for a short time after smoking I’m still paranoid.. test was done yesterday (Thursday) hope it’s comes out ok!! Will let u guys know they said it takes about 24 to 48 hours for results… I’m stressing I need a blunt lol

  355. i just did a saliva drug test and i past it i smoked yesterday and its a wonder how i past it. i wasnt expecting the test, i was nervous and then i past that shit! i love saliva drug tests. a few weeks ago i did a urine drug test and i failed it.. but im just happy asf right now because i past the saliva one. and time to celebrate by smoking a fat ass blunt !

  356. Hey was this for the california conservation corps? if so plz plz plz tell me how they test and if they use a saliva test i have orientation coming up and need to prep. one love nameste. get back to me soon plz

  357. hey does anyone know if the California conservation corps uses saliva tests? I have orientation coming up and need to know. help!

  358. I took a drug test Wednesday….last time i smoke was 5 pm day before test…the test was at about 330,i brushed about three time used alot of mouth wash day of and lots of peroxide day before and day after….it was a quantisal swab test.still havent heard anything back and ive started working with them since before they even send test out….really nervous. I figured they didnt call me today before my shift tommorow so im fine….please help.do yall think i passed

  359. I didn’t get any results yet but today it’s been a whole week & they told me “No news is good news” so I am assuming that I passed. I really hope I did since I already turned in my notice at my old job and orientation at this one is Saturday.

  360. Four weeks clean for a saliva test? You should be golden my friend. I went crazy with research after I had my test & the absolute longest I could find on any of the lab sites that I visited was one week. From what I have read, most of them test from “just toked” to 72 hours….. hope this helps & I hope you passed. And just to vent a little…. I think it’s pretty sad that us high functioning pot heads have to stress like this but raging alcoholics have no problems.

  361. Okay I got called to come in last Thur for interview(for Kroger’s)….didn’t know I was getting a swab test any who I smoked that Tues around 7 r 8 pm didn’t smoke anymore until I did my interview I only hit it a couple times plus I haven’t really been smoking like I normally do its been maybe a week r more I mean I brush my teeth faithfully every morn also I was chewing gum on the side where I put my swab stick at I kept it against my cheek to be on the safe side my swab was still dry sumwat when she got it… I think it was 36 r 37 hours after I smoked do you guys think I passed my swab test I’m really bugging over here pleasssssse help answer etc thnx….

  362. I have to take a test, which I’m positive it will be a swab test because I’m going to the office to finish paperwork and get tested. I haven’t smoked in 17 days, but was smoking dabs. I have been exercising but I am overweight and know weed is stored in fat cells. I have been drinking nothing but water and use a doctor prescribed oral wash (Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% Oral Rinse, USP), the test is tomorrow morning before noon. I am a heavy smoker but I had a two week break from smoking before I started up, and a few weeks before I was smoking 1 bowl a day at night because I had to conserve before picking up. Then for two weeks smoked again, trying dabs for the first time and did quite a lot of them before this current 17 day break; which will be 18 days when I test. I read that I should brush 3 to 4 times a day concentrating on the gum line. A week ago I tried doing a toxin flush of my system with vinegar, I drank a small amount 3 times a day for three days but stopped because I think it got me sick. I started to vomit 6 or 8 times that last day, had a fever and sweated it out for a day and it took two days for me to recover and feel normal. So I was wondering what are my chances of passing this test, I was told that the company wants to start my training this Thursday, so I can only speculate that what ever the test is results of passing would be fast. Also is the test instant, or do I have to wait a few days to find out if I pass. If anyone can shed some light on this from personal experience, I would gratefully appreciate the advice. Thanks.

  363. So i still havent heard if i passes the text or not took it wednesday ans todays monday been working for them since thatWednesday and just got called in for more hours….so im thinking im good!keep u posted

  364. Look into using marijuana for making soothing/pain-relieving salves. My fiancee and I actually found a simple, easy way and tried it less than a week ago, he has really bad back pains and fibromyalgia. All we had to use was coconut oil, beeswax, and 2 grams of some crappy weed that we weren’t going to smoke anyways. When we tried it, it worked. It takes a couple of minutes for pain relief to kick in and it lasts 6-8 hours (he didn’t complain once the whole day, though! And this was using really crappy stuff!!). We didn’t have to use much and just applied it to the areas that needed pain relief. It won’t get you high, although it still puts THC in your system. I’m fairly certain that it wouldn’t make you fail a saliva test, though. So for people using strictly for medicinal use for pains, try it! I don’t remember the link/site but we found one that uses 2 grams and only takes 3 or 4 hours to make, the coconut oil gives it a fat to dissolve into and the beeswax is used as a thickener.

  365. Hey I smoked last friday have a swab on Thursday should ? I pass I’m freaking out normally I smoke 6 jays a day that day*Friday* I smoked 2 haven’t touch since its a sponge mouth swab what do you think

  366. Hey I smoked last friday have a swab on Thursday should ? I pass I’m freaking out normally I smoke 6 jays a day that day*Friday* I smoked 2 haven’t touch since its a sponge mouth swab what do you think

  367. Hey I smoked last friday have a swab on Thursday should ? I pass I’m freaking out normally I smoke 6 jays a day that day*Friday* I smoked 2 haven’t touch since its a sponge mouth swab what do you think

  368. JorgeLopeStems on

    Dude, on a swab test you are GOLDEN my friend. All you needed max, was like five days.

  369. I past mine! N smoked the day before.. I was nervous too… I brushed my teeth the night before n the morning after!!! Got swabbed the next day n past!!!! Good luck yall!!! Plus im a heavy smoker!! #loud

  370. This blog has been super helpful and it reminds me that while the job may make me FEEL like a felon for smoking a little flower, we’re all just one big happy stoner family. It’s nice to see people caring for other people. That’s important.

    I have a second interview and a swab tomorrow, 10.14.2014 @ 12:30 PM. Last time I smoked was 10.12.14 at about 7 PM (right after my first job).
    So far I’ve been chain smoking (cigs) like a sonuvab, drinking copious amounts of agua and also brushing my teeth every 2-3 hours. I also bought some pre-rinse mouth wash and have been cutting it with hydrogen peroxide.
    My mouth has NEVER been so clean!! The swab is tomorrow @ noon 30 and I have full intentions of dedicating my morning to brushing, swishing, flossing anything.
    This is one of those tests with instant results (so I’ve heard) so I’m hoping I pass and don’t look like a moron for even showing up. If I remember, I’ll let you guys know how it goes. <3
    Thank you kindly for this post,

    beenutty ♪

  371. I passed today @ 12:30 PM no worries. Although the whole time I WAS worrying.. I mush have swished my mouth with Peroxerine (My new mixture of Peroxide and Listerine) about 7 times this morning, chewed almost a whole pack of cinnamon Altoids (OUCH) and chewed some Big Red with my Dasani just beforehand.
    It worried me because she asked me to move it off my teeth and onto my tongue a little bit more. I did and was freaking a little but it all worked out. When she wasn’t looking, I kept swirling it in between my teeth too. Not sure if it helped but I certainly passed so GO ME!
    Tonight, we CELEBRATE!! >:)

  372. Honestly, I think you will be fine with being 6 days clean. From everything I have read (and I read A LOT) the longest a saliva test can reach back is about 5 days. Let us know how it goes.

  373. i am very worried because i have been smoking for the past moths know i have a situation when someone reported me i stopped smoking i have to present myself on 10-21-14 i really pray i come out clean more than likely im getting a swab i have quit smoking i am just so nervous i pray i come out clean i will take in mind all remedies that everyone has posted on here sorry for being to straight up its just hard when you dont have noone to depend on or can give you some advise.

  374. do you all think i will pass it if i stay clean from today till tuesday please someone !!!!!

  375. If it is in fact a mouth swab, you should be fine.(6 days totally clean is more than enough) Always good to drink a lot of water & brush & use mouth wash often. If it is a urine test, you will probably fail….If you continue to smoke after your test, don’t do it at work or before work or around any co-workers EVER. Unfortunately, you never know who you can trust.

  376. youwishyouknew on

    I used to be a big smoker, I quit for a few years and recently dabbled a few times…2x about 2 weeks ago and 2x more in the past 3 days, but each time I smoked no more than a joint (shared with someone else). On Monday, I may be tested for pre-employment….either urine or mouth, will I be ok? I’m an avid gym goer (4-5 times a week), still a bit on the heavy side, but lots of water, and relatively healthy, I’m currently taking niacin, cranberry supplements, and trying to flush myself, Will I be ok by then?

  377. I found out this afternoon as I walked in to take this test, that it is a mouth swab and not a U A. I was able to talk my way out of it and reschedule for Monday afternoon at 1:30. I am a heavy smoker and over weight, The last time I smoked was last night Thursday around 9: PM.. So how likely I’m I to pass. How do these detox mouth washes work? are they worth it. So far I’ve been brushing and swishing with Listerine, and have even been sucking on lollypops, candy canes and hard candies to create new saliva.. I’m really really worried… What do you think?? any advise on what else I can do?

  378. I am an everyday smoker of up to 2 or 3 blunts a day. I smoked weed before going to my orientation for a new job not knowing they would have us do a spit drug test. long story short I was scared as shit but I passed it anyway even though i had smoked about 3 hours before taking the test.

  379. I took a swab test yesterday and I got blood on the swab from brushing my teeth so much before, will that interfere with the test? I haven’t smoked in 3 weeks and continuously just drank water and cranberry juice the whole time, I’m panicking because I took the test Friday at 9am and she said they will pick up the test at 630pm and she would get the results Saturday by 830 via email it’s now Sunday 1130am and I text he and she hasn’t got the results yet, did I screw myself over by accidentally getting blood on my swab?

  380. I have a swab tomorrow at nine a.m. I smoked one time since last night at 9pm..I have been brushing and using Listerine and hydrogen peroxide… chewing gum and altoids,,, will I be OK….?

  381. Sorry I’m replying late. I’m not sure the specific amount of time needed but I know I gave myself about 60 hours of non smoking and swishing and brushing and passed.
    Hopefully this doesn’t come too late and you pass. ^.^

  382. disqus_0st44c9sfU on

    Have to take a mouth swab tmrw for a job. Nervous asf i smoked a day ago. So havent smoked all day. Im hoping some of you guys have some tricks or tips

  383. I am an every day smoker and today I was given an oral test today after killing an interview and being hired on the spot. I smoked a solid 8 hours before but I did floss and brush and hit the mouth wash before the interview. I am happy as I am very good at what I do and feel that smokers have been shit on my entire life. (im 40 but look 25 ladies)

  384. I read most of these comments and I had to say very impressive. I had a drug test today (saliva) so on the day before I got that call asking could I come in that day before 4pm or today at 12pm lol of course I said today at 12pm because I had just got finished smoking a blunt. I googled how to beat a saliva test for weed and I seen this ad first. I brought some altoids mints, peroxide and mouth wash. Did that a couple times went in and passed, and im 29 289pds.

  385. Yeah because blood can detect it quicker than saliva. You would have been fine with that. I smoked the day before and stopped an passed my test today. Altoids, Peroxide and mouth wash works

  386. I got my test swab todayfrom the caseworker it is my 6 th day clean I pray I pass it I will keep u updated my husband will be tested tomorrow its his 7 day clean will he be ok on a mouth swab

  387. My job will not allow me to smoke but I miss it soo much broke down on my days off. I have not smoked in months so knowing I had to go back to work in a couple days I just took a coule 3 to be exact and it’s almost been 5 days I should be good right ?

  388. HI guys .. was just wondering if the product “S.O.S. Oral Cleansing Concentrate” would help me pass my swab drug test for tomorrow..Thank Youuu

  389. Sooo I am a heavy smoke about a box of dutches a day.. I smoked lastnite n had a mouth swab test today….

  390. I am a chronic smoker and I just got a call asking to come in and interview Friday. I looked online and other people said that the employer does the swab testing. I am not sure if they may swab test me this Friday or maybe at a later date, after another interview. Should I stop smoking weed now to pass the swab test on Friday? I would like to get this job too. If I finish smoking this huge joint I rolled thats a collection of roaches and then don’t smoke until Friday do you think I would pass???

  391. So if a company says that do a 6 panel saliva swab is this more detailed or pretty much the same as what you are talking about here??

  392. i just had a case work have me put some swab in my mouth it was suppose to turn blue it didnt she took the swab i smoked a few hrs before she cam.. and no im not dumb she came completly unannounced help!!

  393. Yes, You will most certainly pass. Those type of test only go back 12-24 hours. Drinking water and any other bev right before the test could help if you’re really worried (I wouldn’t be but…) (thc is stored in fat cells therefore fat soluble). SWIM smoked the night before an 8am swab test and passed and they are a semi regular smoker. Hope this helps. Let us know what happens please. We could all use as many real life example as possible.

  394. If they already did a test on you and left with a positive test result, you’re boned. Maybe follow the terms of your case next time?

  395. They won’t drug test you on your first interview. The first interview is a screen. They may have you take a drug test within a week of the first interview or just after/during the second interview. It works like that almost everywhere.

  396. So I have a swab test tomorrow morning and I smoked this morning will I still pass if I dont smoke till then its 7 in the morning? ?? Please let me know

  397. I have the group interview in a few hours. It has been really difficult for me not to smoke. Last time I smoked was last night about 7pm. I have been wanting to smoke so bad, and I was given a huge amount of weed. I rolled like 15 joints that I am looking forward to smoking one of them when this is all through! I am hopeful that they do not do the swab today, but even if they do it will have been about 20 hours since I last smoked. I hope they like me and plan to do to the swab test later in the week. But I would’nt mind just doing the test today so I could be relieved and smoke again. Either way, I am an exotic dancer and need to find a normal job so I can quit dancing. I hope to avoid the weed as long as I can so I can get a real job soon.

  398. i am an occasional smoker and i have swab test next thursday and i havent been smokeing since wednesday night will i be ok?

  399. P.S If you ask for a glass of water and they do not watch you, you can get the strip wet with water instead of saliva. Someone told me that.

  400. i can only say that my wife smoked minutes before a swab test ( thought it was gonna be a urine test so had fake urine on her for the test) passed no problem. drank a cup of water before test and passed. the test can not reliably detect thc since it attaches to your fat cells and good luck on those in the mouth. so everyone calm down. if it is a sawb test thank god becauase ou wont be found out for once

  401. Thanks for help, went well. Got results back Friday and I passed, went over 48 hrs without smoking, and did all you sugested. Don’t use Listerine right before though, give yourself 20 minutes or u will test positive for alcohol.

  402. Yes they do test you on the first interview. I went to 3 different factories in NC, each one tested me in the spot

  403. I smoked about 5 days ago and just had to take a saliva test today to see if I have to get probation or not. Do you think I will pass?

  404. i took a swap test to day and when i got wet it was suppose to turn green from being wet well anyways i have dry mouth cause all my meds and stick didn’t turn any color so they was sending it to the lab..im a everyday smoker..how do you think it will come back??anyone help!!!!

  405. I just took a saliva drug test I smoked last night at 9 after that I brushed my teeth like really brushed my teeth twice then used mouth wash same routine in the morning then i had Starbucks at 11 i had my interview at 12 n took the drug test will I pass??

  406. Just passed a swab. Last minute. Random. Had about 36 hours. Washed mouth out 3-4 times before test. And held test in teth. Minimal Silvia touch. And passed. Had no idea of the test

  407. Dwayne Sanders on

    Ok I had a swab test today for food4less I smoked half a blunt Monday n a wax blunt Sunday ima heavy smoker I did the mouth wash mixed with peroxide hopefully I pass I’ll let u guys kno they 3-7 days

  408. hey if I got a saliva test at 10l30 am today but I smoked yesterday but I have mints andperoxide will I pass?

  409. Hi guys…I’ve been reading over the threads on how to get past a mouth swab. I took much of your advice and laid off the smoke for about 2 days, washed my mouth out constantly and pretty much did all that was advised–even down to keeping the swab away from the fatty part of my cheeks. I kept it on my tongue the whole time. I knew the lady was going to give me a mouth swab today, but I had no idea she would do it and then send it off to the lab. Now I’m freaking out because I thought the ninny employees might not be able to do the test properly, but now I know the lab is going to read the test. Do you think I’ll still pass it????

  410. Marijuana isn’t even a drug you moron. And you came to this forum to spread your idiocracy, so yeah, that makes you a TROLL. A troll isn’t someone who disagrees with you. A troll is someone who disagrees with you then spouts it out their pie hole just to piss people off. Go back to your hole in the ground, snort a few pills and liquor yourself up. We don’t want or need you here.

  411. Hello everyone I went in for a job application today and wasn’t expecting to get tested today but I did. I smoked a blunt yesterday and brushed rinsed my teeth with peroxide and mouthwash. I did the rinse again this morning when I brushed my teeth. When I found out about the test I went to the bathroom rinsed with peroxide and put a piece of candy in my mouth, Testing me today threw me off guard I was expecting to be tested tomorrow does anyone think I passed the strip was the color of my candy and I held it between my teeth. I will update with the news.

  412. Hello everyone… I rarely smoke, maybe once a year, but this past weekend, I had one smoke and I ate an edible – only 1 of those peach candy rings bought at a local dispensary (mind you I am not familiar with any of this) and it knocked me on my butt! I am going to have a swab test next week, do you think it will be a problem? I eat a very clean diet and I drink a LOT of water. Can anyone give advice?

  413. london with a swap to the mouth i think you would be fine. i took two drug test and smoked 3 days before each and i passed

  414. You not must drink a gallon of pickle juice!! and make sure to brush your teeth right before and right after. When brushing teeth, rinse with pickle juice. You should be good then

  415. I stopped smoking for about 32 hours then went into employer who gave me the swab test from Oral Eeze. Well the employer said they would contact me about coming back to do training this Weds or Thurs but I think I must not have passed the test because they still have not called me.

  416. Ok everyone, I did get hired at the place I interviewed at!!! I went about 32 hours without smoking at all, I rinsed my mouth with peroxide one time the night before, and otherwise just brushed and flossed like normal. When they gave me the test I held the saliva in my mouth for a long time like 20 mins, and got a lot of my spit all over it.

  417. You’ll be fine. Since you’re not a habitual user and only smoked once and ate a piece of an edible the thc will be out of your system by next week. Good luck.

  418. Hello all, need your advice. I know in the distant future I will need to take an oral test for a new job. I am early 40’s 6ft 200lb (probably 15lbs fat over ideal weight). I have been smoking for over 15 years non stop, average 7-10grams a week of high grade medical flower.
    I have seen some posts that long time users are prone to fail.
    How soon do you think I should stop smoking to ensure a negative test?
    Do you think a week is enough? Thanks for any input!

  419. Easy. Just hold off for a week prior to test and brush and swish vigorously between then. And on the day of do the same and rinse with peroxide.

  420. Need some help before I actually found out I have add I took some Adderall for a test I had at college about 2 and a half weeks ago I got hurt at work today and have a drug test tomorrow , should I be worried it’s just a mouth swab

  421. I just left what was suppose to be a interview which it wasn’t they offered everyone the job contingent on two things a passed cheek swab drug test and a credit check. I smoked a piece of a blunt last night and a piece of a joint this morning. I ate a bowl of cereal and of course brushed my teeth and got ready I have also been sucking on ricola because my throat is scratchy this is my first time ever taking a swab test I am praying I pass here I was thinking they were going to take a urine specimen which I was prepared for. I will let you all know my results.

  422. Thelonelystoner on

    Hey my fellow stoners.. I am a heavy smoker (dro) about 2-3grams a day. My P.O. Called me in for a surprise swab test.. Since the phone call I quit smoking. It’s going to be about 56-58hrs of clean time before I take mine. I have been oil pulling once a day 20mins at a time and also been brushing my teeth like a madman along with rinsing with peroxide twice a day and plan on doing it before I walk in. Do you think My detection time is safe.? Thanks

    P.S. Spread love not hate <3

  423. HappySmokerGirl on

    So, I went to an open interview today for a job and, they told me I’d be taking a swab test….Due to the large amount of people there, I was able to “talk my way” into coming back for the interview (besides the fact I was TOTALLY overdressed for the interview, based on what I’d seen) on another day. They said I’ve got up to 3 days to come back to continue the process, which prompted the QUICK google search on how to pass the saliva test. I am a heavy set female who smokes literally every day! I last smoked just prior to going to the interview so, it’s been about 3 hours since I had any weed. I’ve read thru the comments & am willing to brush, rinse w/ peroxide, etc….should I wait maybe 2 days before going back, as to not raise suspicions?? I think I’ll pass, just wanna make sure!! This is a HUGE job opportunity, contingent on the swab test!! I’m more than qualified for the job, just think it’s a bunch of crap that employers basically “discriminate” against something that’s now ‘officially’ legal in DC for God’s sake!!! I worked for the Government for 7+ years and NEVER had to drug test for them!! SMH!!!

  424. StonerChickBassist on

    I’m a heavy smoker, and I have a test in under 12 hours. Got a 24 hour detox today, and I’ve been washing and brushing the shit out of my mouth. I’m hoping it’s just a swab (they didn’t tell me if it was a piss or a swab) because I really don’t trust detoxes. I smoked today before they called me, gonna use peroxide and mouth wash before the test. We’ll see how it goes.

  425. I had an interview on Friday and was offered the job as long as I passed a swab test. I was given the text at about two and had last smoked at seven in the morning. I brushed my teeth and ate mints but wasn’t expecting to get drug tested so I didn’t really prepare. I’m expecting a call about the results today, I’ll let you know what happens!

  426. Mouth swabs are the easiest to pass just gargle with listerine right before you go and chew gum. I passed two the first one i didnt know i was suppose to take one but since i smoke cigarettes too i didnt want to smell of smoke so i brushed my teeth. It worked and i smoked a blunt right before i brushed.

  427. HappySmokerGirl on

    I went for my test today…….since I last posted, I’ve rinsed w/ peroxide 3 times, have been brushing like a madwoman and only drinking water….I last smoked early Tuesday morning…..my mouth feels ALOT cleaner!!! LOL!!! And, I think the peroxide helped whiten my teeth a bi!! Hahaha!!!!
    Anyhow, I got home about 3 hours ago & guess what the FIRST thing I did was?!?!?! I’m pretty confident I passed it, reading everything I have on here!!!
    Whoop Whoop!!! I should have the results later this week!!!
    Namiste’ Bitches!! Hahaha!!

  428. HappySmokerGirl on

    YEA!!! This helps me!! I quit smoking for 24 hours & rinsed w/ peroxide like 3 times, brushed like a madwoman & flossed!! Plus, I only drank water for those 24 hours as well!! Haha!!! I should get my results Friday!!

  429. Ok Im posting my update for Kroger company I had the swab test 2 weeks ago I called in today for paperwork start next week I’m a heavy smoker and I past using the brush mouthwash peroxide method I brush so hard my swab had blood on so don’t waste money on da mouthwash detox oh nd I stopped Buring for like a day n a half

  430. Hello, I’m a long time user but don’t smoke a lot, a gram of chronic lasts about a week for me. ( I like to keep my tolerance low so it don’t take much for me). And I have a oral swab test possibly in about 36 hours since I last smoked, do you think I will pass?? I really want this job

  431. I don’t smoke on a daily basis, but I smoked about two weeks ago. I had a interview today & they did the cotton swab .. You think I’m good?

  432. HappySmokerGirl on

    So……..you’ll see my prior posts and see how I took a swab test on Wednesday after being smoke free for 24 hours and brushing with peroxide and toothpaste, only drinking water……THIS way, it’s NUTTIN’ but CLEAN when you swab!! TRUST ME!!! It’s definitely WORTH going smoke free and passing the test, rather than being “put down” for not passing a drug test!! It paid off because I PASSED MY TEST!!!
    Until ‘Merica WAKES UP & sees that pot isn’t a “bad” thing then, I guess we’ll do what we have to do!!
    But, I agree with the writer of this article…….the swab test is ABSOLUTELY the EASIEST test for a pot smoker to pass!!!

  433. HappySmokerGirl on

    You’ve got plenty of time to pass!! Brush, floss, drink water, swish w/ some peroxide & stick to water….as long as it’s out of your mouth, it’ll come out clean!! And, like the writer states, it only takes about 12-24 hours to be out of your saliva. Cleaning your mouth just helps the cause!! Good Luck!!!

  434. I smoked last saturday,a week ago today,only hit it once though….havent smoked since. I just took a saliva test today where you hold it in your mouth for a few minutes, till the little spot turns blue….will i pass?

  435. I have a swab test tomorrow I have to go in between 1 to 4. It is for a vasap class that I am taking so my possession charge I got will be dropped. So it’s more serious than trying to get a job.. Lol and I am worried I will fail it. I haven’t smoked in two days so tomorrow will make it three and I’ve been brushing my teeth like crazy and using peroxide so I hope I pass. I had to do a mouth swab previously a few months ago and I failed it luckily they let me slide by but I didn’t smoke for 5 days up until the test so that proves your pot staying in your system for 12-24 hour theory wrong… So that right there makes me question the validity of this site. Nothing against yall just skeptical, I cannot afford to fail this test so do yall think I will pass? And I’ve read in other places that weed can last up to four to ten days in your system for a mouth swab so you may wanna check your info before other people get fucked like I might just saying.

  436. Okay so just a quick update I took my swab test today for vasap at around 3:30 I brushed my teeth twice before and used peroxide about 10 times before I went in. And I also used mouth wash right when I got there. I heard from numerous people peroxide and mouth wash worked so this site just confirmed that theory. However WEED DOES NOT STAY IN YOUR SYSTEM FOR JUST 24 HOURS FOR A SWAB TEST just saying, so future tokers don’t make the mistake of not using peroxide just because they haven’t smoked within 24 hours. My first swab test I had to take for vasap I failed, and I quit smoking 5 days prior so that blows the 24 hours out the water. However I didn’t use peroxide or mouth wash at the time, which also shows that the peroxide worked. I’m not trying to bash the author of this post, just giving a more updated and personal experience for fellow stoners :) this post was created years ago, so that being sad the author could of been correct at the time, and the mouth swabs being created could just have gotten better than previous ones. Have an awesome life stoner peeps

  437. Well I’d say quit until your testing is over duh!…. They are trying to help, they never said anything was proven fact… But I dunno it seems like a lesson should’ve been learned at the charge not the first failed test… Dude lay off for a month take your test enjoy your freedom thereafter… Vs fail and jail… Don’t be stupid and jeopardize your freedom for a theory….

  438. IT WORKS!!! Okay I read this yesterday, smoked my last at about 10 pm watching Sons of Anarchy, passed on my morning blunt. Brushed my teeth normally, than rinsed with mouthwash three times at about 8:45 am. Had small water bottle filled half way with mouthwash used it will driving twice, I had it in my purse(colored water works with all the squirt in flavoring they make now), so rinsed once more in the lobby while i waited, gross..but spit it back in water bottle (looking as if I was drinking) and passed my test at 11:30 am for a new job! Thank you so much!

  439. I smoked a joint and came into work for my first day, drank a coffee on the way. Was givin a mouth swab drug test almost immediately. At that point thought I was fucked n almost left. Ended up passing on the spot. I think it was the black coffee

  440. Hello everyone, I am a 28 year old, around 145lb. daily marijuana smoker, probably about 4 bowl packs per day. I smoke cigarettes in addition. I had a mouth swab test today for ValuePlace hotels. They used the Quantisal test and are sending the results to Labcorp. Today is 11/26 (Wednesday) I took the test at around 11AM. The last time I smoked prior to the test was 11/24 (Monday) at 9PM when they read the Ferguson verdict (I felt the need to because it was crazy). Anyway that adds up to about 38 hrs of me abstaining from reefer. the 24th, 25th, and morning of 26th I brushed my teeth many times under tongue, cheeks, gum line, etc. and used Listerine and a peroxide based mouth wash. I also used mouth wash in the parking lot before my swab test (I knew it was coming today) and Listerine strips inside the building(also smoked cigarettes including on the way to the place). The test they used came in a vial with a red top on it and liquid inside, she asked me to hold it under my tongue until the indicator turned blue. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I probably won’t get the results (they have to mail them in) until Friday or Monday. Please keep your fingers crossed and let me know if you think I will pass…(I will reply to this thread and give an update when I get the results, a lot of people have not been doing that)

  441. So I just applied to Kroger anticipating a typical swab test. I haven’t smoked in six days so I wasn’t sweating this test. However the test they administered was a bite down test…any ideas on if this is more thorough? I kept the swab in my mouth for five minutes as instructed. Any word is a good word as I have asked every one I know and nobody can tell me anything.

  442. everything I have read so far says one to three days maximum on a saliva test so you should be in the good. Do let us know what the result is once you hear it. Good luck buddy.

  443. Hey I just want to add to this discussion…I was arrested on drug charges and convicted of 4 drug felonies and am currently serving my probation now. I was forced to join a drug & alcohol program which I’m still involved in. I get tested every week, by a saliva test. I’ve been doing research since may of this year. I have read a ton of info and comments and I’ve recognized JAY SMOKERS comments and knowledge to be like 100% true….he has extensive info. I just wanted to add that eating a handful of ALTOIDS MINTS have worked for me when getting saliva tested.

  444. I have a drug test tmwrro @ 2:30 nd I smoked today…. What’s the best way to help me so I can pass?

  445. Came across this by accident, and you lot are a bunch of losers. Deceit, lies, fake, empty, boring,unfulfilled lives. What kind of a life do you have whilst debating the most successful way to be deceitful, unfortunately I am on the receiving end of a selfish twat like you. I know this is pointless, cos you are going to be completely LAZY and go and Chase your next hit. Yuk, enjoy your crappy cop out. COWARDS.

  446. I’m registered with a temp service and they call everyday twice a day just about to offer me an employment opportunity available for that day. I’m missing out on money because I’m a smoker and I’m told the time it takes varies if I go in and don’t pass I’m terminated …. I smoked last night. They called this morning. What should I do so I can go in tomorrow!!!????

  447. I need a job,what is the temp name?its best to cut 5 -10 lemons,lime,oranges,apples,all n one jug with water no sugar added.drink n fill,drink n fill,no beer and ciggs bcuz it sticks the toxin to your liver that cleanses you.also buy 100% natural ,not concentrate -grapefruit,cranberry,lemon juice,lime juice,and drink n fill repeat this step n u will piss out all your drugs,n also go buy a urine test,its about 10-17 bucks,pass this on,it absolutely works n detoxs quick.

  448. Ok here’s the deal I used to be a big stoner and smoked everyday for about 8 years and stopped for about 6 months and recently ran into an old friend who owed me some bud which she happily offered me that day. So It lasted about a good week and a half I last smoked a joint on 12/3/14, Wednesday night/Thursday morning and haven’t smoked since then and I have a swab drug test on 12/9/14, Tuesday at 11am. Am I gonna be ok to pass? I brush my teeth 3 times daily mouthwash and floss 4 times a week is there any other things I should be doing for a better chance of passing please let me know I’m like worried

  449. Id sure make a coward out of you , you ignorant piece of shit.your name must be jam bc of that stick jammed up your ass.pansy…

  450. Girl you are good! I last smoked Saturday night at 12/06/2014 round 8. I took a swap test today and passed. I didn’t even know either. I just happen to have minty gum in my mouth. I kept the gum under my tongue and did stuck the swab in the same spot..my test came back negative. I had just smoked 2 days before. I just brushed my teeth and chewed gum. So it’s true about the 12-24 hours detectable. You’re in good shape.

  451. spiritualstoner on

    If its a swab test stop smoking two days before. If its a urine test take a non smoker’s pee in a pill bottle and hide it in your crouch.

  452. Does that work cause that’s basically what I Did today after being hit with a random mouth swab???

  453. Just wanted to say thanks guys for all the help. I haven’t smoked in about 30 hours so I’m on my way to Amazon now!

  454. I’m actually going into Amazon tomorrow haha I was just reading up on this too. Just smoked yesterday as well. I should be ready to go :)

  455. I have to swab test Saturday last time I smoked was earlier this morning I’m freaking out , I’m so happy I came across this site , you guys give me hope bahaha , detoxing really sucks but it’s worth it , I plan in brushing my teeth like crazy and rinsing with mouth wash and peroxide ,I also plan on doing an oil pull the next couple of days up until my test

  456. So my mother just told me that I am getting drug tested this Sunday by a cotton swab for CPS services due to a new little girl that moved into our house, last time I smoked was Tuesday night and I’m getting tested Sunday, I will brush very well and do my best to not smoke but will I pass for sure because I don’t want to get this girl taken away and put into a different home. Please any feedback will help.

  457. Wow, what a judgment to pass on to a bunch of people who you don’t know! Sounds like you are projecting some of your own issues. Why so angry? Did a stoner run over your dog? Did your dad leave to “pick up some pot” and never came back? Someone lashing out so hatefully behind the protection of your screen seems pretty cowardly to me. Weed smokers aren’t the problem. Trying to pass a drug test, just because you smoke weed, to try and make a living hardly seems lazy. Not the problem. Your blind rage and intolerance is a bigger issue than anything you could even wrap your ignorant mind around.

    Good Day

  458. Ok so I smoked Tuesday well I really didn’t it was like 2nd home smoke I was just there, like around 11 o’clock and today I get home and my parents are sitting down talking to some lady, I guess she was with the insurance people talking business and she had me take a swob test. I don’t know if the test would come back positive or negative

  459. Please can someone leave feedback I’m scared because today I’ve been around a lot of smoke today, and it’s such a serious situation I cannot fail.

  460. I don’t get it I hadn’t smoked in over weeks & I failed went to haul fir 33days While I ess in there another woman comes in she hadn’t smoked in 6days 30days g or her, they were able tell exactly how long it had been since we had smoked , with a mouth swab test so how did we fail & how we’re they able to detect when we smokef? J

  461. I just got a random call from a potential employer to come there tomorrow for “ten minutes.” I then looked them up online and found they give onsite swab drug test, which I’m sure is what they want me to come for. What surprises me is that I just spoke with them at 8am and was told my background hadn’t come back and they would call me when it did. Then they called my phone private at 7:30pm saying to come to their office at 9:30am. I have no way to prepare to pass this test as I was smoking when she called. My plan is it brush thoroughly, use mouthwash, and drink apple cider vinegar. I’m also going to eat breakfast and have coffee, because I find it interesting they want me to come in first thing in the morning. I will consume the vinegar and water mixture before entering the building. I will also coat my mouth with aloe vera gel before taking the test. I will comeback with my results tomorrow.

  462. I PASSED

    I actually just stop smoking for 24 hours , I did a oil pull the night before and brushed my teeth really good like I scrubbed my gums , under my tongue ,cheek , rinsed my mouth with peroxide & mouth wash about 3 times , then in the morning I did the oil pull and brushed my teeth and rinsed , I drunk a half cup of black coffee because coffee masks THC ,and I rinsed my mouth with peroxide all the way there and I ate a handful of mints

  463. I also I drank some water before i took the swab I held a little under my tongue to get it wet , and held it between my teeth

  464. It is now 1pm, and I have a swab test tomorrow morning at 9the a.m. I am going to brush like crazy,mouthwash, and peroxide all night and tomorrow morning considering im smoking as i type lol. I have aprox. 20hrs before the test so ill will let everyone
    know tomorrow how i do. Btw I only smoke medical so i wonder if i even have a chance lol. And take it I smoke an eighth or more a day lol.

  465. i don’t drink or smoke anymore. However, i would rather work with ppl not obsessed with my crotch.Actually i would rather live on a whoole block of potheads than one fascist totalitarian,anti american nazi controller.

  466. .:HopeThisHelps:. on

    So Friday 12/19/14 I got a call from my old employer asking me to come back for work. They asked if I could come in for a “interview” and to finish my application (aka DRUG TEST) so I told the lady I would not be able to come in untill the next day… considering it was 10 am and I had just taken my morning snap about an hour or so before then, I knew if I went in I would fail. I also knew I would fail because it is a swab and I am a daily smoker since for about 4 years. So the lady kindly made me an appointment for the next afternoon 12/20/14 at 1:30 pm. Like any smoker I was just worried about the swab. I just want to PASS! so I stopped smoking for the rest of the day on 12/19/14 (keep in min tho I took a little hit in the morning at 9:30 ish am.) so of course I’m still trippin that I won’t pass. All day the only thing i drank was water. I went to the movies with my bf to distract me for the day. I brushed my teeth a few times pretty hard actually untill my gums were practically bleeding and felt raw and rinsed with Listerine a few times..&& that’s pretty much it for that day I hope&pray that at the 24 hr gap and all the water I drank would do it. Oh Later in the day around 8:30 or so I drank a few beers about2. I figured it would go right through me anyways. Next day 12/20/14 didn’t smoke. brushed my teeth again until practically raw, brushed my tounge& under, also the sides of my mouth 3-4 times in the morning. rinsed with peroxide only twice between every 2 brushing. & A BUNCH OF LISTERINE!! kept drinking water and went to eat some bomb spicy Mexican food. The salsa burned my mouth but it wasn’t horrible just felt like it would help. And went to the “interview”. On my way there I rinsed with Listerine. I went in and filled the application and sat to wait for an “interview” but so I went out to my car to do one last rinse on Listerine and also took a drink if water after. Taking the test I put it on the side of my mouth against the wall and tried to get as little saliva as possible on it but enough for the test indicator to turn blue. I will get my results possibly in 3 days the lady said Monday or Tuesday. I will definitely post my results when I get them. I want to help others with this as well. I just want a good job! I am not a bad person just like my trees too. I feel some good people deserve a job as well who are stuck in a dilemma such as mine (: and hope this helps

  467. I’m a very light smoker and have only been smoking for about a month now. I smoke only on my days off (two consecutive days a week) and I only smoke around a bowl every 10 hours or so to help with my depression, so two bowls a day….

    At my place of work cannabis is banned even for medical purposes and there are random drug tests (oral swab test) every so often for a handful of employees each time, and seeing how there are hundreds of employees the odds of me getting picked are slim each day, With that being said I am also an avid user of chewing tobacco products(about 8 years now)… I have heard some rumors that “chew” can help toughen the gums and make it harder to produce a positive THC result.

    Can anyone help share some insight on this?

  468. Take a table spoon of vegetable oil or coconut oil , swish it in your mouth for 20mins and spit it out , it’s an old remedy for oral health it makes your gum pinker & your teeth whiter and it draws out all the toxins and bacteria , after you oil pull brush your teeth and rinse with mouth wash

  469. I smoked Friday of the 27th 3 days later on the 30th (yesterday) I got drug tested. The drug test was a oral fluid screening. I got worried because screening means it can pull up all types of information.. But really it was just a simple swab test. When I went in I realize I haven’t smoked in 3 days (I smoked 2 blunts by the way, of some real loud shit.) so I thought ill be alright. I used peroxide once , brushed my teeth good, & used mouth wash. The crest mouth wash. At 9:35 I left my house, went to go eat Carls jr. (Biscuit) and I was headed on my way. On the way there I drank dr.pepper , no gum, nothing. I got there at 10:30 . Around 11:16 they took me in the room to take the test. It was this stick with a cotton ball at the end, your suppose to suck on it for 5 minutes. I tried my best to not suck it , so I bit the stick with my teeth to keep it off my tounge but at the end I came to a conclusion that the lady said it had to be moist so I just sucked on it , and prayed to God it’ll be ok. I took the stick out , & the lady put it on a adapter , 3 minutes later it came negative so I PASSED !!! :D I was happy so I went into this room that they took me in an this guy told me he smoked the night before ! So don’t be worried SWAB test is the EASIEST test to pass! I do recommended peroxide tho .. It cleans the shit out your mouth!

  470. Yep, Like many here I am also going in for a test tomorrow at Novant, Don’t know if it is swab, probably not since I now live in the GD bible belt and have been temping for six months…FINALLY got an opportunity for an actual JOB with an actual EMPLOYER that called me minutes after I submitted my resume and said she loved my cover letter in which I was completely honest saying EXACTLY what I needed to make money wise and WHY I am worth it….I have NEVER had so many piss tests in my life as I have in the past six months..EVERYONE is concerned on what is in my GD kidneys!

    Gonna sub it cause it has been maybe a week since my last toke and it is ONLY blazing shit around here, A bit concerned because one of the times I went for a potential temp agency I waited in the recep area for almost 2 hours and I am certain the temperature of the sub was low, Hoping since it is the 1st of the year most people will be sleeping off a hangover and not going for a DT so hopefully not much of a wait.

    Just going to do what worked for me once before, Sub it just before I leave, put it in a plastic bottle with a cap that I already insulated with paper towels and duct tape and put that whole package up under my package and pray it keeps temp..

    Will post with results, Sorry for rambling but just like many here I am nervous, need the darn job and pissed that what I do in my off time seems to be anyone else’s concern..I don’t even GD drink booze, but smoke a little weed once in a while and I’m a criminal..

    Anyway, Good luck to all here, None of you are bad people, you WANT to work, you just like to fkin relax in your off time.

    Legalize it.

  471. I had applied for a full time well paid job. i was txt the details and it said that I would have to do a drug and alcohol test at the interview. I came on this site to find out my options. I originally had 5 days and managed to put that to 10 days before test. Unfortunately in the uk Palo Azul tea is banned so I drank water all day, had a glass of Aloe Vera each morning, I was advised by people in the know to make sage/dandelion tea a few times a day as tea, also drunk senna pods tea on the day before. The test came after the interview and it turned out to be a salvia swab. I must admit I was a worried cause expecting urine test. So I sucked the swab and waited. The office I was in had a glass wall so I could see some of the staff looking at me, expecting the Dreadlock to fail. The result was negative. It seems to me that swab test are the one we gonna have to plan to get round, Peace all

  472. Its been 127 days since I last smoked I have failed many urine test with the longest of 114 days of not smoking. I hope I pass this one so I can start smoking again but everything I read said the swab is the easiest to pass wish me luck

  473. You all have nothing to worry aboot. Ive smoked up to the day before the test and several friends for this company We work for. All u gotta do is mouthwash with alcohol and brush and peroxide the hell out of ur mouth and the day of the test. YOU WILL PASS guaranteed. And gives the people with the funky mouth a reason to brush.

  474. I smoked on Thursday and have to take a saliva test on Friday that they will be sending to lab quest I haven’t smoked since it will be eight days am I safe??????

  475. I smoked last Thursday and have a test this Friday its a saliva test that will be sent to a lab do you think ill be ok it will be eight days since I smoked I’m brushing Listerine peroxide and doing oil pulls what do you think pass. Its for Amazon

  476. my p o also tested me today i last smoked 12/27 i wondering if i will pass any thoughts?

  477. stressedoutoker on

    Smoked 14 hours before my interview which included post employment drug testing. had black coffee and brushed, was unaware of the upcoming test. anyways smoked 14 hours before the swab tried to keep it away from cheek and held on my teeth. removed whenever I could. did NOTpass
    now I have another interview with different business tomorrowIknow they are going to drug test because the first one they had’nt. had to re-schedule because I use marijuana to sleep and its still in my system. that should give me 35 hours to clean up. ill let you know how this one goes.
    in hindsight I should have stopped completely and just dealt with the sleepless nights, not worth stressing over or loosing another opportunity. post employment drug screens are very popular I even got tested at a hiring agency before they could even help me.
    best advice is to stop until you have the job and you know you wont be tested, better yet just stop completely I love my flowers but I don’t like being homeless either.
    regular user of (the good stuff, hash, wax) no shwag
    ill be exercising,brushing, and flushing with water / tea. ill let you know the time frame in which I smoked and the time of testing.
    Good luck

  478. stressedoutoker on

    yes edibles are detectable. it isn’t just the residue In your mouth from smoking or eating it is present in the saliva/bloodstream.
    was told by issuer that it can only be detected through smoking or edibles.tried the its second hand excuse and they knew better

  479. Sarah Ahzeezahn on

    I think as long as you drink plenty of water, brush, floss, use mouthwash that contains alcohol, and maybe consume an energy drink, you should be fine. Once I had an interview at 10am and while I was getting pretty for my interview, I of course had my morning bowl. Luckily, because I have an obsession with my teeth looking nice, I brushed, flossed, and used mouthwash just so I wouldn’t smell. When I went in for my interview, the employers loved me and then told me I would be taking a swab test. I was freaking out in my head as they gave me the test and swabbed around my teeth since I brushed the hell out of them haha! Got the job the next day. But still, try not to risk it. Go a day without smoking, brush, floss, mouthwash, and you’re good to go (:

  480. i had started working at the hilton hotel in my city like 3 years ago… i am a heavy smoker too…. i had to take the pee test at a another building where they do it at…. i had smoked probably like 3 days before…. my peoples put me on to this one herb u can get at your local grocery store called thyme… u boil up some water den add it in and stirr it till it becomes liquid den u drink it and drink mass water wit it… mind u they say weed last in your system for at least 30 days and i smoke a whole lot…. drunk dat stuff, drunk mass water and i passes it…. had butterflys the whole time doin the test…. SO the next job im trying to get is at this nusery home and they do swab test…. SO does that mean i dont have to stop smoking weed right away, i can stop smokin like 3 days before the test and still pass?

  481. ok I like to burn 8 to 10 times a day..love my smoke..lol, but loss my job after 16 years. not for smoking. but have to take a text to start new job Monday. thinking it is a swab text. can I stop after today and do the brushing thing and still be good??that would give me sat/ sun/ then have to be there at 10am on Monday,

  482. Palo Azul works for me and a few of my co workers! we just started using it last month . every search engine has people saying it works. Palo Azul contains negatively charged alkaloids (just like how an air ionizer uses a negative charge to zap the toxins out of the air) A negative charge PULLS… The negatively charged alkaloids draw out the positively charged THC byproducts (that they test for) and the alkaloids bond on to the thc byproduct making it a DIFFERENT compound…giving it a different genetic signature making it something different , making it undetectable by a drug test … It doesn’t mask THC , It straight up changes its makeup! AWESOME! Just don’t get the Palo Azul off of amazon or ebay because its not the correct strain. Palo Azul Tea dot com is the only website that specializes in Palo Azul and they have like 3,000 members, I would get it through them. its only like 7 bucks a pack!

  483. Is it so hard to type English? Or are you trying to sound stupid? In the real world full of grown up adults english is used by the people who make the real money, people who can only manage sentences and words like that sweep the floor. Wake up or shut up

  484. Sure did, and was a little nervous cause the swaba dried out my gums and caused em to bleed a little, which got blood in the swob. I thought for sure I failed, but sure enough I passed! 18-20 hours prior to the test I smoked about an eighth.

  485. Good for you! I’m going for an ‘interview’ tomorrow and from what I’m told, may be given the cheek swab test. I hope like heck, I pass it. Just can’t stand the thought of smokes keeping me away from additional income.

  486. I have a swab test tomorrow!!!I came here bcuz I’m sooooooooo scared!!! I have read most of the comments and now I’m feeling a bit of confidence… So brush and wrinse like crazy and use peroxide too…thx everyone

  487. I have never had a drug test for any jobs except the one I just got. I had to take a drug test and I still smoked the night before. They did the “Swab” and I PASSED!!!!. Have no idea how it happened and really don’t care. Just happy for a job.

  488. Nate, clearly you haven’t read the bio of the people on the Forbes list. I do believe, you are the one who is ignorant. Have a wonderful, non-demeaning evening.

  489. I smoked a bowl at 9am, brushed my teeth and had a mouthswab at 1pm the same day and failed for weed.

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  499. Really? You’re the one making threats and throwing a bunch of angry 12 year old slurs around. Seems to me like you realize my points are valid, and are trying to shrink away in shame.

  500. GetThroughGradeschool on

    And besides, do you really think I can remove your posts as a guest? Do you just not think before you speak, or do you simply not think at all?

  501. This is how I passed my saliva test oil pull 5 times 5 minutes each swished with Listerine and peroxide do not use Listerine right before
    test lab will pick it up I used peroxide twice on the way to test went 8 days without smoking and I passed I am a chronic smoker. Just thought id share

  502. KeepShamingYourselfPublicly on

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  503. I passed mine, I smoke a lot and I mean a lot. Here’s what I did.
    I smoked 14 hrs before my cheek swab test, that was the last I smoked till I took my test. I brushed once before bed and rinsed my mouth with listerine ULTRACLEAN twice. In the morning I brushed my teeth then rinsed with listerine twice, trust me you can feel it doing the job, after that I brushed once more. On my way there I drank soda and chewed on mints to get everything out and I passed my test. Hope this helps

  504. I haven’t smoked since Sunday and I have to do a mouth swab Thursday at 3:30 should I be good?

  505. Angry weed head on

    Oh my god, go kiss and make up and stop clogging up useful space with your assholeness. Some people want the answer to the question at the top of the thread. Thanks

  506. Hey guys! So Id been visiting sites like these for a while trying to pass a swab drug test I had this Friday at 930. It had been exactly 42 hours (wed was when I last smoked) before I had to take a “stat swab” (I think the specific test was called). What I did to pass was brush my teeth 3 times on wed throughout the day using mouthwashes, floss, peroxide and smoked about 2 cigarettes after. Did the same thing 4 times on Thursday, and the same thing (minus flossing) 2 times before I got there and smoke 2 ciggaretts (one on the road, and one when I got there). I had some altoid mints that I had also been using on the day of the test after each ciggarett. After I got into the site I chewed up one more altoid before I took the test. The lady left me alone for a second so I put another altoid in my mouth while I had the swab test in my mouth. I was nervous but I passed. Doing this should work, these weren’t old swab test, they were the newer brand and I am a very heavy smoker. Just thought I’d share my advice so I can help my fellow smoker :)

  507. Manuel Martinez on

    You sound like an angry racist bigot that managed to find an encyclopedia midst the nascar on tv and cooler’s light cans that cover the entire surface area of his floor . You can’t get by in life by ridiculing other people for not having the same world view as you.

  508. ok I got tired of all this confusion about Palo Azul Tea so I went to my FREAKIN DOCTOR and asked him (while getting my Xanax filled ) How is it that Tea made from the Bark of the Palo Azul plant could make people not show up positive for T.H.C? He said he had never heard of Palo Azul and then he researched on his laptop for a second and this is what he said..” Palo Azul contains negative charged alkaloids that draw out toxins with a positive charge such as THC , ( a negative charge pulls) .Similar to how an air ionizer uses a negative charge to pull the toxins out of the air.. Once the negative alkaloids enter the urinary tract system it bonds on to the toxins and changes their genetic signature ..making the toxins a different compound altogether now ,making them undetectable! , google it.. the fact that some cheap little natural plant from the rain forest can do all that blows my mind! I will post this again up top just so this “drug man” AKA (Magnum Detox Rep) doesn’t try to erase this post and trick you guys into spending a ton of cash on some chemical crap!

  509. I have a oral mouth Swab drug test in 2 days and I havent smoken weed in about 6-7 days. From what I have read it seems like I’m in the clear; anything I can do to make sure 100% that I’m clean? Thanks!

  510. i got another job offer at this nursery home up the street and they said they drug test and do background checks… im most worried bout this drug test tho… i havent smoked since tuesday and now its thursday… i hope i get it… will post if i do

  511. So…. I heard to carry Listerine strip with you. My best friend passed 3 tests in total and got to pick where he wanted to work! 1 strip on the tongue, 1 on the roof of your mouth and he passed them all and smoked the night before. I’m super scared. I don’t know if I’m going to have a pee test or mouth strip test. I’ll get ready for both. This is to continue on my pain contract. It’s tricky tho… I HAVE to have oxycodone in it but NO weed. I hate pills. My doctor won’t let me smoke even tho its legal here. I’ll follow some of your posts, the ones who actually followed up to tell us if it worked or not. The tests are not always immediate. Some get sent in to a lab. Anyways… peroxide sounds like my best bet. But…. if I stop 4 days before (heavy ass smoker) should I even need to do this?

  512. I took 4 -5 hits off a blunt at 8-830 and took a saliva test at 1130 i passed lmao i was soooo shockd

  513. My step dad smokes with me everyday and hebhad an oral mouth swab test yesterday and passes ! Me and my boyfriend have one at the same place today and im smoking now !! I will post if we pass and tell u how

  514. I used one suboxen 36 hours before a oral swab, will I pass and is oral more accurate then urine? thanks

  515. anonymousblackguy on

    That is literally the most unintelligent reasoning I’ve ever heard of. Of course you guys failed.

  516. I and my step dad actually did pass. I dont kno wat method he used but i sucked on alot of mints and made sure my mouth was dry i swabbed it around my mouth but i gave the minimum amount of spit ! I start Monday

  517. I have either a mouth swab or pee test at lowes on Tuesday, I think mouth swab..I haven’t smoked since Thursday, will I pass?

  518. I haven’t smoked since Sunday and I have a drug test Friday I get to choose mouth swab or pee test which one would I most likely pass?

  519. omg i agree … im on here for answers and im seeing alot of bullshit….. im used to textin and i abreviate sometime its not like u didnt know what they were saying …..lol geez

  520. Hey guys I thought I’d share my story. Today I had an orientation and drug test at M an po w e r for temp jobs of all kinds. They told me over the phone there would be a drug test but they didn’t say what kind. This freaked me out and prompted me to go full offense and strap myself with urine as well. I called up my sober buddy, and planned it so well that he gave me his urine about an hour before the orientation started. I put it in a vile I had used before and stuck it between my legs.

    The last time I smoked was yesterday at 10:00am of some dank nug with melted shatter on top. I am a heavy wax smoker and rarely smoke nugs anymore. I’d say I take 4-6 dabs a day. So to prepare I simply bought some Listerine with alcohol in it (that stuff’s harsh) and I brush and floss anyways so I just did the usual. I am sure I was freaking out but I brought a gallon of water with me and stole some sprite from Carl’s Jr. since someone mentioned soda or just keeping your mouth sweet.

    The test was this big swab and you have to hold it on each side side of your cheek for 2 minutes each. There were 8 or 9 people in the room doing the same test. They told us to put it down on our name and wait outside and they would call us one by one to tell us our results. So at this point a few people admitted to eachother just smoking a joint yesterday haha.

    They came out and said you can all leave you PASSED. I got out of there and was glad to get that urine out of my legs. Good luck!

  521. I have a test at 11am tommorow, smoked this morning around 10am. My mouth wash has hydrogen peroxide in it plus I have a bottle of regular hydrogen peroxide. I’ve been brushing and washing. Think I’ll make it?

  522. Yea as long as your mouth feels very clean. I’d use mouthwash with alcohol. I stopped the same amount of time as you and I am a big guy too.

  523. Here is the difference between Johnny and Jay
    dig both but Jay come on
    remove “toxins”
    Cannabis is non Toxic
    jus sayin

  524. Hi i have a mouth swab test coming on on wednesday i havent smoked weed for around a month now i used to be a really chronic smoker of it should i be worried or what ?

  525. If I smoked last night and took a test at about 11 this morning (oral test) how good are my chances of passing?

  526. Boss chieferbro on

    yah swish hella mouthwash(containing alcohol) 15min before taking it and you have a 75% chance of passing

  527. i haven’t smoked in about a month but i’m not a regular user either. i have smoked maybe 3 or 4 times out of my whole life. i have a drug test monday morning at 10am…will i pass with no problem? Also i was sitting in a room with 2 people who were smoking but i didn’t smoke…if that helps with the answer at all.

  528. So it worked? Cuz I wanna work at ace cashing and they saliva test but I live in Texas for now and they have that wack shit kinda if I stopp two days before you think I’ll pass and use mouth wash?

  529. Im scared… today is monday and I have an interview on Wednesday at 10:am the last time I smoked was around noon today. I have all the things that you mentioned and I was wondering what the dedetection times are for pot and will I pass the mouth swab testing

  530. Had a swab test 2.24.2015 last day I smoked was 2.20.2015 I keep up with my oral hygiene I drink only water, im just nervous because I smoke about 3 blunts a day. I hadn’t washed my mouth out with peroxide. But I’ll come back and let y’all know .

  531. Did u pass???
    That’s what I am worried about actually.
    However I was told that a lot of employers do not test for suboxone/subutex yet…it’s too costly. Mostly it’s just methadone & suboxone clinics.
    Makes me mad though. The stuff it supposed to help you get off opiates etc and it shouldn’t count against a person unless they fail for narcotics too!

  532. Not to throw coal on this unnecessary fire but a person can be black, white, Spanish, Latino, Cuban, etc etc & every society has a “slang” that 96% of the time is learned and not “attention seeking”. Although I agree with certain races (literally) needing attention so they do things….
    I don’t think it’s fair to call someone ignorant, retarted, dumb, etc just because society as a whole fears what they/we do not understand.

    Not to mention public American Education …. Enough said there.

  533. Not to be too personal but what is your body weight (roughly).

    Hypothetically, if I were a pot smoker I would probably just carry a little one hitter with some Cali….or kush. 3-6 bowls a day maximum.
    But then I may not even smoke for a week to two weeks.

    And I passed a MAJOR drug test. I was floored.

    Partly because I am 5’5 & not heavy but not skinny. Voluptuous you can say…lol…however I drink a TON of redbull at times. And before this particular test I drank almost two six packs in 4 days….oh and not smoking.

    Then come to find out red bull is just Niacin

  534. educateyourself on

    It says 12-24 hours for cannabis, if you read the article you would see that. How can you not answer your own question if you used to be a regular user? Regular users typically know that it usually takes 30-40 days to be clean for a piss test and substantially less for a mouth swab.

  535. I dont find out when I take my mouth test until the night before. If I don’t test the next day will I be safe to smoke that night? Or should i give it atleast a couple days? It makes a big difference because eather I can smoke almost everyday or hardly ever because I have to this every week. Any ideas?

  536. I’m the same I only smoke private reserve, I gave myself 72 hours, I didn’t gargle with peroxide or scrub my gums to the point of numbness, but your best bet is to gargle throughout your days leading up to the interview, just keep up with your normal hygiene, eat normally, drink water. You’ll be good. They usually mouth swab to see if you are smoking on the job, but in the hiring case to see if you came high or smoked the night before. And plus after you get the job roll yourself a joint those 72 hours sober will have you high like the first time lol

  537. Brittany Lynne on

    Ok very relieving to know thank you! I smoke about the same and I test Wednesday but haven’t smoked since last night and just going to continue my hygiene , hope i pass!

  538. So I’m really just craving a smoke, I kinda wanna smoke tomorrow. Just a joint or two. But the thing is, I don’t know when I will get a call asking me to come in for a job interview. And they drug test on the spot. So basically, will I be safe and pass if I smoke let’s say 24 hours before a test and brush my teeth and drink alot of water? An answer would be greatly appreciated.

  539. Thanks for the reply Sarai ☺
    I appreciate it, Definitely will take the tips into account!
    Been 4 days now! I should be good to go

  540. I have an interview and drug test tomorrow at publix, i smoke everyday, i stayed clean for 36hours. Im not sweating it whatsoever. I have a friend who went to his drug test high as fuck and still passed so just do what you gotta you know

  541. I had the same thing today reply as soon as you know if you got hired
    I applied at publix and they send the drug test to a lab.
    It’s not on the spot does it matter?

  542. sunshinedaydream on

    Let me know if u pass? I have a saliva test tomorrow. By then will have over 48 hours clean.

  543. sunshinedaydream on

    More than 48 hours clean by the time I need to take test tomorrow around 10 am. Have read for the past 5 hours all online material I could find. Have mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide. Diligently flushing my mouth all day today. Just looking for a little reassurance that I will pass…..thanks to everyone !

  544. Here is my story, went for a big time job, fake piss tied to my leg, ready to rock at 94deg. got there to find out it was a swab. oh shit!!! i knew i was screwed.
    so i did it anyways. well, i had a really infected tooth. it bled in to the sample and ruined it. so i lied and told them i was going to the dentist right after my swab.
    they said go ahead to the dentist and keep us informed, called later that day told them my dentist wants me to wait 24hrs before i take this test (which never happened). so that gave me time. so i didnt smoke that night, the next day brushed teeth, rinsed with hydrogen peroxide then rinse with mouth wash (in that order).
    every hr. for 2 hrs before going in to take the test. passed!!!!

    smoked the good stuff for 35 yrs.
    smoked 10am thurs.
    took test 11am fri

  545. Kelly Clymens on

    Today, I had a mouth swab drug test for Safeway. Anyways, I’m a pretty regular smoker. I didn’t take a break in smoking at all, in fact, I smoked the morning of the test.

    I did indeed pass. I’ve been taking niacin pills the past few days and about half an hour before the test I downed a red bull. Fool proof? Absolutely not, but it worked for me and has worked for my sister in the past as well.

  546. BoricuaBesos on

    So I had an interview today. Turns out I had to do a swab test on the spot. I didn’t know I had to do this test right away. I haven’t smoked for 10 days because I have been trying to find a job. I just brushed normally this morning and got the call to come in for an interview asap. I came in and the first thing they did was the swab test. They sent the test away and sai I should hear back in around 3 to 5 days so I will let you know if I passed…

  547. I took an oral drug test that they sent to Quest Diagnostics (Oral-Eze) on Friday 02/27 at 4:00 pm. Called just now and no results. I’m getting nervous. I went 40-44 hours with no smoking, the day of the test I gargled white vinegar with lemon juice, whitened my teeth, flossed twice, brushed three times, gargled with mouth wash (Listerine) and used Listerine mouth strips right before the drug test. I also drank a Red Bull (I heard the ingredients in soda and coffee can help rinse the toxins). I was already hired and my results depend on getting this job. I called the lab directly and hopefully tomorrow I find out. I just started smoking again a week before this test and hadn’t smoked for years before. I smoked everyday but only about a bowl. I’ll let you know if I pass but any opinions on why the results are taking so long or is it normal?

  548. Also the blue dot showing if you have enough saliva or not didn’t show on the oral test because my mouth was really dry but he sent it off anyways (my drug tester)

  549. I took a mouth swab a few years back but didn’t smoke two days prior, but, my mother passed a month ago, so I have been taking Xanax and smoking a lot… I have a mouth swab tomorrow, last smoked around midnight, if I don’t smoke today or take any pills, do the brushing and mouthwash and peroxide, am I likely to pass this test? I had been trying to obtain the mouthwash from local head shop, but due to crappy weather order keeps being delayed… Please give any input, accepting all advice!!!!

  550. Ok, I JUST took a mouth swab for Lowe’s dept store. Blue dot, oral eze test AND they sent the results off to a lab. I probably intake anywhere from a gram to two and a half grams daily (for the past 4 almost 5 years hardly any quitting) of mary jay and I passed… Here’s how: Got the call Saturday early afternoon that they wanted me to come in for a job offer pending an oral mouth swab test for drugs the following Monday. In my newest home state, WA (best ever!), it is currently legal to both posses and use marijuana for recreational purposes. So I do. However, Lowe’s and a whole bunch of other stickler corporations stick to the federal standard regulations and that means no being blazed at work if you work for them. Saturday evening at about 4p, smoke my last bowl. Mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide swishing, brushing of the gums (After I took the test, I noticed a part of my gums felt sore, I do NOT recommend you brushing til you destroy your gum cells or damage your gum line but do brush the gums with purpose), scraping of the tongue and keeping plenty of fluids in. Yes, this is gross but I did it just as a CYA measure: threw up an hour before test. The bile you produce will harbor stomach acids that are so strong it will pretty much mask any THC hiding in your saliva. Brushed teeth and gums again, gargled with hydrogen peroxide, used some mouthwash, sucked on a menthol hall 15 minutes before heading to test. Took test, drenched it in saliva from my tongue and upper roof of my mouth for 2 minutes – within 3 minutes the color hole became blue. He said “wow that was quick” I was like “you *#$@ right! Ain’t nobody got time for this to be an all day thing!” Manager packed it away properly, put it in the official medical zip lock baggy and shipped it to whatever testing lab they used. That was Monday. He called today (Thurs) to say my criminal background check and my drug test all came back, everything’s good to go and I start tomorrow (Fri). Easy as pie. Hope this helps! And thanks for all smokers’ tips!

  551. Here’s the weird thing..I called the drug testing location I3 in Colorado that it is supposed to be mailed to or whatever and she said they still don’t have results or even show the specimen was received? So she told me to contact Kroger. I am not sure if they didn’t mail it out or what to do at this point so I’m just waiting to hear. My orientation was scheduled the day I took the drug test so I guess if I don’t hear anything by then I’ll just show up. Very confusing and hoping this means I passed. I’ll keep you all updated and let you know when/if I receive confirmation I passed praised. So nerve wracking.

  552. I took a swab test and had smoked 2 hours before the test and passed it tested negative for all other drugs and test negative for marijuana with just a piece of candy in my mouth just prior to testing

  553. That’s good shit lol I had a drug test yesterday I didn’t smoke anything all Tuesday and Wednesday morning I brushed the hell out of my gums and teeth rinsed my mouth 4 times with peroxideconsidering I didn’t take it til 3pm and i ate 4 icebreakers mints 20 minutes before entering to take the dug test…do you think I’ll pass?

  554. I don’t smoke anymore but I failed my test smoking two days prior and i’m even less than a casual weed smoker. I think mouth health has a big effect on how long the test can define use.

  555. I’m assuming I passed. HR lady called me to set up signing I-90s this Tuesday. So I called her and asked if its official official I got the job now and she said yes!! She said no news is good news. I didn’t want to be weird and then say so I passed my drug test then?! So I’m guessing alls good and all the methods worked!!! Yippeeee I’m so relieved.

  556. 30-40 days for a urine test is a bit extreme unless all you drink is soda and coffee. Water+cranberry juice+ cranberry extract+some gym time (to sweat)= 2-3 weeks for daily smoker, 1-2 weeks for casual smoker.


  558. take 2 or 3 droplet of natural essentiel oil really strong mint or eucalyptus ,thyme etc … test and its the better for health

  559. Dinosaurtrev on

    Alright so Monday night of this week I smoked probably a whole bowl so we’ll say anywhere from a quarter of a gram to a half. Now then I had to go in for paperwork for the job I just got. (I’m working at a tree nursery, don’t necessarily understand why I have to be drug tested to work with trees and your every day garden variety plants. But I guess that’s government regulation for you.) I walk in with synthetic urine strapped on ready to pass my test no problem, oh just one thing. The woman who interviewed me was working for an agency that outsources employees for many places of business where I live, and part of that involved the swab test. As soon as I saw that thing I did a huge mental facepalm, “Sh*t sh*t sh*t”! So I just went ahead stuck it in my mouth and the lady tested it, put it back in the plastic tube. She said that I was good, but from smoking the night before around midnight and taking the swab test at around 5pm the next day, should I be okay? I know they send the swabs to a lab for analysis, but if I initially tested negative is there anyway they could reverse the decision and terminate my employment? I will say the only hygiene that I practiced was brushing after I smoked before bed with mouthwash of course because morning breath and weed breath is a rather ghastly combination, and I also brushed that morning around 11 am. I’m super nervous cause I kinda need this job… any insight? Thanks guys.

  560. RoseMadder8711 on

    It sounds like they may have lost your test…good for you. I would not call any more attention to it…sounds like you’re golden. Lol

  561. RoseMadder8711 on

    This has all been comforting. I’ve been abstaining for months due to job searching. I did a swab test today for Lowe’s so just waiting to hear back. I guess I’ll be fine.

  562. I have a probation officer and get tested about 2 times a week I found that if u stop for about 3 days before your test and wash and brush your teeth a lot u will come out cleen (I smoke about 2 grams a day)

  563. Bigest thing is you stop around 4 days before the test and use lots of mouthwash for the 4 days leading up to the test and before you test clean ur mouth like no other

  564. Does publix do thos testing method?
    I smoke a lot of weed and Ima be applying at Public soon and wanted to know beforehand so I don’t have to risk a whole month

    I’m a medical marijuana user (illegally, of course) and I can’t sleep without it do to my panic attacks. It helps me get through the day and treats my depersonalization disorder, ocd, anxiety/panic, stress, depression, scoliosis, migranes, and ADHD. I stopped taking all the medications I was taking months ago because they just weren’t helping, and if anything, worsening my problem. Ik my boss won’t understand that. You know… Because I smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes, therefore I’m an indecent delinquent who can’t properly function a cash register and I’m too irresponsible to go to work sober

    Tbh I’m high as shit rn. But I rarely ever smoke during the day. I’m responsible enough to go to work sober and get my shit done


  565. Okay so I went 40hrs without. Did peroxide twice and mouthwash too. I brushed about 7 times in the past 24hrs. I ate and brushed about 30mins before the test and I drank a soda on my way there. Thoughts?

  566. I just took an oral swab test for sleep train. I haven’t smoked in 6 days. However, I prepared in no shape or form for this! I foolishly assumed it would be a urinalysis. I brush n use mouth wash regularly. Do u think I have a chance.

    …THANKS !!

  568. Thank you for your continued support on FUCK THE SYSTEM. I feel bad that your medications weren’t helping and the one thing that does is illegal for no good reason. I smoke occasionally for medicinal purposes to help with appetite d/t condition I have. I’m a nurse (which I’m getting out of soon) because I’m sick of poisoning my patients with these bullshit pharmaceuticals. Also, if someone attacks me, which has happened, and I if I get injured: guess what…no more job, then that information is transmitted to the state, so no more nursing license. I understand your frustration, good luck to you. Wish I had some advice, but I have never used an oral swab for drug testing. I want to personally hug the individual that invented synthetic urine.

  569. Mine didn’t show blue dot either, they sent it off anyways, but the test was yesterday and I hadn’t smoked in 6 days before it, washed my mouth, still drank a ton if water because I didn’t know what the test was. I hope I passed, they sent off to the lab and now I wait lol

  570. My own opinion i say you will end up passing being that your weight is 150 as well my boyfriend he weighs a tad more then you & he passes so i say don’t try to worry about it to much & my boyfriend is heavy on smoking too. Good luck!

  571. peroxide you have better chance to pass kills bacteria & cleans mouth as well as baken soda


  573. I took that same brand of test and I weigh more than you and I passed is after 60 hours of not smoking


  575. I smoked longer then 24 hrs ago I have to take a test today around 4 and it’s 12 rn. Do I have a chance of passing?

  576. How long did the results take…after how days of the test did they contact you & thanks

  577. Unfortunately I smoked 2 joints on Friday night around midnight ,I have been called for a random drug test(Salivia-mouth swab),on Monday ,can someone please tell me how to pass this?! I weigh about 140 lbs.

  578. I smoked a blunt yesterday and have a saliva drug test tomorrow in the am, any suggestions

  579. I smoked a blunt or two yesterday mornin n evening but I also took shots of vinegar n drink water all day n worked out for bout 7 hours yesterday could there be a chance that I passed my saliva test this mornin at 11

  580. Working out has nothing 2 do with passing a Saliva test. But to answer ur question

    U shld b fine. Use mouthwash b4 u go in tobtake the test.

  581. I smoked about a hour ago and just got a call to take a drug test tomorrow at 11am. I smoke on a everyday bases about 3 to 4 blunts daily. I know it a swab test that I have to take. Can someone help me pass Please and Thank you

  582. I have an interview tomorrow, and the last time I smoked, it was thursday night. My interview is monday at 10 a.m. I have been brushing my teeth and gum line really good twice a day and also been using mouth wash. I weigh about 200 pounds. Should I be okay for the saliva test? I really need this job…

  583. Can anybody plz give me info . On the ORAL EZE SWAB TEST ..when sample is sent to the lab..how long do results take ? How far back can this test detect thc ??? Thank you !!

  584. Stelio Kontos on

    first you need to tell me when the last time you did it and how much and how many times you brushed your teeth and used mouth wash since

  585. I stopped smoking 5 days before the oral Eze swab test ..I’m a regular smoker ..I drank a lot of water and also washed my mouth real good.. but test was til the end ..I held it in my mouth for 10 mins ..and it was sent to a Lab..lastly I weight around 145lbs ..Idk if that makes a difference or not ..but Thanks

  586. Ok here is my story. Got the call last week Monday for an interview on Thursday for publix. Smoked my last Blount Monday night. Washed my mouth out every day with peroxide and listerine, making sure to brush my jaws and tongue really well. I only drank water those 3 days. Did the interview Thursday morning and the oral fluid swab test that evening. I brushed with baking soda and peroxide and used listerine again right before the test. I kept the swab in my mouth for a full 10 minutes, the lady was using a stop watch. It took one week for me to know I got the job. I got the call this morning to do the orientation next sat.

  587. It took 7 days for mines to come back and I stopped smoking for 3 days. Yes, I passed.

  588. Yes, I smoke everyday and have been for the last 5 years and I only smoke loud. I look for the best loud I can find. I have a very high tolerance.

  589. If I can ask ..what job was your test for ?.I stopped 106 hours before which is like 4 days and 7 hours ..I weight 145lbs. .if it matter ??thanks bro

  590. I need to take this test in 2 hours i recently started smoking again after 8 months. i havent smoked in 2 days is there any tips you got for me?

  591. Was it loud ? How do u know it’s a swab test …if the bud wasn’t that dank..and you have to drink a lot of water ..washes you mouth good.and with listerine. .or something similar

  592. don’t smoke for 3 days and you will surely pass mouth swabs any mouthswabs….I’m going to a CPS case right now I only smoke on the weekends and I passed everyswabs

  593. Well I smoked once and I have a job interview for Monday and yes its a SWOB test. I think it was loud I smoked on Tuesday

  594. I am dealing with DSS because my boyfriend got caught smoking in the same house as my child not the same room the same house but anyways they randomly brought up that I am going to be drug tested I smoked yesterday morning before I knew the lady from DSS was coming and I am super nervous about failing this mouth swab test because this could lead to me losing my child since it’s the weekend I know she wont show back up untill atleast monday at the earliest I drank a gallon of water yesterday I don’t know if this will help or not and I weigh about 230lbs I see lots of comments on here but most people that bring up weight are in the 140-160s can you give me any advise?

  595. I weigh 140 heavy smoker.. Passed a saliva test after I quit smoking for a week. My coworker passed the same test and smoked the morning of. I think you will be fine

  596. ToPimpAButterfly on

    I smoked my last blunt March 27th, I took a saliva test for pre-employment testing on April 2nd, I brushed my teeth normally, should I be worried? I’m expecting a call sometime this week.

  597. Okay so I took a saliva cheek test on April 2nd, I last smoked on March 27th aprox. 120-144 hours ago, I brushed normally but I didnt use any peroxide or mouth wash, I did drink about glasses of water before I took the test I REALLY need this job, do you think ill pass???

  598. Being an obsessive compulsive as well as a weed smoker, I took an oral collection pre-employment drug test today and worried about it until I found the manufacturer of the test kit I just took, and read the following about the window of detection.

    How does the detection window for oral fluid testing compare with other methods?
    Just like traditional urine testing, the window in oral fluid testing is different for each drug. Of most significance is that oral fluid testing identifies recent usage – during the first four hours after drug use – that can be missed by urine testing. For most drugs, the window of detection in oral fluid is about one to three days. By contrast, urine testing relies on drug metabolites retained in the body’s waste supply and may detect some drugs for a longer period.

    How does the detection window for oral fluid testing compare with other methods?
    Just like traditional urine testing, the window in oral fluid testing is different for each drug. Of most significance is that oral fluid testing identifies recent usage – during the first four hours after drug use – that can be missed by urine testing. For most drugs, the window of detection in oral fluid is about one to three days. By contrast, urine testing relies on drug metabolites retained in the body’s waste supply and may detect some drugs for a longer period.

    so basically it’s saying that their test will detect up to one to three days and is designed to detect recent or immediate usage. I’ll sleep better knowing that I was clean for a week before I took the test. I’ll post again after I start the new job.

  599. Yes you will,I took one today and passed,on Sunday nite I smoked,Monday I did not and today Tuesday I passed :)

  600. I smoked Sunday nite,Monday I did not smoke and today Tuesday,I passed mine :) so you will be fine for that mouth swab,it only detects from the last 12-24 hours ;)

  601. Dot, I sympathies w you but for crist sakes, they took your kids so maybe you shouldn’t smoke at all til you get the kids back. I seriously question your priorities

  602. Bro I had no idea they were gonna drug test me today! I honestly am a light smoker. I cnt remember exactly when the last time I smoked but I know it was sometime in March. N they made me rub the stick in my mouth 90 times. It had a bunch of abbreviations for illicit drugs. Coke “c” or “ob” and “th” which I could only assume was for weed. And after a guy told me congrats on ur job u could b walking with a couple grand a week. Good thing u don’t do drugs. Mannnnnnnn tht hit me in the stomach like a truck -_- and I’m worried bc tht “th” one look mighty faded. :/…. Should I b worried

  603. zombieslayer1013 on

    I smoked around 3-4 am Friday night. Today(Saturday) some shit happened at work. Long story short. Drug test. I got drug tested around 8pmish. I didnt smoke at all before work. I weigh 260pounds and am about 5’5. Don’t know if that makes a difference. Please tell me if you think I might pass.

  604. Rochelle Ferguson on

    So, I read all of the comments about how to avoid not passing the test. I found out I had to do an Oral Swab test for my job and so the night before (from 6-930), I smoke 3-4 joints of BOMB btw me and my dude. I washed my teeth and rinsed with Listerine and peroxide before I went to bed. The next morning I did the same thing before i left for work. Around 11 am, I took the swab test and passed with flying colors.


    Test – Oralert 6 panel saliva drug test

  605. whats up everyone! this is wild, so.. i applied for this job on the 11th. this morning at 8am, the 14th, i get a call to come in for an interview. sweet! BUT, last night i smoked three fat blunts with 5 people. last night i obviously brushed my teeth gums and tongue. this morning i did the same. i had a cup of coffee, bagel w cream cheese, and then a glass of oj before stepping out. i was not expecting a drug test, BUT, i see another candidate getting a swab test done in front of me. im like, f**k me. i went to the restroom to go wash my mouth out, but then i did some crazy shit, i saw lysol wipes, and i took one and stuck it in my mouth and starting cleaning everything! how nuts is that!? anyway, i bear the unpleasantness and rinse out thoroughly. i then sit back down and wait and have some mints. had two or three. its 10am by now, 10hrs since i last smoked. i have my interview, i get hired!! well paid position and id like to keep the job. i then get swabbed, wasn’t in my mouth for more than 5min, i was keeping it as dry as i could haha ;P

    What do you all think!
    i am 24
    275lbs, kinda solid
    daily toker, but before the three blunts, i hadnt smoked for three days prior to last night.
    used a ^ panel test from LABCORP. idk the name of the stick used but thats where its being sent. ill know in 5 days if i passed or not. what do you guys think, think im okay?

  606. I smoked Sunday and I had a saliva test today I drink liquor last night and to cups of coffee this morning do u think I will pass

  607. I smoked monday around 8ish unexpectly hadvto take a swab test at around 10:45today(Tuesday) I want this job you guys think I will pass????

  608. I sure hope you do. I last smoked Sunday night, had a random at work this morning. I brushed my teeth before work but wasn’t expecting this to happen so I’ve been praying not to get fired all day. They mail ours off and say it takes 3 – 5 days for them to fire you

  609. Hey guys just wanna know what the test which they put sonething in ur mouth for 3 mints then they put it in the cup for 10 minuts? Is that saliva? I havnt smoke since 4 days and the test in week from now? Excuse my English

  610. I just finish smoking about 30 mins ago and I just got a call for a interview tomorrow and they might do a mouth swab I need help!!!!

  611. Just wanted everyone to know I passed my test. Hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse, mouthwash, good teeth brushing and a wad of gum in my mouth and no smoking for 24 hours. I swear on my life I passed! Take a breath, do what I did, and all should be fine!

  612. Okay, I don’t usually smoke at all but the last two weeks I smoked twice, so once a week. I smoked on Friday around 10 PM and I’m getting saliva drug tested tomorrow, Tuesday, at 11 AM. I honestly wasn’t expecting to get the call from the potential employer until Wednesday but I got the call today. I brush my teeth as I usually do and I used mouth wash once already. Anything else I can do to help me pass? Thank you

  613. Long story short, I smoked Friday at 10 PM. I’m going in for a saliva drug test tomorrow, Tuesday, at 11 AM. I brushed my teeth daily and today I got the call letting me know tomorrow I’m getting tested so I did mouth wash once already and brushed my teeth again. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve been reading everywhere and some sites says it will show positive 3-4 days. Some say 12-24 hours. Some says 72 hours. I don’t know who to believe. I smoked twice in the last two weeks so once a week. And I rarely smoke to begin with. I’m 205 lbs female. Help?

  614. Hey ppl I smoked at about 230 yesterday evening n I had a oral test dis morning I used peroxide n mouthwash all morning . u guys think um good

  615. I smoked yesterday at 2.. Got called for a interview for 4:00. So I brushed my teeth.. About 4-5 times, rinsed my mouth with peroxide twice.. Brushed again! Rinsed with mouth wash, rinsed with apple cider vinegar. Dropped my daughuter off.. Rinsed with white vinegar. Drunk a Dr pepper & chewed some big red. Hope I passed!!!!

  616. According to NORML, THC is difficult to detect in oral fluids due to the minute amount excreted into the saliva, in this case. Consequently, most saliva testing technologies used today can only detect the presence of marijuana for two to three hours after use.

  617. Help! I smoked on 4/20 of course. 2 joints and I haven’t smoked since. I brushed my teeth this morning before I went to the interview but he surprised me with a swab. I didn’t use mouthwash. You think I will pass? Since its been 3 days?