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What Is Marijuana Butane Hash Oil (BHO) And Is It Safe?


ganja jon butane hash oil (bho) dabs dabButane hash oil (BHO) made from marijuana is not a new thing. However, it’s popularity and availability has grown exponentially in recent years. In Oregon, where I’m from, my circle of friends always called it ‘honey oil’ and it was a rare treat back in the day. Now it seems like everyone and their grandma is either making it or trying to make it.

This has led to a lot of inquires from readers asking what butane hash oil is, and if it’s safe. Butane hash oil gets it’s name from the process from which it’s made. In a probably over simplified explanation (feel free to elaborate in the comments section), butane hash oil is made by placing marijuana (often trimmings) in some type of holding container, and pushing butane through the container in a manner that doesn’t allow the plant material to escape, yet allows the butane to escape.

That’s why you will hear people saying they are ‘blasting a bunch of BHO tonight.’ The marijuana inside the container is stripped of it’s cannabinoids by the butane. The butane/marijuana liquid mixture that escaped is then evaporated, getting rid of as much foreign substances (mainly butane) as possible and keeping as much of the good stuff as possible. The end result can look like honey, or wax, etc.

As a person can logically conclude, if someone doesn’t evaporate (or purge) their butane hash oil properly, there can be quite a bit of undesirable stuff that people are now smoking. I’m not a doctor, but I can’t imagine that smoking poorly purged butane hash oil is good for your health. However, properly purged butane hash oil is far purer than the raw marijuana that people are smoking, considering that a lot of raw marijuana smoke is from the plant material. The highest I have ever heard a reputable marijuana testing laboratory say raw marijuana tested at was the high 20%s. I have seen a lot of butane hash oil that has ranked in the 80%s and even 90%s according to reputable testing laboratories.

Butane hash oil opponents will often say that ‘there has to be at least some butane that you are inhaling with even the best butane hash oil.’ I always ask them to take a pipe hit in front of me, and then point out that they are using a bic lighter, which uses….that’s right, butane. How much butane you inhale with a pipe hit versus a finely made BHO has to be a consideration. Smoking butane hash oil is obviously not as safe as breathing pure air, but I would argue that, if done right, it’s healthier than smoking raw marijuana through a pipe. So is it safe to use? Again, I’m not a doctor, but if it’s high quality, I say yes for what that’s worth to readers. There are few things finer than taking a hit of Ganja Jon dabs in my opinion (as seen in the pic of this article)!

Making butane hash oil is another story compared to consuming BHO. If you are asking me if making butane hash oil is safe, I would answer no. It’s certainly possible, and many people are successful at it, but there are also many horror stories out there of people starting fires and/or burning people including themselves.

Consider this a public service announcement. I don’t know if I have hammered this point home enough, but if you are not an expert at making butane hash oil (BHO), PUT EVERYTHING DOWN, TURN OFF THE STOVE, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUM, AND EXIT THE KITCHEN. Making BHO is a very dangerous thing, and if you slip up in any way, you will no doubt light something on fire, including yourself.

I understand that people like BHO, and/or people want to make money. But when rookies do stuff like this, it makes the entire movement look bad, and puts innocent people at risk. If you are going to make BHO, know what you are doing, and if you can, make it somewhere that is not surrounded by people. Below is a great example of what can happen if you don’t know what you are doing:


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  1. Get candle burner find a good glass that fits on the burner get chillom…. Yes a fuckin chillom pack it backwards (tight) get a coffee filter rubber ban the coffee at the end you packed your shit then spray the butane in the packing in pour it towards the glass then chop them butane bubbles take it off the the burner then wait a few sec for It to harden the scrap off to your rubber ball then you know the rest…fresh oil 1 an a half maybe 2 gs made a half g sell it smoke it your gonna die anyway

  2. BHO is full spectrum (the other percent is other cannabinoids, terpenes and microscopic plant matter). The 90% is THC/THCa rating – and it completely strain dependent. For example, most medicinal strains contain higher levels of CBD than recreational strains do. Typical consumers are only concerned about the psychoactive compound, THC – so that is what is listed.

  3. Butane’ boiling point is -1 to 1 degrees Celsius, aka 30-34 degrees Fahrenheit. It turns into gas at room temperature, before it ever gets the chance to get heated. This is why the author advises doing this process outdoors. A fume hood would be more ideal.

    Love, Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Masters in the making

  4. Kenneth Williams on

    The 80 or 90% you are refering to is THC content correct? And that is what you are separaring in this process? I want to see a percentage or ppm rating for what ever is not in the 90%…. You say it is safer because it is more pure in THC content…. But it should not be neglected to say that the extra 85 to 90% has a lot of good stuff in it…. Marijana is highly concentrated with chemical compounds…. It has a very wide range of substances that contribute to not only the enjoyment factor, but also the duration of the enjoyment for what ever reason… The body buzz that allows you to move without pain, or the head buzz that allows some to forget about the tomorrows and past sorrows, or bring life back to the parts of life that have become mundane…. Like drywall, man its getting pretty old sometimes, but a few puffs of the right stuff snaps me right out of it and I begin to find joy in it again….

  5. Only morons put that shit into their bodies, the problem is you don’t know if this is being made properly..And the key point he kept trying to make is he is not a doctor, nor is he a scientist..So if you trust yourself to this guy and think it’s ok to put this shit in your body, then don’t whine and be a burden on the tax payers when ya get sick..It’s Butane folks..Think about it..And I know people smoking this shit everyday…

  6. So are you saying it contains some lubricants? It sounds as if you’re saying it don’t but in the next sentence you say its used in the valves. Unless it’s fully contained in the valves it could mix in minute amounts, couldn’t it? Are the valves completely sealed and can’t escape them? Never really examined one to know.

  7. I was in an organic chemistry class at UCLA and the girl next to me tried boiling benzene over an open flame instead of with a hot plate… away from a hood… started a fire, panicked, spilled the beaker down the lab desk top and then attacked me a I was trying to smother the flames with wads of paper towels in front of me while another got a fire extinguisher. Fifty years ago they turned down 3.5 hs grade averages for entry. There’s also something past dumb. Add oblivious.

  8. Tracy A Monahan on

    I dont think you can say Rick Simpson 50xs in one paragraph and have people think you’re being honest. Shame on you for using God’s name to try sell something. Even I think that’s pathetic and I’m an atheist

  9. Shannon Orourke on

    At 1:02 in the background a T.V is playing and it tells them…listen..Satan is coming down to your family..and then just after that BOOM!!..the house is on fire!! Don’t believe in God, but weird coincidences, yes! Learn to read before you Break Bad..Play safe peeps. Peace

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