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ganja jon butane hash oil (bho) dabs dabButane hash oil (BHO) made from marijuana is not a new thing. However, it’s popularity and availability has grown exponentially in recent years. In Oregon, where I’m from, my circle of friends always called it ‘honey oil’ and it was a rare treat back in the day. Now it seems like everyone and their grandma is either making it or trying to make it.

This has led to a lot of inquires from readers asking what butane hash oil is, and if it’s safe. Butane hash oil gets it’s name from the process from which it’s made. In a probably over simplified explanation (feel free to elaborate in the comments section), butane hash oil is made by placing marijuana (often trimmings) in some type of holding container, and pushing butane through the container in a manner that doesn’t allow the plant material to escape, yet allows the butane to escape.

That’s why you will hear people saying they are ‘blasting a bunch of BHO tonight.’ The marijuana inside the container is stripped of it’s cannabinoids by the butane. The butane/marijuana liquid mixture that escaped is then evaporated, getting rid of as much foreign substances (mainly butane) as possible and keeping as much of the good stuff as possible. The end result can look like honey, or wax, etc.

As a person can logically conclude, if someone doesn’t evaporate (or purge) their butane hash oil properly, there can be quite a bit of undesirable stuff that people are now smoking. I’m not a doctor, but I can’t imagine that smoking poorly purged butane hash oil is good for your health. However, properly purged butane hash oil is far purer than the raw marijuana that people are smoking, considering that a lot of raw marijuana smoke is from the plant material. The highest I have ever heard a reputable marijuana testing laboratory say raw marijuana tested at was the high 20%s. I have seen a lot of butane hash oil that has ranked in the 80%s and even 90%s according to reputable testing laboratories.

Butane hash oil opponents will often say that ‘there has to be at least some butane that you are inhaling with even the best butane hash oil.’ I always ask them to take a pipe hit in front of me, and then point out that they are using a bic lighter, which uses….that’s right, butane. How much butane you inhale with a pipe hit versus a finely made BHO has to be a consideration. Smoking butane hash oil is obviously not as safe as breathing pure air, but I would argue that, if done right, it’s healthier than smoking raw marijuana through a pipe. So is it safe to use? Again, I’m not a doctor, but if it’s high quality, I say yes for what that’s worth to readers. There are few things finer than taking a hit of Ganja Jon dabs in my opinion (as seen in the pic of this article)!

Making butane hash oil is another story compared to consuming BHO. If you are asking me if making butane hash oil is safe, I would answer no. It’s certainly possible, and many people are successful at it, but there are also many horror stories out there of people starting fires and/or burning people including themselves.

Consider this a public service announcement. I don’t know if I have hammered this point home enough, but if you are not an expert at making butane hash oil (BHO), PUT EVERYTHING DOWN, TURN OFF THE STOVE, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUM, AND EXIT THE KITCHEN. Making BHO is a very dangerous thing, and if you slip up in any way, you will no doubt light something on fire, including yourself.

I understand that people like BHO, and/or people want to make money. But when rookies do stuff like this, it makes the entire movement look bad, and puts innocent people at risk. If you are going to make BHO, know what you are doing, and if you can, make it somewhere that is not surrounded by people. If you make BHO, are you using a quality vacuum oven during the purging process? If you want to raise your BHO game to the next level, check out the best BHO vacuum oven on the market from Cascade Tek. Below is a great example of what can happen if you don’t know what you are doing:

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • Micah James Howey

    rule#1. make this stuff outside in a well vented area. rule #2 butane gas is highly flammable so if you think having a cigarette and talking on your phone while making this is a good idea. please go have a glass of drano to wash away that thought. go outside. rule #3 go outside you dumbass rule# 4 glass and quartz nails are good but imho certified grade 2 titanium is the way to go

  • tammi

    Ive made oil from isopropyl and the process id way longer,but,great oil…BHO,is a fast way to get the good stuff…Love oil….Period!!!

  • Mimi

    Dumbasses! I made RSO when I had cancer, HCV and almost dead and I was very careful. I’m 63 and tired of seeing amatuers “trying” to make oil to be cool. It’s medicine you idiots.

  • El Monte Slim

    what I gatherd from that video was….THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE !!!

  • sticky green

    It’s a vertical video so it doesn’t count.

  • BabyB

    Some guy just blew up his house trying to do this!! About 35 miles from me.

  • The Captain

    in my opinion bho is extremely unhealthy. The question arises what’s worse, the disease or the cure? The problem with a bad solvent extraction is that it’s just that, a bad solvent extraction. Butane, Propane and solvents that end in an “ane” or “ene” are generally known as aromatics, these chemicals are refined from crude oil, and also usually contain another aromatic known as benzene. The problem with benzene, other than attacking your central nervous system and a host of other insidious things, is that it is an extremely stable molecule with an extremely high covalent bond. This means that no matter how well you purge or “winterize”, or what ever fancy name you use to clean your oil of your bad solvent your still left with our friend benzene. The only way to remove it is with a catalytic reaction….ie heat, and a lot of it, the amount that destroys thc…now “dabbers” as they affectionately call themselves might tell you that you get more butane from your lighter, but you have to remember we’re talking about concentrations here and your oil, is that a concentration of cannabinoids and potentially benzene depending on your solvent of choice, and even the most medically pure propane or butane will contain some level of benzene and when concentrated down will still contain that benzene…now a lot of people will prefer the head affects that come with a butane extracted oil, but save your money and just huff paint and smoke dry flowers…for the rest of us, please stick to alcohol, Co2 or a solventless extraction of some sort, and live a long dab life.

    • Tj1056

      that is why you only buy the butane that has been filtered 5x+ you do not buy that cheap shit that is full of contaminates… you do know its possible to filter butane right?

      • The captain

        actually you can continually refine anything, and yes i know you can refine butane…understand that all hydrocarbons i.e. any solvent made from crude oil, have a distillation curve and there’s an overlap with other hydrocarbons..but the most important thing is the fact that benzene, a know carcinogen is present in butane..even 5x refined butane…the best thing to do is have your oil tested for benzene, you might be surprised what you find. Most of the new marijuana labs testing product don’t use gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, so find one that does, or don’t?! seems like most of the people who support bho are looking for the head high, like huffing paint that butane, and benzene give you!! DAB LIFE !!

        • Fazer1

          Dude there is way more carcinogens in weed smoke quit complaining. Combusting plant matter is way worse for your health then dabbing some well purged oil with a vacuum and HEAT for atheist 6-12 hours! And there will still be more carcinogens in bubble hash because it isn’t as refined it has PLANT MATTER still which create way more CARCINOGENS.

          • Charles Waller

            Please back up these anecdotal claims with hard data so the rest of us may be equally well informed. I would be very interested to peruse the data.

      • Jorge_C

        That 5x doesn’t mean anything about the butane. The number of filterings advertised on some cans of butane refer to the process of removing things like paraffin that clog the small channels in torch lighters. It doesn’t refer to how pure the butane is im afraid. Even worse is many companies now advertise their butane as being “5x” but not saying refined or 5x filtered. Brands like Power 5 aren’t filtered 5x for paraffin they just make use of the number 5 to make people think their stuff is clean.

        The best butane out there by far is Vector and Newport (newpport being significantly better than even Vector). Don’t use anything else if you value your health.

    • Jorge_C

      You can look up the chemical safety sheets for many popular brands of butane to see exactly whats in them. I’ve seen a lot of solvents, butane and propane being common, but I haven’t seen a single brand of butane that had even a trace of benzene in it. They’d just have to be lying on their materials safety data sheet.

      • The Captain

        Actually go one step further…Make a bho using the butane of your choice then have the resulting hash oil tested for benzene..
        What people fail to realize is that the benzene becomes concentrated in the hash oil, just like the hash oil becomes concentrated off of the bud or sugar leaf that you use as a starting material. An argument we often hear is that you get more butane from lighter than the oil….I agree this may be true of a well purged oil, but you get more benzene from your bho than you do your lighter. Also there seems to be an arbitrary number of less than 25ppm of butane in the finished product, that people seem to think that is acceptable..I believe this is simply the testing companies using the HPLC method to test the product and my guess is this is the bottom of the range on the test. Discerning smokers will be able to notice the effects on their head at 25ppm. Some people will argue that the EPA has established safe ppm numbers for butane, but remember this does not include the benzene, and also remember you can’t deny the effects that people have from the product..I think that as more people notice the effects of bho, the more we will see and acknowledge the bad effects. I understand that some people specifically like the effect of bho, and I won’t argue with that, but don’t just defend it because you do it. Educate yourself and then decide if the risk is worth the reward, and be open minded about trying other extractions such as alcohol or co2. Dab long and prosper!

        • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

          There’s no benzene in butane. What the fuck are you on about?

  • Brooker Wood

    This dab anthem breaks down the whole oil smoking game! #brookerbuds #dabgameproper https://soundcloud.com/syrllc/brooker-wood-chill-spector-dab

  • Subdudeity

    Butane is non toxic – read the MSDS it is available online. Making oil with solvents such as naptha should be more of a concern for health but the cannabinoids counter act any of those negative effects anyway.

    The key is to research properly – do your homework so that you make the real oil!

    • Charles Waller
    • Zoidberg..

      From the butane MSDS: http://www.hovensa.com/pdf/butane.pdf

      This product is considered to be non-toxic by inhalation. Inhalation of concentrations of about 10,000 ppm may cause central nervous system depression such as dizziness, drowsiness, headache, and similar narcotic symptoms, but no long-term effects.

    • Zoidberg..

      From the butane MSDS: http://www.hovensa.com/pdf/butane.pdf

      This product is considered to be non-toxic by inhalation. Inhalation of concentrations of about 10,000 ppm may cause central nervous system depression such as dizziness, drowsiness, headache, and similar narcotic symptoms, but no long-term effects.

  • MikkiVyrus

    Could i make BHO with a slow cooker rather than a gas hob? Surely it would reduce risk of an explosion if i left the solution simmering outside in the flameless slow cooker? Or would that be too slow a process? I don’t care about waiting all day if it means i’m gonna get good oils…

    • Dianna Donnelly

      just do it in the bathroom … fill the tub with about 2 inches of hot water…. depending on the shallowness of your pyrex. The actual evaporation process is MUCH MUCH quicker for BHO than other solvents. So the slow-cooker thing will be more clumsy imo.

    • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

      Do it outside. Don’t listen to this idiot telling you to do it in the bathroom. Don’t simmer it in anything either. These kids weren’t making BHO, which is why they were using a stove. With BHO all you have to do is set the extract with butane in a dish of warm water. Due to it’s very low evaporation point, the solution of extract mixed with BHO will boil. Do not get butane anywhere near a stove.

  • Tj1056

    and that is what happens when you do not use Pyrex glass… they heated up some random glass bowl and dropped cold/room temp liquid on it you can actually hear the glass splitting when they poor it in LOLOLOL

    • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

      No, that is what happens when you pour any liquid into a bowl that’s already being heated by an open flame. They should have used a double boiler.

  • The captain

    the ultimate test is to have your end product tested for benzene…this would give you a better idea of how “refined” your butane is. Interestingly enough I spent no less than an hour and a half talking with the most reputable marijuana lab in our area, only to find no one had ever asked this question. Surprise! Also found out that they could only test for the solvent that you told them you used?! Hence forth find a lab that uses Gas Chromatograph and a Mass Spectrometer. This may be a little tricky now, but my guess is it will become the standard.

  • Monkeyzballz

    Why must people ruin the plant in a chase for a bigger high? Keep it natural, keep all the butane out and vaporize. Or eat it and do not worry about this shit. :)

    • Fazer1

      Ruin the plant? Extracting the most medicinal part of the plant with out any combustible plant matter is way better for your health. There is no plant matter that is the purest form available. It brings he true smells and tastes out of every strain!

      • Nick

        the ultimate taste is the natural taste right from the earf. God put this here fo me and you! keep it og, without the butane. but wax still gets you fucked up

        • Tazer1

          and its not available to everyone. c’mon now ever try to buy a dub of wax? that shits pretty expensive even if you making it yourself

        • Dianna Donnelly

          The last BHO I had tasted like lilacs. To each their own, but Dabs are hard-core pain meds. Please don’t diss what others find helpful.

    • Dianna Donnelly

      many people cannot stomach the chlorophyl in the plant. BHO doesn’t remove the chlorphyll so that’s why. Also, for ppl who are in severe pain, this shite is the shizzle. Much more potent. Therefore less ‘smoking’ and more pain-killing. Btw … you can eat BHO. Some part of the process decarbs the THC so it works internally similar to RSO– the oil that is killing cancer when ingested.

  • mike

    could of been the newport, or the open flame, the fumes are what catch. theres so many things they did wrong.

  • mike

    you dont use 70% iso either which is what they used even though they said 60

  • mike

    people keep saying this is a butane extraction, its NOT, its iso extraction, therefore not extreme cool temperatures, but theres way too much wrong I feel like this is a spoof

    • Dianna Donnelly

      You can do both Iso and Butane. Butane is usually quicker as it evaporates more quickly.

    • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

      The person in the video was extracting the thc using an isopropyl alcohol extraction. Their mistake was pouring the alcohol in a bowl that had direct flame underneath it. Always always always use a double boiler. These kids didn’t, and they almost burned their house down.

  • mike

    they have butane 99.9996% zero impurities. When you light a cig with a bic lighter you smoke 10x that when you light it, roughly

  • Ca5tr0

    Fucken idiots,,,,

  • Ca5tr0

    The dumbest shit I’ve ever seen.. I’m learning and training under one the best purge artist there is.. Im new to process but seriously how dumb can u get .. Marijuana expands the mind ..think before u do. No flames needed.. I have my Pyrex sitting in warm water out in the sun that’s all the heat u need really..

    • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

      If you’re learning under one of the best purgers out there, then you should know the people in this video are making iso hash, and their mistake was not using a double boiler.

    • derkaderkastanian420

      if he is the best, why is he and you doing outside in sunlight? sunlight is the enemy of extracts/absolutes. the only time the thc is safe from the sun is when it is still in the iso/grain alcohol as they prevent the degrading of the thc.

      • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

        THC doesn’t degrade in light that fast. If it did you wouldn’t have anything to harvest if you grow your plants outside. Use your brain.

  • katb420

    How can a solvent be ok to smoke? Oh yea they say it has all evaporated.. really?

    • Dianna Donnelly

      remember Johnny mentioning the purging process? that purges the remaining solvent and impurities out. You can google it to learn more.
      Keep in mind that we all ingest harmful chemicals every single day. From what we breath to what is put in our food. BHO can be such great medicine, that like ppl who follow a vaccine regimen, they are ok with trace impurities because the medicine works.

      • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

        Purging doesn’t get all the butane out of solution. If you have ever purchased BHO at a dispensary you would know to open the containers that contain the wax to check how good the purge is. Most of the time you can smell butane if it was created by purging the butane. The only way to get all the butane out is by adding alcohol to the solution you just extracted, running that through coffee filters, and then using it. This method removes 100 percent of the butane, as well as all the plant fats that make you cough. Making wax by purging just doesn’t cut it.

  • Dianna Donnelly

    Okay …. I was with you all the way up to the BOLD type. Use LOGIC. Butane cannot ignite without a spark. Many people make their oil in their bathroom where there is NO fire. They push the butane through and then set the pyrex dish in their tub with a little bit of hot water. This is plenty of warmth to safely evaporate. Then purge.
    Great blog Johnny, but we can’t be scaring people out of trying to be their own advocates in their health. Yes there are idiots who don’t know logic. But with some common sense, BHO can be made so easily and the results can be amazing, pain-wrecking, disease-fighting, chill-inducing! But stay out of the kitchen entirely!!

    • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

      Dude, if you know anyone who makes BHO inside tell them to stop immediately. They run the serious risk of causing an explosion.

      • Dianna Donnelly

        Dude … you do it in the BATHROOM!!!! Stop spreading fear mongering!!! We can all make our own medicine without the risk of blowing ANYONE up!!!

        • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen



          No, you are retarded if you think that dispersing a highly combustible gas in an enclosed area is a good idea. Just the sparks inside of the electric motor in your bathroom fan is enough to detonate the gas. Don’t you know how a combustion engine works? Go outside, you ignoramus.

          • Dianna Donnelly

            So clearly, you’ve never done it. Who is the ignoramus? Done it many times very safely…. we don’t shut the bathroom door dumb-ass.

          • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

            I’ve done it many times, and I have no doubt that you have too. You should not do this inside. In my home town there have been many explosions, and the SWAT team has been called on more than one thinking it was a pipe bomb. The guy in the news story below was extracting THC from cannabis using butane in, you guessed it, a bathroom. BHO is not deadly, nor is extracting it when it’s done outside. But suggesting that people are perfectly safe doing this inside is irresponsible. Why would you do it in an enclosed space? It doesn’t matter if the bathroom door is open or not. The gas is inside in an enclosed space. Turn your fucking brain on.


          • Dianna Donnelly

            The fact that you’re saying this proves to me that you don’t have a clue. There are so many variables. If you’re in a very small room and you use 15 cans then yes….. you might have a point. But 2 cans in a large room with NO SPARK is safe. You’re wrong.

          • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

            Sparks are everywhere!!! Have you ever plugged something into the wall? Stare closely, move slowly, and voila sparks. That fan in your bathroom, the heater core on your heater. How can you be so irretrievably dense?

          • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen


            Sparks from synthetic clothing are enough to detonate butane. IDIOT

          • derkaderkastanian420

            OK, you clearly do not understand the hazards of butane gas/vapors. I will make this very blunt. do some research on the gas and you will find that butane can ignite all on it’s own with no spark, no flame at all. it just needs to be at the right temperature….
            When you blow up your house or motel or friends house or motel, don’t expect any sympathy from anyone. people are trying to help you be safe but you are like the alcoholic that drinks a half gallon of liquor every day that gets in a fight with people that tell them they have a serious drinking problem, except you have a serious “i am to damn stubborn to realize I am being fucking stupid”

          • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

            “What makes it dangerous is not so much the extraction process itself, but rather the problem of improper butane ventilation. Butane is highly flammable and it tends to sink, meaning that if you use it indoors or don’t ventilate well, you’ll run into serious trouble. Let some butane puddle in your living room, throw in a thoughtless spark from a cigarette, stove, or — dare I suggest — bong hit, and suddenly your apartment is missing a wall.”

            I can’t believe you won’t listen to someone trying to keep you from hurting yourself. All you have to do is go outside, turn off your cell phone, and safely extract. How much is your skin, or your thumb, worth to you? The guy in that story lost his thumb from a butane extraction done in a bathroom. I was going to part with an analogy about a tightrope walker, but even the tight rope walker that is killed by their own hobby realize that their hobby is dangerous. You, on the other hand, are actively resisting the notion that a highly flammable gas in an enclosed space could possibly cause an explosion. Did you even know that the gas is heavier than air, and tends to collect in pockets long after the extraction is done? Tell me, oh wise one, what protection do you suppose a bathroom affords you, rather than doing it in your kitchen or living room? A bathroom is an enclosed space, just as a living room or a kitchen is because you are enclosed inside of a building with restricted ventilation. A living room or kitchen would be a far better place to extract using butane simply because they are larger areas than a bathroom is, and thusly, leaves more room for the gas to dilute itself with normal air. But no, you not only say it’s safe to do indoors, you say that people should use a smaller enclosed space, because it is somehow safer. That is stupid. If anyone is reading this, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When you have the chance to reduce your risk of harm, it makes sense to reduce that risk. Dianna is asserting that a small enclosed space is a perfectly acceptable place to disperse an explosively flammable solvent. According to her the risk of explosion is so small that it isn’t even worth going outdoors. Well, the fact of the matter is that most dispensaries have regulations that say you can’t do this indoors at all, and you can’t be near any electronics when you do it even outdoors. I don’t even keep a cell phone in my pocket when doing this. You aren’t even allowed to smoke while you’re filling up your car OUTSIDE. Why on earth would you disperse an even more flammable substance in an enclosed area? You wouldn’t. Besides, when has it ever been an indicator of safety, that you have done something many times without incident. That doesn’t make any sense. The tight rope walker walked the rope many times before finally plummeting to their death. It was perfectly safe before, right? Idiot. No one is scare mongering when they say to keep extracting, but do it outside for safety reasons. Combating someone who is telling people to be safer is being a fucking numbskull. I hope you aren’t allowed near children.

          • YouAreADouche

            I can’t believe you literally just scrolled down this entire thread in order to tell almost everyone that said anything that they’re wrong and you’re right. You’ve been proven wrong on many different things so far. Like a plant doesn’t contain carcinogens…

            You sir, are the epitome of what we do not want using our plant. You’re ignorant, you think you know things when it’s OBVIOUS you’re simply saying you know these things and have never looked into it, and you just like to start trouble. I, from the bottom of my heart, hope you never receive a medical card, and if you have, it gets revoked ASAP.

          • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

            The plant contains no carcinogens. The smoke does. If you read carefully, you would see that I said that very thing. I already have a med card, and I have no earthly idea why you would hope that it gets revoked.Tell me, what am I wrong about? You do realize that I’ve replied to this thread about ten times. Maybe that is why you think I talked to everyone. I was mainly fighting with one person that was telling people to extract in a bathroom, which is stupid beyond imagination. I’ll be anxiously waiting your reply.

    • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

      I had to point this out. “Yes there are idiots who don’t know logic.” Tell me, how did you come to know logic? Did logic introduce itself to you? Did you have carnal relations with logic in such a way that you came to know logic, as in biblically? I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that you yourself have never been instructed on how to correctly use logic. I mean, you don’t seem to have a clue how to even use the word. You employ logic; you understand logic; you understand how to employ logic in order to better understand the argument of the person you oppose. Do you know jump rope? < That is sentence exactly how stupid you sound when you talk about logic.

      • joe


        • Joe

          I don’t think I’ll join this forum.

          • painkills2

            You think other forums are different?

  • Charles Waller

    Detailed information & comprehension make all the difference. Until there is greater understanding, anything detracting from the complex combination of compounds in the plant is to be considered thoroughly, especially if medicinal products are the goal. Not all butane is equal, until people understand that fact I don’t recommend butane extraction – period. CO2 extraction is best for medical oil. The loss of any other terpenes, any terpenoids or flavanoids could be crucial in efficacy for serious conditions. For low volume personal use, any high quality grain alcohol or oil will extract a very wide range of compounds without loss at very low heat levels. Cold water extraction can also be used, but extremely volatile oils can be lost if the bulk material is mishandled. Juicing fresh is best, but the laws must change for that to become reality.

  • Mike Miller

    The hash oil opponents need to get a clue. With time and a little heat, the butane will evaporate completely. Most people don’t realize that all vegetable oils are extracted with hexane, a cousin of butane, using a similar procedure, but scaled up to do tons of oil, and recover almost all of the hexane to reuse it. The biggest danger with this (butane) procedure is the danger of fire. If you give the oil some ventilation and heat, it will be fine.

  • Kris Brown

    BHO Medicine…Really?
    Unfortunately, the population who comes into our Medical Marijuana Facility to reimburse us for BHO are mainly young people who are not concerned with the health aspects of it. They are using it to get a better high, you know the street drug type. I’m wanting to remove BHO from our shelves to encourage only patients needing medicine for diagnosis symptom relief.

    • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

      You are shockingly ignorant, or are just trying to sell a niche product within the medical marijuana market. Prove that BHO is unhealthy. Properly extracted BHO has all of the butane evaporated out of it, so there are no health concerns.

      • Dianna Donnelly

        I don’t think Kris is saying it’s unhealthy, but rather that it’s like Morphine when ppl only need Tylenol! haha You know what I mean? I think Kris is seeing that while ppl get a bigger better high from Dabs, perhaps we don’t all need to spend that much!!

        • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

          “BHO are mainly young people who are not concerned with the health aspects of it.” Dianna, you need to take a class in reading comprehension. She clearly thinks BHO is unhealthy, because she says that people aren’t concerned about the health aspect of BHO. Also, she’s hurting the cause of medical marijuana. Think about it. How many pharmacists that dispense normally prescribed medication (other than cannabis) get to decide what medications are good for the patient and which are not? None. That is up to a doctor to decide. BHO is nothing but concentrated cannabis, and concentrated cannabis is concentrated medicine. Who is anyone to say what is effective for someone else, and what isn’t, save for that person’s medical physician? No one is. If pharmacists were qualified to say which drugs were needed for what patients and which ones weren’t then we wouldn’t need doctors at all. People like Kris and you are the reason that I can use marijuana daily, yet still have the utmost disdain for the intellectual charlatans, like you two, that absolutely plague the marijuana movement.

          • Danny Sativa

            Aaron, I think you misunderstood him (or her..?)
            The article, if you read it, explains that smoking properly made bho is, in fact, HEALTHIER than smoking the bud. This is because it’s mostly just terpenes and cannabinoids, whereas the plant material contains lots of carcinogens as well.
            Kris was saying that although bho is healthier, most of her/his clients don’t smoke it for this reason. She/he is saying that they smoke it solely because it’s stronger and they want to get more stoned than they would from bud (they abuse it, essentially).
            Maybe Kris is right, maybe not, I don’t know… Just explaining the situation and where the confusion came from…

          • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

            I don’t think I misunderstood anything. I did read the article, and I don’t think BHO is unhealthy. As a matter of fact, I use it every day. Show me anything that says that the marijuana plant has carcinogens in it, and I’ll eat my shoes. As for Kris, she should have no fucking idea why her patients use marijuana. She supplies it, and if she suspects that someone is using a medical card for the sole purpose of acquiring marijuana for recreational use, then what is she doing selling it to them? Oh that’s right, she shouldn’t have any damn clue why or how patients use the plant. That is up to them and their doctor.

          • Danny Sativa

            “I don’t think I misunderstood anything. I did read the article, and I don’t think BHO is unhealthy.”
            OBVIOUSLY you did misunderstand. No one said BHO is unhealthy. Infact Kris and I both said it is HEALTHIER, BECAUSE THERE IS NO PLANT MATERIAL. The article also says basically the same. BHO IS HEALTHIER.
            And if you don’t think Cannabis smoke contains ANY carcinogens, you need to go and educate yourself. Here, I will get you started; http://www.marijuana.com/threads/does-marijuana-really-contain-carcinogens.304537/
            You’re probably right in saying she/he has no place deciding who uses it for what, but that really wasn’t the point of my comment.

          • Danny Sativa

            I just realised I said the plant material contains carcinogens.. Sorry, I need to clear that up. The smoke from Cannabis flowers when burned contains lots of carcinogens. The smoke from BHO is a lot cleaner because there is no plant matter being burned, just terpenes, cannabinoids and a small amount of plant waxes.

          • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

            No biggie. What you say about BHO is true.

          • Ashley McKay

            exactly, cannabis like any plant material if you smoke the plant material of cannabis then there are carcinogens but the oil or BHO has so little of the plant material that contain the carcinogens that BHO is much safer, and since so lil is needed it last a whole lot longer, I would love to know how to make BHO, I am a chemist enthusiast and would love to learn the techniques and procedures. just saying would make for a cool experiment….. well you know how to reach me…….. :-) Happy weeding

          • Pappa Bear

            Burning a Marijuana plant does produce carcinogens.

          • Dinc

            I have a BA in organic chemistry. But for one moment didnt think about parafens or other PETROCHEMS that ARE in butane CANS. I had a seizure last fortnight… ended up in the hospital for a week. Mine always has and will test at 85-91% thc depending on strain (high cbds will be mid 80s + 3-4%cbd)…… You sir are the silly one in this conversation. Butane is a harmless substance, infact inhaling will do less damage then smoking it….. its just inhaling delivers a much quicker dose of those petrochems, the cleaner the bho the more petrochems it contains…. its a harsh reality. my advice is keep it under .5 a day smoking… eating go your hardest. be warned, i fucked up you can too. Please readers dont give this miracle a bad name & if you really want to be smart and professional move onto quick wash iso

          • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

            What are you trying to say? You are contradicting yourself.

            “But for one moment didnt think about parafens or other PETROCHEMS that ARE in butane CANS. I had a seizure last fortnight”

            This seems to imply that butane is bad. Then you go on to say this:

            “Butane is a harmless substance, infact inhaling will do less damage then smoking it”

            This says in plain english that butane is not bad.

            “its just inhaling delivers a much quicker dose of those petrochems, the cleaner the bho the more petrochems it contains”

            This statement doesn’t make any logical sense unless butane itself is the petrochemical you’re talking about. The butane I use is purified 5 times. If something is purified, that means that it has less impurities in it. According to you, however, the cleaner my butane is, the more impurities it has. It also has parafens, according to you, but I think you mean that it is a paraffinic hydrocarbon. Parafen is a drug, and not in butane. You know that, though. I mean, you have a degree. Sorry, but I don’t believe that you have a degree for a second. You seem woefully unable to spell the words that someone with your claimed specialty would be able to spell. You contradict yourself from one sentence to the next and don’t make any coherent sense at all. Thanks for the advice to keep it under half a gram a day smoking. What are you smoking exactly? BHO is vaporized, and you don’t use a half of a gram a day. I use maybe 200 milligrams per day. The best part is the ending. You go on this diatribe about butane being so bad, and then you reccommend a chemical solvent that causes cancer instead. Please, be gone.

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    • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

      You’re going to get yourself put on a watchlist.

      • Ashley McKay

        Sounds like something a law official might say to, pardon the phrase, entrap a person…. or maybe I am just paranoid as hell hehehehehehe

    • Patrick Boynton

      hey i live in upstate ny need a shipper u intersted

    • Full Melt

      Sweet, a hard drug pusher of BHO crackabis vending their dope online.

  • moe

    why cant u put ur ‘soup’ on a warming tray in the sun , just more time?

    • Patrick Boynton

      hey i am interested in oil i live in upstate ny and need a shipper u interested. serious oild conniseur here

    • Dab all Day

      Sunlight degrades THC you don’t want to do that.

      • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

        Not that much. If sunlight degraded THC just from sitting in the sun, then you wouldn’t have anything to harvest from your plants. Sunlight is used to grow the weed, genius. You won’t notice a difference by letting the “soup” sit in the sun. Use your brain.

        • IHateDouchbagsLikeAaronLawabid

          @Aaron Lawabidingcitizen, Nobody likes a know it all prick. Especially one who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Sunlight doesn’t degrade the THC and other cannabinoids in live plants because they are still alive. Their vascular system is still active. Also, the Thc(and the other cannabinoids) are not yet in their psychoactive form (they won’t be until after drying and curing is complete). Once the buds are harvested, dried, and cured, and the cannabinoids are in their psychoactive state, they ARE vulnerable to degradation via solar radiation(sunlight). A live cow does not rot when he sits in the warm sun, but a steak would quickly rot if left out in the warm sun. The live cow still has an active vascular system only his pumps blood instead of water. Same concept.

  • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

    These people in the video aren’t making BHO. They’re making hash using alcohol, and the thing that screwed them was putting it into a bowl that had a direct flame on it. Always use a double boiler to evaporate iso. NEVER make BHO inside, as you risk causing an explosion.

    • derkaderkastanian420

      “They’re making hash using alcohol” Hash oil, not hash. hash is made from trichome glands, and no “extraction” of any kind is done.

      • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

        One fucking word difference, yet you still felt the need to comment. I’ve been in multiple dispensaries and the words are used interchangeably.

      • Aaron Lawabidingcitizen

        Water extractions are used to make hash, btw. Read the first paragraph, and refrain from commenting in the future.


  • Canna Bimimetric

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    • Will

      Can’t find u on gmail any way I can reach u another way

      • StoneyOne

        Will, I don’t know you, but if you are trying to buy cannibus from someone online… You are an idiot.

    • Full Melt

      “good quality for patience” durrrrrrrrr

  • Magic Mike

    I am a MMJ patient in California and have been searching for a good method to smoke less because it DOES hurt our lungs. Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) with CO2 wins but as the pressure is above 1000 psi the equipment is expensive. BHO uses butane which is supercritical at a much lower pressure. Why not handle the flammability problem by containing the evaporation and recycling or burning off in a controlled way the evaporate? You could even hold the liquid and herb in contact longer and agitate if you wanted more complete extraction. Can someone tell me what is wrong with this logic?

  • Danny Sativa

    I’m not an expert at making bho, and you really don’t need to be one in order to make it… Made it a few times with no problems and using basic equipment, it’s very easy. Do it outside, no flames, no high temperatures. Pretty much just use common sense.

  • b

    That is the dumbest video I’ve ever seen!!! That is totally wrong to make is. That’s edible not smokable stuff. PLEASE! Use this video as everything not to do!

  • Alex T-H

    Im from the UK. A mate bought some “wax” (a hard form of BHO) back from Amsterdam with him which i had a bong of and jheezus its good! Im going to make some for myself in England, but can’t find any law which says its illegal. I mean – its not Cannabis, because thats a plant – so does this make it legal in England?

    • Dave

      The UK is pretty strict on Cannabis and yes wax does count, why wouldn’t it when it’s a more potent? If you really want it that’s your thing but know you are breaking the law. Actually, I JUST looked it up for you and they call it liquid cannabis, class B since 1971.

  • http://Worldstarhiphop.com/ Fuma

    This was inevitable,they just poured flammable liquids onto a fire. Even if their wasn’t holes on the bottom a explosion still would of happened because of the vapors seeping out through the sides. Has nothing to do with being a rookie,You have to start somewhere. These guy’s are just complete idiots.

  • Echo

    Wow! Scary! When you said that ‘labs say raw marijuana tested at was the high 20%s. I have seen a lot of butane hash oil that has ranked in the 80%s and even 90%s according to reputable testing laboratories’. I’m confused (and bad at math), what are you saying here? Is the high 20%’s good/bad? Then you say “you’ve seen BTO ranked in the 80%’s’. What numbers am I looking for to purchase clean (or cleaner BTO)? Thanks for the information Johnny!

    • johnny

      BHO is purified THC extract. We use butane because butane is an organic hydrocarbon and can dissolve other organic compounds like THC. Marijuana has 20% THC by mass and purified BHO has 80% by mass.

  • doc.barra

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    • painkills2

      Cancer cannot be cured.

      • Stop Believing Big Pharma

        Yes, it can.

        • painkills2

          Anyone from Big Pharma are the very LAST people I would believe. However, I have read that cancer specialists, in talking about the disease of cancer, say that it can be managed, but not cured. The only exception would be skin cancer, I think, where there are enough studies to show a reversal of the cancer. However, this means the cancer is in remission, not that it is cured.

          • Ren

            …go read…. b4 stating something that you obviously dont have enough knowledge about. Cancers have been cured…

          • painkills2

            Well, you certainly give a good argument, with lots of details and theories and links to studies, all of which I have certainly taken into consideration when I say… I’m still not convinced.

          • Harry Whittaker

            Well where are your references you self-righteous bigot?

          • painkills2


          • painkills2

            You will have to be more specific than generally asking for references, you name-calling d-i.ck.

          • painkills2

            What references are you referring to, you, who doesn’t understand the definition of bigot?

          • Peppino Gavoni

            And that’s exactly the last ‘magical’ element it takes to cure a cancer: being convinced that it’s possible. Read a few articles about the placebo effect – and its reverse: if you don’t believe in something, it cannot cure you even if it normally could.

          • painkills2

            Actually, I believe in the placebo effect. However, the placebo effect is not a cure for cancer.

  • The Captain

    Actually butane does contain benzene, just like most hydrocarbons refined from crude oil. Butane is available in different refinement levels…5x…7x…etc…etc…The reason its refined is because the distillation curves of the different chemicals refined from crude oil overlap, thus being present in the other chemicals. One thing that we have noticed with butane hash oil users is that they typically become aggressive and agro. We prefer to not carry the product…if not for the fact that its extremely unhealthy, for the fact that the people that use it long enough are just plain asses…..dab long and prosper!….(that’s an oxy-Moron)

  • Karan Marcos

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    Karen Marcos

  • Jas

    What mistake did these self-proclaimed Cannabis Kings make to cause the explosion? I am very new to the idea of BHO, as I live in a state that still criminalizes and disagrees with medical marijuana. The fact that these amateur growers/users/patients are name dropping their mixture as Chronic, and then say thunderfuck, and purple. These are the type of people that should be denied cannabis cards. I suffer from a pinched nerve in my foot and mild sclerosis. Prescription pain killers leave me zombied out with pain. I am not a big fan of the indica strains, but the head high sativa strains seem to give me enough pain relief while allowing me to still move and interact with society.

    • M

      That was not even butane hash. They were trying to make it with rubbing alcohol, this sort of thing is best done outdoors, or a highly controlled situation( no open flames ). These guys were smoking and using a stove….


      I’m sorry about your pain. They did everything wrong. I think what caused the glass bowl to shatter was it wasn’t Pyrex. It wasn’t designed to handle extreme heat or temperature changes.

  • dro

    I smoke with cellulose papers which is the absolute safest way to smoke flowers. BHO is in no way safe and pipe smoking isn’t either unless it’s through natural heat such as convection or with a magnifying glass and the sun (I recommend trying this at least once it has an amazing taste using this method).

  • RDub

    Umm, hey everyone. Just a heads up, butane. crystalizes in your lungs when inhaled causing damage. Crack does the same thing. This is with low quality bho. And can causing problems with processing oxygen. Just a heads up, if your gonna smoke bho, be informed.

  • needabuzz

    A guy on the Big island of Hawai’i just did him self in trying to make some Honey Oil. According to the Hawai’i Tribune Herald newspaper:

    “At 8:16 p.m. Saturday, police responded to a report of a loud explosion at a home on 17th Street in Hawaiian Paradise Park subdivision. When officers arrived, fire department personnel were already at the scene, where smoke was present but not flames.

    The blast knocked out windows, melted plumbing fixtures and blew the doors off cabinets.

    The sole occupant at the time, a 30-year-old Keaau man, was initially taken to the Hawaiian Paradise Park fire station by private vehicle. He was then taken by ambulance to Hilo Medical Center with third-degree burns. He was later transferred to a hospital on Oahu.”

    He later died.

    I’d say, making honey oil in a kitchen is a bad idea.