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 June 10, 2013

ganja jon butane hash oil (bho) dabs dabButane hash oil (BHO) made from marijuana is not a new thing. However, it’s popularity and availability has grown exponentially in recent years. In Oregon, where I’m from, my circle of friends always called it ‘honey oil’ and it was a rare treat back in the day. Now it seems like everyone and their grandma is either making it or trying to make it.

This has led to a lot of inquires from readers asking what butane hash oil is, and if it’s safe. Butane hash oil gets it’s name from the process from which it’s made. In a probably over simplified explanation (feel free to elaborate in the comments section), butane hash oil is made by placing marijuana (often trimmings) in some type of holding container, and pushing butane through the container in a manner that doesn’t allow the plant material to escape, yet allows the butane to escape.

That’s why you will hear people saying they are ‘blasting a bunch of BHO tonight.’ The marijuana inside the container is stripped of it’s cannabinoids by the butane. The butane/marijuana liquid mixture that escaped is then evaporated, getting rid of as much foreign substances (mainly butane) as possible and keeping as much of the good stuff as possible. The end result can look like honey, or wax, etc.

As a person can logically conclude, if someone doesn’t evaporate (or purge) their butane hash oil properly, there can be quite a bit of undesirable stuff that people are now smoking. I’m not a doctor, but I can’t imagine that smoking poorly purged butane hash oil is good for your health. However, properly purged butane hash oil is far purer than the raw marijuana that people are smoking, considering that a lot of raw marijuana smoke is from the plant material. The highest I have ever heard a reputable marijuana testing laboratory say raw marijuana tested at was the high 20%s. I have seen a lot of butane hash oil that has ranked in the 80%s and even 90%s according to reputable testing laboratories.

Butane hash oil opponents will often say that ‘there has to be at least some butane that you are inhaling with even the best butane hash oil.’ I always ask them to take a pipe hit in front of me, and then point out that they are using a bic lighter, which uses….that’s right, butane. How much butane you inhale with a pipe hit versus a finely made BHO has to be a consideration. Smoking butane hash oil is obviously not as safe as breathing pure air, but I would argue that, if done right, it’s healthier than smoking raw marijuana through a pipe. So is it safe to use? Again, I’m not a doctor, but if it’s high quality, I say yes for what that’s worth to readers. There are few things finer than taking a hit of Ganja Jon dabs in my opinion (as seen in the pic of this article)!

Making butane hash oil is another story compared to consuming BHO. If you are asking me if making butane hash oil is safe, I would answer no. It’s certainly possible, and many people are successful at it, but there are also many horror stories out there of people starting fires and/or burning people including themselves.

Consider this a public service announcement. I don’t know if I have hammered this point home enough, but if you are not an expert at making butane hash oil (BHO), PUT EVERYTHING DOWN, TURN OFF THE STOVE, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUM, AND EXIT THE KITCHEN. Making BHO is a very dangerous thing, and if you slip up in any way, you will no doubt light something on fire, including yourself.

I understand that people like BHO, and/or people want to make money. But when rookies do stuff like this, it makes the entire movement look bad, and puts innocent people at risk. If you are going to make BHO, know what you are doing, and if you can, make it somewhere that is not surrounded by people. Below is a great example of what can happen if you don’t know what you are doing:

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  • b

    That is the dumbest video I’ve ever seen!!! That is totally wrong to make is. That’s edible not smokable stuff. PLEASE! Use this video as everything not to do!

  • Alex T-H

    Im from the UK. A mate bought some “wax” (a hard form of BHO) back from Amsterdam with him which i had a bong of and jheezus its good! Im going to make some for myself in England, but can’t find any law which says its illegal. I mean – its not Cannabis, because thats a plant – so does this make it legal in England?

    • Dave

      The UK is pretty strict on Cannabis and yes wax does count, why wouldn’t it when it’s a more potent? If you really want it that’s your thing but know you are breaking the law. Actually, I JUST looked it up for you and they call it liquid cannabis, class B since 1971.

  • http://Worldstarhiphop.com/ Fuma

    This was inevitable,they just poured flammable liquids onto a fire. Even if their wasn’t holes on the bottom a explosion still would of happened because of the vapors seeping out through the sides. Has nothing to do with being a rookie,You have to start somewhere. These guy’s are just complete idiots.

  • Echo

    Wow! Scary! When you said that ‘labs say raw marijuana tested at was the high 20%s. I have seen a lot of butane hash oil that has ranked in the 80%s and even 90%s according to reputable testing laboratories’. I’m confused (and bad at math), what are you saying here? Is the high 20%’s good/bad? Then you say “you’ve seen BTO ranked in the 80%’s’. What numbers am I looking for to purchase clean (or cleaner BTO)? Thanks for the information Johnny!

    • johnny

      BHO is purified THC extract. We use butane because butane is an organic hydrocarbon and can dissolve other organic compounds like THC. Marijuana has 20% THC by mass and purified BHO has 80% by mass.

  • doc.barra

    My Wife Stage IV breast cancer and MS has just been healed with the oil obtained from doc.barra@foxmail.com cannabis, cannabis oil is great drug. To hell with the government and their insane policy, we have a drug that is one hundred percent guaranteed to cure cancer and that we do not need to spend so much money on chemo, radiation or surgery that would not work. Where to buy, contact Barra: doc.barra@foxmail.com My family is a huge brand new, so stop your worries and go to take the drug and set the family free of the deadly disease who hold no respect for family harmony . Make your health a better one, using cannabis oil in the life of every day.

    • painkills2

      Cancer cannot be cured.

      • Stop Believing Big Pharma

        Yes, it can.

        • painkills2

          Anyone from Big Pharma are the very LAST people I would believe. However, I have read that cancer specialists, in talking about the disease of cancer, say that it can be managed, but not cured. The only exception would be skin cancer, I think, where there are enough studies to show a reversal of the cancer. However, this means the cancer is in remission, not that it is cured.

          • Ren

            …go read…. b4 stating something that you obviously dont have enough knowledge about. Cancers have been cured…

          • painkills2

            Well, you certainly give a good argument, with lots of details and theories and links to studies, all of which I have certainly taken into consideration when I say… I’m still not convinced.

          • Harry Whittaker

            Well where are your references you self-righteous bigot?

          • painkills2


          • JohnVincentGI

            Food for thought: Check out this link which shows the top 20 Medical studies (worldwide) on the effectiveness of THC as a cancer cell killer.


            Now, I’m not a doctor or anything, but if you google THC & Cancer, you get an eyeful of data. I do know that Israel (The country mostly supporting THC in medical research), the EU & US research facilities have come to the same conclusions. Science is awesome! :)

          • painkills2

            Just like you, I am not a doctor, but I too think science is awesome. And, I am well aware of all the studies showing cannabis’ effect on cancer cells. But cancer is a complex disease which comes in many different forms, and most forms live within our DNA. Can one cure DNA? This question is above my pay grade.

            Israel has obviously been in the forefront of cannabis research, and yet the country is not a beacon for medical marijuana and has not yet legalized. I find that odd, don’t you?

          • JohnVincentGI

            Cancer is indeed a complex disease. A ‘cure’ on this plane is many years into the future, I agree with you on this. About Israel, I didn’t realize that they weren’t a beacon for MedMJ… although aren’t they in some respects, regardless if they don’t believe that they are, a beacon I mean?
            About the DNA, lol, some would think so, eh? These days, not that I agree or disagree as this would be above not only my ‘pay-grade’ but also of my understanding, in an age where DNA is being altered even in our food production… who knows what we are capable in the days to come.
            Well… good chatting with you. :)

          • painkills2

            What I meant about Israel not being a beacon for MMJ is that their program is pretty restrictive. If you compare Israel’s program to others, it’s not the best, and I don’t think it serves a large number of patients who would benefit from cannabis.

            I think in the next 5 to 10 years, we will see a lot more studies, and hopefully this cancer-fighting connection will be better understood. In my opinion, THC is the hero, but I’m sure the other CBDs also have a part.

            Hope to see you around!

          • Ripikou

            So… are you guys trying to say that THC can cure cancer? The element that alters how your mind perceives things? Medical marijuana is used to counteract negatives of a disease, like the wasting away affect that can come with AIDS. It isn’t used to cure the aids itself. Cancer is a mutagen, it can be “cured”, in the sense that there are no more traces of it found at the current time, but that can come back at another time. Then there are the negative side effects of Marijuana: can weaken immune system, can accelerate some diseases it was meant to “treat”, in younger minds can slow the development of the brain etc… Anyway… Maybe it is because it is 3 a.m. but I swear someone was saying THC could maybe cure cancer, if not in the future?

          • painkills2

            More recent studies are showing THC’s cancer-killing effects, but I think it will be awhile before it is something we can say for certain. Human trials should tell the tale, but this research will start with very small amounts of the different chemicals in cannabis — meaning, it will take time for the scientists to increase the dosages enough to actually see the kinds of results that I think will be revealed.

            Science is a slow process, but there are a lot of different countries working on this, so hopefully we will see faster-than-usual results from the medical community. As long as we remember the hands of big pharma and other powerful players, and always review any results through this lens.

            I’ve never heard of marijuana weakening the immune system — on the contrary, it does the opposite. And since brain science is still in its infancy, I don’t think we can say what, if any, damage it does to a young person’s brain.

            The future of cannabis holds many possibilities. You don’t have to believe that THC can cure cancer — just wait for the scientists to prove it.

          • painkills2

            You will have to be more specific than generally asking for references, you name-calling d-i.ck.

          • painkills2

            What references are you referring to, you, who doesn’t understand the definition of bigot?

          • Peppino Gavoni

            And that’s exactly the last ‘magical’ element it takes to cure a cancer: being convinced that it’s possible. Read a few articles about the placebo effect – and its reverse: if you don’t believe in something, it cannot cure you even if it normally could.

          • painkills2

            Actually, I believe in the placebo effect. However, the placebo effect is not a cure for cancer.

          • Hallie

            its called remission* doctors don’t used the word cured.

          • Fthegov

            Anything has a cure. Just gotta know how to obtain it. Believing in excessive irrelevant medicine is not what im talking about either.

          • painkills2

            Fthegov: Anything has a cure? I’m not sure how to interpret that. And your post is a little too general for me to respond to a specific issue. Peace out.

          • Omar Vanstone

            Pau D Arco tincture topically on Cancer 3 times a day & taken internally can reverse if not cure these types of Cancers, problem is we have all been brain washed not to believe we can heal without the aid of Doctor Rich Boyz & Mr. Filthy Rich Pharmacist. Nature has a Cure & if you would only believe so would you.

      • Omar Vanstone

        If thats the case I’d be dead in 1996 when given 6 months to live unless I got Radiation “NOT!!!” & again when I stopped Insulin & beat Diabetes in Jan 1 2015. Mind over Matter, the power of believing that you can do it & a willingness to change your life is all you need. Prayer, believing in me, a balanced diet, herbs & exercise was my cure to hell with them pills & satanic radiation death rays. I’d rather be dead. You can see Doctor after Doctor, therapist after therapist & truth is that you are the only one that can fix you, you are a GOD (see Genesis 1:26) or at the least an Image of one, command your body to listen to you after all your its Master, tell it what you want from it, tell it how to function, believe what you tell it & most of all believe in yourself, in your Image of all creation, your image of GOD, Just Believe in You & health will follow. Worked for me & I am free & all you doctors can go F*CK yourselfs. * all that is missing is U!

        • anon

          shut the fuck up idiot

          • Michael

            You are the idiot and simple minded cretin. Go back to you insignificant existence you moron.

  • The Captain

    Actually butane does contain benzene, just like most hydrocarbons refined from crude oil. Butane is available in different refinement levels…5x…7x…etc…etc…The reason its refined is because the distillation curves of the different chemicals refined from crude oil overlap, thus being present in the other chemicals. One thing that we have noticed with butane hash oil users is that they typically become aggressive and agro. We prefer to not carry the product…if not for the fact that its extremely unhealthy, for the fact that the people that use it long enough are just plain asses…..dab long and prosper!….(that’s an oxy-Moron)

    • Omar Vanstone


      • Pat L

        Seen a few in the ED, did clinical’s in the Psych ward and saw another. Not a pretty sight. It can be addicting, can cause psychosis when abused. You are combative, have to be restrained, are given ativan, geodon you sleep for 5 hours and don’t remember much when you wake. Gee where can I get some of that?

  • Karan Marcos

    My husband had stage four lung cancer has been cured within the Rick Simpson Hemp oil. My husband has been through chemo 3 times, but this time his condition was getting worse that I was afraid it will kill him. When a friend of mine directed me to Rick Simpson at: ricksimpsoncannabisoil@outlook.com where I could buy the medication from, because the Rick Simpson has help cured his own Brain tumor and I strongly recommend that he would helped me with my husband cancer and cure it completely, I never believed the story, but today, with thanks giving in my heart, My husband lungs cancer has been cured within the Rick Simpson hemp oil and I want you all to join hands in appreciation of the great work that is been done by rick Simpson, he is the man that saved the life of my husband with hemp oil, thanks to him. You can contact him through his email: ricksimpsoncannabisoil@outlook.com I’ll keep thanking him because he is God sent to save my family that was at the stage of collapsing all because of my husband cancer.
    Karen Marcos

    • Omar Vanstone


      • just guess

        she is talking about hemp oil. not bho. my question is. what is the oil that has all the cbd’s and such for health?

        • Matt Begley

          Sativa flowers are the best for medicinal use. Or extract if you like, but a Sativa strain none the less.

    • Tracy A Monahan

      I dont think you can say Rick Simpson 50xs in one paragraph and have people think you’re being honest. Shame on you for using God’s name to try sell something. Even I think that’s pathetic and I’m an atheist

  • Jas

    What mistake did these self-proclaimed Cannabis Kings make to cause the explosion? I am very new to the idea of BHO, as I live in a state that still criminalizes and disagrees with medical marijuana. The fact that these amateur growers/users/patients are name dropping their mixture as Chronic, and then say thunderfuck, and purple. These are the type of people that should be denied cannabis cards. I suffer from a pinched nerve in my foot and mild sclerosis. Prescription pain killers leave me zombied out with pain. I am not a big fan of the indica strains, but the head high sativa strains seem to give me enough pain relief while allowing me to still move and interact with society.

    • M

      That was not even butane hash. They were trying to make it with rubbing alcohol, this sort of thing is best done outdoors, or a highly controlled situation( no open flames ). These guys were smoking and using a stove….


      I’m sorry about your pain. They did everything wrong. I think what caused the glass bowl to shatter was it wasn’t Pyrex. It wasn’t designed to handle extreme heat or temperature changes.

  • dro

    I smoke with cellulose papers which is the absolute safest way to smoke flowers. BHO is in no way safe and pipe smoking isn’t either unless it’s through natural heat such as convection or with a magnifying glass and the sun (I recommend trying this at least once it has an amazing taste using this method).

  • RDub

    Umm, hey everyone. Just a heads up, butane. crystalizes in your lungs when inhaled causing damage. Crack does the same thing. This is with low quality bho. And can causing problems with processing oxygen. Just a heads up, if your gonna smoke bho, be informed.

  • needabuzz

    A guy on the Big island of Hawai’i just did him self in trying to make some Honey Oil. According to the Hawai’i Tribune Herald newspaper:

    “At 8:16 p.m. Saturday, police responded to a report of a loud explosion at a home on 17th Street in Hawaiian Paradise Park subdivision. When officers arrived, fire department personnel were already at the scene, where smoke was present but not flames.

    The blast knocked out windows, melted plumbing fixtures and blew the doors off cabinets.

    The sole occupant at the time, a 30-year-old Keaau man, was initially taken to the Hawaiian Paradise Park fire station by private vehicle. He was then taken by ambulance to Hilo Medical Center with third-degree burns. He was later transferred to a hospital on Oahu.”

    He later died.

    I’d say, making honey oil in a kitchen is a bad idea.

  • Heather

    Oh I so so so echo in with your caution to all the good people out there. I’m a born and bread naturalist, and have been mortified by the use of volatile, like in fact poisonous solvents!! Why not keep it foodgrade, like Everclear to ensure absolute non-toxicity? I’m aware there is an availability and cost issue, but still…there’s got to be a way. I am enthralled with the evidence of this oil curing cancer…(amongst host of other healing benefits). I feel we need to slow down, take a breather, and each study about this plant that is FINALLY LEGAL!!! Hooooooray! We lived to see this day!
    Cannabis is a lovely, blessed herb that God created, and it’s all good. We need to go ahead and study and learn about it…I am amazed at the very authoritative studies that have been done for decades by good people who authenticate the goodness and medical benefits of this plant! Just like everything else He created, it reflects his Healing nature.

    Every time I see the word naptha, or the use of isopropyl alcohol or any non-food grade solvent, it freaks me out; I feel it’s our responsibility to know what has been done, and kick it up a notch and doing our own discovering!

    • Omar Vanstone


  • G

    Goddamn 47000 for 2 cft

  • stickpointed

    Last night in our apartment complex someone making the honey oil blew out every window in their apartment and he one across the hallway. Melted the carpet and light fixtures. How no one died is a mystery to me. Just a word of warning.

  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/OverLordKGK‎ OverLord Feraligator


  • Gaen bloop

    Honey oil? In the real drug scene we call it wax…. lel

    • http://itsmedicinejim.blogspot.com Gryphonn

      I think you’re a little young. It’s been called honey for years

    • Rob Twamley

      real drug scene? lol. that is hilarious

  • Honey Goat


    • http://myanimelist.net/animelist/solyman321 Kanade420

      HorribleSubs desu

      • http://myanimelist.net/profile/MatijaxD MatijaxD

        kappa desu

  • webb

    I do understand that making butane hash oil is a very hard task to do sometimes. Especially if you’re someone who has never been shown how, and you are beginning to learn by yourself it can be a very daunting task ahead. Also making butane hash oil when you are a beginner can be very dangerous. There are many different techniques that are available to you, And also many different kinds of products that you can buy to assist you. Now how do you decide which products you need and which ones you don’t need, And also which is the proper way to use these products. I was once at this stage before. I didn’t want to spend too much money on things that I did not absolutely need but also wanted to make the best BHO that I could. Doing some searching online, And buying some e-books and some paper back books. I found myself a book that I felt showed me everything I needed to know about how to make BHO and what I needed to buy. The book was short and sweet getting directly too the point, also giving the correct links that I needed in order for me to find the right products for the task at hand. If you’re a beginner I would recommend getting this book immediately before trying to make hash oil on your own. “How To Make BHO Vol. 2” you can find it here


    • Omar Vanstone

      valve lubricants in butane cause cancer, YUK!!!

      • http://www.wussu.com/ Weed

        Butane is an alkene with formula C4H10. It does not contain anything other than impurities. Valve lubricants are used to prevent butane and other gases escaping when passing through valves.

  • randy

    Why use Butane? I use moonshine!!

  • Omar Vanstone

    the valve lubricants in lighter refill butane are cancer causing & cannot be boiled or vacumed off so say hello to your oncologist for me, ice water hash is pure & clean

    • frank

      So… blast with butane that’s actually clean

  • Rob Twamley

    ridiculous comments from very uninformed, ignorant people, many of which don’t really have much to do with the topic. Very interesting as I did not know anything about wax and remember honey oil from way back. Thanks. I found this to be a very good version of “one person’s opinion”… note he repeatedly said “I would say”, “I would answer”, “my opinion” and alot of you chimed in with nonsense. Thanks Johnny, some of us do know how to read and appreciate the efforts

  • LisaJeane

    My son is in the burn unit with 3rd degree burns on 65% of his body. He was in a medically induced coma for a month, had inhalation burns to his lungs and was unable to breathe on his own (and is still on a ventilator), his arms and legs burned and have required numerous skin graft surgeries, his face was burned and will require plastic surgery and other burns in random areas. He cannot talk, eat, walk or even write. He has to be tube fed, requires painful cleaning of his wounds, needs regular blood transfusions, has infections, was septic emic, and is in restraints so he won’t disturb his numerous tubes. He is now disabled and it is possible that he will never be able to live without assistance. Because of a youthful mistake his life is now changed forever.

    • Becca Aune

      I’m so sorry! My thoughts and prayers are with your son and your family….

  • Jonga

    i dont trust butane. From what I’ve read, what is used for and the chemical composition… I dont trust it. I dont trust dealers either, they’re business people they dont give a fuck about your health. Maybe in Colorado or Amsterdam, but not in the streets. Like they said, if its poorly filtered it can be harmful for your health. Be wise, keep researching.

    • Becca Aune

      I have witnessed people smoking this and after watching them and hearing them cough, I think I’ll stick to the regular stuff. I’ve tried bho a few times and it really made my lungs feel heavy and I just don’t see what’s so great about it. Maybe I’m just old school too, but the idea of smoking something made with butane just kinda turns me off….

    • Matt Begley

      That’s purged, not filtered… There is a difference. I don’t know where you’re from, but here, most dealers are good people, although I can’t speak for the younger generation… shit… I never thought I’d hear myself say that shit… damn

  • Large Marj

    Full melt is the best example of an internet troll

  • Cleo Lenora Wolf

    Ok, so I, being “old school”, am so pissed at this younger generation that have no clue as to what they’re doing! It’s idiots like this that give Cannabis a bad name!!
    Cannabis is so good for alot of sick people who really need it! Cannabis should be Legal in all the States!! Too bad we have some idiots that Abuse it!!! geez…:(


  • aidan gilmore

    does anyone know what happens to butane chemically when you heat it to vape temperature?


    I’m no expert, but the included video looks like they’re trying to make hash oil using the alcohol methods, BHO would generally use a slightly ground material placed in a pyrex/stainless tube with a screen filter over one end and an inlet for a butane source on the other.

    What idiot tries to evaporate their solvent over an open flame stove top? Even the dumbest of dumb people would see that’s a bad idea. Whether using alcohol or butane they both put off a lot of flammable fumes that would obviously be a no no around flame. The most unsafe part of hash oils would be the butane/solvent remainders if it’s not purged properly.

  • Shannon Orourke

    At 1:02 in the background a T.V is playing and it tells them…listen..Satan is coming down to your family..and then just after that BOOM!!..the house is on fire!! Don’t believe in God, but weird coincidences, yes! Learn to read before you Break Bad..Play safe peeps. Peace

  • Amber

    The key is not to rush it. Don’t use any heat. Let nature take its course and do the work.