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cannabis soilWhat’s The Best Soil For Growing Marijuana?

Growing marijuana is not easy. There are so many variables, so many decisions to be made, it’s enough to give a marijuana grower an anxiety attack! One thing that I always try to keep in mind when I am growing marijuana is to research and prepare ahead of time. For some reason, a lot of people think that growing marijuana is easy. It’s only when they are weeks in that they realize they are in over their head. In an attempt to salvage the crop, the marijuana grower starts doing drastic things to improve the marijuana plants. Plan ahead, it’s well worth it.

The first thing that you will need to determine is whether you want to grow marijuana hydroponically or organically using soil. I will save hydroponics for another article, since this article deals only with soil. One of the biggest questions that I always get is, ‘what is the best soil for growing marijuana?’ Luckily for readers, I have a recipe for quite possibly the greatest marijuana growing soil of all time. It was invented by the legendary Subcool. Here is Subcool’s Super Soil Recipe which originally appeared on Cannabis Culture:

Subcool’s Super Soil

Click on pictures to enlargeTo me there is nothing like the flavor of properly grown organic cannabis. The subtle flavors and aromas created when using mother earth is over whelming to the senses when done properly.

As with many vegetables a rich Organic soil can bring out the best in a plant. Over the past 20 years I have tried almost every possible way to cultivate our favorite plant and while hydro is certainly faster and the yields blow soil away, I have developed a soil that performs extremely well and there’s very little guess work. I don’t worry about ph or ppm I simply have spent a few years developing a sound recipe and in combination with 7 gallon nursery pots I can run from start to finish using only water. Other than a bit of sweat equity every 90 days or so it takes a huge amount of science out of the garden and puts nature back in charge. This recipe is slightly different from my last and from the one so many use as gospel that I have passed around for years from grower to grower.

I always start with at least 6-8 large bags of high quality organic soil. The selection of your base soil is very important so don’t cut corners here. I cannot begin to discuss all the different products but I will discuss a few in this article. A good Organic soil should cost between 8-10$ per 30# bag. I want you to get a real good idea what I consider a balanced soil to be so take a look at the ingredients of a product called Roots Organic:

Lignite*, coca fiber, perlite, pumice, compost, peat moss, bone meal, bat guano, kelp meal, Green sand, soy bean meal, leonardite, k-mag, glacial rock dust, alfalfa meal, oyster shell flour, earth worm castings and Mycorrhizae.

I have always believed in giving my plants a wide range of soils and additives I figure it’s like a buffet they get all they need

“Lignite, also known as leonardite, mined lignin, brown coal, and slack, is an important constituent to the oil well, drilling industry. Lignite, or leonardite as it will be referred as hereafter, is technically known as a low rank coal between peat and sub-bituminous. Leonardite was named for Dr. A.G. Leonard, North Dakota’s first state geologist, who was a pioneer in the study of lignite deposits. Leonardite is applied to products having a high content of humic acid. Humic acid has been found to be very useful as a drilling mud thinner.”

Another local product we are trying now is called Harvest Moon.

Washed coco fibers, Alaskan peat moss, perlite, yucca, pumice, diatoms, worm castings, feather meal, fishmeal, kelp meal, limestone, gypsum, soybean meal, alfalfa meal, rock dust, yucca meal, and Mycorrhizae fungi.

The Roots produced a more floral smell in the finished flowers while the Harvest Moon generated larger yields.

If you have access to a good local mix like these then I highly recommend starting with these type products. We have also had decent results using commercial brands as well but not as is. The best results we have seen from well known soil that is available nationwide is Fox Farms “Ocean Forrest” soil combined in a 2-1 ratio with Light Warrior. On it’s own the Ocean Forrest is known for burning plants and having the wrong ratio’s of nutrients but when cut down with Light Warrior it makes a pretty good mix for a base soil.

You can also just use 2 bales of Sunshine mix #4 but this is my last choice and plants growing in this may not complete properly with this “Just add water” method of soil growing. The concept to this concentrated soil is to not have to worry with mixing up nutrients after the soil is made. The concentrate is placed in the bottom ¼ to ½ of the container and blended with base soil. This allows the plants to grow into the strong concentrated soil and in the right size container need nothing else but water throughout the full harvest cycle. With strains requiring high levels of nutrients we go as strong as ¾ of the container with Super Soil but this is only with a small percentage of strains.

Here are the amounts we have found that produce the best tasting buds and strongest medicines.

8- Large bags of High quality Organic potting soil with a coco and Mycorrhizae

1- 25-50 pounds of Organic Worm castings
5 lb. Steamed Bone meal
5 lb. Bloom bat Guano
5 lb. Blood meal
3 lb. Rock Phoshate
¾ cup Epson salts
½ to 1 Cup cup Sweet Lime ( Dolimite)
½ Cup Azomite ( Trace Elements)

2- TBS Powdered Humic Acid

This is the same basic recipe I have used for 15 years the hardest ingredient to acquire is the worm castings most people don’t even know what it is. Be resourceful and find it worms make up ¾ of the living organisms underground btw and hold our planet together.

Be careful not to waste money on Soil Conditioner with worm casting but local Pure Worm poop with no added mulch.

There are several methods of mixing this up well.

You can sweep off a patio or garage and work there on a tarp.

You can use a kids plastic wading pool these cost about 10$ and work really well for a few seasons.

Some growers have been known to rent a cement mixer and cut down on the physical labor. As long as you get the ingredients mixed up properly that is all that matters.

This can be a lot of work so don’t pull a muscle if your not used to strenuous activity. This method is good for mind and body. Working with soil keeps me in pretty good shape, but if you have limitations you can simply have someone mix it up for you while you supervise. One of the things I like about this method is I can drop of plants to a patient and all they have to do is water the plants when the soil dries out.

Place a few bags of base soil in first making a mound. I then place the powdered nutrients in a circle around the mound and then cover with another bag of base soil.

Then goes in the bat poop and then more base soil. I continue to layer soil and additives until everything has been added to the pile. So now I put on the muck boots, these help me kick the soil around and get it mixed up well using my larger leg muscles and not my back and arms. Then it’s as simple as my Skipper used to say “ Put your back into it”. This is hard work that I obsess on, even breaking up all the clods of soil by hand. I mix for about 15 minutes, turning the pile over and over until it is mixed well. I store the mix in large garbage cans. Before using the mix the entire load is poured out once more and mixed well. Once placed in the containers I water it slightly adding 3 gallons of water to a large garbage can full. It will make the stirring harder next week but it will activate the Mycorrhizae and I think help all the powders dissolve.

So now we add water and let it cook in the sunshine. 30 days is best for this concentrate.

Do not put seeds or clones directly in this mix. It is an advanced mix used in conjunction with base soil. It is used to place in the bottom of each finishing container and fully rooted established clones are placed in a bed of base soil that is layered on top of the concentrate. As the plants grow they slowly push their roots into the super soil drawing up all nutrients needed for a full cycle. The Super Soil can be used also to top dress plants that take longer to mature.

I will use this mix for a full year just adding like 30-50% in the lower potion of the container and plain base soil in the top portion.

Base Soil means your regular potting soil Like Roots, Harvest Moon, or even sunshine mix without the additives!

Buds from this method finish with a fade and a smoother fruity flavor. The plants are not green when done but Purple, Red, Orange and even Black at times. The resin content is heavier and the terpins always seem to be more pungent.

This method is used my medical growers all over with amazing results. The feed back I receive is really positive with reports of Hydro-like growth and novice growers producing buds of the same quality as life long growers.

Here is some insight that I received from

What’s good Greenies and welcome to another insightful Wisdom Wednesday from me, ThisBuds4You. This week Greenie Brayden writes in asking about the best kind of soil for indoor growing:

hey i was just trying to figure out what the best type of soil there is to use for growing indoors and was wondering if you had any suggestions on what to use? or your favorite type of soil to use? because ive done lots of research and i cant seem to find the best type of soil just homemade mixes and the pH level the soil should be between so if you could answer this that would be great thanks.
peace and pot
There are many types of soil and mixes to choose from. When looking for a soil mix there are a few things to consider, pH, drainage and nutrients. A few months ago I did a post on the differences between Soil and Hydroponics and how each has its strong points and downfalls. In that post I mentioned Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest Potting Soil and I still stick by that potting soil. Ocean Forest is a complete, all organic potting soil. It’s consisted of rich composted forest humus, sphagnum peat for aeration, bat guano, fish, crab, shrimp, Norwegian kelp meals and premium earthworm castings. There are even some oyster shells mixed in to insure a balanced pH. Cannabis grows best in soil with a pH range of 6.5 to 7.0. Ocean Forest is ready to use straight out of the bag; it has good drainage, it’s pH buffered and contains enough nutrients to sustain the plant for the next 2-3 weeks. You can find Ocean Forest Potting Soil at your local hydroponics store or check Fox Farm’s website to find a local distributor near you.
Keep it green Greenies and OVERGROW THE WORLD!!!

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  • sandy

    When my ex grew…..he would use, cow manure mixed with black dirt, bone meal, and bat (guava) poop. 5 gallons of water per day. And the holes for the plants were approx. 4X4X5′ deep.

  • Mugen

    Greenies? Seriously? I unsubscribed from HMJ to get away from their juvenile BS and desperate attempts to appear relevant, very disappointed to see it getting reposted here.

    Also, if you really want to know about good soil mix for growing high-quality cannabis, one vague paragraph isn’t going to do any good. FFOF might do okay for some dude growing a single (not very healthy) plant in his closet, but there’s simply no substitute for doing a little research, and there are some pretty great resources available that are completely dedicated to growing.

    • Dirty Dave

      Fox farm is the best dude I don’t know what you are talking about I look at this site everyday and some of the bestest articles are hailmaryjane ones you are smoking too much crack

      • LoL

        “.. bestest .. ”


        • http://na White widow

          Mugen……chill brother.Its not that big of a deal

  • hellarella

    So what do you do after 2-3 weeks? Have to use a bunch more stuff to finish the growing cycle?
    If it is so good then why will the neut only last for 2-3 weeks?

    • smarterthanyou

      dumbass youre supposed to use nutrient supplements via water after the first two to three weeks, not add more soil you fucking idiot

  • refurr

    fox farm ocean forest hasn’t let me down in the three years i’ve been using it. it is basically set up for vegg cycle, that’s why it needs nothing for at least 3-4 weeks. 4th to 5th week start using nutes to prepare for flowering. have mixed several variations of my own soil over 20 years and after side by side grows, found ocean forest to be as good if not better than anything. one thing is, never had problem with ph using ffof during vegg or flower. fox farm products are great, however i prefer advance nutrients for flowering stage. big bud powder is the SHIT!!!!

    • Miff

      Just guna start a grow mate. I have took ur advice on the soil . But when watering them do u still need neutrions in the water. And if so which? Do u change the soil after 3-4 weeks . Could u give a breif description on th stages if ya could.

    • dez

      where can you get it?

    • billy

      hey ive been growing a low grade weed plant its about 4 weeks old and its still kinda a seedling and the bottom leaves are turning yellow and dying i was wondering if u could help me with my growing beacuse it looks like you know what to do!?please help?

    • billy

      can u email me at

  • todd

    after 25 years of different soils i came to the correct answer about soil, go hydro you’ll love the results.

  • 50Cal

    The dudes just asking a question u fucking moron, it’s fuckheads like you that give growers a bad name,


    • Red Dot

      Hey .50cal!!! Way to beat down an ass clown! I hope he produces all males

      • Jimmac

        There is always a arrogant smart ass in the crowd who THINKS he know everything.Kind of reminds me of the spelling police nerds in the comment sections on AOL.

    • http://myown mike pearse

      well said m8 u ask a simlpe quetion and there is always one big NOB!!!! who acts like a fucking 5year old do one grow some balls !! growers on ere not throwers!!

    • John Hill

      Secrets are secrets, but general knowledge is human freedom!!!

  • onedogpoopin

    Buy Clones

  • L.o.mothatfukin .L

    Fuk yall yall dont kno what yall talkin bout..and sandy is a freak

  • codi

    look up black pearl soil on google dont realy know if its soil or not buy i heard about and someone told me its good shit and also told me he uses a type of root nutrient called WHTE WIDOW its powder and all you do is mix it all in with other stuff you would like to mix in and them feed the plant well peace out …..WeeDKILL420



  • newbudder

    i just finished my first grow it went great but i had some help first i started with some great seads i orderd from 5 only 1 male but the soil my friend said to use is a coco base named sunshine advanced mix#4 i never had a ph problem it is about as close to hydro u can get without the headach of the hydro system

  • olkev

    I’m new at growing. I want to use soil and you all have made my head spin. Makes me want just to use MG. I know you all said don’t, buy good stuff. I want to make this easy. So, someone please tell me what kind is the best but don’t cost big bucks. I also have another question for all you pro’s. My grow closet is 4′x3′deep and 7′feet tall. I want to use CFL lamps. How many and what wattages. Please help this 1st grower…Thanks

    • Tommy TheTuna

      Have you figured out your soil setup yet?

  • Aga Khan

    @olkev Growing in soil is not that hard. You do have to be a little more patient and little screw ups that get fixed in a day using hydro can take days to fix using organic methods. If you are overly confused just start small and keep it simple. Buy a good quality organic potting mix. is a great place to start. They have plenty of how to videos regarding organic farming. If you need to talk to someone they have never failed to help when I have called.

    Once you have settled on the mix you will need to fertilize as the standard mixes don’t have much nutrients in them. Make a tea it is very easy to do. Just make enough for what you need and mix a new batch every third watering. You can make the tea from worm castings and bat guano in a 5 gallon bucket and water.

  • bling bloom

    Just lookin for new knowledge first time grower at 2 and a half weeks leaves yellowing should I give them nutes already what kind

    • doesnt know sht

      ive read that it can be salt build-up, too many nutrients, too little nutrients, or just a plain unhealthy seed, im sure there can be more but thats just off the top of my head, i’d look around a bit yourself though, youtube has alot of educational clips
      good luck

      • John Hill

        Research punnet sq

    • Tommy TheTuna

      The yellowing of the leaves early on in the grow period indicates that there is a lack of nitrogen. About a month in you should have already started using nutrients.

      • John Hill

        The best I have ever seen grew wild there are nutrients all around you, if leaves start turning yellow not only is there a lack NO2 there is a CO2 defficiency.

  • doesnt know sht

    hey guys can i use “hydroponic” nutrients in a soil growed plant??
    also another question, i bought fox farms tiger bloom for my nutrients during flowering but im wondering if i fucked up and should use something like big bud powder like reffur mentioned having a higher potassium content instead of phosphorous
    i havent started my first grow yet btw, just gathering supplies and knowledge b4 i attempt so any advise appreciated muchly thanks

    • Tommy TheTuna

      No dont use hydo nutes in soil settings bra. Â

    • Cliffyscuts

       Yes you can if you use sand and rock  see above post pure sand is just like indoor hydro taste with outdoor ease…..   hard to over water or over feed  drains so good …try it I have grown alot out doors and I have never got the indoor taste like I do with until I started this program…

      • Alex v

        Why would u want indoor taste from outdoors? The best thing about outside is the taste.. indoors u get potency and outside u get that earthy inhale.. Ibjust dont get it u straight delivered an oxy moron

  • Matthias

    what is the best solution for spider mites tried every remody, dont say neme oil how ever spelled but i cannot get my hands on that right now im asking the quick fix

    • Valerie7075

      Molasses water. 1 tsp per gallon

    • Midnight train


    • Chisna

      I’ve tried them all. Including neem. Best solution I’ve found is blast em off with water or a air compressor. Do this every 3 or 4 days until you don’t see them any more. Spray down your empty room or tent with Lysol or a strong bleach water solution. Wipe down…And repeat process as soon as you see them come back. Which you will… I have seperate veg. and flower rooms. And between rotations I spray down the room even if I don’t see mites. Others may have things that work for them. This is what I found works for me.

    • Jesse States

      lady bugs or praying mantis is a good way just put 1 mantis or couple (6) or more lady bugs that will get them

  • Mkirk88

    Im doing my mixes at a large scale and just have a few questions. My plants are delicate there only about A month and there exactly 16 inches high but the best thing is because the way they were cloned and rooted for vegitation there exactly 27easy inches long so my question in how would I keep my roots from burning since there so long and healthy by the way im not going to use pots im diving a 3by3 by 4tonight foot deep hole in the ground

  • MeanJoeGreenDelivery

    “8- Large bags of High quality Organic potting soil with a coco and Mycorrhizae”
    Hey guys quick question!   If I purchased Roots Organic brand potting soil what would constitute a large bag?  I am trying to buy some off amazon and I can’t figure out which poundage I am looking for.  Thanks for your help!

  • PermaFry

    how much of all this stuff will I need if I plan on growing only 1-4 plants?

    • PermaFry

      i realise now how much I sounded like a NOOB!

  • Anonymous

    Around how much would all of this come to?

  • Nathanwest66

    PLEASE HELP- first time grower here, i have germinated some seeds and started them out in Miracle grow soil, they are only about 5 inches right now, in 3 days im going to try a good soil mix like the one u have up above in 5 gallon pots, would they be ok to transpant them after that long from miracle grow soil to one like whats above??

    • Cliffyscuts

       When you harvest you will see that it tastes like commercial weed…….. See the post above about growing in sand and rock, I will never use soil again!!!!      Indoor taste outdoors , its all in the chemicals you feed it……Â

  • Floridabadger

    I’m trying out using a cow manure type of soil! W/the knowlege + growing tomatoes & watermelons last year w/fantabulous results till sun got too hot outdoors here in FL! Now I’m utilizing a newer bulb, cfls/real curly type that is next best to sunlight! Mixed in perlite for aeration! w/rocks in bottom also! So far so good! Would like replies as to wether thid is a good Idea/plans for closet! Starting out w/bulb 24″? or so above to be pulled uo as plants grow! Also have a mirror w/Al on walls! We’ll see! Going from an old Conniseurs telling me that u can never use too much coe poop! Am looking forward to replies! Thanx!!

    • Charlie Watts

        cow manure is good,but,yes you can use too much of it, high in nitrogen,it will stunt the growth and turn the leaves a sickly yellow/green..

  • Floridabadger

    Another trick was germinating till leaves were fully exposed, then I made a hole w/finger, and put all the way so after filling hole just tops were out in hopes to keep plants low & full!! Kinda new@f9f11c2b173827b3ef69cd59107a6646:disqus  this so only time will tell!! Would enjoy corrective criticism please! From a fellow Head!!! THANX!! Happy tokin to all eho can! I.m doing all I can to get Medical cuz I could come offa Too Many pills! To pursue what I KNow is best to make me smile while being comfortable!! Happy Mothers Day to ALL Moms out there!!

  • Mark

    I have an outdoor garden and would like to know what the best ratio of fertilizer is. I found miriclae grow and it is, 12-4-8
    is there a better one?

  • Tollion

    Nothing like good old ‘Volcanic soil’, have grown the strongest of weeds in this natural dirt..This is the most balanced soil know to man…

  • Gwcliff

    WHAT WORKS GREAT FOR ME!,COST NEAR TO NOTHING, EASY, NO WORK TO SPEAK of.. You should know about the stages of plants and have some basic knowledge…  I use 7gal or ten gal plastic pots with holes   Fill half with hydro rock… the rest with sand plant and use under 75$ in hdryo chems I feed it 3 different type 1 each day 4 day water only you can water as much as you want.. Dont let chems build up. Add 2 chemicals for budding. Mix just like hydroponics, the water drains good, be sure to  clean chems out for 3 days for taste brfore harvest..  Sunlight!! no ele cost… Hydro taste   but better Hands down the cheapest and easy way outdoors I have ever done with the indoor taste and outdoor kill factor…This all = great taste all for under a 100 bucks and I have spent 1,000 s on all the indoor crap   Try this and you will not grow indoors..Â

    • Cliffyscuts

       Each plastic container is half rock half sand… just for clarification… gets the all nutrients from hydro chemicals just as a   indoor systemÂ

  • mirren

    hey troops, have 4 cuttings rooted and ready to pot, whats the best soil for this early stage?

  • Tyler Durden

    Try some Fox Farm soil, it should have enough nutrition to last you for about a month before you need to supplements with additional nutrients.

    • Goodpif

      Which fox farn nutes should i use after a month

  • Jwilliams198708

    Im a first time grower I need someone with good knowledge to give me suggestions on how to setup an outside garden measuring about 12″7 what equipment will I need suggestions are helpful

    • Jwilliams198708

      12″3 sorry

  • Xhapoch

    Above, there are directions for preparing soil and goes like “Once placed in the containers I water it slightly adding 3 gallons of water to a large garbage can full. It will make the stirring harder next week but it will activate the Mycorrhizae and I think help all the powders dissolve.So now we add water and let it cook in the sunshine. 30 days is best for this concentrate.”  I am confused here about the water being added when, how much, etc.  Seems like there is some missing information here.

    • Dave

      also how much Mycorrhizae do you add?


    ^Can’t U Juhz Grow Reggie Wit Juz Soil??

  • Billybaggz

    I found a round egg on the top of my soil then I squeezed it and it popped like a lil ball or something…what is it and should I be worried

  • The Real Grower

    Just use Scotts Miracle Grow Soil. It feeds for 3 to 6 months and no need to check the ph level since its already good dirt.

    You might kill a plant giving it that much food.

    You don’t want to kill your tomato plants.

  • Shane Wyatt

    So what about using fine sand for after the germination but before the bigger pot transfer? Do you think this will help retain the initial moisture and guides the root to dig deep for the soil?

  • james

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    Hawaiian Skunk
    Afghani #1

    • johhny1

      purple k from Oaksterdam? or seed ?

      curious in the 818

  • b real

    i am a new grower i just bought 6 seeds 2 purple widow 2 thc bomb and 2 white skunk wat is the best soil and food to use to get the best out of my crop

    • adamC

      wasgood i got my canabus card u got fire

  • johhny1

    COMPOST! worms

    The best soil is only 1 part of the equation. How fast the soil drys , how much nutrients to give .
    Jorge Cervantes has some good books ,websites ,youtube.

    Another good source is “bio-dynamics” Stieners belief that herbs and weeds removed by man actually regulate molds ,diseases. re-introducing these organic plants or applying to garden compost helps plants thrive in an organic environment

    SubCool has some great vids on youtube and I have only heard good things on his Vids

    back in the day , we had to hide this, We parked our cars miles away from the hydro shop ,paid cash ,told no-one.
    Now information flows freely on the Net
    To all Newbies the best advice I have heard was “whatever keeps it green”

  • Bronx Bull

    This thread is huge good comments….what type of supplement(s) will I need to add to this after I plant?

  • Adam

    Is that the exact amount to mix for every ingredient

  • cajyen

    Ok Hello Ppl I Have Read Most Of Your Articles And I Am MoRe Lost Then When I Started Im Trying For My First Time To Grow I Have The Soil That Was Recommended To Me The Lights And The Seeds. I Was Told To Put Coffee grounds In The soil Should I Or Not Do So And If Done RightHow Long Would It Be Until I See Some Kind Of Results.

  • conky

    can I leave my soil testers in the pot during the entire grow?

  • long haul drifter

    im growing autos and wondering can I start them under cfls and then transfer them to the hps after a couple weeks of grow?

    • Spinnr

      Yes you can and prob. the best way to start them off.

  • sandiw

    I’m confused now, but I read online that you can use soil for tomatoes and watermelon and it works good. Should I do this?

  • FEDupWITHstupidity

    2-4 people can easily mix large quantities by laying it all on a drop cloth or heavy plastic square shaped tarp. Have each person stand on one of the sides of the tarp. Each person grabs on and one at a time take turns lifting their side high enough to push the dirt to the center and beyond if possible. This is easy and there is no need to jump in and get dirty. You can use your legs to help with pushing your side to the middle. After 5 minutes of mixing, it is thoroughly combined

  • aliensRdrones

    I have been testing different methods for desert growers add 5 2 cubic ft bags of Lowes top soil , add one half bag chicken manure, one quarter bag steer, 2 bags hydroponics mulch, 2 1.5 bags hydroponic house plant soild, add coco shell 5lbs, 1lb sea kelp,5lbs peat moss and 3 lbs pearlite add 10lb natural pea gravel the smaller the better and 2lbs clean washed sand add add 1 bag 1.5 cft cactus soil mix well add I bottle peroxide large mix very well add to plant pots plant need bamboo reed building with clear roof we use a small swamp cooler to keep temp down adding humidity set on low away from plants pointing inward flowing out through reeds fantastic setup if done righ

  • Nezzie Spinney

    First time grower started with my seeds in
    Im just wondering what do i do next ? Its been like this for two weeks ? Need help

  • Nezzie Spinney

    What do i do next ?

    • KR

      Let them all grow and then wack the ,ail when it.identifies itself. Then growth the two females in a way where pruning properly will allow them light, strengthening ability, and give you sticky high yields. IMHO.

  • Nezzie Spinney

    First time grower started with my seeds in
    Im just wondering what do i do next ? Its been like this for two weeks ? Need help

    • Matao

      Give more them more light. Make sure your light cycle is proper. Keep growing. Soon move to the veg stage. Look on YouTube how to grow weed indoors you will get many results.

      • Nezzie Spinney

        Hey man they getting roughly 12/12 light n dark , but just the sun when will more leaves come , i just transplanted them from a small jiffy hot house to the big pots just wanted to know if they will grow the soil i started them from seed was on my pic and i bought today the premium potting mix today when should i transder them again or should i just leave them in the soil as is ,??? I need help pls ???

    • Jay Millz

      What the fuck? If you’re going to depend on the sunlight from outside to give them light then plant them outside for god sake. You need to buy some lights if you want to grow them indoors or otherwise you’re going to end up with dead plants. Also your light schedule should be 18h on and 6h off.

  • Dave

    You said ”I will use this mix for a full year just adding like 30-50% in the lower
    potion of the container and plain base soil in the top portion.” Do you reuse the soil after the plant is done or you use the left over mixed soil in the trash can for a year?

    How much Mycorrhizae do you add?

  • need4weed

    first timer. useing 1 part vermiculite 3 parts perlite 3 parts topsoil 1 part mushroom soil , they are all organic. will this be ok or am he f@#@! it up?