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What Is The Point Of The Discovery Channel’s New TV Show ‘Pot Cops’?

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I just dedicated the last hour of my life to watching the Discovery Channel’s latest marijuana TV show ‘Pot Cops.’ To be perfectly upfront, I wish I had half of that hour back. During the show, I kept asking myself ‘what is the point of this show?’ I am a big fan of the Discovery Channel, and I find most of their shows educational. However, there was little to be learned from this blatant attempt at spreading Reefer Madness. Did Harry Anslinger create this show?

The name of the episode is ‘cartel threat.’ However, throughout the show, they keep showing legal medical marijuana gardens, and small recreational gardens. It is sad to see the creators try as hard as they can to blur the line between legal medical marijuana and illegal cartel marijuana. Over and over, the narrator and cops kept talking about the violence and danger associated with marijuana, yet not once did they capture any of it on film.

I liked at the end of the episode when they showed a cartel grow, finally, and highlighted the environmental impact such grows have on the areas they are occurring. But I would rather have seen an entire episode about it, with parts dedicated to explanations of how these gardens are different than responsible medical marijuana gardens, and how if prohibition was gone, these grows wouldn’t occur. About the only thing that can be learned from this show is that as long as marijuana is illegal, precious resources will be spent to to try to eradicate it in a never ending battle.

Even the Humboldt County Sheriff admitted that it’s a losing battle. He also admitted that local gardens, not cartels, generate enormous sums for the local economy. Imagine if the State of California gave up the sham that is marijuana prohibition, and also the rest of the United States. How much money would that generate? How many cartels gardens would be be gone because the system would be in place for taxing and regulating marijuana?

If the show is titled ‘Cartel Threat’ than why did they have any non-cartel marijuana gardens and growers in the episode? Why was there not one cartel member caught on film, much less caught and put in handcuffs? Why did I have to watch the cops laugh when they saw a garden, claiming that the guy growing it ‘must be really sick?’ Do these cops and show producers not realize that it’s possible to grow for more people than just yourself? I know people in California that grow for dozens of people, which guess what, results in lots and lots of plants. All of the end recipients of the marijuana use it only for medicinal purposes, yet they are indirectly bashed during most of the show. Ridiculous.

I would like to see an educated activist given equal time during the episode to explain that the recreational marijuana community, as well as the medical marijuana community, wants what the show claims the cops also want – to eradicate the black market for marijuana and to keep cartels from infiltrating public lands. The ‘pot cops’ can spend countless hours, and untold sums of resources, and still not succeed. Yet, if marijuana was legalized, it would happen virtually overnight, and the cops would be better off, the environment would be better off, non-violent growers would be better off, patients would be better off, tax payers would be better off, etc. Hopefully the Discovery Channel sees this, and creates a show that finally, finally is accurate. Weed Wars was good, but needed to be expanded on. Weed Country and Pot Cops is a total blight. I guarantee if a solid, accurate, expansive show was created, it would be very popular, and people would actually be educated from it.

Please do not watch Pot Cops. Supporting Reefer Madness via viewers is the last thing that needs to happen, as it encourages more shows like this one.


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  1. I hate these cops and I think pot heads should have rights just like all the gay basturds. It’s ok to suck a dick but we can’t smoke a little weed. There are so much worse things out there to be fucking with us. Fuck you cops and your families. Go suck a big cock. Go eat shit and die

  2. I do not know if you are old enough to remember the radio program that Orson Wells “War of the world” did on the radio before there was television, he actually had the public believing that there was an alien invasion. and I believe the government seen how influential the radio was on the general public, and then television was created and now they could show all sorts of “propaganda”, like in the prohibition days when they would have show like Elliot Ness, who fought the Al Capone liquor trade, back when the movies were only a nickel to get into, but it has escalated into a mass media disinformation highway where the real truth was hidden, but now that we have the internet we have at our fingertips the real truth as to why is was deemed harmful, and in fact it has deeply rooted racist roots, and Harry Anslinger was at the head of it, and they had to do something with all of those G-men that were out of work, since they repealed prohibition which later under J Edgar Hoover blossomed into the FBI, and many more agencies have sprouted from there. but will the government ever fess up to the truth, NO, there is no truth in government anymore, how many presidents have admitted that they smoked marijuana, and obama himself admitted that it was better then alcohol, which is the real gateway drug.

  3. lol, he said Barney Fifes… mall cops at best… i hope they dont embarrass themselves nor discovery channel with another season…

  4. sorry, but them officers made themselves look very dumb… and showed that they arent putting a small dent in the marijuana(pot) industry… not professional at all… did you see that dummy jumping around like a retarded monkey on that trailer of pot… the time they took to rip up that donkey weed, three other farms had time to harvest their crops… the money spent to stop marijuana from being available, it hasnt stopped it by the way, could help the United States with poverty issues, gov money issues, housing issues and also help other countries if need be… instead of black or white or this country or that country, how about we help people and the earth… them cops and that show was only for the bandwagon effect and for them small town sheriffs, omg idiots, to revive their own purpose for having a sheriffs station in such a small place… it was either so many substations shut down or lets go public and save our non relative jobs with tv… where are yall now? i dont see any new seasons… yall have a good one, ya hear now…lol, the show sucked, but intrigued me on how dumb can they get, so i watched 2 episodes… i am sure the family living under bridge would like some of that millions/billions that is spent on war on pot, for some food or a small home to start again in life… but u keep jumpin around like idiots wasting money on a mission that has no effect… heck, every one of them officers have someone in their family that smokes pot(prob their girlfriend on side or their wife) –>this has been my experience with officers that dont smoke pot, usually have a wife/girlfriend that does… again, have good day…

  5. I saw a show (not sure if pot crops) and it looked like they had a full fledged army type task force…it was insane…armed to the teeth, helicopters and humvees. hopefully CA will legalize weed and render these guys useless

  6. I wish they would tell you more details on the financial cost of all the law enforcement used, overtime pay, resource costs, fuel, etc. Its kinda a one sided view of things.

  7. they are just rdnecks that cant get laid so they go looking for people selling growing pot if you despute it cops come find me i have three plants 3 pounds ech ohhhh im scared

  8. they are just rdneck cops that want o do some damage they all smoke pot there cocks thats all if they were here theyed smoke a big one with mke if not id kick there fucking ass

  9. I prefer to think of this show as the last pathetic attempts of a bunch of schliemiels trying to justify that which cannot be justified and deep down know that it cannot be justified.

  10. I live in Humboldt County. I love Humboldt County. It’s not the weed it’s the money and the crime that are associated with the weed the cops in Humboldt have a problem with. You can not walk down the streets of Arcata without smelling pot. 1 in 3 households in Arcata are involved someway with marijuana you can’t say the aren’t cops turning a blind eye, because they are. They don’t care if you are smoking your medical marijuana or smoking a few joints recreationally. What they do care about is the big guys with the big money attracting big crime. And who do these guys call when they are getting robbed? I don’t want these guys in my neighborhood, with their drugs, with their money, and their illegal guns. Legalize marijuana. I think many Humboldt cops agree. It would cut down of lots of crime. The cops don’t deserve all the critism. they are doing their job. I don’t necessarily agree with all of their attitudes but I don’t think they deserve the backlash.

  11. I’m guessing the point of Discovery Channels new show “Pot Cops” is to show what a bunch of ASSH*LES those Nazi cops are…Discovery Channel should have named the show “NAZI COPS”.. Some whining Nazi cops that think they are God!!! They act like they are doing the public a big service and make these honest people with legal medical cards to grow and smoke it.. These Nazi cops are just a big waste of tax payer money!! Then acted surprised when they find guns at someone home, its legal and not your place to make these people out to be Al Capon for having guns and weed!!! You Nazi cops carry guns for protection so why should the American Citizens have a right to have a firearm for protection?? The 420 movement is taken over America and winning, I will be glad when all of you Nazi Cops are out of a job, ya’ll are just bunch of Barney Fifes.. Get a REAL job!!!

  12. American Weed on the National Geographic Channel did this. It was a show about growers and sellers in Colorado; I think it ran for two seasons.

  13. BULLSHIT! Those cops didn’t just RAIDS the garden and call it a day… They’ve got “Asset Forfeiture” to come behind them with and not only WIPE HIM OUT, but, but put threw PROCEEDS of such a sale in their BUDGET! So please don’t say they received NO MONEY for this show

  14. There was going to 3 episodes but what happen to 2 & 3 I had them programed to record and now they are gone.

  15. You should see the show “the war on drugs”. They talk about cartel’s shipping to the US and how Cannabis funds all other drug shipping into the US.

  16. Radio is ok but I want to see pot on TV I want to see buds. I want to see grower, trimmers, and the shops that sell. I don’t much care about idiot cops I ignore them.

  17. As someone who lives in Humboldt, I see the disgusting toll marijuana cultivation takes on our land. There are so many downsides to what is happening here. I support the show.

  18. Captain Taco on

    Although I agree with your summary of Pot Cops, I hate to see Weed Country lumped into the same category. In Weed Country, we met a New York cop being healed from his debilitating bone disease by eating raw cannabis. They also went to great lengths to educate about CBDs and showed a Stanford PhD acquiring a CBD rich tincture to treat her child. According to the last episode, it works! What an amazing thing to see on TV! How far we’ve come! Sure there was time dedicated to the cops eradication efforts and a dispensary owner who is out to make a dollar, but those are also real things that go on.

    Open your eyes. Realize that there are two sides to every argument. Pot Cops, clearly one sided bullshit. Weed Country is at least trying to bring some good information to the table. Be sure not to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

  19. I want to become a Police Officer, but I also want to join NORML or maybe LEAP(after becoming a cop). I want to help legalize marijuana for recreational use and medicinal use for everyone. I’m in the process of waiting on whether or not the US Navy will accept me(what with the sequester and all).

  20. “I don’t see reason other than to show how our tax money is wasted”…. And these guys doing the raids, have to feel like its a waist of time after 15 years of never ending POUNDS…they spend 100 k to pick and burn 250 k?……where is the profit in that?…at this point 100 thousand pounds is a mear drop in the bucket, Once the old timer’s are out of office and the newer generation who didn’t grow up with the negative stigma of the 50’s and 60′, laws will be changed or just be dropped, Drinking and crime will go down,The sick will be givin the medicine in place of pharmies…it will take time.

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