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What Is The True Story Of The UK Cannabis Activist Group ‘CLEAR’?

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Is There More Than Meets The Eye With UK Activist Group ‘CLEAR’?

If you follow TWB regularly, than you know that I like to highlight activist groups. I feel that hardworking people need to have their pursuits recognized so they will want to continue to contribute. A funny thing happens from time to time. I will post something about a group (always with good intentions), and the comments will fire up with explosive allegations and accusations. To me, it’s just as important to highlight people’s efforts that deserve it as it is to highlight groups that need to be called out. The last thing we need is people pretending to be doing stuff for the movement, when all the while they are just trying to fulfill their greedy desires.

If there is an article that exemplifies this commenting phenomenon it would have to be the article that I posted back in February. It was titled, ‘What Is UK Cannabis Activist Group ‘CLEAR’? It seemed like a straight forward article at the time. We get a lot of hits from the UK, so I Googled ‘UK cannabis’ to see if I could find some groups there to highlight. The first one I came across was CLEAR. About an hour after the article posted, I saw a comment on another article from what appeared to be an older gentleman commenting under the name Peter Reynolds. I vividly remember looking at it and thinking, ‘sweet, we finally are getting the older demographic!’ It turned out to be the head of CLEAR, who was poking around my website apparently.

After his comment, comments started flooding in like a hurricane on that particular article. Some comments were in favor, some comments were against, but almost all of them were full of fire and fury. Ninjasmoker and I were hanging out watching the drama unfold at the time. We got a hate e-mail asking us how we could ever support such an evil group, and I explained to them that I had no idea who they were or why they were evil or not. I simply shared the public information that was available.

But now my curiosity is going. It has been going since the comments started coming in on that article. I’m a very curious person, so I must know more. I keep asking friends online from the UK about it, and they always say that they don’t want anything to do with it for fear of retribution from Peter Reynolds. One reader suggested that I stop asking about it, because Peter Reynolds has censored a lot of stuff on the internet, and I could be picking a fight with a very powerful person. I then explained to the friend that messing with powerful people that are giving the marijuana movement a bad name is my FAVORITE thing to do most of the time. The friend asked how I could be so brave. I told him it’s the American way. We say what we want with our middle finger in the air and our other hand clutching a burning joint.

So what do you say UK? Anyone out there want to speak their mind about this topic? Anyone out there want to defend CLEAR? All view points are welcome. Unlike sites in the UK, The Weed Blog will not censor anything. We believe in freedom of speech at The Weed Blog, so have at it. Anyone that wants to try to bully us will get blasted as hard as we can give it to them :) I’m curious to hear what people have to say and what links they have to provide on both sides of the debate.


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    Let it go ….It’s your choice, but I warn you not to underestimate his powers

  • Anon


  • I don’t case about Clear really, but amazed at the goings on, so democracy, how will you know these emaiuls represent real members – perhaps one person has joined dozens of times with different accounts for this very purpose? 

    Is it not obvious what my obsession is? I am for the liberation of humanity from the enslavement that the so-called ‘war on drugs’ actually is; the subjugation of humanity to control consciousness.

  • Alun Buffry

    It is indeed sad that the so-called elected leader has alienated so many campaigners and tokers, gays and those that originate from outside the UK, and a year after taking his office has created so much bad feeling and division – and not yet contested one single election.

    Reynolds needs to go, Janice Wells and Mark Palmer, the two yes-men that he has kept on his committee having thrown off everyone that disagreed, they need to go too, we need to replace the CLEAR proposal that growers and users be made to pay with a policy based upon Rights – and bring back the alliance – the one positive thing that Reynolds seems to have done is re-unite the campaigners, united against him and his policy of semi-prohibition.

  • Alun Buffry

     well that sort of attitude won’t win support – kick out those that disagree, refuse to listen to anyone outside or the petty party – throw abuse – if you are not Reynolds himself, you write just like him and who cares anyway, you’re just a fictitious name, unlike Darryl Blicker who is a real person.

    Clear claims to represent the interests of all cannabis users yet will only listen to those that pay and agree!!

  • Guest

     aha so you’re not really called Jimmy Bobbins are you – you are in fact too scared to use your own name – but it does not take long to see who you really are? 

    you talk about democracy yet your party has thrown out or driven away all the campaigners opposed to the leader or the policy – same sort of democracy applied by most tyrants – Hitler, Hussein, Gadafi, all got rid of the opposition before the vote.

    Irrespective of the vote, in any case, so much damage has been done by Mt Abuse -t is unlikley to be repaired, CLEAR is now dead in the ater, working more in the interests of the taxman than the tokers – YOU have not only alienated the works (campaigners0 you have alienated gays, those of different ethinicity, MP’s and other campaigning groups like the SSDP.

    REYNOLDS is exposed.

  • Guest

     So go tell that to Reynolds who damaged the Legalise Cannabis Campaign and has consistently offended the campaigners, driven them out of CLEAR and censored their opinions – he even tried to destroy the whole history of the LCA – Reynolds must go to bring unity.

  • Guest

     Oh Darryl and others are free to do their campaigning for what they want including getting rid of Reynolds and including getting rid of bad policy – the CLEAR policy of making users and growers pay for what is their Rights – and we will carry on campaigning despite Reynold’s censorship, expelling people from the party, chucking people of his committee and threatening to sue them.

  • Guest

     Trouble is Jimmy that those “buffoons” are actually the majority of the active UK cannabis campaigners

  • Guess

     Trouble is Jimmy that “these buffoons” consist of dozens of UK cannabis activists, people that put their necks on the line, people that stood up for others, people that were natural born leaders – and the trouble is that Reynolds acts like a petty tyrant devaluing the efforts of others by stating that he sees nobody else in the whole UK capable of doing his job -  he’s right of cause if his real “job” was to destroy the UK cannabis campaign

  • Guest

     Do you really think that a “leader” that has publicly expressed his racists and homophobic views and called most of the UK campaigners liars, thrown off his committee more dedicated activists than he has left, is a good public face for the UK cannabis campaign?  He has caused more division than ever.

  • Jimmy Bobbins

    Look CLEAR is a democratic party. The members will vote, and if that’s a yes, it will be the end of it. Execs were kicked out for truly disgraceful behaviour – really hateful vindictive stuff. It’s funny because on the CLEAR members forum dissent isn’t shot down, but everyone generally is in total agreement that the campaign against Peter is completely wrong. Those people doing it are not painting themselves in a good light. Hateful shit generally isn’t an indicator of a good person. Would would want to follow those pushing constant hate?

    While those haters keep on hating there will always be choppy waters. Why can’t they stop therefore? Why can’t you, or them, leave CLEAR alone? Why are they willing to harm the campaigns of complete strangers? That’s what I can’t understand. What is their obsession with CLEAR that they don’t care that their bullying actions are harming the campaigns of decent people? What is your obsession Darryl? Tell me, because I’m genuinely interested.