What State Has The Best Marijuana?

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May 192013
 May 19, 2013

jack the ripper strainI recently posted a question on my Facebook page, ‘what state has the best marijuana?’ As I expected, there were a lot of comments, and they seem to keep coming in. It is a question that can be debated forever with virtually no chance of everyone reaching a consensus. People love to brag about their state’s marijuana quality, especially out West. I know we have a lot of pride in our marijuana here in Oregon.

In the 90’s I purchased a lot of marijuana from Washington State, and of course from Oregon. That was back when most of the growers I knew grew for quality, not quantity. That has changed a bit with a lot of mass produced marijuana flooding the market in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, as most growers would rather have a ton of decent marijuana versus a pound of the finest marijuana it seems like. However, there are still some supreme nuggets from the Pacific Northwest if you know where to look.

I have been to the Cannabis Cups in Denver a couple of times, and the Cups in California, and was lucky enough to receive samples of the top entries. I will say, they were very, very good. But I was happier to get home to my stash in Oregon, for what it’s worth. There’s just something about the Jack the Ripper strain via Southern Oregon that I find irresistible. Oregon is home to Subcool and TGA Genetics, and home to legendary dab maker Ganja Jon, and countless other world class marijuana geniuses. I always point out that there is a reason that Jack Herer called Oregon his home.

With that being said, I obviously haven’t smoked all the marijuana everywhere, so maybe I am just having a classic case of hometown pride! So I put the question out to TWB readers – what state has the best marijuana? And  why? It can be flower or concentrates. Include strain names if you would like.

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  • shellymichele

    Oregon does have some very fine smoke, I was just talking about that the other day in the comparison to Southern California marijuana. Oregon marijuana is a definite cut above the rest…

  • Hi to Mendo808@707

    One word Pakalolo.
    Big Island

  • http://jerrypritikin.blogspot.com Jerry Pritikin The Bleacher

    The State of Mind!

  • Toad

    Don’t forget about us Floridians!

  • Rukus

    Zimbo just bcuz you tax people $15 for a .5 doesn’t make it the best. That means they are dumb. I don’t wanna say Illinois grows the best bud, but with 80 and 55 crossing in Joliet anything that’s getting moved state to state comes through there eventually so I’d have to say Illinois does because we get it all..

  • greenrushh

    Ohio got the best growers!!!! Best strains that no one an I mean no one has bc they keep it in ohio no need to show our stuff off till weready put our state on map. I curently live an grow Iin colorado had all the straibs u hltalked about but does not compair to what the ohio state puts out there. Death star is just one that was relases awhile ago. O H I O

  • Mathew Alan Harris

    It sure as SHIT ain’t Rhode Island.

  • Gst

    British Columbia , Canada is know around the world for the best weed. I know it’s not a state but had to throw it in there.

    • Roboyto

      BC is known for good bud… being canadian I can tell you canada’s weed for the most part is shit to the U.S.. sry



  • Anonymous

    Dude this blog is bullshit , ur just saying Oregon cuz ur from there , get the fuck outta here with ur weak as Oregon bammer

    • John

      This guy is actually right lol! I know this and I’m from texas lol! Oregon is a little more stingy with their weed but it is the best! There is some good stuff in Cali too though

    • John

      Be open minded for once instead of acting like a fuckin idiot

  • Jeffrey

    This is such a dumb discussion! You can grow good weed anywhere and bad weed anywhere. If you are talking about growing outdoors that is different….I live in Oregon and have sampled outdoor pot from everywhere. Usually areas that grow good wine also grow really good weed like northern northern Cali…a lot of it coming from there though is mass produced for export and isnt that good. Hawaii BY FAR has the best outdoor weed of anywhere…though it usually is a bit more expensive than you would find in Colorodo, Washington, Cali, Oregon, etc. It adapts to the unique climates of the state and over generations the plants take on very distinct characteristics. For indoor grown weed though it is probably a tie between California, Colorodo, Oregon, and Washington….West coast has been tinkering with genes and techniques for decades and Colorodo is kind of the up and comer with a lot of the new-age growing and high tech stuff going on so Colorodo may surpass the others soon enough in that regard…but overall they are pretty the same. Well except for parts of Cali…you can still find tons of swhage in cali! I have been looking for swhag in Oregon and Washington for years to roll blunts with but have never found any! Anyone claiming the best weed is somewhere in the Southeast….well you are retarded.

  • PuffPuffGive

    Sydney australia has it all buddy

  • PuffPuffGive

    Every month I get a oz of chronic and im high as a mother fuker

  • Joe boden

    ik kan nu haast en ontvang de pup voor de avond geregistreerd

  • Joe boden

    ik kan nu haast en ontvang de pup voor de avond geregistreerd

  • Mikes

    Washington state has by for some of the best weed strains you will ever find if you know the right people to talk to and places to go

  • James Gardner

    Bumpin PAC CALIFORNIA LOVE in the background while reading this

  • Alex Douthat

    The south east by far Tennessee and Kentucky grow the best outdoor because the weather here is perfect I quit smoking about a year ago but I got shit shipped from Oregon Washington and Cali just outta curiosity what they could do out west outside and doesnt touch what comes from home

    • Alex Douthat

      Also There is a reason the southeast out produces all you fuckers because we have been growing since the end of Prohibition en masse cause moonshine wasn’t paying the bills anymore

    • ccuharriet

      You have to be shitting me.. I am from Sacramento and every state along the coast (Washington state, oregon, and california) blow southern bud out of the water. I lived in Alabama for 2 years and nobody there knows anything about strands or growing, and you guys sell for 20 a G.. I laughed when I first heard that.. Southern weed is practically dirt that that is old California bud.. Get off that bammer, your stupid if you think a bunch of states that are against weed grow the best weed, there is some southern logic for you

  • Neil Carpenter

    Michiganja. We grow indoors, because we have to because of the cold. We have a lot of cold, so we grow indoors all the time, that means, we have lots of practice, and it shows.

  • Jammu Africa

    North Carolina has the Best and most Potent Marijuana. We have been growing marijuana in the South for a long time, much of it is mixed with seeds brought back from Viet Nam, and stuff brought from Jamaica. Marijuana will practically grow anywhere in the South, fields, woods, and it doesn’t need much help, just a little fertilizer, and a southern exposure all day full sunlight, we grow trees down South son!

    • paul80033

      BAHAHAHAHA!! I guess if you’ve never had anything else you dont no nothing else. I like how you think just because the seeds( you name no strains) comes from a certain part of the world its going to automatically be super dank bud. you have no idea what you are talking about and can tell you have never actually grown or smoked weed out side your own state, but im SUUUURE you’ll say you’ve had a friend of a friends uncle who knows a guys cousin who got some weed from cali or colorado or Oregon and you”ll say it wasn’t nothing compared to your south carolina grown super Vietnam kush. LMFAO you people crack me up!

    • Roboyto

      Yeah I gotta say, I come from MI where if you know the right person, you’ll get knocked out cold. The only other buds I’ve smoked in the U.S that even compare to my hometown pot came from Oregon and Southern Cali. I’ve been living in Black Mountain NC for about 2 months now and everything I’ve smoked has been shitty…..

  • Skyler

    Not New York that’s for sure -_-

  • Kanabiz

    Canadas weed sucks. People in Oregon compare Canadian weed to Mexican. The guy that says north Carolina has the best weed? That’s a fucking joke. The post about South East Kentucky, and Tennessee having great outdoor, no you don’t, and outdoor weed, I don’t even smoke outdoor, that crap is for blasting, and people who are not trueconnoisseurs. Outdoor will never compete with indoor, NEVER!Jamaican weed is crap. You think some jungle dweller, 3rd worlder, that has no resources is going to grow the best? Just by throwing some seeds in the ground and watering? That’s a fucking joke. Got loads of bud from nor cal, and when that shit goes up against the herb I pull from Oregon it gets beat everytime by a landslide. At last years Seattle cana cup, I didn’t see any bud that could beat the dank i carry in Oregon. You can find alot of phenomenal flower on the west coast no doubt, but if you want to smoke the top of the top shelf. You will find it in Oregon City, Oregon. We did pull 1st place at the Portland cana cup this year. There is alot of non top shelf in oregon as well, but if you know the true salty Oregon weed God’s, and smoke the dank that rolls out of these grow rooms, you will have a spiritual awakening! And on top of that, it is half the price.

    • Kore Walters

      To compare any weed got at a shop or from someone else to real home grown is like comparing indoor to outdoor. The best weed is grown by people that smoke it and no one at “shops” ever sees it! There is no one state that has the “best” weed. And who is to say what is best anyway? This article is a waste of internet space.

  • Kore Walters

    this is another stupid article, johnny. the best weed is always grown by people who don’t sell it to anyone. What a crock to say that any state has better weed than another!

  • Kore Walters

    jesus.. someone else needs to write informative articles on weed. Johnny, you are the bunk!

    • paul80033

      100% agree, I read one of his “strain reviews” (LOL) the other and literally the entire thing is ” X is a high yeile with a short flower time and fruity smells in flower” then some random 1 sentence quote about how it makes you feel from some other guy, and that was the review.

      As far as this piece goes, no one state has the best weed, ive had weed in florida that was just avg everyday no name “dro” that has been better that a lot of the medical strains here in denver where I live now, its all based on conditions the grower, the strain, etc

  • Rusty

    In my eye Denver has the best bud. Its pretty much everywhere and I have never ran into shit weed while living in denver. You can grow good pot anywhere! The best question is can you consistently find good pot. And Denver is that place.

  • Jeff

    I’d say Oregon and Washington are pretty much tied for the best. And we have by far the lowest prices for it here too.

  • Lildg420

    I say Montana. You have to find the right provider but we have been farmers here for generations. And understanding how plants grown is our lively good out here :)

  • Kanabiz

    This kore guy is an idiot, or lives in a shitty town. We give or best meds to the patients. There’s plenty to go around! Why would we horde the best weed for ourselves. I could never smoke it all.
    Must suck to live where kore lives.

    That’s why Oregon is the best!

  • swae

    Honestly here in California would be the best place . We have the right weather year round and you can buy an ounce of some dank buds for about 50 bucks. There’s so much weed out here well at least where I’m from ( Sanger , California ) so people are basically selling an abundant ammount of dank weed for cheap because of the vastness here . I also happen to be a farmer myself , not just a smoker so I know what I’m talking about ! But enjoy your weed wherever you are cause in the end , its just weed.

  • Drivethrujedi

    Hailing originally and born and raised, I would have to say Central NY has the best for bud and I cannot explain the great quality held up North. BubbaFunk, AZ,many forms of Kush, and hazes just to name a few have been abundant for years. I have heard through the rumor mill, that CNY is held next to S.Cali for having the best bud. I will note, Ohio’s Deathstar is a very nice smoke and very high quality found out here. One of my top 5 strains for Deathstar