What State Has The Best Marijuana?

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May 192013
 May 19, 2013

jack the ripper strainI recently posted a question on my Facebook page, ‘what state has the best marijuana?’ As I expected, there were a lot of comments, and they seem to keep coming in. It is a question that can be debated forever with virtually no chance of everyone reaching a consensus. People love to brag about their state’s marijuana quality, especially out West. I know we have a lot of pride in our marijuana here in Oregon.

In the 90’s I purchased a lot of marijuana from Washington State, and of course from Oregon. That was back when most of the growers I knew grew for quality, not quantity. That has changed a bit with a lot of mass produced marijuana flooding the market in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, as most growers would rather have a ton of decent marijuana versus a pound of the finest marijuana it seems like. However, there are still some supreme nuggets from the Pacific Northwest if you know where to look.

I have been to the Cannabis Cups in Denver a couple of times, and the Cups in California, and was lucky enough to receive samples of the top entries. I will say, they were very, very good. But I was happier to get home to my stash in Oregon, for what it’s worth. There’s just something about the Jack the Ripper strain via Southern Oregon that I find irresistible. Oregon is home to Subcool and TGA Genetics, and home to legendary dab maker Ganja Jon, and countless other world class marijuana geniuses. I always point out that there is a reason that Jack Herer called Oregon his home.

With that being said, I obviously haven’t smoked all the marijuana everywhere, so maybe I am just having a classic case of hometown pride! So I put the question out to TWB readers – what state has the best marijuana? And  why? It can be flower or concentrates. Include strain names if you would like.

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  • GanjaTriangle

    Oregon, hands down.

  • Kailana

    None of you tried hawai’i buds.

  • Anon

    I’d say 100% the west coast states. California, Oregon, and Washington definitely have the best bud. But as for the east coast, you can find some really good shit in Pennsylvania. Some of the best stuff I ever smoked came from there.

  • Mike

    Alaska has some super dank weed but nobody ever thinks of that

    • Shane Schroeder

      I tell people that too and they always scoff at me like it isn’t possible Lol. Alaska has some of the most potent weed I’ve ever smoked. Has a lot to do with who you know though. You can be around the best weed on the planet, but if you don’t know anyone to get it from then you’re probably getting something far less desirable.

  • ky bud

    Ky has great bud

  • corey

    Ohio has that good bud… I would most definitely say ohio… Especially from the kent/ portage county area definitely has some of the best shit, I’ve had stuff from Cali. Washington, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, and Texas shit from out west… But ohio, and Michigan have some of the best shit… Especially when death Star came up in ohio, we had that dank shit around for a while…. Hands down, OHIO

    • adam

      Haha your so funny u obviously have never been to Colorado or California everything in Ohio has to be black market you don’t have the same nutrients or products but you can get your hands on so just cuz you live in Ohio doesn’t mean you have the best marijuana

      • adam

        dude just cuz you live in Ohio or from Ohio doesn’t mean you have the best weed. you obviously have not been to California or Colorado right now Colorado has the best weed. Maybe even past California. I swear to god I laughed for about 5 minutes when I read that you said Ohio… I’ve been to Ohio many times bro that s**** garbage

        • The_Guru

          What, big city did you visit, LOL?! The kind is in southeastern, OH, bro.

      • The_Guru

        Having lived in Ohio and now on the Cali border, the main difference is price!! Max $200 an Oz here whereas it was close to $400 back there. Man, are the nutes different out here? I know the growers back home were very serious growers. All organic, killer compost mixes, maybe some ‘name brand’ top soil (like Fox Farms) are available everywhere. And, I’m pretty sure High Times still lists Meigs County Ohio as one of the best places in the country for great weed. Now, that said, I can’t find ‘bad’ weed out here. Back there, there were times when ‘bunk’ HAD to do… not out here!

  • Rob

    Idaho will surprise you with it’s quality of weed. Especially up north. Less than 100 miles from Canada and Washington and not too far from Oregon, it is hard to get bad weed up here. Not saying it is the best but nothing is bad.

  • Mike

    Humboldt county in northern Cali !!!

  • John

    You need to visit Cali or colorado. Ohio buds aren’t anywhere near the best. Its average weed not “The best”.

  • ammo

    Check this out guys. You can grow good greens anywhere. There’s a desire that exists amongst all pot heads to have,find,& smoke the finest greens. . . You gotta give it up to the east coast for their desiel. And Hawaii,. Good ol’ Hawaiian bud yum!!!
    But California, Washington,Colorado & Oregon seems to have the best. Not in that order but they have the dank…

  • Bill

    I am an experienced grower and have been growing my same great strain for. Appx 35 yrs. I have my strain and Oregon, California, south Dakota and over in maine. I found that the majority of my strains including my legendary r13. Maine has a great climate. This yr has been one of my best yrs. We only got two little rains in am and Sun everyday! My plants usually always finish by October and it just seems the trics get way more constantly swollen with more Amber trics then I ever got in “yumbolt”.