What State Has The Best Marijuana?

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May 192013

jack the ripper strainI recently posted a question on my Facebook page, ‘what state has the best marijuana?’ As I expected, there were a lot of comments, and they seem to keep coming in. It is a question that can be debated forever with virtually no chance of everyone reaching a consensus. People love to brag about their state’s marijuana quality, especially out West. I know we have a lot of pride in our marijuana here in Oregon.

In the 90′s I purchased a lot of marijuana from Washington State, and of course from Oregon. That was back when most of the growers I knew grew for quality, not quantity. That has changed a bit with a lot of mass produced marijuana flooding the market in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, as most growers would rather have a ton of decent marijuana versus a pound of the finest marijuana it seems like. However, there are still some supreme nuggets from the Pacific Northwest if you know where to look.

I have been to the Cannabis Cups in Denver a couple of times, and the Cups in California, and was lucky enough to receive samples of the top entries. I will say, they were very, very good. But I was happier to get home to my stash in Oregon, for what it’s worth. There’s just something about the Jack the Ripper strain via Southern Oregon that I find irresistible. Oregon is home to Subcool and TGA Genetics, and home to legendary dab maker Ganja Jon, and countless other world class marijuana geniuses. I always point out that there is a reason that Jack Herer called Oregon his home.

With that being said, I obviously haven’t smoked all the marijuana everywhere, so maybe I am just having a classic case of hometown pride! So I put the question out to TWB readers – what state has the best marijuana? And  why? It can be flower or concentrates. Include strain names if you would like.

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • http://www.facebook.com/That1JohnGuy Johnathan Melton

    Williams wonder? :-) I said it on your FB I will say it here… southern Oregon has the best. This year at the high times cannabis cup everyone we shared with loved the stuff from Southern Oregon the BEST!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Hadestyhadesty Guess Hadesty

    If you want to figure out where the best weed comes from, it has to be the states where it can be grown under the most controlled conditions, in my opinion. Not controlled in terms of regulation, but controlled in terms of a community liberalized enough to be able to grow weed, do it right, and not worry about harassment. When consulting a normal cannabis user, they can not truly tell you where the best weed comes from. This is because, in most cases, they have no idea where it is coming from, and will most likely ultimately say whatever state they get it from. As far as I am concerned, I have gotten the best weed and concentrates from what I have been told was Cali growers. The best weed can come from anywhere, though. Due to growing conditions and every other factor, I feel it does not matter which state one may be in, but the company one surrounds themselves with in terms of the quality of their cannabis.

  • AliEnCheM

    the best weed come from the growers who can select the right plant and let it go until it ripens…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Jones/1313520787 Mark Jones


  • Cathy Kurtz


  • budjones

    I have never known what,or where my bud came from,and i have been smoking for 20 years,but i can tell you about the best i have ever smoked.

    I planted 4 plants some years back in the woods in Mississippi from bag seed. It was a summer with very little rain, and the plants were far from my house, so i went and watered them less then i thought i should, i also kept them cut short out of fear someone would see them.

    I ran out of bud and could not find any on the street, so me and my friend decided to go pull the plants up and smoke it, i was nervous about them anyway. so we puled up 4 plants about knee high,none had flowers only fan leaves, but the leaves had crystals all over the edges thick like they had been dipped in sugar .

    We take it it home( i was not expecting to feel it) i put it in the oven to dry and thought i had over dried it. We ended up with one fat dry joint. 5 hours after we had smoked it i was higher then when we smoked it. Best i have ever had.

    I tried to figure out why it was so good seeing how it was only the fan leaves. Maybe the lack of rain? The Mississippi soil? Any ideas?

    • Guy who smokes decent herb

      You must smoke really terrible weed if that was the best you’ve ever smoked. That sounds awful, the THC wouldn’t even be available if you smoked it a day after cutting. I actually do want to know wtf else you’re smoking…

      • budjones

        I have smoked plenty of 2 hit and 3 hit 2 to 3 hour great highs. That one time i was getting higher hours latter after smoking. It just kept kicking in. Never had any do me that way before or since. No marijuana is the only thing i smoke.

        • Guest

          funny considering thc is only like less than 0.3 percent thc.. buds produce thc not leaves

          • vivansdad

            the number: 0.3 percent means 30% thc which is almost impossible. Maybe you meant 0.03%? Huge diff in the math. Stay in school and quit trying to act like you know more than others.

          • viviansdad

            Oh yea, dumb-ass, thc can be found throughout the plant depending on strain. Stems, leaves, seeds, etc.

          • budjones

            Thanks. I don’t know why people would respond to my post like that.

          • http://www.facebook.com/iamhopebme Hope Jentis Petzel

            Oneupmanship. :)

          • Norcal Danny

            viviansdad is an ass. lacking in a basic understanding of math or marijauna. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing my friends !

          • Norcal Danny

            Oh and viviansdad, I can show many pics of my crops and strains to back up my words and statements… can you ? Lets start another group choice/debate ?? I am no pro but I do VERY well every year. Would love to put my girls against yours on the old “Peter Meter” lol hahahaha ! Still got Maui Wowie buds from 2012 that are WAY over an ounce each. Thats after I smoked and sold my Favorites.

          • http://www.facebook.com/iamhopebme Hope Jentis Petzel

            .3% is a lot different than 30%

          • nestos nugs

            its the same hope.he needed to put.03 not.3.

          • Norcal Danny

            that would be 3/10ths of one percent my friend………. not 30%. and I have had tested buds from Oaksterdam days that tested at 27% THC so as to impossible well………………………………………………………………………………………………….

          • nestos nugs

            no how he wrote it means 30%. u have to put the 0 before

          • MedicalMattAK

            You can tell little or no research coming from that guy !!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Burl-Hosier/1243592323 Burl Hosier

          funny considering leaves only has less than 0.3 percent thc, thc is only produced in the buds

          • nestos nugs

            funny because so many people make hash from the leaves. and butter and the list goes on and on and on.

          • MedicalMattAK


          • MedicalMattAK

            Not on Males

        • MedicalMattAK

          Most likely a Sativa or Haze. Males actually are very potent too…mostly just the leaves. When breeding you most pick a potent male for breeding HIGH GRADE SEEDS.

  • http://twitter.com/anne16666 Jean Anne Lewis

    It’s according to which state I’m in at the time.

    • http://www.facebook.com/iamhopebme Hope Jentis Petzel

      I’ll smoke to that. pPp

      • dbchemproductionsWaSt

        Project Pimp Checkin from Washington State i like quailty buds and verity in the last year ive tired over about 275 different kinda strands and im a medical mmj patient but smoke on what ya smoke on and keep 420 spirit always

  • http://www.facebook.com/ripit88 Terry Ford

    such an unfair ? how could anybody rip on a stick of maui wowie or some mantanuska thunderfu#k? and coloradical bud has been pretty good!

    • Warveins

      oregon is the best you’re an idiot i’f you don’t know its number one(; no joke

  • chuck banks jr

    Grape ape and nyc desiel here in DC. I’m impressed but always ready …

  • Duncan20903

    Johnny Green what kind of a trick question is that? Of course the answer is that you can grow the best cannabis just about anywhere. So that makes the correct answer to your question “all 50 of them” and D.C. too.

    I apologize. But when I was in high school in the late 1970s the other students laughed at an ridiculed me because I very much wanted to grow my own. I can’t tell you how many times I heard the assertion, “give up. It isn’t even possible to grow good pot in Northern Virginia!” I guess I got the last laugh.

  • Cope420Crew

    In Canada you guys dont even know!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1657442302 Andy Dinocola


    • Sed

      yep best Indor Indica hydro and exotic kush fromQc are sold there…

      • Sed

        IN Florida from Qc…

  • http://www.facebook.com/glassking420 Collie Mann

    from oregon? lmfao yea right…no spot anywhere holds a candle to cali’s flame…we got the dank and the dank comes from us…subfool has watered down f3 wannabe’s come out here where we got the real o.g the real erkle..the real trainwreck, bullrider, l.a con, the list goes on and on…theres a reason cali has the name it does and anyone whose been here will tell you..when it comes to the fire..cali is where its at..hands down

    • CaliWEEDS


    • http://www.facebook.com/iamhopebme Hope Jentis Petzel

      We have Marijuana Max! (And his Wild Zombie)

    • Norcal Danny

      tell em brudda ! doing LA Conf. as well as purple OG, Girl Scout Cookies and 5150 this year in Great Nor Cal !!

  • Bob Labla

    If you have a vague feeling you have been to Maine,you have.Our mind twisting,thought smashing,memory pureeing,weed only doe’s this to people from away.

  • Cathy Kurtz


    • dreddiebear

      Yes!!! Someone who knows the truth…

  • Some time smoke

    Afghanistan and Pakistan , the Best .

    • mikey


      • some time smoke

        Well , It comes in different colors , brown and green is inferior , very dark and black is good , Another high quality is called ”garda ” (dust) in local language ,and it has to be prepared before consuming ie a drop of water and then on flame and rubbing it , avery high quality would not even require prep ,it would give oil even by simply rubbing/working it . Smoking raw garda (un-prep) is usually not recommended ,high would be too good but has some health problems .

      • Kristen

        It’s true! Afghanistan is the best place for quality weed and opium. It’s now the top supplier of marijuana and opium.

        • Stuart

          Top supplier of opium yes, top supplier of weed though?… Not by a long shot sport

  • Some time smoke

    These places are gifted ,inferior quality grow by itself on road sides and open places , No one smoke it but very less .Actual Hash is specially been grown here for centuries in fields (some special seed/variety , then plucked and buried in fresh goat skin for months ,then taken out and smoked , and it is not expensive , for hundred dollars about 300 gms ,even if one smoke day and night ,it would last for a month . Europeans are missing the actual stuff .

    • Pat Cowdin

      Really? I never would have guessed that burying hash in fresh goat skin for months was part of the process! Back in the 70′s, I had some very dark Afghan hash that came in round, pressed bricks. It was quite amazing.

      • some time smoke

        It is dug in deep and placed , the gradual heat/warmth from the earth completes the process .

  • hoesonmydik

    The Bay

  • http://www.facebook.com/iamhopebme Hope Jentis Petzel


  • http://twitter.com/Mshumboldt2 Terilee

    California, Humboldt County leading the way

    • MedicalMattAK

      Mmmm Top 5 for sure.



      • kycountry

        thailand could be second, except i don’t believe it’s a state…

        • lala7oh7

          Hell yea. Humboldt county fo shaaaaa. ♡

  • kycountry

    I will volunteer to help with making this decision. Please contact me with a small samples and I will get back to ya sometime soon.

    • hunter

      For science.

      • kycountry

        of course…….

    • kycountry

      no samples yet so i guess it’s time to get my traveling shoes and walking cane……see ya soon. 1st stop, Colorado.

  • http://twitter.com/Femseedz femseedz

    How about your state?! Today (May 21st, 2013) you can download a FREE
    copy of Medical Marijuana: The Top 10 Supplements from Amazon. Take
    your plants to the next level, and then YOUR state will have the best! http://amzn.to/18Xdilm

  • ken

    Maine of course. Largest county east of the Mississippi with fewer than 5 people per square mile. Long history guerrilla growing and has the 2nd oldest MMJ program, after CA ,in the nation. Maine has favored the Caregiver business model over the Dispensary model. It allows for the best of the best to win out. If you want regs or junk buy from a dispensary.

    • MedicalMattAK

      What about Alaska ? We have had our program on the books since 1975. Its on NORML website.

  • Mike Anderson

    OK. Maine is a very close 2nd. But the #1 state is Rhode Island. Good things come in small packages…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laura-Sousa/100000415618649 Laura Sousa

    California!!I get my buds from Harborside Health Center in Oakland,I get some potent stuff!

  • The Real Mrs.420

    Definitely Cali. We set the standard for Great Buds! We got the weather, the activists, the hippies and lets face it folks; hippies grow great pot! We have the best dispensaries for those who have medical recommendations.

  • dyinisus

    Idk…Washington State grows the kind! Plus we can smoke it anywhere, I think except Colorado, we’re the only state that can…

    • MedicalMattAK

      Ravin-VS-ALASKA 1975 LOL

      We have been cool or awhile

  • Pickaxxo

    Indica and its hybrids is for meatheads ─ gimme’ any one of the old hazes (Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Sth. Indian Sativa hybrid) with that magic, cerebral high!

    • MedicalMattAK

      Yea BLACK HAZE !!! ohhhh

  • Unnamed

    Definitely California.

    • MedicalMattAK

      I have had some great stuff from Northern Cali…but just because you live in California does NOT mean that is where the best is. I have had herb in Amsterdam, California, Oregon, Seattle, Denver, Spain, Wisconsin… I cant remember …where was the best from ?? Oh yea it depends on the seeds and the grower. Clones work but I like fresh genes.

  • THEE 420

    Colorado…. hands down

    • MedicalMattAK

      I was born and raised in Fort Lupton and NOW I live in Alaska. WOW what a difference. The snowboarding is better but longer and colder Winters = more time in the Garden !!

  • rasta_princess

    Oregon… I’ve been everywhere and I’m from ks. Oregon gets my vote!!

    • MedicalMattAK

      Ever been to Alaska ?

  • Nestos nugs

    All depends on the grower. We grow dank ass nugs in michigan

  • Yoeme13

    Phillips RX (Sacramento, CA)- Concentrates!!!

  • Yoeme13

    Vern Phillips “Cali Hash King” …Phillips RX Concentrates.. (Sacramento, CA) so lucky to have him in Northern Cali.. Oil Love<3

  • dreddiebear

    Ask any seedbank owner in Amsterdam what they think and they will tell you the truth. Hawaii has bud that the general public will never have access to so it will never be known like all of the other typical commercialized strains that people are used to smoking throughout the US. People in Amsterdam who grow professionally, own and operate seed banks will take vacations to Hawaii specifically because they will tell you themselves how there is no other place “on earth” that has an environment with the kind of volcanic soils and over all perfect cannabis growing weather like Hawaii does… Humboldt is the best you will find on the mainland and Hawaii is considered by professional growers “around the world” to have the finest quality on earth period no debate here folks sorry! And the strains you will never know of,,, the Hawaiian people don’t let anyone outside of their own family have access to their ancient strains anyways and is kept on a very private level specifically to keep these sacred strains out of the hands of greedy seed bank companies who think that giving cannabis a fancy name makes it the best there is. Hawaii knows they have the best and do not want something that sacred to be used and abused like a flavor or name just as all other strains that have been over bred. Hawaii also only grows “Land Race Strains” so go figure that people… Probably don’t even know what a Land Race strain is!!! But who cares as long as you are convinced in your wittle head that your state has the best weed that is all that matters right??? After traveling to 43 states, living and growing in Humboldt and big island Hawaii, it becomes blatantly obvious from experience which state produces the best bud and it is Hawaii!!! What is strange to me is why this isn’t common sense to other people… What, do you think Cheech was bullshitting in Up In Smoke after smoking the Maui Wowie and stating that he has “never smoked anything like that in my life before man”.??? Come on folks,,, this fact has been known since the early 60′s for Gods sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • CaliKush

      if you didn’t grow up in cali around pot you would not know it, but the (elite cuts) hidden in Cali can easily pull 25% THC or more. theses cuts stay pretty well locked down and hard to obtain, if you were to live in southern cali. progressive options nursery has “Tahoe” & “Chem (D cut)” grow them out then come post what you think

      i just bought a new Sheldon Black bong today and i finally have to say i found the perfect cleaner. i know everyone trys alcohol and salt but it seems to get messy and leaves resin in hard to reach areas. then i found grunge off. been using it for 4 years until today… i just found Kush Clean and i cannot believe how much better and faster it is than grunge off. i love this reusable cleaner than clean my bong for my lazy ass. now im gonna take my sheldon and hit this bowl of OG and well lets just say i know i got the 1 hitter quitter. :) i will never use anything other than Kush Clean again!


    Im not sure what state has the best smoke but this is the best song to smoke to! https://soundcloud.com/nutnbuthitz/y-i-smoke-1

  • Brian Bates

    Oregon DOES have the best medical marijuana in the world!
    Some strains are absolutely incredible,like BCD (Blue City Diesel),which has a Rhubarb taste with a hint of roses…OR Vortex,a Sativa that has a pronounced Lemon flavor,again with a hint of rose….There are plenty of old favorites available and new crosses every season…
    Oregon Medical Marijuana Program members are growing MEDICINE with care and love and an eye to QUALITY and EFFECTIVENESS not profit…Resulting in the finest medical cannabis in the world….Sure there are other legalized states,but we have a good long head start and will be awfully hard to catch….I do hope they TRY though…The more medicinally dedicated growers there are,the quicker strains improve!
    I personally have been in the program over 10 yrs and recommend medical marijuana for a variety of ailments…Now we just need to break through all the government anti-mmj lies ,hype and bigotry and work towards federal legalization…..Prohibition has ruined ENOUGH lives…

  • kacey

    I am from Pueblo Colorado, the home of weed. Colorado is known for its dank dank weed. Today people claim its all a battle between Calli, Washington && my home state. Colorado.


    Sounds like you all need a vacation to HAWAII !!! That tropical sun , volcanic soil and gentle trade wind rain showers make the stoniest, most DELICIOUS “pakalolo” !!! Aloooooooha !

  • tammy

    I guess it also depends on if its imported or home grown I have acquired some good weed here in texas a few times it may have been brought back from another state who knows? not me.all I know is that it was good. all i cann get now is dirt weed

  • joe voll


  • Austin Helmut

    I was raised in raised in Denver, had my medical card for 3 years, and now currently live in San Diego. I have have been here 3 years and have thried a lot all up and down the coast and through Oregon. As a grower I can say to you that Colorado by far surpasses any state in quality of Cannabis. It is noticeable enough that it prompted my research, and here is what I found..
    CO is a very arid state, and obviously high altitude; 5280ft at the base of the mountains. This closely resembles the climates we see the entire INDICA genetic stemming from the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of Asia. Here’s how it works.. The tricromes we see on weed are the plants attempt to retain and store water. So guess what. If you grow in an arid, dry climate, the plant naturally produces more of what it needs to survive. In this case its all the cannabanoids we like in those nice little trikes covering our buds. Not to mention that despite some late harvest storms, as far as outdoor growing goes, CO has almost as many days of sun as Florida, the Sunny State… Summit County, in the mountains of CO by Keystone, has the most sun of any US County.
    This is my opinion of course, but it is backed with science and numerous first hand experiences as an avid smoker and grower.

    • Wizlo

      i live around Houston and they got dro but i wanna smoke some of that shit yall got. Hook me up

  • https://www.facebook.com/anthony.clemons.716 Anthony

    I’ve smoked a lot of weed in a lot of different state and a lot of different kinds of weed and I would have to say that Michigan offer ssome of the finest NUGGETRY there is out there

  • Phoenix

    I live in so cal. And I’ve been out of this state and every where I went was boo boo to what I get from the medical dispensaries in los ganjales.

    • The420smoker

      now i hear that. and honestly i smoke better than what they got in the dispensaries as i have a friend who keeps the choicest before donating to the dispensary.
      since we all like weed i thought i would pass this bong cleaning link to you all. it is reusable and cleans without scrubbing or shaking at all. http://420KushClean.com

  • G)-SMoke

    The best cannabis is found in Lazarat ALBANIA!! Come and see if you dont belive!

  • Hoss471

    Best smoke I ever had was while stationed in Hawaii. It was smooth , nice aroma , and lasted a few hours. When smoked up , you still had the motivation to do something and stayed focused. Primo …….the kind bra

  • hydroforsale

    ill ship no more than a oz to a customer the first time… and then more if you’re trustworthy!!!!! i sale each oz at a whopping discount of 250.oo for 28 grams….. everything is cheap and very discreet…. i double seal and wrap again…. i used to train drug dogs so i use my own dog to see if he can smell anything…. it is shipped media mail that way it doesn’t go thru x ray machines…. when you email me everything is kept confidential!! i like repeat customers so please don’t screw me over… any questions then just ask hydrosales@hushmail.com only reply to my email…. not on here

    • dumbfuk

      Ur an idiot

  • lakeshore

    Hawaii, been smoking CA shatter for years and drop everything when Hawaiian outdoor comes around

  • kobe kush

    CALIFORNIA BY FAR……i’ve smoked weed in many different states and 12 different countries….California top shelf OG’s from dispensaries destroy even Amsterdam

  • donaldopeoples

    I’ve crisscrossed this great land from Bangor all the way to the mighty shores of Maine, and I’m here to tell you that one thing is for sure…..

  • Randy Brillon

    Wa state and I grow for quality

    • Cory

      longview, wa. with med card. will pull white widow x super skunk in 13 days