May 302012
 May 30, 2012

smell of marijuanaBy Scott Morgan

One of the most common questions we get at Flex Your Rights is how to handle a situation in which police claim to smell marijuana. This can happen whether or not you actually have marijuana and police actually smell it, so it’s a situation everyone should be prepared for.

My latest YouTube video takes a look at this tricky question.

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  • David J. McDonough

    What about going to a hard ware store and buying a foot of hemp rope. Then in the car burn a little of one end. Use this like incense when ever you drive! This will drive the local pig nuts.

    • J Johnson59

      Most smart comment on here , follow me @FatHoesEatOreos on Twitter

  • Guest

    Would be really nice if there was a list of ideas, written, for those who are hard of hearing, or deaf, and can’t glean from this video.  I am an herbie, and some herbs smell like others, so often have had folks mention they smell marijuana when I’ve not touched it myself.  Knowing how law enforcement can be, I could use the info as much as anyone else, just because of that.  But, being deaf, can’t use the vid. Â

    • Dwb71264

      i’ll sum it up for you.  DO NOT SMOKE WEED IN YOUR CAR !!!

    • Another Guest

      Use the closed captioning (the little cc button).

    • Jack

      I’m deaf too here, don’t understand what the guy says either

  • Lilchristreehuggerz

    you look high as fuck

  • Eyerawk

    Smell clings to your clothes & hair too. A jacket exposed to smoke & left in a car can make the car reek also. It’s never a bad idea to spritz Febreeze in the air and do a twirl underneath after being exposed to smoke. Use an air or fabric sanitizer vs cologne or perfume. You want to get rid of the smell not just blend it with another one.

  • Cameo Massey

    The police know they have to have some sort of ‘explanation’ as to why they are pulling you over, or searching you/your vehicle.  99.9% of the time they will use the excuse that they smell marijuana or alcohol.  It doesn’t have to be true….they just have to give you a ‘reasonable’ explanation that will cover their asses legally.

  • Oklahoma Weed

    Yeah well this smell thing is BS. I walked up to a drug dog in high school with over an ounce in my sock and petted him and walked away. Now can dogs smell it sure but cops are crooks looking to pad their quota these days. So my question to them is “who certified your nose to smell cannabis and is he an MD”?

  • Gro Gro Gadgets

    Yo.  This is great, thanks for the reminder about not smoking in the car!  So I have a really awesome product called the Black Magic Odor Barrier Bag, it works great to avoid these stinky situations (it is multipurpose- for gardening, camping and traveling)- can I send you some free samples to test for yourself?  email me at missgadget@grogrogadgets(dot)com if you are interested.  thanks for all the great vids!

  • Nhailn

    is anybody aware that they don’t need probable cause anymore??  thankyou obama

  • faith

    if u say” thats not a marijuana you are smelling , i just farted”you can control the situation . he will leave :)

  • sirsmoke420

    LOL i put my weed in like a burger king bag or something and lay it in stuff that i put in the floor board and a bunch of pop bottles and such they dont wana go in ur trash

  • Dannywarbucks

    Pick up a can of Ozium. I cant even begin to count how many times this has saved my ass. The best example of its power is the time i hot boxed two blunts with some friends and then got pulled over about 15 min later and got off without a hitch. You can pick this up in most auto-care sections (I get mine from wal-mart). If you do use this stuff remember that less is more you don’t need more than a few squirts for maximum effect. I had to learn the hard way to keep your eyes and mouth closed for a few seconds after you spray it so I’ll just save you guys the trouble and warn you up front. It works so well I’ve gotten all my friends hooked on it and rapper Wiz Khalifa even raps about it from time to time. Do yourself a favor and pick up a can immediately! It will kill any smell in air be it herbal, burnt food, trash, or even rotten food.

  • majic

    Having a dirty car can save you too 8p i got pulled over and the cop looked at all the trash and decided that he doesn’t wanna search through all of it lol he actully made the comment “at least i know you dont litter”