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 January 8, 2014

Reefer MadnessThere is always a lot of coverage and talk about which state(s) will be the next to legalize marijuana. I have my bet on Oregon, but then again, it’s where I’m from and I’ll be the first to admit that I have a lot of pride in my state. But something that doesn’t get talked about very much is which state(s) will be the last to legalize marijuana.

I saw this question come across social media the other day, and I would have to say Idaho unfortunately. I haven’t been too all the states in America, but the I have been to Idaho many times, and it’s a very scary place to be if you are a marijuana consumer. I hear there are states in the Midwest and South that are bad too, but Idaho would be hard to beat in my opinion.

There is of course the chance that federal prohibition will end, and then states will either be able to decide their own marijuana laws, or they will follow the federal government and make it legal. But I think even then Idaho might still pass a law prohibiting marijuana. It’s the only state Senate I ever heard of that passed a resolution making marijuana reform itself illegal. They somehow made marijuana even more illegal – it’s that crazy there.

What state(s) do you think will be the last to legalize marijuana? Do you live in a state that is particularly harsh towards marijuana, and the citizens and politicians are gone off the reefer madness? I look forward to reading the comments. Hopefully people can see which states need reform the most, and we can all start working extra hard in those areas.



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    It doesn’t matter if all 50 states legalize pot. As long as it’s a federal crime most law abiding people with good jobs can’t touch it. Myself included. If I could smoke weed and make a decent living I would be in CO yesterday. That still isn’t the case. Keep up the good fight people. One day I hope THC is no longer on the testing of employment.


    Louisiana will be the last . We have the harshest laws against marijuana in the country. We have 3 men doing life for third offense of simple possession.


    I don’t smoke pot. But I feel it should be legal. I don’t feel the the Federal Government should tell us what we can or can not do to our bodies.


    Arkansas or Texas will be the last state just because there both bible thumping states, and not saying there nothing wrong with that but that’s my reason for believeing Arkansas and Texas be the last


    If you’d like to learn more about the debate on marijuana legalization check out this website! http://thenebula.org/the-marijuana-debate-legal-or-illegal/


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