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What Will It Take To Change Obama’s Stance On Marijuana Policy?


barack obama president marijuana policy cannabisLast week, in a speech in Mexico City, President Barack Obama stated that “”I’ve been asked, and I honestly do not believe that legalizing drugs is the answer,” according to Talk News Radio. This of course includes marijuana, which is now legal in two states in America. It is sad and frustrating that President Obama is absolutely unwilling to look at math and history and apply logic in this area of public policy. If Obama did, he would conclude that the war on drugs has failed, and that a new approach is required in order to help fix things. What would it take to change President Obama’s stance on marijuana policy? Is there anything that can happen? I personally don’t know if anything would change Obama’s mind. Below are things that we know won’t change his mind (even though they should):


Nearly six out of ten US adults support legalizing the consumption of marijuana, and slightly more than half believe that the substance ought to be regulated in a manner similar to alcohol, according to national polling data.

Will Of The Voters

Voters in Colorado and Washington State passed marijuana legalization initiatives in the 2012 Election. In Colorado, Amendment 64 got more votes than Obama did, which one would think would hammer home the point to Obama. Sigh.

The Support Of Federal Level Politicians

Federal politicians such as Jared Polis in Colorado and Earl Blumenauer in Oregon have tried to push federal legislation that would end marijuana prohibition. Even Republicans have joined the battle. Usually an issue with bipartisan support in Congress gets the President’s attention, but I guess marijuana is the exception.


At a time when states and the federal government need every dollar they can find, President Obama refuses to consider a completely new source of revenue (marijuana taxes) that is significant. Marijuana legalization would create desperately needed jobs, and unlike other industries, it can positively affect virtually every area’s economy in the entire nation. I know timber counties in Oregon would gladly welcome such a thing, considering most other industries are unable to do business in those areas due to various reasons.


Almost every week it seems like there is a new scientific study that proves the medical value of marijuana, and proves that it is not as harmful as alcohol and tobacco. If I tried to list them all in this article, I could spend the rest of my life and still probably not include all of them.


Marijuana consumption is not going to go away in America, ever. Anyone who thinks that it will has not looked at history. Support for marijuana reform is growing daily, and it’s only a matter of time before marijuana prohibition is over. Future generations will look back on marijuana prohibition and determine that marijuana opponents were idiots, and wonder how they were able to keep prohibition in place for so long. Unfortunately, President Obama does not live in reality, at least not in regards to marijuana policy.

People are dying as a result of marijuana prohibition. Others are wrongfully incarcerated, and if they don’t get a long prison sentence, their lives are ruined because they now have to carry around the ‘marijuana scarlet letter’ which makes it almost impossible to get a good job, or go to college, or in one of my good friend’s cases, he can’t even coach his son’s sports teams because he is a felon. Shame on you President Obama. Your stance on marijuana policy is ruining lives, and I don’t know how you sleep at night. I pray that you change your mind during your second term, but I won’t hold my breath.


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  1. I love your list of things we know WON’T make him change policy. hahaha. You should also include: “The Constitution”

  2. Tired of bad policies on

    Obama must be in with the cartels. He is not for change but for control of people. Let us all races become free as long as we cause no harm to others.

  3. BoogieMan_Dan on

    What about the states that won’t even allow its citizens to vote on the issue. Like Texas, for example. The Federal Government will not bend on this issue because the prison system has become such a money making industry to shareholders. Also, the Pharmaceutical Companies bribe politicians with insider trading tips and secret stocks that make the politicians so much money, that they are bought and paid for by big pharma. The Federal Government is not the ally of the people any more but rather only works in the interests of global corporations and mega-banks. I’ve been fighting this issue for years now trying to get politicians to at least allow the people to vote, but they won’t budge. But I’ll never quit smoking it, so they’re just going to have to martyr me in the end. I don’t care. I’m going to live my life the way I choose or I’m not going to live it at all. This is suppose to be a FREE country.

  4. he has really been a disappointment i think the powerful almighty lobbyists are saying no. Also, Mitt Romney or any other republican would have been a million times worse

  5. How magnanimous of you to make excuses for the POTUS. One president, Nixon, instituted this refer madness with his war on drugs and all the laws and agencies he put into place. And yet you say one president, Obama, is powerless to end this? I disagree. And that has nothing whatsoever to do with racism. I voted for him twice.

  6. Perhaps if a loved one of his were dying of an inoperable cancer, he might change his mind. Perhaps if one of his daughters had been convicted of the federal crime of possession of a schedule 1 substance and the rest of her life were ruined because of it, he might change his mind.
    He was just plain lucky. He never got busted for inhaling. That was the point, wasn’t it?
    He made all of us believe in change, but it wasn’t the change we wanted, after all, was it? For the most part, I admit I do approve of most of his policies, but on this issue, he has failed us as much as all the presidents since Nixon first declared this absurd war on drugs. He can’t even look at his own experience and right this wrong, which he knows in his heart of hearts needs to be changed.

  7. All of you people complaining about how horrible Obama is at president are just racist. The president is a pawn or lighting rod. Had no real power and doesn’t and will never run this country. That’s for the rich, gutless, and scumbag white guys to do. They ruined this country with greed and ignorance not Obama

  8. i totally agree with that! hemp should be legal and so should the use of marijuana for medical purposes i mean why smoke when you can use a marijuana vaporizer instead ,)

  9. I don’t want to put certified idiots like Bachmann, Ryan, King, Lee, Paul, or Cruz into positions of power such as the Presidency. The crimes against humanity, and against US citizens in particular, would skyrocket.

    As a self-proclaimed teatard, what are your thoughts on the US military budget? Do you agree with your contemporaries that we need to raise the already over-bloated military budget that already has us spending about the same on our military as the rest of the world combined, or do you agree with me that with our budget issues, unemployment issues and crumbling infrastructure that we should cut the military budget by AT LEAST 75%, moving those funds to maintaining, repairing, updating and expanding our national infrastructure?

    IOW is your patriotism and fiscal conservatism real, or just political posturing to advance a dishonest and cynical ideological agenda?

  10. Mr Obama, as a black man, how do you feel about blacks being disproportionately jailed for drugs?

    Mr. Obama, you’ve admitted you used marijuana AND cocaine. When will you be turning yourself in? Cocaine possession is a felony after all, Mr. President. You even said you “inhaled frequently. That was the point.”

    Mr Obama, would you still have become president if you had been caught with the drugs you admit to using? You never got caught, never went to jail or got forced to “seek treatment”, yet you turned out ok enough to lead a nation. How do you feel a criminal record would have aided your career?

    Why are drugs ok for you but not every other citizen of this “free” country?

  11. Marijuana advocates are always providing links to peer reviewed sources which are constantly ignored and supplanted by the usual “Reefer madness”. I think a new and refreshing approach would be for the prohibition supporters to provide supporting evidence for a policy which makes no sense and destroys the lives of far too many. I won’t hold my breath.

  12. These politicians need to realize right now that this oppositional position means the end of their political career. Period. They can get tough on prohibition while they are in the unemployment line.

  13. The Mexican drug cartels and the politicians on their payroll oppose the legalization of marijuana.
    Al Capone had hundreds of politicians on his payroll but the drug cartels don’t?

  14. The “commander and chief” is a blithering idiot, everything he’s done since he’s set foot in the Whitehouse has brought this country from bad to worse, so yea it’s time for a change lets start with replacing that idiot with a president who actually knows something about running a country.

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