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 September 10, 2014

Finally, after months of preparation, work, and careful maintenance, the time to harvest your marijuana will arrive. Harvesting is not as easy a task as just cutting down your marijuana plants, waiting a week or so for them to dry, and then getting as high as a kite. There are still signs to watch for and critical mistakes to avoid, or you risk nullifying all of your hard work over the preceding months.

The most important of these is getting the timing right. Watching the weather and paying close attention to your marijuana plants will let you know when they are ready for harvest. After a certain point, the potency of marijuana plants will begin to degrade from its peak point. But harvesting too soon can be worse in terms of reducing the potential potency/yield of your plants. Balancing this means understanding the rhythm of the blooming period that your marijuana plants will undergo. If in doubt, it is best to err on the side of patience. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana.

Throughout the flowering period, the end stage of your cannabis crop’s development, the sun’s strength in conjunction with the changing seasons should be your guide. The plant, through its changing appearance, will also send signals that clearly identify when the right time has arrived. Keep an eye on the weather since the conditions on the day you actually cut the plants is very important.

Also make sure there is a plan to cut and move your plants. Do you want to take the whole plant or is it safe to cut them on site? Use seal bags for transportation to avoid strong marijuana odor in your car and make sure the route you take is safe. Let a friend drive in front of you or check the route first. Your drying room should be prepared and ready to use. You’re almost there…

If you want to start growing, download my free grow guide and order some marijuana seeds. All top quality marijuana seeds are available in my marijuana seed shop. We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. For any growing related question please visit the marijuana support page.

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    Your ladies haven’t started to bud yet? Mine have been budding since 8/17, but I had pre-flowers before that. Yesterday, on one of them, the leaves curled upwards, started getting some brown spots, brownish-gray up the sides of some leaves, yellowing leaves. I have no idea WTF is going on?? No clue!! Can’t pin point what it is!! Help!


      It sounds like overfertilization. If your plant is in say a 5 gallon pot, flush your soil with fresh water, 3 gallons of water per 1 gallon of soil for a total of 15 gallons over the regular course of your watering routine, not all at once. Remember that the nutritional needs of your ladies will change once they starts to flower. There are many nutrition tables online to give you some guidance.

      Good Luck!


        Hey thanks for hitting me back. I appreciate it. Yeah that one, got worse and just died. I’ve never seen anything like it, within 2 days the plant went from green with yellow leaves, to what I described in my other post, and now, but sites have turned almost brown. It’s done I know that, shit is basically dead. I lost it. My other one seems to be doing much better. I tried to flush it, but it didn’t work. Yesterday when I woke up, the curled up leaves seemed to be uncurled, but once I watered it was over. the leaves then curled up again and the plant looked horrible. It happened so quick. But thanks again. This wasn’t my 1st grow either. Last year was my 1st, and it worked ok, only had one. This year was great until this… We’ll be good!!


          The thing that killed your plant was probably botrytis. Happens that fast. The infection is there weeks before you see it symptoms.


      Bud rot.


        It happened in like a day though! So quickly… One day it was fine, the next day bad, then the next worse then the previous day!! Thanks though.


          Check the buds that appear damaged buy spreading them and looking for critters. I found little green catapillars that resemblem tomato worms only just 1/4 inch long. Pulled thm off and squished them. Problem stopped. The leaf yellowing is possibly normal as the plant matures. Or you are watering too much. Pinch the yellow leaves off at the point that the leaf stem contacts the branch (they are dying anyway).


        caterpillars no doubt


    I have four outdoor virgin’s ranging between 7-9 feet tall. Huge clusters of buds. But the pistols are starting to curl inward but not turning Amber to Brown like I heard they should. I’ve tested the quality. It’s pretty good. But I do not know weather they should go further. Heard some where some species pistols remain white. Need help!!!!


    Can anyone tell me if these ladies are harvest ready? First successful grow and the Internet has very conflicting statements. Thanks


      Your leaves are looking a little droopy, could be a sign of (over-watering) but it looks good.. I’d say harvest ready & let cure for a week. Watch it progress as the days go by, then trim when you think its ready.(5-7 days after harvest) that’s my 2 cents.


      It all depends on the strain.I would Wait another week..looks like girl scout cookies..if it iz then its turning purple.


    Does this look ready to pull?


    Hello I have some that are out door. I live in Michigan I was wondering can I let them go with temps reaching 48 at night.


    Hi y’all..
    Do these look about ready to pull? Need to get them down soon as weathers on the down turn. Lat 52.5


    Hello. This is my first time reaching the end of a flowering cycle and I’m not sure when I should pull the plant. I live in the pacific northwest and the strain is Citrus Kush. I planted the seedling late. (About mid June) Please look at the attached picture below.


    Is this ready to be pulled?


    Hey question is this plant ready to be harvest


    I’m wondering how much longer I need to give these plants until Harvest. This probably isn’t the best photo but I have the same fear as Jessica. I also live in michigan and the temperatures are dropping pretty low at night (low 40s). Is she fully mature? Sorry for the lighting, it’s starting to get dark. Also, at what point do I stop watering them?


      Get a cheap microscope, look at the trichomes to see when optimum harvest is. The heads should be a milky color, after they yurn amber the THC content degrades and produces a more stony body high. I’ve just been learning this myself this year.


      They say once 70% of the hairs turn orange it’s done from the pics looks like it might be another week or two. Good luck.


    Any professional growers willing to me out and tell me if these plants add d


    I’ll upload pics now


    I have been told many conflicting tips to growing. This is my first time growing. I have a few outdoor plants. Its fun thats for sure.
    One person tells me that rain will wash away crystal and another tells me that it wont. There is no way that a major outdoor field is covered to protect from rain. Not saying that it doesnt affect the potency. I dont now since i dont smoke it lol.just growing for fun and to make medicine for my mother.
    Also i have been told to pick off the big leaves at this time because they are using food that could be used by the flowering portion. I understand this theory but i also would think that these big leaves would be necessary for gathering sunlight.
    Any help would be great thx.


    Question, I live in the Pacific Northwest n we just got a pretty violent storm,winds n lots of rain. Is it possible to wash away the potince?? My poor plants some were blown over,most mostly just got drenched.It hasn’t been too cold yet,but do I need to bring inside n let dry ,before more rain!! Thanks. First time grower!!


    Watch the trichromes for a heady high pull when milky I need a more body high for chronic pain so I wait to pull until they start to turn Amber watch the rain cause bud rot comes quickly I’m pulling half today and the rest next Wednesday big rain storm coming


    Greetings I Dropped Some Seeds In April..I’m In The South. Couplet Of Plants Didn’t Make It Tho Two Has. As Of Right Now It’s Topping Off With A lot Of Krystals And It Smells Really Danky. Is It Time To Harvest Before November When It Gets Below 32° Some Nights ?? GIVETHANKS


    This is one of four conas grown outdoors this is a medical grow in California grown out in the desert it is thick as big as a baseball bat. This stain I got lucky with I went to a dispensary and found two huge seeds in a strain called gangster cookie I am now flushing it. It smells so dank and now that it’s getting colder out it started turn purple the trichomes are milky and starting to get about 30% amber.


    Is this ready or no


    Is she ready ?


    Are they ready?

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