silvertip marijuana strain
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Which Marijuana Strains Are You Smoking On 420?

April 20th is finally here, and I want to wish everyone a very happy 420! If you are like me, you have been saving your best marijuana nugs from throughout the year for this special day. It’s not easy to look at all the frostiest nugs all year and not give in to temptation, but I will say (while looking at jars of top nugs), I’m very excited that I waited.

What marijuana strain(s) are you smoking on this 420? Please put your answers in the comments below. Below are pictures of my favorite strains that I’ve saved nugs of all year:

Jack The Ripper

jack the ripper marijuana strain


trainwreck marijuana strain

Cinderella 99

cinderella 99 marijuana strain

Blue Dream

blue dream marijuana strain


bubblegum marijuana strain


silvertip marijuana strain

  • whatthe

    Blue Dream :)

  • Jetdoc

    I don’t know how to add pics so I’m hittin White Fire OG and Silver Tip.

    • whatthe

      Right under where you write your message there is a little picture of a frame. Click on that and upload a pic :)

  • Spivkurl

    Organic Northern Lights!

  • Spivkurl

    There’s a pic of one of the Northern Lights. Yum.

  • Dlo

    Can anyone tell me about this strand of weed i just copped, its called #1269.

  • Rebelgrrrl

    Enjoying some Super Jack!