Jul 262012

The Top 7 Marijuana Strains For Treating Fibromyalgia

By Scrog Betty

This headline popped out at me the other day…“While self-medicating with cannabinoids may provide some pain relief to fibromyalgia patients, we caution against general use of illicit drugs;“ the journal of Arthritis Care & Research. As a general rule of thumb, I tend to take those types of warnings with a grain of salt. Instead — my primary thought process headed in another direction. Rather than warning the already supportive masses, against a plant we all know to be helpful, I was led to wonder…what would be the right strain of medical marijuana for such an ailment.

In a world loaded with over the counter prescription drugs, a new study has found approximately 10 % of fibromyalgia patients choose to medicate with medicinal marijuana as a means of relieving their related discomforts such as insomnia, fatigue, and pain.

Standard drug treatments for fibromyalgia-related pain provide only modest relief, and some patients self-medicate with marijuana and other traditional therapies, said Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, a professor of medicine at McGill University and consulting rheumatologist at the Montreal General Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal.

She and her colleagues looked at the use of marijuana or prescription cannabinoids such as nabilone and dronabinol among 302 patients with fibromyalgia and 155 patients with another chronic pain condition.

About 13 percent of all 457 patients used cannabinoids, with 80 percent using marijuana. Smaller numbers used prescription cannabinoids, according to the study findings published online June 21 in the journal Arthritis Care & Research. [source]

The report then goes on to point out that of the fibromyalgia patients who consumed medical marijuana in the fight for a reduced level of pain in their life, 72% claimed to only need about one gram of weed or less per day (about $15). When compared to the soul crushing prices that big pharmaceutical business charge for their opioids, its no surprise they fear this wonder plant.

After doing a little digging this morning. I came up these magnificent seven medical marijuana strains that represent a wide spectrum of cannabinoids available to help with pain reduction in fibromyalgia patients. These cannabinoids have several well-documented beneficial effects for many aliments.

BLACK JACK: This cross of Jack Horror and Black Domina is an excellent sativa dominate strain. great for depression and nausea. ? 9-THC 16.64% CBC .07% CBD .24% CBG 1.69% CBN .19%

CHEM 4: This Chemdog phenotype is an indica dominate strain great for severe pain. Starts off cerebral but quickly turns into couch lock. ? 9-THC 18.97% CBC .0% CBD .27% CBG 0% CBN .61%

SILVER PEARL: Northern Lights #5 x Skunk x Early Pearl. This sativa is great for migraines and productivity while being highly medicated ? 9-THC 22.18% CBC .08% CBD .30% CBG 0% CBN .94%

GRAPE APE Pure indica strain. Grape like smell and taste with a hint of skunk. Works for stress relief, nervousness, and chronic pain. ? 9-THC 16.64% CBC .07% CBD .24% CBG 1.69% CBN .19%

AK BERRY Sweet flavored cross of AK-47 and Blueberry. This hybrid has the sativa punch of AK with the pain relieving qualities of Blueberry ? 9-THC 15.69% CBC .02% CBD .36% CBG 0% CBN .54%

BLUE DREAM The name says it all. this hybrid is great for relaxing and daytime pain relief. light smooth blueberry and spice taste. ? 9-THC 18.46% CBC .04% CBD .31% CBG 0% CBN .28%

PERMAFROST Trainwreck and White Widow cross is a hybrid best for stress and anxiety. Smooth smoke that leaves you feeling energetic ? 9-THC 18.46% CBC .04% CBD .31% CBG 0% CBN .28%

Source: Marijuana.Com

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.swanson.923 Nick Swanson

    This is awsome info, i have fibromialgia and i hate taking pills and pot seems to work the best anyway!

    • Midnight run

      Try makn a glycerine tincture.

    • Steve in Oakland

      I have a friend who has fibromyalgia who goes to a pain management medical practice for treatment. The pain management practice prescribes opioids for my friend [Norco and Morphine], but she, too, finds that marijuana often works the best. The pain management place does random drug testing to make sure the narcotics are actually in my friend’s system, and not sold on some street somewhere. Big surprise: They also test for cannabanoids, although there does not seem to be any reason for doing that, especially since they do not recommend or prescribe marijuana for pain. Worse, they take a Nancy Reagan “Just Say ‘No’” position on marijuana: If they find it in a patient’s system, they stop prescribing the other pain killers. Their “rationalization” is from the “Toads Cause Warts” school of science, i.e., they oppose marijuana because it is “illegal,” although it actually is not illegal in California, other than the antiquated federal laws that were inspired by the “Reefer Madness” madness of the twenties and thirties.

      • Curtis

        Well said

      • Steve Freeman

        I got nailed that way too. It sucks!!!!!!

      • Guest

        dr’s in Canada are doing the same thing they prescribe pills which do not work well, make you sign a narcotics contract, so now if i use i get dropped as a patient, and no medicine at all and fully dependant on 4 meds…..it sucks because certain strains really helped, now i have no choice but use pills until find a way to get approved with health Canada.

    • Jony Mensa

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  • Midnigh run

    Cheesequake from tga. Highest cbd ever. Most narcotic bud yet

    • Steve Freeman

      I must be such a dork. I’ve never even heard of this before. Dang, I’m only 53!

  • Lisa

    I would live to see studies done a=on my disorder, RSD/CRPS-Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It is similar to MS and Fibromyalgia and we treat in much the same way. Thank you for posting this article!

    • Tielman

      As the notifications come in it’s becoming more obvious that RSO is more of a health restorative plant than anything else we have to heal us. So Lisa I trust you’re healing with cannabis now.

    • Guest

      i agree Lisa, I too have RSD/CRPS w/ Fibro and scoliosis, full spine
      advanced osteoarthritis/degen disc disease, losing ability to properly
      eat and care for myself, and so many pills tried and taking, still
      suffering/declining. need help soon or i am a goner at 43. after 18 yrs
      in one week sept 27th,
      fighting this on my own with lousy medical and support system. i am at
      point i wouldnt be able to make eadibles, tinctures, even grow
      yet……, maybe in time? but i need to heal, rebuild, manage pain and
      so many disabling symptoms. a year ago i could have, now i am facing
      death, and is scary alone. i can barely type this.

  • Kimberly

    Thanks for the info. I have had Fibromylgia for almost 10years. Over the years, I have been on many Pain Meds, and Antiflamatory, been told to take Stonger Pain meds…When all’s I need to do is take a hit or two, eat a cookie, or a few drop’s.

  • charla ninejones

    I’ve had fibro for past 4yrs and nothing seems to help my pain and now the migraines have started. I have never used any type of drugs before but if Marijuana will give me some relief, I’m willing to try it. Doctors don’t give pain med’s to any one now with all the drug problems now. The pain I have is almost unbearable most of the time. Thanks for the info

    • fibro fight

      i was in the same boat got desperate for pain relief tryed marijuana i use a vaporizer best thing i ever did ! just recently went off 4 fibro meds and doing well so far !

    • http://www.facebook.com/heidi.hendrickcampbell Heidi Hendrick Campbell

      I live in Michigan and have my medical card and it does help, it’s the only thing that has.

  • http://www.facebook.com/qtflirt Michelle Peaceplease

    How would one be able to get these strains if not living in California? ? All that’s ever found around my area is what we call regs which is pretty much just dirt weed compared to anything in cali = and the “dro” or “dank” available never has a name its just u get what u get ….if I could order some good strains or pay to have them shipped I would …

    • Curtis

      Where do u live? Poor thing ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/qtflirt Michelle Peaceplease

        I live in Illinois =

        • Steve Freeman

          I feel your pain Michelle; pun intended. I live in Indiana which is about as dry and backward thinking as they come. I have a disease similar to fibro called Charcott-Marie-Tooth Syndrome. The mylen sheath of my nerves are deteriorating, letting the nerves touch each other. This is not unlike battery cables that spark when you touch them together. Anyway I have a “mild” case in my feet and ankles; mild requiring max doses of Lyrica, tegretol, Norco (hydrocodone) and Cymbalta; all or most I could toss away if medical cannabis were legal here. I fantasize about eating some AK Berry with highest CBD (CBD .36%) which is supposed to be the pain killer; but right now it’s just a dream. I also dream about taking a vacation to Colorado; but I’m scared to death of getting busted. I see the messages that say “use a seedbank” but I just conjure images of what happened to Gilligan when he got his package delivered. (Gilligans Island….remember?) Well heck, maybe I just felt like ranting :-( …… Michelle I hope something works out for you.

          • Veronica Darling

            Hi Steve Freeman….I have CMT as well, diagnosed since 1990, but I have had it my whole life. I live in pain everyday and I’m allergic to any Opiates. Which really sucks for me, cuz I live in pain every single day with no relief. MJ helps my muscle spasms so well and sure helps with my getting my butt off the couch and up doing something. I think our government needs to help the individuals that get no relief for pills….They know it works!!! I worked for a big Pharma company for many years and they are never going to go away. It’s all about making big $$ for their CEO’s and government kickbacks. Hope all has a pain free day!!!

          • Steve Freeman

            Hi Veronica, My meds keep the pain at bay at some degree; and you can read above the list I take, except I forgot to add my Fentanyl patch to the list. I see that MJ helps you with spasms and motivation, but does it do anything for pain relief specifically? If so, do you know what strain(s) work best for the pain control? Take it easy – Steve

    • mandella

      I live in California and my friend just opened a dispensary. They have a large collection of different strains and concentrates and pretty much anything cannabis related. I could give you their website address (privately) and you can take a look at their products. Maybe we could work something out if you see anything of interest. If interested send me a private email to mandellabella@gmail.com

  • Canada17

    Tried to get my exemption, my Dr screwed me and now I’ve been trying to find a new compassionate one for three years. I have had to rely on trusted sources involved in the illicit market for my med, MJ – without which I would not be able to live any semblance of a “normal” life. I have multiple chemical sensitivity in addition to Fibro and can barely tolerate most vitamins let alone Big Pharma’s pills. So, I don’t usually get to choose the strain. But since getting an NO2 Vapir I don’t have that “couch lock” from anything. I use a fraction of a gram a day and save a whole ton of money. And since I’m not smoking it anymore, I’m taking that much less of a risk.

    What bothered me most about the study you’ve referenced is the fact that medicinal marijuana users, those who have obtained exemptions from the law, were not included in the results though it would stand to reason they would be able to provide more valuable I put than those who withhold information for fear that being honest about their “illicit” drug use may get them in trouble.

  • http://twitter.com/1seekingwisdom William Harris

    Baking and cooking with marijuana will have a longer lastng effect when consumed

  • http://twitter.com/1seekingwisdom William Harris

    My wife has fibro, a long with a few other things, and cannabis has been the best thing for her. It’s healing her.

  • Buzzy Kerbox

    As much I appreciate nearly all of the content of this article the list of strains just goes to show IMO how far the industry still has to come, the list is nothing but a whos who of famous names selected for their high THC content, recreational use and marketability with generally poor cannabinoid levels.

    If breeders and seed vendors are serious about medical cannabis they really need to get more serious about the science and cannabinoid profiles, as it stands going to a medical dispensary is barely any different from going to a cafe in Holland although it slowly seems to be improving in some place with varied products and some cannabinoid products. They should actually consider going into the pharma industry themselves, before the existing system eventually runs them over with superior designer cannabinoid medications.

    Coming from someone with little to not tolerance of THC, not uncommon.

    • K8E_420

      I couldn’t agree more. I really feel that dispensaries should stop marketing our MEDICINE with names like “Dog Shit”, “Chemdog”, etc. I understand that the people that named these strains should have credit, but its no longer a “drug deal” and seems so unprofessional. And the people running these places shouldn’t be visibly and/or noticeably, in manneurism, STONED OFF THEIR ASSES. And their advice shouldn’t come in the form of “ah, man, dude.. 3 of these candies/two tokes of this and you’ll be gone alllll day..” lol. I mean, I get it.. its relateable.. but:


      I need them to understand and take me seriously – without snickers and knowing grins between each other – when I say I am a lightweight and need something that won’t put me in an anxious, nauseatingly dizzy free-fall that makes me unable to close my eyes or sleep it off. I realize that many enjoy that feeling, but its different for some and I have enough anxiety, brain fog and loss of concentration without getting so stoned off 2 hits or one edible that I’m drooling out the side of my mouth. And, I find it funny (and negativity-crediting to the cause) that most of the dispensaries (at least in my area) do NOT carry the strains that are high in CBD which is the main part of cannabis credited for relieving pain. It makes us look bad..

      Honestly, IMO, when the country as a whole legalizes it – its ALL gonna change. It won’t be dispensaries as we know them now. It’ll be all Big Pharm. It will be similar to pharmacies, if not just given over to actual pharmacies, which I see problems with.

      They aren’t set up to handle foods – (m)edibles – and, therefore, may not permit them. We’ll have to cook ourselves, which is a problem for many with disabilities and/or chronic pain. Plus the family aspect – I can’t cook at the temperatures required to release the medicine into the butters/oils, etc without releasing it into the air my children breathe, meaning my home kitchen is off limits. And, in fact, they may even decide that its not a healthy or optimal way to medicate.. (which is BS, but we’re talking about the FDA here.) I typically take my meds by way of hard candies that contain Kief, but wanted to try oils/tinctures/etc from high CBD strains, low THC strains. I am too much of a lightweight to smoke in most cases. I can’t get the right amount of medicine in my system to benefit from it that way, so without medibles I’m screwed. I donno.. maybe they can do the oils and butters like cough syrup..? *shrug*

      They’ll likely try to push it in capsule form. Pharmacies are NOT going to promote smoking of any kind if they can help it. We’ll probably be forced to try it their ways before being allowed flowers to smoke.

      It will be bottles with the scientific name(s) for the strain(s) with %/miligrams of CBD and THC, etc, listed beside it just like any other prescription.

      I guess all I’m trying to say is that if the Marijuana Community wants the dispensaries to continue on as the source of obtaining their meds, than we need to make the people running them understand that it has to be done more professionally or the FDA (WHEN it steps in.. there’s no if about it) will have an even easier time of taking it out of their hands

  • Steph

    I readed a lot of the comments about fibro. I been dealing with this for two years plus L5 bulging disc. I live in Arizona. So thank you all for this info I will be now working to get my card. God Bless.

  • carebear

    I use medical marijuana for my Fibro but only for my anxiety, depression and insomnia. I haven’t found any strains that help with the pain, in fact some make it much much worse, amplify it in fact. Long as I stay away from those strains I’m OK. I really hope one day they make it readily available for proper use and pharmacy’s so patients like myself can get real expert treatment with the use of this drug. It has helped me and my family by giving me a better quality of life.

    • K8E_420

      I have noticed that certain strains give this slow, crawl heat over all the painful areas and (like you said) amplify the intensity of the pain. That sucks major for me because I’m an extreme lightweight.

      The good strains for pain are those high in CBD and low in THC, but the best for me is Granddaddy Purp, which I’m told is actually a very strong strain. Superior stuff. (It makes my longtime medicinal using husband ready for ninight.. lol.) Or Cynex which helps with energy, focus and motivation. Purple Kush is alright as well, but that was acquired from a less than professional dispensary with poorly cared for plants, so it wasn’t terribly strong.

      For stress and anxiety, try (m)edibles made with Kief. I love them.. Because I’m such a lightweight and have major brain fog and fatigue, I’m wary of medicating in the daytime, but the hard candies made with Kief don’t give me so much as the fuzzy feeling between my eyes.. it mellows me out with no buzz, high or medicated feeling at all.

    • dori

      hi, i found so far from various strains that the top self grade grandaddy purple was amazing, i had relief for all my symptoms for up to 7hrs that was from only five hits off I my vaporizer majic flight box. i also got instant energy and sarted housework that i cannot do normally due to lack of energy

    • chad arnold

      eat the marijuana or cook it in butter or milk….does wonders

  • Kimbi

    I have been dealing with fibro for over a year now and recently I noticed if I used marijuana before bed I sleep extremely better than normal, which makes my day more productive!!!

    I also am dealing with auto immune disorder and could not get rid of the strep virus with antibiotics. With the help of marijuana I can sleep off my sickness easier. I am finally feeling good. Good luck to all of you with fibro.

  • ilse ryan

    I have chronic pain, fibrymyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, two totoal hip replacements. Pills have caused me to have bladder infection, stabbing pain in both sides. NOW i am mostly prescription drug free. I make my own tinctures from cannibis, and never miss a day. Pain relieve the most natural way. I also make my own cannibis butter, and other goodies

  • Guest

    I have RSD/CRPS w/ Fibro and scoliosis, full spine
    advanced osteoarthritis/degen disc disease, losing ability to properly
    eat and care for myself, and so many pills tried and taking, still
    suffering/declining. need help soon or i am a goner at 43. after 18 yrs
    in one week sept 27th,
    fighting this on my own with lousy medical and support system. i am at
    point i wouldnt be able to make eadibles, tinctures, even grow
    yet……, maybe in time? but i need to heal, rebuild, manage pain and
    so many disabling symptoms. a year ago i could have, now i am facing
    death, and is scary alone. i can barely type this.

    • Emily N Carin

      Do you have family or a friend who could maybe would be interested in becoming your caretaker. I have been this for only a few yrs, and I started out with taking care of my best friend who passed away too soon bc she was like you she didn’t have anyone who would take that role. So I moved from Dallas TX to Colorado springs to be with her and I was there until the day god called her home. Im not sure where you are Im in Colorado if you was close I would be more then willing to help you find someone or would offer to take you on. I now am a caretaker for 3 people who live in their own homes and I do my rounds daily and I love doing it.. my clients say that I have blessed them and that I have brought sunshine to their lives when they thought it was gone forever, what they don’t realize is that their the ones who have brought the sunshine back into mine..

      • painkills2

        It takes a very special person to be a caregiver and we all appreciate your service. I get a funny feeling about the post from Mr. Hyland that you are responding to. He posted the exact same thing, word for word, elsewhere on this site. Is that a reason to be suspicious? Maybe not, but I also noticed that he is not really asking any questions or making a specific comment, other than perhaps a veiled attempt to dog-whistle his need for medical cannabis. If I’m wrong, I will eat my hat…

        • Guest

          i replied above to Emily n Carin, if interested, maybe i was so out of it cognitively when posted that i forgot to ask questions, and i often have to copy and paste as can only type with one hand/arm…..not sure what ur funny feeling or suspicion etc….. i can access weed anytime, but i cannot use it for last yr since my old family dr retired. as he has me on 5 meds, and i had to sign a narcotics drug testing contract if thc/cbd’s shows up, then he said he would drop me as a patient. so instead of being able to use weed like the last 17 of 18 yrs, i have to take 3 extra meds which the weed helped me not take. so yes i am in process of searching for a dr to sign me to help get off these meds, also looking for which specific strains work the best. i would appreciate it if you address me next time instead of raising a bunch of bs comments, my pain is so unmanaged i have been suicidal for months, stuck in 4 braces, arm/shoulder, neck and pelvis/lumbar, it’s bare existance. medical marijuana would help but our govt just changed the system, tripled the cost and actually made it even harder to access, and i am not in BC or Ontario where is abundance of supportive dr’s, there is none i have found for sure here. and i cannot afford to move, the next step is a care home, get fed food and pills and die at 43. it’s a screwed up system, dr’s will not allow us to use a plant to help feel better, pain, sleep, mood, appetite, everything……anyways peace out to ya painkills2, like the name, it does kill, and will continue to until btr treated by front line family dr’s

          • painkills2

            I re-read my post above, and it looks like I posted it to the wrong article. Oops… where’s my hat? Sorry about that, I’m new to this.

            I read your posts but I’m having a little trouble following them. But the one question I ferreted out was about strains. I’m going to take a guess and say that the strains where you live aren’t the same as the strains where I live, because all plants are different and processed differently. Instead of focusing on the name of the strain, do some research on the differences between indicas and sativas, and go from there.

            Although I am not qualified to help you with suicidal thoughts, I would implore you to seek help, like call a suicide hotline. If you have any other questions or comments, I will be sure to read them.

            And here’s one last thought… There’s a scene in the movie The Messenger where Ben Foster describes a suicidal episode to Woody Harrelson. In case you are unfamiliar with the movie, both characters are in the military. The scene is beautifully acted and I think I can apply it here:
            Ben describes being in the hospital and deciding to go up on the roof to commit suicide. He describes feeling cold and alone and not knowing where to turn. He spends hours on the roof but, eventually, he goes back in the building. Woody asks what happened, why made him change his mind? And Ben says… the sun came up.

            Being in constant pain makes time move… very… very… slowly and it is even harder to just wait for the sun to come up. Thoughts of pain can drive out all of the positive thoughts that you have. Try to focus on healthy things, like nature. Getting a pet or a plant, something to take care of, may help. As I type this, it sounds like a bunch of feel-good advice, instead of something that might help you, and I apologize for that too.

      • Guest

        hello i am in Alberta Canada. I live alone, share house with brother who works away weeks at a time. i have inquired in our family and facebook family group as well my mom asked at recent family reunion on my behalf. my dr like prev one is pill pusher, i am on fentanyl 125mcgs, and 5 or 10 mg statex immed release morphine for breakthru pain, clonazepam a benzodiazepam, for severe spasming, and 1200mgs of gabapentin/neurontin a day. to painkills2 below, yes i am seeking to be approved for med. marjiuana, i have used it illegally instead of the pills or when they would not work which is often. i am wondering what the best strains are for MS like symptoms? because RSD/CRPS is most like MS in pain, spasming and symptoms, the aggravating factors the fibromyalgia, spinal scoliosis, spinal c-spine stenosis, neuroforaminal stenosis both in neck, full spine osteoarthritis/degen disc disease, Raynauds, Orthostatic intolerance, Vertigo, etc….so i wonder which strain i vapourized before which helped me so much was, as they do not know or care when selling illegally for profit or for medicinal needs, tho that is improving slowly, and other strains made me much worse, very tense, more pain, spasming etc?

      • Brown Sugar

        OMG, what an angel, you are a rare human being and I thank GOD for you. This is one of our purposes of being created, taking care of each other. I don’t know you or the person you are responding to, but I believe what you saying are true, when we bless others by serving them we are also blessing ourselves. Continue to serve GOD by serving others and you will receive myriad blessings. Your sister in Christ!

    • john

      I wish I knew who you are. This past year I have been on a downward spiral. I also have RSD/CRPS types 1 & 2 with DGD, bad knees with arthritis in both. I am finding it harder and harder to do things around the house. It seems no one understands this, neither do I; if I did I would stop it in it’s tracks.

  • Dalie Dough Redline

    7 bulging disc lower back was on 45mg methadone and 4 norco a day 10 yrs yes it stole my life . kleen for 2yrs know just use weed , got my life back thanx weed = iam an artist who writes music iam # 15 on reverbnation = all songs made HI 2 be played hi . Enjoy life {{{Peace}}}rules aye

    • painkills2

      An artist! Have you thought about writing songs about the history of cannabis?



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    • Debra R Lippincott Gibbs

      Been tired with Fibromyalgia since 1996. First diagnoised with “it’s all in your head” to “finally a reason for the way that I am”. The only thing that has actually helped is the use of Marijuana. Now that it is legal in New Jersey, you STILL have to jump through hoops to 1) find a doctor willing to join the program . 2) must have a repor with said doctor for a min of 6 months and have eliminated all other trials and drugs and 3) find a dispensory close enough to you that you can get to even if you do not drive. The hoops are harder now that it is legal. My doctor told me it was a great thought but now that he approaches retirement in 3 to 4 years, he does not want to be bothered joining. There are other doctors in the office, but I do not have a relationship with them. The nurse practicioner and I have a great repor but she can not dispense nor join WHY?? the other doctors really do not want to jump on the marijuana band wagon because they do not want to promote THE USE OF DRUGS? give me a break. Even with it legal, the only way to treat it is self medication and the illegal use of such???? Welcome to america.

      • That Mormon Guy

        I’ve had it since I was born, in 1995. I was called retarded by my teachers, and parents. (Even though I kept asking them “Why does my body feel so old?”) Until they took me to a doctor, then they finally figured out what was wrong. I’ve tried EVERY pill on the market. Nothing has helped. Nothing, it’s only made it worse. Until I tried Marijuana. Being Mormon, I was taught “Oh that’s bad for you it’ll do nothing good for you” I CALL BULLSH*T now. I’ve had several bulging disks in my lower back and nothing helps the pain. Toradal shots only work for a few days if even that, and those things cost hundreds of dollars. I’ve smoked under the radar so far, now I’m going to take myself and go get Certified for Medical use since I have a dispensary right here in my town (albeit the certification center is over an hour away it’s worth it). I’m actually really glad for living in Arizona, and meeting my best friend, he knows ALL the hookups and I have literally unlimited access for free.

        And yes, welcome to America, land of the free to do as we say.

  • a

    I have had fibro since 1995, along with multiple other, and some more severe medical problems.. I’ve been on more pharmaceutical drugs than I can count since that time, trying to fight my basic symptoms, which then became a vicious cycle of treating the side effects of drugs with more drugs! Since getting my patient card in January of 2012, I have cut my pharmaceutical drugs by more than half, and have significantly reduced the doses of the few I continue to take. I will continue to work my way off of as many drugs as I am able to. Cannabis is now my medicine, and pretty much the ONLY medicine I want in my body (other than a couple I have to take). I’m tired of being poisoned. I have been doing better in the past 2 years than I did in the past 15 years, all thanks to cannabis and fewer and fewer big Pharma poisons! Time to let the people make their own choices of what they want to put in their bodies. I know people are smarter and more open-minded than THEY give us credit for!

  • Muzzy Lu

    I’ve had back and leg pain for years and now control it with medical marijuana edibles. I make 200 medicated candies from just 1/4 oz. of precious weed. Easy directions from a great $2.99 e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA – Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints. http://muzzymemo.com/?page_id=16

  • Momma420

    I have found that the strain Durban Poison works very well for my fibro pain, depression, and surprisingly my fibro fog. I live in a place where it is “hard to come by” unfortunately. Pharmaceuticals cause me more side affects than good. It’s hard fighting this battle, and the laws and fear of losing my children to CPS make it difficult to find relief. I hurt so bad some days, I can’t hardly get from my bed to my recliner so that I am at least in the living room with all my family. I rejoice on the good days when I can get relief and actually be present in my role as a mother. Judge me if you want to. I am a good mother, when I can get out of my recliner TO be. I pray that one day there will not be a risk involved with me being a good and present mother to my children.

  • That Mormon Guy

    I personally have tried EVERY commercially used medicine for Fibro, and depression. NOTHING has worked BUT Mary Jane. I smoke it on occasion with my friend, I’m 18, and I’ve had it all my life. I can’t hold a job because I’m always in so much pain. The ONLY relief I’ve found has been Marijuana. I could actually move and DO things. Being depressed since I was 8 years old (long story short I was there for Hurricane Katrina ((In the actual center of the eye of the storm)) and I was born an AirForce Brat) So I’ve taken many pills.. Been to many hospitals for them to look after me so I didn’t Shoot myself. And Nothing helped, every pill only made me … Slow, weak, not human anymore. I couldn’t function or be happy. I started smoking pot right around my 18th birthday and so far: it’s been nothing but smiling and I have a job. Seriously. I owe my life now to Marijuana.

    And I’m Mormon. Seriously though. Being high around your parents when mormon, You have NEVER experienced anything harder than trying to be calm when you’re seeing EVERYTHING pop out at you, around your Mormon Parents.

    • danielgeery

      I ran for Senate against Hatch on the Justice Party ticket in your state (voteutah.us). I would appreciate your contacting me via that site, if you’d be so kind. My wife is suffering greatly from this heartbreaking disease (or whatever we call it), and I wish very much to discuss this further, with great discretion of course.