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 July 29, 2014
2016 election marijuana

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Colorado and Washington State legalized marijuana in 2012. If all goes well, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. will also legalize marijuana in 2014. Assuming that happens, which states will legalize marijuana during the 2016 Election? Many states are already ramping up efforts for 2016, and there’s a chance that some states might even legalize between now and 2016 via their legislatures. Below are the states that I feel have a great shot at 2016. If your state is not on the list, but you feel that it should be, feel free to add it in the comments section, along with why you feel 2016 is your state’s year. Also, if you feel that a state is on my list but shouldn’t be, feel free to state why in the comments:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island

The states listed above either have strong campaigns already working on the ground (and $), or are located in the North East part of the country where legalization via the legislature is most likely to happen in my opinion. I’m not trying to guarantee that all of the states listed above will succeed, but if asked which states I’d bet on, those would be them.

What the legalization models will look like in each state is up in the air, but I think those states have the best shot at legalizing marijuana by the end of 2016 in one form or another. Missouri might seem like a long shot to some people, but I work very closely with their campaign, and it’s one of the strongest campaigns I’ve ever seen. If that campaign team was in most other states, those states would make this list too.

There are other states that have a good shot, like Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, and perhaps Minnesota, but I think those states are still farther away than the states listed above. Other states, especially Idaho, will have to wait until marijuana is legalized at the federal level before someone can smoke marijuana within state borders without fear of prosecution. I would predict that federal marijuana legalization will happen in 2017/2018, and no later than 2020. I used to predict a date that was much farther out, but the winds of change are much stronger these days, and picking up momentum.



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    I live in Cali and I love that the use of weed is legal here. I use it for medical purposes for depression and insomnia, I flush or wont fulfill my prescription by my doctor the crap is poison. Marijuana is a God Send drug. Its the greedy pharmaceutical companies that are scared. They are greedy and want us customers (we are no longer patients) to stay sick and make their billions in profits. Alcohol, the most dangerous drug out there and cigarettes are no threat to pharmaceutical companies, weed is. Weed will be Federally legal soon enough. Screw what the Government claims.


    I live in Kentucky, I hate it but we have many stupid politicians, and religious people. Do they not know that their god made marijuana. you know he made everything in this world for all of us to use. he probably knew back in the day we might have had to need something for pain since there wasn’t a Walgreens on every corner back then. think about this all you idiots out there who claim to be Christians


      Right on dude, you are right. Legalize weed in Kentucky soon.


        That would be good to see. Tennesseans wouldn’t have to drive so bloomin far to escape the harmful effects of weed (getting arrested).


      First, let me say that I have no real opinion on the legalization of Marijuana. That being said, God did make everything on this planet. However, many people feel that the plants that God made for us to use were much different than what they are now.


    They need to redo for the people running around with felony’s for growing in NY. When NY turns around and legalize it..


    Who ever said weed was just for smoking or to get high? It has many other benefits it can bring besides medical purposes or getting high. Jobs, factorys, textiles, fuels that put off oxygen Instead of pullution ects. The list go’s on


    I opened a summer camp for pot users.


    I’d say Ohio for at least medicinal marijuana as we do have one of the best hospitals in the world up in Cleveland.


    I say Pennsylvania just because we grow the most corn and we are the most haunted so yeah???


    Mann we need some legalization in West Virginia! fuck all that gay medical use bull shit make it where everyone can share the love?


    Indiana and Kentucky will probably be 49th and 50th. Our politicians are so far backwards they think their ahead! I have a relative who has spent thousands on drugs to help debilitating migraine headaches,seizure type. Guess what,the only thing that helps is a couple of hits off a joint. All of the anti seizure drugs cause birth defects. Now she is the happy mother of 2 but in Indiana she might be a criminal.


    People far as Christians or any religion think marijuana is bad its better then them prescription’s the doctor give all the medication you take the worst people get read all your side affects on you pills bottles you just get another sickness all on commercial’s lawsuits if your doctor prescribe you this prescription so yeah I think every state should be legalized at least you don’t here bout people dying off of it or catching another sickness or getting sued and for New Jersey government need to legalize it for both uses people need start coming at there government hard and don’t stop fighting until you get
    through they don’t have a problem coming at you hard when u laid up in they hospital’s n doctors offices killing yourself basically of the pills n shots they fill ur blood up with make smart choices in life


      I am a Christian and I think there is nothing wrong with it. used properly is much better than pharicuicals~ many CHristians have this view point!


    I’m in Alabama and id heard that marijuana for prescription use passed the senate, but never heard about the house…does anyone know anything about this or have any further information for Alabama stand on this?


    Haven’t heard but Florida I think is moving forward and I live by the border- how about you.


      Should Florida become a cannabis state I will be moving. Not to far from where I live. I could at least drive once a month to visit my family.


    I’m in Virginia. it’s sad to say that we have a long road ahead of us. I’m hopeful for the future; but I’m getting out of the state ASAP. All I need is the forever green card and I’ll be golden. I wish legislators would realize that the study conducted under the Nixon Administration was fixed. when you strap a gas mask to a little monkey and give it pure weed smoke the monkey will die of suffocation. I have had a gas mask on me, it isn’t as fun as one may think but effective.


    I live in north Texas and would love to see it legalized. I’m also a Christian as well and know many people just like me who believe the same thing. I’m just saying just because someone is a believer doesn’t mean they don’t support legalization.


      So true. I don’t mean to reply to every posting on here but that (to me) means a lot. I am a Christian as well and proud to be. I strongly believe in Marijuana and I just wish that people would understand that not all Christians are Bible Thumpers saying NO TO MARIJUANA.. I say YES, YES, YES……


      I’m also a Christian and I would rather use a God given medication than these chemically produced Norco pills. Texas needs to step up and do the right thing.


      Seems like Tim people would realize this. I’m sure they do but just don’t care. Pitiful


    However I am considering moving to a state where it is legal.


      I wish I could move to a state that has it legal but being on disability and my family here, I just can’t right now. We are being punished for where we live and that my friend just makes no sense at all to me..


      I hear ya Tammy. I hope we can get it legalized here. Would be better for everyone.


    I personally think it’s ridiculous to even leave it up to each State. Of course, Alabama I wasn’t even expecting to see on the list. We are suppose to be THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, right? Not THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA, however, thanks to Nixon and his “War on drugs” and being passed on from one President to another just makes no sense at all. When Nixon started this mess (as far as I can remember) knowing that Marijuana had cured a lady from cancer he knew that is was a powerful wonderful plant and instead of doing research on Marijuana he chose to put Marijuana in the Schedule 1 Narcotic list and left it up there for more research needed
    . After he got impeached, Ford came along and chose to not research Marijuana either. That brings us up to where we are today. They did research alright on Marijuana for the cons only. To this day if you were to ask anyone running for the 2016 Presidential Election (with the exception of Bernie Sanders) you would more then likely hear ‘WE NEED MORE RESEARCH’. Enough is Enough… I have heard so much BS about how Marijuana can really harm someone that I’m so fed up with hearing that as well as other citizens are fed up.
    I have heard questions asking “What if your child got into it”? Well, God forbid, but what if your child got ahold of a gun, had some Tylenol lying around somewhere, even as a child I have heard of almost everything including children getting into Bleach, perfume, alcohol etc… Now, I don’t have any small children anymore around the house but I did have small children at one time running thru my house and I would much have preferred that my child got into Marijuana versus all these other examples. (Even though I never had Marijuana around my house).
    I do know that it would take at least (just my figuring) at least a half of a pound of Marijuana smoked, ate or whatever to even start to harm anyone. I just can’t imagine smoking a half of a pound of Marijuana at one time, especially a child.
    It’s time to WAKE UP AMERICA… Everyone wants Peace, so if everyone in this world was allowed to use Marijuana at least everyone together in this world I KNOW WE WOULD HAVE PEACE FOR AT LEAST A MINUTE. And to say that referring to partaking in Marijuana for World Peace for just a minute then wouldn’t this be the greatest thing ever!!!!!!


    I think the state of AL could benefit with retail marijuana as the state can’t afford to pay teachers & schools their pay without trying to raise taxes on homes. AL is s poor state and could benefit in a big way by legalizing it. Just think 1 Billion in tax dollars per year! That could turn this poor state into a great state and provide jobs for everyone. If they don’t legalize I will be leaving to the Rocky Mountains soon!


    I feel you should not punish someone if they were born after the law was written because they never had the opportunity to vote on the law in the first place. Then they get a felony arrest for possession and distribution and have lost the rite to vote before they could use it to tell the government what they feel the law should be, this steals the rite to vote from the American people . “Who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of age” (26th Amendment, 1971). in 2007 my best friend killed himself in front of me. I now suffer very badly from ptsd and have trouble socializing.Iironically I cant function with out bud. The reason why he did it he was a felon. When he was 18 years old he was charged and convicted for distribution and possession. He had 13.5 grams of bud , they weighed the bag at 0.5 grams that made it 14 total and a felony. He spent two and a half years in prison. He wasn’t able to obtain reasonable employment and as a result was forced to live with his mother who was an animal hoarder. He was 25 years old and had no rights, no girlfriend , lived at home, always smelled like animal waste no matter how clean he kept himself or his area in that home, no license, no car, and no money. All that broke his spirit and caused him to give up. He was never given the rite to vote on the law that took his life and ruined mine. Rest in peace my brother and friend J. Jayson Holmes we love you and miss you.


    The federal government can spent 4.9 billion on data collection. we should take that facility and use the servers to create a database so that every eligible voter can log in to a personal account and vote on every issue local state and federal. upon a persons 18th birthday they should given an opportunity to vote on all current laws that are in place. but that will never happen because the politicians will never give up that much power. we elect them then they go and tell us what we want.


    Those who can protect the American people have an obligation to do so. When given the gift of strength one owes those with out it in payment for that gift..


    I’m currently on opiated and their shorting my life. Run out and I wish fer death please experiment with the good and don’t consider the bad effects, die from pharmaceuticals or option to use medical marijuana. Plz my quality of live suxs now pull to move and a pill to sleep . I’m depending on all these maybe they’ll help maybe Not. I’m sure my life’s been shortened. Is their a answer or I’m doomed to use till my body’s shut down Please see what’s the healing property of cannibis. Chris the pillbilly


    I am sick and tired of the Marijuana War in Texas. The doctor’s drug test individuals for Marijuana before allowing them to have certain medications. I can understand if the patient is on Opioids, but other medications such as those for seizures should not be included.
    After I discovered I had seizures, the doctors attempted to keep me over drugged on their tranquilizers. This may have been okay except i felt my thoughts, actions, and personality changing I told my main doctor to change my medication or I would quit seeing her. I was tired of being a zombie. She did but she is constantly attempting to increase the medications again. I heard Texas was beginning to study the effects of Marijuana on seizures and asked if I could do that instead. WRONG MOVE! This doctor started hitting me with drug tests. It was not until nearby states legalized Medical Marijuana that I said screw it and have been self medicating and feeling better. The way I see it,if the Texas doctors do not want to okay my use of medical marijuana, I will stop seeing them a d move to a nearby state where Marijuana is legal. I am just tired of the Doctors attempting to overdose me on unnecessary pills and kill my friends with opioid addiction when there is another solution.


    I have MS & epilepsy, smoking marijuana takes away the anxiety that over comes my body due to the diseases! I have almost no seizures due to marijuana! It’s sad that I have to use it illegally!!! Medicinal marijuana needs to be legalized in THIS GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!!!


    Hopefully Oklahoma will be on the list


    I live in Texas. I don’t use marijuana but I have ask my doctor about marijuana and he is always testing my since I ask. He said doctors are not allowed to talk to there patients about it.

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