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 August 10, 2013

white widow marijuana strainWhite Widow Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

White Widow buds are covered in crystals, giving it an almost sugared look. A relatively new strain developed in the early 1990’s, it has been the subject of many rap songs and was frequently mentioned in the television show Weeds. It is a very potent and powerful variety of cannabis, available on the top of all Dutch coffee shop menus. The buzz is powerful and energetic yet social, be prepared for a strong high.

“Date Acquired: March 16, 2012

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Very sticky lime green marijuana nuggets covered in sugary white trichs with “fire red” hair reaching towards to the sky. Small areas of darkspotting.

Smell: Pepper sprinkled on top of oranges. Very “peppery & spicy” with hints of fruit fallen off the tree.

Taste: The best way to describe the taste would be; “clean.” Not much of taste on the inhale, but left behind a lemon pepper like after taste on the exhale.

Buzz Type: Energetic and creative or relaxing.

Buzz Length: Average to Very Long (1.5 to 2 hours)


* .White Widow provided some ultra smooth big bonghits! This strain smokes “clean” with really no solid, pungent aftertaste. It’s not a super flavorful strain, but an overall nice “clean” smoking strain. I experienced minimal (if no) cough most of the time. I was able to take big bong hits with no irritation. That was a blessing since I’ve been coughing more and harder due to dabbing. This batch of White Widow being perfectly flushed, it burned into a flaky white ash.

The scent of my White Widow marijuana nuggets was a “clean” peppery/fruity scent that did linger. Exhaled smoke left the area smelling very danky and fruity. Just breaking up a marijuana nugget left a pungent lingering scent behind within the area.

Providing a very energetic buzz, White Widow did seem to play on my current mood (state of mind) at times. I found if I was in a bad mood, this strain enhanced it. I actually went H.A.M. on an incompetent customer service representative on the phone while medicated with this strain. But overall, this strain made me quite creative. For me, White Widow is a very functional strain. I had the desire to “work” and somewhat of a confidence boost. I felt very sure of my decisions at the moment, but I did have a short fuse when faced with confrontation.

I’d always get a nice head buzz shortly right after consumption of a bowl followed with some full body tingle. White Widow was a bit heady, but not jittery which I like. For me, this is a nice “wake and bake” strain to get me up and going in the morning; especially on the weekends.

I did have the desire to be outside when medicated. White Widow seems to be like the perfect summer strain. A nice strain to have when at an outdoor bar or relaxing on the beach (or at the pool).

I did experience moments of dry mouth and thirst. I did get the “munchies,” but overall I found myself drinking more vs. eating.

White Widow is solid classic strain! With all the marijuana strains floating around today with exotic names, it’s nice to see some providers out there have not forgotten about some of what I consider the classic medical marijuana strains of yesterday.” – ie420patient

Check out the White Widow marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about White Widow, and how White Widow affects various ailments.

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white widow marijuana strain


white widow marijuana strain


white widow marijuana strain

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  • Caren Coleman

    love the cure

  • Spivkurl

    White castle is a nice offshoot of this strain hybridized with Ice.

  • MiCreeNi QuashMah

    smoking white widow has cured my diabetes. or maybe it was the grand dandy purple … either way these 2 are very close to each other in flavor and effect.

    • Cuki Supertramp

      how do you mean cured? im a diabetic for 16 years now(from when i was 7) ,and few months ago i started using hemp-oil from a medical strain “Prozack” and now I’m getting w.w. =)

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  • SamIam

    Still my favorite strain after all these years. Best buzz, best munchies, best sex, best health.

    • Cuki Supertramp


  • ranzoig

    covo white widow