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Who Are The Biggest Opponents Of Marijuana Legalization?


Marijuana opponents are becoming less and less influential by the day. They still have deep pockets, so they will continue to fight against reform, but they are less successful at doing so as momentum continues to build for the pro-legalization side. Below is an infographic that was sent to me by the nice people at Whaxy. The only people I’d add to their list is the Oregon Sheriffs Association, who has constantly bent the rules (putting it nicely!) to try to derail marijuana reform in Oregon for several elections:

marijuana opponents infographic


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  1. “Out of all the religions, it seems like the Jewish one respects science the most. Gotta like that.”

    Funny enough Einstein said roughly the same thing. He liked the intellectual aspiration and social justice aspects of the religion.

  2. Worked at a topless club once, and yeah, it was interesting. I’m sure working at a casino is like working at a really big club… lots of alcohol, partying, and naked people… Fun to visit when you’re young, I guess, but wouldn’t want to live/work there for too long. (Cleaning up after drunks is exhausting.)

    I’m sure pot clubs would be a lot more fun.

  3. Yeah. Still awake. I work nights – designing electronics and software – mostly sleep days. And I agree with you totally. Gambling – i.e. games of mostly or totally chance – have zero social value in my estimation. But some people like them. The few times I went to Vegas for the “entertainment” my preference was watching naked women. I got offered a job in a casino once – a friend of my Dad’s. Unfortunately I was in the Navy at the time. Might have been interesting.

  4. Out of all the religions, it seems like the Jewish one respects science the most. Gotta like that. :)

    I wonder if Jesus’ followers made him special desserts, like brownies. I also wonder what brownies tasted like back in his time… And now it’s time for my own version of chocolate brownies, which just came out of the oven and includes a little bit of coconut oil, peanut butter, and a hint of coffee extract.

    And if you or Jesus were here with me now, I’d offer you one, you’d forget all about your worries, become carefree, and maybe even start working for the sugar industry…

  5. I don’t consider gambling to be a “sin.” But it doesn’t seem to provide much benefit to society, either. Sure, jobs, and… profit. (Well, not in Atlantic City.) Sin taxes for governments. But I usually look at the comparison between the good and the bad, and if the bad outweighs the good, well…

    I just think the gambling industry takes advantage of a lot of people. Massachusetts just upheld its gambling laws, so maybe my opinion is in the minority. I can’t help but think that if everyone in the U.S. who played the lotto would take that money and invest in, I dunno, people instead of a game… well, we might make some progress.

    And I feel bad for Native Americans… thrust into the gambling industry, just like black people were thrust into the underground drug industry. I think both of these populations may be fighting gambling and drug addiction for decades to come. (Not that white people are any better, they just do it with “legal” drugs, and the local police don’t… police them. But now white people have to put up with the DEA, too.)

    When I think of the odds in Las Vegas, and how casinos are allowed to make the odds so freaking astronomical that it’s just… well, stupid… to actually bet your own money… Oh, sure, bet Robert Redford’s money, but your own? I have friends who love to gamble, and I guess I’ll never understand it. Went to a casino last year and all I saw were hundreds of people, sitting and staring unhappily at computer screens, spending money they didn’t really have.

    Of course, every time I purchased bud at a dispensary, I was making a gamble… turns out, I’m not very good at gambling.

    Sorry so long… Hey, Mr. Simon, you still awake? :D

  6. What is also “funny” is that Jesus placed such emphasis on healing. Which makes the Catholics and other denominations that oppose MMJ anti-Jesus.

    It will be interesting to see how the anti denominations respond once we have more experience with MMJ. Especially when MMJ is acknowledged generally as a cure for at least some cancers and maybe all of them.

  7. Gambling in the Jewish religion is not considered a sin. Think about it. Morally if gambling was a sin entrepreneurs would be – at least to some extent sinners. Because – at least to some extent – luck is always an element. Also healing the sick is one of the highest values. Thus so many Jewish doctors and so much Jewish support for MMJ. In 2003 The Refoms came out in favor of MMJ and spent a year teaching it. Since then just about all the factions (denominations in other religions) have come out in favor. Because healing.

    Adelson is to some extent an American aberration. And the fact that he supports MMJ in Israel is in fact a stain on his charterer. He goes against his religion in America and also against his work in Israel.

    Fortunately the people who stared the campaign in Florida intend to try again in two years. They had 5 months to prepare this time and no lists. Now they have lists and two years. And the money boys have said all along that they weren’t going to make a big push this year. Expect a BIG effort in 2016. Which in fact will start now.

  8. I worked for a Jewish lawyer once, but he never mentioned his view of gambling. Maybe you could fill me in?

  9. I don’t know that much about Mr. Frum, so I read his Wikipedia page. He sounds like an interesting character… but, still:

    A review on Amazon for Mr. Sabet’s book “Reefer Sanity: Seven Great Myths About Marijuana” (2013):

    “Compassionate and knowledgeable, Kevin Sabet is the most important new voice in the American drug policy debate. Policymakers, parents, and concerned citizens should heed his meticulously factual case against marijuana legalization.” –David Frum, Cont. editor, CNN, DailyBeast/Newsweek

    And you know who else loves this book?

    “A most compelling look…Sabet explores this challenging landscape and arrives at more comprehensive, effective solutions than either legalization or incarceration could provide to deal with marijuana use.” –Dr. Drew Pinsky, Host, HLN

    I rest my case. :)

  10. My favorite quote comes from Senator Jeff Sessions. Using Lady Gaga as an example of the harm caused by marijuana use is hilarious. According to Forbes, she made about $33 million last year. Not bad for a stoner, huh Jeff?

  11. Umm, did you happen to notice the elections in Colorado and Washington a couple of years ago? That “tiny minority” changed draconian marijuana laws, and they will do it again in other states, probably today. The tide has turned, my friend.

  12. Sounds like a religious thing. Although, as someone who’s made a fortune in the gambling industry, how serious can he be about religion?

  13. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    Hi Johnny – You have forgotten the incarnation of Nixon, Governor Terry Branstad. He devised his own charges for DUI, and possession with Intent to deliver marijuana, as a minor ticketed offence when his son was involved in a drunken accident that killed a family. On his second offense involving marijuana, less than 2 weeks later, the marijuana disappeared and he was sent to Military School for two weeks to a month. All other Iowans would spend no less than 35 years in prison!!! A second offense could add 15 years to that 35. Then he veto’s all expert legislation for medical cannabis to carve into stone his own Charlotte’s Web law, to appear compassionate; but the law was purposely made to be unworkable, even if parents obtain the compound from a legal state, they face federal charges upon their return. So medical patients must move to not risk rough federal time in prison. This man is the chairman of the governors association and has not kept one promise made, except to make the poor even poorer!!! He definitely belongs in the red zone!!!

  14. If Obama would change marijuana even to a schedule 2 drug instead of schedule 1, that would go a long way toward making all the opposing states look at it differently. Admitting that there ARE medical uses for it takes one more excuse away from the nay-sayers. Maybe that will be his parting act as he leaves office instead of granting a pardon to some political crook as some presidents have done. Looks like Fla May just win this time. Though it does seem that the Sheriffs organizations have been the main opponents just like here in Louisiana. How does legal pot make their jobs harder as they claim it will?

  15. But I wouldn’t be surprised. After all Nevada is a MMJ state. Maybe he wants people to come for medicine and his other offerings. Or maybe he just wants to boost Republican chances in the election by bringing out the anti crowd.

    But it is curious that he supports MMJ in Israel and opposes it in America.

  16. Sadly, no — I can assure you, David Frum is not stupid, unfortunately. He’s a probably the biggest pragmatist the Right has, which is why I watch everything he says and does very carefully. He was one of the Iraq war architects who coined the phrase “Axis of Evil” and he also wrote a book entitled “Why Romney Lost” already off the press the very next day after the 2012 election.

    Frankly, we’ll be able to declare victory on a national level the instant Frum retires from Project SAM. Frum is too smart to stay on a sinking ship (as he demonstrated with his last book) and he’ll likely be the first one of their board members to call it quits when the cannabis wind-change, in his opinion, has become irreversible. When Amendment 2 passes, I’d give Frum another year, maybe two, because Project SAM is based out of Florida. Project SAM’s funding likely comes overwhelmingly from the Big Pharma corps based out of Florida — that money will dry up if Big Pharma loses the fertile market of Florida’s AARP population to medical cannabis. Project SAM losing Florida will be Big Pharma’s Alamo, but Frum will *not* be Florida’s Davey Crocket.

    Frum might throw in a little effort for a potential repeal measure, but that would be slated to go on the 2016 ballot. I’m certain Frum knows that they’ll never repeal medical cannabis in *any* state at the ballot in a general election year, period. He’ll run up the white flag soon enough.

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