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Why Do We Treat Marijuana As More Dangerous Than Alcohol?


There is a new NORML Chapter in Oregon. The Portland NORML Chapter was started earlier this year, and recently held its first membership meeting. I’m very excited to see what the chapter does. This is a crucial time for marijuana reform in Oregon, as Oregon Measure 91 gets implemented. The original marijuana legalization initiative’s language has been under attack by the Oregon Legislature since the session started. There are efforts to try to combine the medical marijuana program with the recreational one, lower possession and cultivation limits, give cities the power to ban marijuana sales in city limits without a vote by the city’s citizens, and many other things.

The citizens voted for specific language, so why the Oregon Legislature thinks this is an opportunity to gut the initiative and drastically alter it is beyond me. But that’s why Portland NORML’s chapter is so important. They are a very talented group of people that I know will work as hard as they can to defend the marijuana consumer, whether it be medical or recreational. Below is an infographic that Portland NORML put together:

marijuana vs alcohol


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  1. The patent is for Monstanto. They currently are working on a GMO version to resist ‘heavy aluminum particles’ and ‘highly radioactive particles’. Sound familiar it should to anyone who watches the skies and knows about the 4 year on going meltdowns in Japan.

  2. At the current time Alcohol is the king of Special Interests. It replaced Tobacco beginning in the 1960’s and cemented it’s position after the States sued and crippled the Tobacco Industry. Industries in high positions of power do not willingly give up that power even if it would be in their best interests. That is why Marijuana is viewed as dangerious because more money can be made and more advertising for Alcohol can be seen as long as marijunan is illegal on a Federal Level. Once it is rescheduled the same downfall as Big Tobacco went through in 1998 with the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement will begin to occur with Alcohol. Alcohol is far more dangerious, deadly, and addictive drug then Marijuana. Marijuana has been studied more then even the most expensiver Pharma drugs(recent study confirmed Marijuana more studied then FDA-approved drugs), Alcohol stands to lose worse then Big Tobacco. In the next 10-20 years Alcohol will fall from it’s high postition as well as Big Pharma, replaced by a natural plant that has been used by humans for at least 10,000 years. The only reasons why Marijuana is still ‘illegal(not unlawful big legal difference hope a lawyer catches that)’ are that Corporate Interests; with unlimited funds; want to keep profits high, surpress competition, surpress non-establishment medical studies/evidence, and prevent the truth from coming to light. WATCH: Tobacco went 1st, Alcohol will be 2nd, and Big Pharma will be 3rd to fall by 2035.

  3. Frankly I think it means that the older, much more easily controlled population via mass media, has begun to die off and the remaining generations understand that the argument for prohibition does not hold up under reasonable scrutiny.

  4. You talk of age = IQ yet say say you was paralyzed by one can of beer and on hit In a sweat box. Also I would add that I have vomited from 3 hits of mj. I just forgot to breath, After being off for a long time. It’s not religion that is bad it’s the people who corrupt it. Our most important laws are from religion like don’t kill, dont steal, don’t covet your neighbor and so on. It’s the asshole that use religion for personal gains or murder for examples. Granted I know Marijuana is safer than alcohol but you can not restrict it anymore or you could have drastic repercussions in regards to Marijuana. Alcohol is proven beneficial in small amounts it’s man who can’t control there consumption and that goes to all things considered.

  5. Nowhere in the above post did I say that anyone is getting high off of lettuce. Please take the effort to actually read what someone writes before criticizing their comment.

  6. If you read both of the posts that I wrote above I spelled out clearly what the issue is. That cannabis is the only plant that is on schedule I and is illegal to be grown even the low THC hemp variety. Calling cannabis a medicine is entirely appropriate. All medicines are not drugs. Look up the FDA definition of a drug, cannabis does not fit that definition.

    Once the drug label was attached to cannabis it was declared guilty of being a dangerous drug without scientific evidence to convict it. Cannabis was not considered a drug up until the 19th century, before that is was seen for what it is — a highly beneficial plant. It is a herb like many other medicinal herbs, some of which have psychoactive properties but they are not regulated as drugs.

    Buying into the drug definition of cannabis plays by the rules the prohibitionists have made.

  7. I don’t know what kind of “drugs” you are on but female cannabis buds when used in a form that releases the inherent thc is psycho-active. That is the definition of a drug. It’s like saying cocoa leaves or mushrooms are not a drug…yea, not until you consume them.

    I think all drugs should be legal…but saying cannabis is only a plant is a weird point to be stuck on.

  8. Grapes are not a drug either, they are a fruit. Cannabis may be a plant in its natural form, but so is cocaine. In its used form, cannabis is very much a drug.

  9. So u r saying good weed in Texas is not popular?

    The first part of your comment is sheer idiocy. The price reflects production/advertising/procurement costs plus profit. And I also have never seen good weed anywhere for $60/oz. 15 years ago you couldn’t find mexi-swag for that. You can get good weed for $960 a pound? Hook a brother up…

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