State Medical Cannabis Laws
Ending Marijuana Prohibition

Congress Extends Prohibition on Government Interfering with State Medical Cannabis Laws

The federal government yesterday gave approval to a short-term spending bill that’s designed to prevent an October 1st governmental shutdown. Included in the bill is the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which is the landmark provision passed last year which limits the Department of Justice’s ability to enforce federal cannabis laws in states where’s it’s been legalized for […]

Ending Marijuana Prohibition

New Poll Shows Massachusetts Voters Poised to Approve Cannabis Legalization this November

A new poll out of Massachusetts shows that likely voters in the state are poised to approve Question 4 this November, which would legalize the recreational use and distribution of cannabis for everyone 21 and older. According to the new poll – conducted in conjunction between WBZ-TV, WBZ NewsRadio and UMass Amherst – 53% of […]

shark tank marijuana cannabis
Ending Marijuana Prohibition

Shark Tank Investors Talk Marijuana

I came across  an article at by Kim Lachance Shandrow. In it she asks the investors from the popular TV series, Shark Tank, about their views on investing in the cannabis industry. Many of their responses were familiar because savvy and successful investors like them won’t invest in an industry where there is no access to banking. […]

Cannabis Science Conference
Ending Marijuana Prohibition

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The Cannabis Science Conference will be held in Portland, Oregon on October 5-6, 2016 with their Cannabis Boot Camp happening on October 4. The Cannabis Science Conference pulls together cannabis industry experts, instrument manufacturers, testing labs, research scientists, medical practitioners, policy makers and interested novices. Our annual event is aimed at improving cannabis science. Join […]

Ending Marijuana Prohibition

My Daughter’s Seizure Story and how Cannabis Saved Her

By Leah Corcoran This July, after years of hoping, waiting, campaigning, and jumping through innumerable bureaucratic hoops, my daughter Sarah had her first dose of legal medical marijuana, administered as an oil suspension through her G-tube. This medicine has changed Sarah’s life more than we could ever have hoped for. Now, instead of suffering daily […]

california nurses
Ending Marijuana Prohibition

California Nurses Association Endorses “Carefully Crafted” Proposition 64

Largest statewide association of nurses says Prop 64 “is significantly better for public health and safety than the broken status quo” SACRAMENTO—Today, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, the nation’s largest state organization of nurses, announced that it has endorsed Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, which will be on the statewide ballot […]

rick steves washington i 502
Ending Marijuana Prohibition

Travel Guru Rick Steves Touring Massachusetts in Support of Legalization Initiative, to Donate $100,000

Rick Steves, host of the popular and long-running PBS series Rick Steves’ Europe, has agreed to make a matching donation of $100,000 to the campaign behind Massachusetts’ Question 4 which would legalize cannabis and is up for  a vote this November. Steves’ will also be touring the state in support of Question 4. Steves, who […]