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2010 High Times Cannabis Cup Winners


After more than 20 years of staging the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, High Times branches out with its first domestic pot-judging contest, the Medical Cannabis Cup, in San Francisco at Terra (511 Harrison St.) on June 19-20.

A small group of judges (mostly High Times staffers) determined the winners in four categories: indica, sativa, hash and edibles. The other categories were voted by attendees.

The winners are (unofficial):

1. God’s Pussy – Greanbicycles
2. Candy Jack – The Green Door
3. Durban Poison – Purple Lotus Patient Center

1. Cali Gold – Mr. Natural Inc.
2. True OG – Elemental Wellness
3. Bubba Kush – THC Inc. (Tehama Herbal Collective)

1. Ingrid – Leonard Moore Cooperative
2. Herojuana – Phillips RX
3. Granddaddy Purple Wax – 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center

1. Biscotti – Greenway Compassionate Relief
2. Bliss Edibles Truffles – Medithrive
3. Totally Baked Medibles Tincture – The Hampton Collective

Expo Booth
1. Humboldt Patient Resource Center
2. tie: Cmaz Glass, The Green Door
3. Stealth Grow LED

1. Zong 2 Kink Jack Herer Bong
2 . Glass Slider
3. Cmaz Vhories

1. tie: Eclipse Vape, Stealth Grow LED
2. Grassroots High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Hat
3 – tie: Canna Fresh, Boldt Bags

Here was the scedule:

July 19

1:30 – Cultivation Seminar; Nico Escondido
2:30 – NORML Audio Stash Live: Irv Rosenfeld
3:00 – Legal Seminar: Keith Stroup, Bill Panzer, Chris Conrad, Robert Platshorn
4:20 – HIGH TIMES Executive Editor Dan Skye
5 pm – Activism Seminar: Paul Armentano, Valerie Corral, Aaron Houstom, Robert Platshorn
6 pm – Cannabis Science 101

7 pm – Epic Daze VIP Party featuring Eagles of Death Metal and Lyrics Born at The Mezzanine (444 Jessie St.)

July 20

1:30 – Cultivation Seminar: Danny Danko
2:30 – NORML Audio Stash Live: Dr. Frank Lucido
3 pm – Cannabusiness Seminar: Debby Goldsberry, Steve DeAngelo, Kris Krane, DJ Short
4:20 – HIGH TIMES Executive Editor Dan Skye
5 pm – Cultivation Seminar: Jorge Cervantes

8 pm – High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Awards Show

10 pm – After Party featuring Rocker T at The Mezzanine (444 Jessie St.)


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