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2012 Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Broken Down


Oregon marijuanaThe result of a “Yes” Vote means the following
  • Personal marijuana, hemp cultivation/use without license is allowed
  • The Commission will regulate commercial marijuana cultivation/sale
  • Cannabis cultivation/sale to adults through state licensed-stores is allowed
  • Unlicensed adult personal cultivation/use is allowed
  • Restrictions on hemp are prohibited

Result of a “No” Vote means:

  • Existing civil and criminal laws prohibiting cultivation are retained, possession and delivery of marijuana;
  • Current statutes that permit regulated medical use of marijuana are retained


  • Currently, marijuana cultivation, possession and delivery are prohibited; regulated medical marijuana use is permitted.
  • Measure replaces state and local marijuana laws except medical marijuana and driving under the influence laws
  • Distinguishes “hemp” from “marijuana”
  • Prohibits regulation of hemp
  • Creates commission to license marijuana cultivation by qualified persons and to purchase entire crop
  • Commission sells marijuana at cost to pharmacies, medical research facilities, and to qualified adults for profit through state-licensed stores
  • Ninety percent of net goes to state general fund, remainder to drug education, treatment, and hemp promotion.
  • Sales are banned to minors.
  • public consumption except where signs permit are banned
  • Minors are barred from sites allowing public consumption
  • Commission will regulate use and set prices, plus other administrative/managerial duties

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