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2012 Seattle HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup Winners


seattle high times medical cannabis cup results 2012The First Ever HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup In Seattle Was A Success

The 2012 HIGH TIMES Seattle Medical Cannabis Cup is in the books, and I must say, it was another stellar event. It was nice to see HIGH TIMES come to the Pacific Northwest, and I hope they come back soon to host another event! The results are in, which I will list below, but I wanted to include a paragraph from HIGH TIMES dedicated to a very, very special person – one of my all time heroes:

As one might expect, the headliners of the weekend were the outstanding cannabis products of Washington. A wide variety of canna-businesses walked away with prizes. The cannabis community applauded loud and long for the winners. But when Vivian McPeak walked on onstage to accept the HIGH TIMES Dr. Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award, the decibel level rose as high as the crowd itself. Vivian is the founder of the Seattle Hempfest, the largest, most successful pot rally in history. People in Seattle revere Vivian and his acceptance speech showed why, demonstrating both his passion for social justice and his affinity for cannabis. He’s a great man and HIGH TIMES was proud to have the opportunity to recognize his tireless work on behalf of the plant.

Here are the 2012 Seattle HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup Winners!

1 – Williams Wonder from Greenside Medical
2 – True OG from Only The Best
3 – Jenke’s Kush from Top Shelf Medicine

1 – Super Lemon Haze from Fweedom Collective
2 – Supernatural from Exotic Genetix
3 – Panama Red from Delta 9 Seattle

1 – Cactus From Dockside Co-Op
2 – Uncle Jim From Camo Collective
3 – TJ’s MTF From Left Coast Cannabis

1 – Space Queen Budder from Healing Space Gardens
2 – Blues City Diesel from Tacoma Cross & Chuckle Brush Gardens
3 – Dutch Treat BHO Wax from A Greener Today

Bubba Blend Bubble Hash from A Greener Today

1 – Harlequin N-Tane Oil from Fweedom Collective
2 – Canna Cap’s Canna Cups from Seattle Cross
3 – New York City Diesel from Cannatonics Society

1 – Captain Kirk’s Treasure Chest from Top Shelf Medicine
2 – Glory-Oh! From Green Ambrosia
3 – Ettalew’s Organic Vegan Fair Trade Dark Chocolate & Blueberry Truffle from Greenside Medical

Healing Cannabis Care Kit from Kush Creams

1 – Pulse Glass
2 – Sweet Tooth Glass
3 – Liberty Glass

1 – VapeXhale
2 – Incredibowl
3 – Trippy Stix

1 – Pulse Glass
2 – Cannatonics Society/Kush Creams
3 – Medical Marijuana Patients Network


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    i had phun

  • dubs

    Where the fuck are the test results?? How were all of these winners determined without the quantitative scoring results?? Seems pretty shady High Times…

  • Your Royal HIGHness

    The cup was too awesome, and I’m proud to say not only did I go, but I. gotto try a good majority of these cup winners…A big thank you. goes out to my main man Rick at Hightimes Magazine and I look forward to many cups to comme!