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American Medical Association Reconsidering Marijuana Prohibition


american medical associationOn Tuesday, the American Medical Association announced that while they still consider marijuana a dangerous drug and a public health concern, federal efforts to curb marijuana use are ineffective. The organization recommended continuing the criminalization of marijuana sales but suggested that marijuana use be treated with a public health approach rather than incarceration. The AMA also stated that they would be paying close attention to Colorado and Washington as they begin to implement regulated cultivation and retail marijuana sales.

“We are sorry to hear they wish to stay the course in enforcing this failed policy, but we are pleased to hear they are interested in reviewing the potential benefits of the laws passed in Colorado and Washington to regulate marijuana like alcohol,” said Mason Tvert, communications director for the Marijuana Policy Project. “Any objective analysis of marijuana will confirm that it is far less harmful than alcohol. If the AMA is truly concerned about public health and safety, it should support a policy in which adults are able to make the safer choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol.”

Most Americans agree that marijuana is safer than alcohol and should be treated as such. The AMA is quite right that incarcerating marijuana users fails to curb use and creates more harm to the individual and society. Part of treating marijuana as a public health issue, however, is removing the marijuana market from criminal control by regulating retail sales for responsible adults.

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  • painkills2

    Oh, so we’re talking days and days of candy bars? I was just comparing eating one candy bar to smoking one joint.

  • Marty Hackler

    diabetes…. look it up

  • Marty Hackler

    public health concern my ass…. when you have drunks passed out in the gutters.. puking everywhere and destroying property on the regular… then tweakers stealing all your stuff and helping you look for it… let’s not forget about that wonderful new legal plague called K2… pot is a godsend compared to these things!

  • Big Pharm

    “”Association announced that while they still consider marijuana a
    dangerous drug and a public health concern, federal efforts to curb
    marijuana use are ineffective.”

    Yeah, a dangerous drug, while they call toxic mind numbing synthetic poisonous trash “medicine”. LOL.

  • painkills2

    A candy bar is more dangerous than weed? Well, maybe a case could be made that they were EQUAL in risk, but not candy over weed. :)

  • ASH: Samuel Walter

    You’re absolutely right. They’re all scrambling to figure out how to get it out of the hands of the people, and put under the control of regulators and big industry. They’re afraid of losing control of it to you and me.

  • robert gentry

    There is evidence of health problems with alcohol…why is it still legal?

  • moldy

    “Association announced that while they still consider marijuana a dangerous drug and a public health concern, federal efforts to curb marijuana use are ineffective.”
    Public health concern? A dangerous drug? WTF? A goddamn candy bar is more dangerous than weed. These are the same people that over charge for healthcare in just about every conceivable area. These are the people that are supposed to be above politics. Obviously their agenda isn’t public health, it’s the same as all the other vampires, making money off the backs of cannabis consumers.

  • Jerry Bisbo

    Just follow the big bucks. The AMA and Big pharma;along with the cannabis addiction business all walk down the lane hand in hand. Sounds like these folks are getting desperate .

  • repealit1975

    How come I look up scientific research on cannabis and find it easy to conlclude that there is no harm caused by the drug (just the opposite), and these people whose job it is to know can’t work it out. no wonder so many people think it’s a conspiracy.

  • painkills2

    The AMA, the powerful lobbying group who allegedly represent American doctors.
    Or do they lobby on behalf of insurance companies and big pharma instead?
    Maybe these groups are all one in the same?
    Or perhaps the AMA got in bed with private prisons while I wasn’t looking?

  • Peter S. Parker

    Good for them. F the feds. http://www.thechronik.com

  • Fiend

    Sounds like the AMA wants to sit on the fence until things shake out one way or the other.