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Are You Watching ‘Weed Country’ On The Discovery Channel Tonight?


weed country discovery channelBelow is info that I received from Discovery.Com about ‘Weed Country’ that airs in about an hour. Feel free to leave your reviews of the show in the comments!

10 PM E/P Wednesday, Feb. 20 on Discovery Channel (series premiere)

It’s the beginning of the outdoor marijuana growing season and that means the cops will be on the lookout for illegal grows popping up all over the emerald triangle. In the premiere episode of WEED COUNTRY, grower Mike Boutin heads out for his first pot run of the summer and gets dangerously close to getting pulled over with six pounds of marijuana in his truck. But things get really tense when after returning home there is no sign of his wife, Tawni, and his faithful guard dog, Lasik.

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