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Army Warns Washington Marijuana Stores To Not Sell To Troops


I was shocked yesterday when I was sitting in my cubicle at work looking at stuff on Twitter, and saw a couple of tweets from attorney Hilary Bricken (Weed Blog attorney of the year!) stating that the Army has sent warning letters to some of her marijuana business clients telling them to refrain from selling marijuana to troops. Below is the tweet:

At first I thought there must have been some kind of misunderstanding. However, a follow up tweet included a redacted version of the letter, which can be seen below:

army marijuana businesses letter

The letter doesn’t include what penalty will occur if the business doesn’t comply. It also doesn’t state what exactly the Army wants from the marijuana business as far as ‘evidence to the AFDCB that you agree to stop selling these substances to military personnel.’ How is that even possible? I’m assuming Army personnel don’t exactly come into the store in full camo and present their military ID at the time of purchase. This letter borders on harassment, and I’m curious to see how things play out.


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  • SniperWolfOmega

    This is kind wrong. he does have control of what his soldiers do off post (“Reservation”) for once a military member signs their enlistment contract they agree to become military property for a period of time, how ever long their contract is for. hence, the need for a contract in the first place. For him to send out this message is letting the business know that that place of business has been placed on the off limits list and that the military members under his command are no longer allowed to attend said venue. Also, your incorrect again in your statement,

    ” If you are too incompetent, too lazy to do your job and tend to your soldiers,”

    Its not his “Job” to tend to the military members. that falls solely on the military members them selves. it is his responsibility as a commander to enforce the governing policies put in place by the department of defense when a military member violates said policies.

    As for marijuana sellers, they should care as to whom they sell to in a situation like this being as most posts within a city limits are on very good speaking terms if not friends with their elected officials. that being said, it would be to hard for the command to say a few things about how the business operated that could have an investigation ordered and eventually have the business license of that establishment revoked and the business shut down. If i was a dealer in the herbal practition i would definitely care about my bottom line more then a few people in uniform.

  • 17 21 37

    The letter from the Armed Forces Disciplinary Board doesn’t say anything
    about selling marijuana…it states prohibited sales of “substances
    similar to marijuana…” A quick Google search shows the many types of
    stores on this list – many for selling SPICE a synthetic marijuana. I
    wonder why the play on words? This is definitely not a list any business
    wants to be on. The military is a very powerful
    presence in small communities where their economy is dependent on the
    millions of dollars spent locally. In reviewing AR-190-24, The board
    must study and take appropriate action…Off-limits restrictions should
    be invoked only when there is substantial information that an
    establishment or area frequented by Armed Forces personnel presents
    conditions, which adversely affect their health, safety, welfare, morale
    or morals… I’m with you Johnny Green – I doubt military personnel are
    rolling into the store in uniform frequently buying marijuana. Could
    be another feather in the cap for Hilary Bricken, preventing her client
    from getting on this list.

  • me

    this article seems inflammatory at best. this is the military simply letting the supplier know they are on the banned list and will remain that way unless they do xyz. they aren’t threatening by any means just letting them know. it just seems like a formal letter they are required to send to inform the business of their current status. again i say no biggy. it’s not like there will be fines leveraged or law suits flown if they sell to military members. the military personnel are the ones required to follow that mandate not the business.

  • Cyndysub

    The military still owns your ass and your not considered a CIVILIAN while in the service. So, STFU.

  • Guest

    Hopefully all that want is a signature that he’ll put up signs saying “Military Restricted Store” and then remind the guys to go. But, that could escalate. I’d relocate. The armed forces have strict policies about what they consider to be drugs.They are also very obsessive people so you wouldn’t want to offend. Just like police, the army forces profile is the flip opposite of a bad criminal. So, take care of his safety first and number one! If you let them in the store and offend them or they take umbridge you’ll have a fight on your hands. If you don’t let them in and the sign offends them they might come and fight you too. I would move.

  • It is a form letter and was written before shops could legally sell the real stuff. This is the way government forms, especially military forms, work. They continue to be used even after they are obsolete.

    That being said, I would love to see what happens when the store owners reply truthfully stating that they have verified that they have no synthetic cannabis products on their premises and do not intend to sell any synthetic cannabis products in the future.

  • Thank you for explaining something that should have been obvious just by reading the letter. Apparently however it is not, judging by the fact that even the lawyer overreacted.

  • reefer

    here in pot clubs in SF, I’ve seen lots of jars with this green, bud-like material that is strikingly similar to marijuana in appearance, but the similarities end when you try and smoke it!