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ASA Press Conference Washington DC Rescheduling Hearing Court Of Appeals


Americans For Safe Access Held A Press Conference Immediately Following Oral Arguments In DC

Like many of us in the marijuana activist community, I was glued to my computer on Tuesday for the historic rescheduling trial in DC (ASA v. DEA). I was bummed when the live streaming of the press conference didn’t work out, but I knew it would eventually make it’s way to YouTube. Thanks to Cheryl Shuman and crew for posting this for the world to see!


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  • knowa1

    Will any of transcript be made public or a dead line on ruling on the case. The Worlds Cannabis culture is watching the DEA’s fraud cant last much longer

  • DavidTheExpert

    I was also disappointed on Tuesday when there was very little news or live information about the suit. But I guess in a way, no news is good news. Hopefully everything went smoothly for them, and we’ll see some real progress soon. Also glad that the press conference finally made it online. And I like the Muse song at the beginning XD

  • johhny1

    Nixon! “left office in dishonesty” 24 million arrests!
    Elvi was the best speaker!
    grandmas on cannabis!