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B Legit Is On The Latest Episode Of The Smokebox With BReal


I was in high school in the mid 90’s, and I had B Legit on CD and on cassette tape. I think I even had some bootleg B Legit tapes that I got from the local flea market back in the day. I had his lyrics on the wall of my locker, ‘Pass it to me, pass back to you. Hit the light green until we turn dark blue.’ I assure you, that did not go over well with teachers and administrators!

I’m a huge B Legit fan as you can see, and obviously I’m also a huge BReal fan. B Legit recently appeared on BReal’s show The Smokebox. The Smokebox is the main reason why I go on YouTube these days other than to see political stuff. If you are a hip hop fan, you should check out the BReal TV channel. There are legendary artists on there all the time, and they just sit in a car with BReal in a garage and smoke and talk the toke. It’s absolutely fantastic if you like hip hop and marijuana like I do. Below is the episode with B Legit. I love B Legit’s shirt. I will have to get one of those!


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  1. I was in high school in Omaha in the 60s when a coffee house got busted for the people involved possessing cannabis. It didn’t make much impression on me at the time.

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