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  • My figures were from 2000. Usaidafunny’s from 1990. I’m going with your figures: Jan. 1, 2009: Est. population, 1,524,000; Members, 406,764; Stakes, 119; Wards 958; Branches, 105; Missions, 2; Temples, 4; Percent LDS, 27, or one in 4.


  • UsaidAfunny

    This site says it’s about 26%. But, I live here and can see that it is much more than that.


  • UsaidAfunny

    Actually, it’s more like 60%. The actual figures are about 2/3 of the Idaho people are LDS (Mormon). That’s MORE THAN UTAH!

  • UsaidAfunny

    I thought Idaho was a “freedom state,” too, when I moved here. Then, I found out that it is just a bunch of gun-totin’ Mormon hillbillies protecting their religious beliefs over the freedoms of men. Unfortunately, under the 10th Amendment, this is the state’s Right to do. But, Idaho is anything but free. It is ruled by a Mormon Statist Elite. DO NOT MOVE HERE FOR FREEDOM. Freedom does not exist here. Heck, you go to jail here if a napkin flies out of your car on the freeway! Seriously. It’s a misdemeanor littering offense. There are more cops per capita here than anywhere else on the planet I suspect.

  • 14% Mormon population, second only to Utah.

  • Pat Cowdin

    This is confusing. Doesn’t Idaho have the reputation of being a place where individual liberty trumps everything? Where rugged individuals ride the range on their ponies, smoking Marlboros and taking the occasional potshot at varmints with their custom-made assault rifles? And those big, tough hombres are afraid of a little weed?

  • Sean

    Congratulations Idaho for being the true despotry that you are.

  • Johnny Bloomington

    Who? The idaho senate? That makes no sense. Banning it will make everyone spend money in Washington.

  • Anon

    They are freaking out because they can see a lot of revenue going to Washington for people who travel there to get high…..and that revenue is not going into their pockets.

  • come on, they’re just protecting their investments…they need to lock people up so they can make money. http://420college.org