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Bill Filed To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In New York


marijuana reform bill legislature session legislative billsLegalizing recreational marijuana in New York would be very significant on many levels. Obviously, with New York’s enormous population, huge sums of money would be generated for the State. Depending on the rules and regulations, New York could become the most lucrative state in America for the growing marijuana industry. I think there would be ancillary benefits to the industry as well, especially in the area of marketing. National companies like fast food chains, snack foods, and others have been weary of advertising directly to marijuana consumers. From discussions I’ve had with some heavy hitters in the marijuana industry, those national brands are waiting until New York legalizes marijuana.

A bill was filed this week by New York State Senator Liz Krueger that would legalize marijuana. Per the bill summary:

Enacts the “marihuana regulation and taxation act”; relates to the description of marihuana, and the growing of and use of marihuana by persons eighteen years of age or older; makes technical changes regarding the definition of marihuana; relates to the qualification of certain offenses involving marihuana and exempts certain persons from prosecution for the use, consumption, display, production or distribution of marihuana; provides for the licensure of persons authorized to produce, process and sell marihuana; levies an excise tax on certain sales of marihuana; repeals certain provisions of the penal law relating to the criminal sale of marihuana and provisions of the general business law relating to drug paraphernalia; makes an appropriation therefor.

S01747 has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee. What the chances are of it passing is up in the air right now. If you live in New York, contact your Senators and let them know that marijuana prohibition has failed, and that it’s time to take a new approach to marijuana policy. A legal marijuana industry in New York would help generate much needed tax revenue, jobs, and would free up police resources so that they could be directed towards fighting real crime. Legalize it!


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  • Brett Keough

    You know what should be illegal church because of people like you who “praise jebus” and condemn others for their beliefs and lifestyles shit you Christians are no better than the cave dwelling extremist half way around the world


    Ryan you have no idea what your talking about, if there is anything that is the devils fruit it is alcohol, get your facts straight.

  • Frant2

    But it’s going to take FOREVER…..I don’t know if I’ll live long enough…..I’ve been waiting for this for 40 years……close but no cigar…..

  • Frant2

    I am an advocate for use of marijuana….however…..substances you put in your body affects health costs for everyone. It is proven that cigarettes cause cancer…..so when you get cancer (and most smokers I know – eventually get cancer – and many have died from lung cancer). Smoking cigarettes is probably the worst thing a person can purposely do to die young. I do believe that people who smoke crack, use heroin, etc…..should be treated as an illness……Grass, however, is totally different. It has many beneficial uses and I believe it should be totally legal to grow and use.

  • jae

    im sure there are going to be laws focused on/written to protect people in those aspects as well….a company will most likely have the right to not allow an employee to smoke/use marijuana while ON THE JOB (much like alcohol) but if/when recreational use becomes legal in general, a place of employment will have no right governing what an employee chooses to legally use OFF HOURS.
    – im sure companies will try to do the above anyway but will most likely be opening themselves up to lawsuits when they do and eventually (if its not done right from the start) laws will be made to protect the user..
    – its like saying that if an heroin addict is in treatment and using suboxone or methadone legally to help treat themselves that a company is going to test you for it and fire you anyway because “they wont tolerate it”.
    places want to avoid additional medical costs so those who are caught with anti-depressants in their system wont be tolerated because a “depressed person” could be seen as a potential threat to them in some form or fashion.

    outside certain rare situations/certain types of jobs a job/employer has no right or place to “not tolerate” what you choose to legally do on your own time..

  • Lima Zida

    Actually the reason why weed is illegal is due to Racism, Yellow Journalism, etc. So yeah…it’s actually a lot safer than Cigarettes. make cigarettes illegal and make pot legal. Wasting so much money on making pot illegal and because of it being illegal drug dealers end up spiking their stash in order to make a profit off it. We could grow actual safe weed and sell it like cigarettes.

  • Ron Schutt

    Fair? Ha-ha what a joke I guess it’s fair if your already a millionaire and can afford to pay nys 500k per permit and then 60% of your profits. Why should we let the rich get richer. These NY marijuana laws need to be changed from the way the drug has to be implemented, all the way to who can use it for medical purposes and then finally to who can sell it.

  • h

    That’s why cops in the legal states still cant mess with it.

  • There will be five companies chosen by early July and I hope the decision is fair and impartial and that politicians put the needs of the people ahead of their own desires.

  • Ronnie

    It’s a relaxing drug it keeps you focus I go to school high and still pass all my grades. I smoke 2 joints before I go to school everyday

  • ronnie

    That’s the same thing I’m saying if it could help cancer , glaucoma and others

  • boots285

    I am in the medical field and they drug test. As said above, it depends on the line of work you’re in.

  • Stanley brewer

    Save our state legalize a tax it make legal to grow your own cutting the sales Down

  • Gluttony

    Are you seriously going to use God as an argument here? Regardless of all the medicinal benefits and the money that could be generated from it, no we can’t because of people like you who make baseless arguments like “I’m ill informed about marijuana; I’m just gonna use religion as an excuse to fuel my bullshit.” Anything I don’t like I can say “God doesn’t like this either. Gay marriage? God hates gays.” Please give me a passage from the bible that says ANYTHING about marijuana being bad. I wonder why people like you are even given a voice if you’re going to simply flaunt around your ignorance and stupidity.

  • rkellington

    Maybe just stoned lmao.

  • Judy

    Such BS! Do your research! We chronically ill people need it NOW!

  • Judy

    That’s horrible!

  • 420

    bs god made it

  • im still jonesing

    I truly hope this law passes.but even if it does, my place of employment( Goodyear) has already announced that it will not tolerate the use of marijuana. As an HR manager, ive been instructed to write a random monthly drug testing policy for all employees in the event of the passing of this bill. They are committed to test every employee every month. If Goodyear is willing to do this, other company’s will to. So even if this law does pass, employers still have the right to deny the use of any drug.

  • ryan

    cannabis is the devils fruit do not legalize for god…

  • Road Scholar

    Then it’s up the poopshoot with the cannabis detection wand!

  • Dorothy Finch

    Legalize it already it’s been proven to help more then anything it would be stupid not to legalize it recreational.

  • oldnorth

    So long as I am in my own house, it is no one’s goddamned business what substances I wish to put in my body. Be it nicotine caffeine THC or even heroin, That is all there is to it. Plain and simple.

  • Mac

    The herb is good, 6th day creation The Sixth Day: Creatures on Land http://www.equalrights4all.org/religious/bible.htm For the wicked people who are manipulating the system with ill gotten gain, WOE.

  • Mark Green

    Don’t listen to anyone who says you won’t pass. I smoke almost a joint once a week and I pass a monthly test. Now, it does differ with everyone but I’m 285, I don’t work out and actually, in the last year I’ve been pretty lazy (actually, I’ve been suffering from depression-not really lazy, just not motivated due to depression)…and I still pass my tests. That don’t mean to go ahead and start smoking more but, I’m telling you not to worry..

  • Marc Green

    Yea you know, where does all the taxed lotto winnings go? All the money in fines and so on? Because to me it seems that even if we legalize weed, which I’m all for-NY will still be the highest state to tax the people and will still complain about low funding. Someone is doing something wrong and before we give those someones more money to steal, I’d like to make sure everything is kosher..then again, go ahead and legalize the use and sale of marijuana and find the thieves-just make sure the investigators aren’t high or else nothing will get done-timely anyway..

  • misdirection

    OMG. I just had an heart attack: I thought the title said, “bill failed to legalize recreational marijuana in New York”. Filed vs failed. Damn, I am dyslexic.

  • adam

    Or they lose business for not having employees or you choose what’s more important a job or weed?

  • adam

    You could keep a job it would just like alcohol

  • Aces

    Neither have I, but it really depends on what line of work you do.