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Blue Haze Marijuana Strain Review


blue haze cannabis strain

Blue Haze

Covered with sparkling crystals, Blue Haze almost looks dew-kissed. It’s so loaded with trichomes that the bud sparkles like a stack of diamonds. Because of its striated leaf, this strain has a little different appearance. With more hair than bud, Blue Haze is a furry, condensed, firm bud with a dusting of cinnamon-colored powder.

It has an impressive aroma that’s similar to an OG. Both alluring and enticing, it has a woodsy clean scent; refreshing like a warm sunny day. The stem of the bud has a subtle scent of menthol.

The taste is full-bodied and meaty. A delicious taste and a hard hitter, small samplings will bring you a big smoke. Blue Haze is 40 percent indica and 60 percent sativa.

The parent strains are Blueberry crossed with Super Silver Haze. This remarkable bud came to us from Best Buds in Garden Grove and can be used for treating anxiety, nausea, insomnia and arthritis.

-Courtesy of Culture Magazine


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  • Vminiscalco91

    Have some now for my insomnia

  • Ted

    I got a strain that looked like this from my favourite MOM cannasource@hotmail.com, not sure it was this bud though.