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Buy The Movie/TV Rights To NJWeedman’s Story


NJWeedmanNJWeedman’s Story Is Up For Sale


I’ve talked to a few agents, had a couple meetings and I’m sure sooner or later I’ll be bought.

I’m real this ad is real and my story is real and on going. For years I’ve been a very active marijuana activist — now that marijuana has emerged as mainstream and thought all walks of life my persona, my character “NJWeedman”; has Hollywood value. Hollywood TV Producers and Movie executives are looking for “marijuana” related stories. Recently Snoop Dogg released a new Marijuana Movie and several others are in the works. I’ve talked to a few different independant movie makers but couldnt pull the trigger on the deal for lack of any upfront cash. ( Activism doesnt pay ) MUST SEE —> Youtube

My life has been depicted on my website for years — NJWEEDMAN.COM The press and national media outlets have reported on me for over a decade now. I have follower’s nationwide, international contacts and supporters. I’ve been chronicled in documentaries (“How weed won the west” – ), depicted in TV shows (1000 ways to die -), music videos and I even did a political ad for President Obama in 2008 – (http://obeygiant.com/voteforchange/ed-nj-weedman-forchion). TMZ covered me three times in 2010 and this year i beat New Jersey Gov Christie in court.

Attention Tv/Movie executives the rights to “NJWeedman Superhero of the Potheads” are for sale.

Are you a Hollywood script/treatment writer, or agent? Help me sell myself – 15% to you.
Contact me ASAP– NJweedman @(818)450-7597


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    big ups ! know your true ,gotta keep fightin . poverty has hit most folks so we move ahead . 1 outta 12