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Calling A Marijuana Addiction Rehab Center


I have always wanted to call a marijuana rehab center to see what they had to say. Looks like someone beat me to it:

I HAD to call and feel out how intelligent these people were regarding this plant. She wasn’t at all… 4:20 is when she says the gateway theory…


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  1. Anything can be addictive if you can’t control yourself with your cravings for it. Drugs, alcohol, even video games, TV, food and a lot more are addictive. It is just a matter of self control and discipline.

  2. John, I think you have convinced her. I see her closing down her center and preaching the legalization of cannabis. Good job you f’n bast’rd.

  3. OMG dude you just made a complete ass out of yourself. You called up and asked “can I get help?”
    And then you proceeded to argue and you ended up calling her a bitch. You are the uneducated one, not her.

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