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Campaign Bulletin Issued By Marijuana Activist Ed Rosenthal


ED ROSENTHALAmerica Needs The Party Party

by Ed Rosenthal

The Republicans are at it again. They are announcing new plans to create jobs in the US. Last month Obama appointed a GE official to show America how to help America create jobs. This creep was the perfect candidate, GE had reduced its workforce by 25 percent in the past two years. Romney says that the solution to low wages and lack of jobs is to decrease, yes, decrease taxes on the rich. So that working poor people can work just a few more hours a week to support the government.

As disheartening as the jobs, that is the lack of jobs and the lack of meaningful work in a country that needs so much repair is the fact that we live in a world not far from Orwell’s “1984? of perpetual war? War in some vague places against some vague threat, the US has created an even “better” enemy. An amorphous non-governmental, non-territorial entity that can never be captured. It can only be squeezed just as much as the air in a balloon. This war is so much better for the military than before. It’s Permanent! It’s Amorphous! And It’s Costly! When the patina of sophistication is removed from our foreign policy what we see is a rotting core of crazy people who really don’t care about the cost of human life in their agenda.

Recently, on Amy Goodman’s show there was a report of a peculiar situation that our former government officials are facing. There are international indictments out for war crimes in several countries that name Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state under Nixon. Although he’s maintained his reputation in the US, and was even a best-selling author, he is well advised not to take his book to Europe where he will be arrested for crimes “against humanity” and “genocide.”

Who’s next??

I nominate Obama! World’s biggest arms dealer, fighting three wars at the same time, yes folks, not two, but three! On his watch the millionth soldier passed through Iraq and a third of them came home wounded. And its on his watch that innocent Afghanis Iraqis and Libyans are dying and American lives ruined. All the while America’s economy is sinking further into depression.

This is a campaign bulletin issued by Ed Rosenthal candidate for President for the Party Party.

View the Party Party Platform here.

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  • Ron

    E. Rosenthal is brilliant. Enlightenment spills effortlessly from his pen. Thx for lucid explanation of connection between Obummer for. pol. and Orwell’s prediction. The future is here, Orwellian and Ridley Scott’s. Perpetual war against an “ism,” a concept; and tiered society of ultra-rich and a polyglot mass. There is no organic basis to American masses anymore because when we look around, the face we are accustomed to is displaced by unrecognizables who don’t even speak the language, much less understand/appreciate the bedrock political principles of US democracy. The rich, in contrast, have a cultural cohesion, and thus one voice for their class, serious internal rivalries (dog eat dog capitalism) not with standing.