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Can Someone Fail A Drug Test For Simply Touching Marijuana?


marijuana jointEveryone knows that a person can fail a drug test for consuming marijuana. A lot of people are surprised to find out that you can also fail a drug test for being around too much second hand marijuana smoke (for an article about that, click this link here). A scientific study was recently conducted which found that even breaking up marijuana can result in a failed drug test. Per Culture Magazine:

A recent study conducted in Germany proves that even something as simple as breaking up cannabis and having residue on your fingers can cause a failed drug test.

This study was conducted by the University of Freiburg. The science behind the idea was simple: ten participants had to role one joint a day, and take a urine test every day. The study showed that by the middle of the study, most of those involved tested positive for THCA and THC, and four weeks after the test, the THC levels were still noticeable when hair was tested. This means that a month after touching cannabis, you can still test positive in some ways for the substance.

It takes quite a bit of marijuana handling to fail a drug test, but it is definitely possible, as proven by this case study. This is very significant for people that work in the cannabis industry, but think they can still pass a drug test because they don’t consume marijuana. People that are on probation or are required to be involved in some type of diversion program are who I think of off the top of my head. If you handle marijuana too much, you will absorb THC via your hands. Moral of the story – make sure to wear quality gloves if you have a need to handle a lot of cannabis but also need to pass a drug test.


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  1. man fuck weed laws. something that grows natural out of soil really? plus over half of the people who work on jobs still do so called drugs.

  2. It is a violation of my 4th amendment rights for one thing.

    If a test is so inaccurate that it cannot discern the difference between handling and imbibing…. well, you’re not that dumb are you?

  3. oldergrower420 on

    Great article by the way. In the past I have always been working at harvest time but this run I am in between jobs and the industry I am in always does a pre employment drug test. Bought the gloves and will be waiting a bit before I bid on any jobs till I know for sure I am safe. Oh and for the record, I prefer to trim with no gloves on as opposed to wearing nitro gloves.

  4. it was not discussed and put through the proper channels to become law, the pros and cons of such a law where not weighed by the supreme court (they have only said that its legal to follow the law not whether the law was legal in the first place) or even designated to be a constitutional practice it was a bullshit executive order forced on the citizens by Ronald Reagan all on a personal bias and the order specifically states “drug free” work environment and how many of these idiot employers test for alcohol? guess what its not a drug free workforce if alcohol is permitted even off the clock. the people never got a fair say in whether or not its ok for an employer to basically force you into surrendering bodily fluids or denying employment. they are literally violating the executive order by not testing for alcohol too.

  5. THCadvocateUnlessYou'reDumb on

    how is it unconstitutional? marijuana is federally illegal, and employers have the right to not hire you based on almost any criteria. therefore, not hiring someone for breaking a federal law is completely constitutional and legal.

  6. I cant wait for drug testing to stop. When it stops is when an employer who denies or fires an employee or a possible employees gets sued. But this could only work on a Federally legalization level.

  7. its a disturbing practice that needs to be outlawed its absolutely unconstitutional, a legal avenue for discrimination and stereotyping is all its used for.

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