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Center Stem Drip Irrigation By Jorge Cervantes


Getting the right irrigation system setup for your garden can save a lot of time, and give your plants a balanced approach to watering and feeding that they deserve and desire. When I first started growing a long time ago, I didn’t have any gardening experience – marijuana or otherwise. I would get huge buckets of water, mix in the nutrients, then break my back moving the buckets of water around my garden. Eventually I got smart and started using reservoirs and pumps, and I suggest anyone who takes their garden seriously to do the same. Below is a video from the legend himself, Jorge Cervantes, explaining the benefits of a stem drip irrigation system.


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  • Sunima8

    Hey there….Where can I buy those tube style or arrow drip emitters ? I can’t find them online anywhere. That is exactly what I need. Thanks!

  • Lousie Thomas

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