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Check Out Brightside Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Portland


portland oregon medical marijuana dispensary brightsideSome of my good friends have opened up a medical marijuana safe access outlet in Portland, Oregon and I encourage all of our Oregon TWB readers to check it out (assuming you have an OMMP card!). Brightside is ran by some very, very hardworking activists that I have personally worked with on a couple of campaigns, and they have some of the best meds I have ever seen.

Brightside recently added a delivery service, they offer 10% off to all veterans, and 5% off for seniors too. If you mention Johnny Green, they will give you a 10% discount tomorrow they said! Below is a message that they sent me, and maybe I’ll see you there sometime:

Southeast Portland’s newest medical marijuana dispensary recently opened their doors on September 25th. Brightside is located at 1010 SE Powell, just 10 blocks east of the Ross Island Bridge. You’ll find us in the historic Brooklyn neighborhood, behind the Aladdin Theater and right next to the Original Hot Cake House.

Brightside is a clean, welcoming environment for OMMP patients to have safe access to quality, lab-tested medicine. We strive to be a family friendly environment. Our facility does not have a medicating lounge, but we do have a waiting room and reception area for patients with loved ones without their card.

We are open 7am to 9pm, 7 days a week, making a stop at Brightside convenient no matter what your schedule. We have plenty of parking space available, including handicap parking, and a ramp making our facility wheelchair accessible. Our patient advisors will provide a superior level of customer service, leaving no needs unmet and no questions unanswered.

Stop in today and see why we’re revealing the bright side of the cannabis industry!

For more information or to see our menu, go to http://BrightsidePDX.org or find us on social media @BrightsidePDX

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  1. What does it take to get a card in Oregon and must I be a resisdent of the state..I used to live there for 37 years and moved to Oklahoma,,

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  4. Well, there’s the dozens of people you know, and there’s me, here in New Mexico. That’s about 25 people total… When can we start hyping this new cannabis migration pattern to the media? (smiley face)

  5. Sometimes I think there might be a big migration in the U.S. over this medical cannabis thing. Lots and lots of people moving to states that make it legal and all of our drug-war friends stuck by themselves, preaching to people who think just like them (the only choir in town). Hopefully, the macro economy will kick into gear soon, and then people will get jobs and be able to afford to move. Unless you want to stay and fight, right where you are… Let’s see… dealing with vampire squids (politicians and the like) or moving… Hard choice… Wait a minute, let me think…

  6. Cant even imagine what it would be like to not only have a safe place to buy cannabis but to then have a huge selection to choose from at very low prices! Im blown away how fast the the movement has evolved out west yet at the same time how the lack of a movement has done nothing in the east, mid east and south! its a shame we cant get all these vendors that show up at every hemp fest and cannabis cup and every show and expo they go to all summer! They make tons of cash off consumers, medical too, so just stop all that for one year and invest that cash into legalizing for all, then go back to making even more cash? No, greed is stronger than helping all of us gain our freedom so it wont happen that way. So we wait like cattle for the laws to change in states like mine where the people are scared to death to even speak about a plant and the police act as if there isnt any reform going on at all in this country and its full steam ahead for the drug war and marijuana is enemy number one and so are we! I just hope while legal citizens are enjoying their legal cannabis that every time they spark up or switch on their vaporizer they take one second to remember there are 2/3s the nation still under prohibition and some still get their lives destroyed for the same thing you are doing legally. Remember we are all Americans and we should all be working together to end this nationally too!

  7. How is this legal? There are a few in Salem as well. The legislation hasn’t been finished and they are talking about having the application process start March1~
    I’m SUPER excited, I just wish I were closer to Portland!!!

  8. What a great name for a dispensary. And I’m so jealous that it is open every day, and from 7am to 9pm at that! Talk about convenience.