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Chemdog Marijuana Strain Review


chemdog strainChemdog Marijuana Strain

This is a strain review from medicalmarijuanablog.com. I wish I could put the nug in the pick in my bong and smoke it right now!:

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The folk history behind the Chemdog strains is a tale worth the telling:

It was 1991 and Grateful Dead were appearing at Deer Creek Amphitheatre, cannabis breeder, Chemdog, met up with joebrand and pbud in the parking lot and they sold him an ounce of weed for $500. Contact details were exchanged and it was arranged to ship two more ounces of the weed to Chemdog on the east coast.

The way Chemdog tells it is: one ounce was seedless and the other had 13 seeds. It was from these thirteen seeds that a legend grew; the Chemdog strain reputedly boasts some of the most superior cannabis clones in the USA.

Chemdog planted four of his thirteen seeds: one was male and trashed; the remaining three females became Chemdawg (now referred to as 91 Chemdawg), Chemdawg a (now Chemdawg’s Sister), and Chemdawg b.

Move forward by a decade to 2001, and we find Chemdog and his girlfriend germinating (or attempting to germinate) three more seeds. With remarkable creativity, the three new seeds were labeled c, d, and e; e didn’t germinate and c was rubbish, only d turned out to be any good. Four more were germinated in 2006, from which came the Reunion strain. And now there are two seeds left in Chemdog’s stash.

As if to reinforce the legendary status of this weed, unless you live in New York City it is very difficult to obtain.

Chemdog Crosses

  • OG Kush
  • Sour Diesel (ECSD)
  • Original Diesel (Diesel #1, Headband, Daywrecker Diesel, Underdawg)
  • Super Snowdawg
  • Giesel

  • Bubble Chem
  • Dawg Daze
  • Chemdawg D x Pbud

At a Glance:

  • Type: Sativa dominant
  • THC: Around 20%
  • CBD:0.2%
  • Grows: Indoor and outside; hydroponics, soil, coco fiber
  • Height: 6 feet plus
  • Yield: high
  • Flowers: 9 to 10 weeks
  • Not for the novice grower
  • Average price at time of writing (December 2010) $45 an eighth

Recommended for:

Chemdog is known to be effective for a number of medical conditions, including:

  • Deep muscle and joint pains
  • Mood disorders glaucoma
  • Anxious or restless behaviors
  • Nausea
  • Movement disorders

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  • Aziz45

    Organic grow is the best, chemicals equal pshycosis!!!! Colorado got it the best its the water just like nyc has the best water for pizza!!!!!

  • Lola

    Just got 5 gs here in FL! Great strain! Love that it doesn’t make you tired!

  • Mile Highness

    (Colorado smokers input) I have always liked chemdog phenotypes and with the right grow it can be a heady high. Its a great everyday smoke, but nothing special. I would not pay more then 25 1/8th or 160 an oz. The thing is it is an old strain and with all the advancement in mmj this is a disadvantage. There are plenty of heady buds out there with more to offer. Chemdog thc levels are at 20% and .2% CBD at its best butmost likely more like 15% and .01to.1 CBD. But take a strain of Girl Scout Cookies wich have recorded thc levels at 26% and 4% CBD. I would pay 35 to 40 an 1/8th . So chemdog is good but top shelf it is not. I guess if you dont have access to lots of strains chemdog wouldbe a good find.

    It is a cross breed but I have not noticed many indica traits, however its sativa traits make this is a great day high that won’t leave you tired. That being said it is strong and if you over medicate it will knock you out, but with the correct amount you will get a nice head high mixed with euphoria and a happy mood. Not good for pain but can be combined with a indica to add pain relief to it effects. All and all if you see it grab it but don’t over pay!

  • gforce

    got it in NC, doesn’t feel like a heady. and yes, I use for medical reasons. enjoying it.

  • OsideBudzz

    got pounds of the chem to the dawgg from northern cali, you think they grow it on the east coast? hahahaha thank us in cali

  • OsideBudzz

    cuz we ship it out there and double our money to you over paying dummys!

  • mike j

    just got an eighth of this. im 1/4 done with my first joint of it, and already recommend it to all users

  • maddness

    This is my fav. daily smoke!

  • Ttttt

    Im gettin some friday:) blownin down in texas

  • Insane, Lovin it. In a class of it’s own. Heady all the way, great high!!