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Chicago City Council Committee Approves New Chicago Marijuana Policy


Marijuana decriminalizationChicago City Council Committee Approves Rahm Emanuel’s Marijuana Policy

The Chicago City Council committee on Thursday voted 12 to 1 to approve a new Chicago marijuana policy. Mayor Rahm Emanuel last week indicated his support of the proposed policy that would allow Chicago Police to issue tickets instead of making arrests for possession of 15 grams of marijuana or less.

Emanuel has said the change frees up police for more serious crime and saves the department about $1 million annually. The mayor’s office finds that there were 45,000-plus police hours used for 18,298 arrests last year for possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana. Each case needed four officers to arrest and transport offenders.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told the committee, “We are not talking about decriminalization, we are talking about holding people accountable.”

Under the new policy, McCarthy said officers would have the option of issuing a ticket to someone, rather than placing them under arrest. Arrests would be mandated for anyone caught smoking marijuana in public or possessing marijuana in or near a school or in or near a park

Under the plan, anyone caught with marijuana under the age of 17 or without proper identification would still be arrested. Tickets would range from $250 to $500.

The plan goes to the full City Council next week.

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  • wrongly convicted

    I’d like to know how this is gonna effect the d.u.I. law. If you have any amount of a controlled substance in your system and u get into an acciden where someone claims great bodily harm (which everyone does trying to get an insurance check) its a class 4 felony. Which h is punishable up to 3 years in prison.

  • been a norml man since79, miss chats with Tonya Kangus. any body know were she went?

  • that’s a step, but the rest of the new ordnance , is bad; hidden, the lose of other civil rights.

  • 2buds4me

    Ok, so now each officer will be issued a baggie scale? How twisted ironic is that!

  • Mark Jones

    awesome .

  • Chacago? Really, the mid west? what article are you reading?

  • Because we have allowed our police to become cowards and liars.

  • Still the same shit, what is the cheepest way to keep bounding on pot smokers and make it look like we are easing up us. Bull Shit.

  • jim619putt@aol.com

    Not Kool.a step foward is a step back. The fine is way too steep and wrong and very Greedy. 20.00 fine would be a better way to start this is way too step and will lead too a riot of greed and more fighting more selling and more crime to pay for it please.

  • Joe

    ” Each case needed four officers to arrest and transport offenders.”
    Why does it take 4 officers to arrest 1 person?

  • dvPAC

    Its about time! The war on weed has failed completly, for every person that does even one day in jail for a gram of herb that’s hundreds even thousands of dollars of tax payers money that is being wasted instead of using it for more important things like education or child care, hell even securing the boarders to keeps hard drugs and human trafficing/coyotes out. I say score one for the midwest!

  • should be state wide not just chitown it would help out this entire state in stead of just one city but it is a start . wish IL would caught up with other states like MI , CA, NV,CO and few others …

  • corey

    It’s a start..hopefully this policy catches on.