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Chocolate Chunk Marijuana Strain Review


chocolate chunk marijuana strainChocolate Chunk Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Alpine Herbal Wellness

Grade: A-

Type: Indica, a selected Hindu Kush from Afghanistan/Pakistan, sold by TH Seeds

Price: $50/8th + tax

Appearance: (8.25/10) Very frosty-looking in the hand and up-close, this Chocolate Chunk had sound structure, with spear-shaped nugs of a healthy green hue, with sparse medium orange pistils. The main flaws with this one were the tiny seeds spotted throughout the sample and a slightly loose manicure, but neither one really affected the overall look. The harvest was basically perfect, with many cloudy heads and about 10% ambers – the trichs were mostly well-preserved, showing the sample was handled lightly after harvest.

Aroma: (6.75/10) This sample was slightly musky in the jar, but yielded a light and slightly sweet herby smell once ground. Pleasant enough, just not pungent or particularly distinct.

Taste: (6.75/10) It tasted of slightly sweet and floral hash – one reviewer picked up on a creaminess that did bring to mind the strain’s name. Again, not particularly pungent or distinct, but the smoke was smooth and easy to consume… it burned down to a fluffy medium gray ash.

chocolate chunk cannabis strain

Effects: A numbing Indica feeling crept up on us, gaining in strength over the initial 30 minutes until a pervading warmth and calmness overtook the head and chest area. A bit quiet and reserved initially, it had us feeling extremely mild-mannered and calm, sitting quietly and enjoying the feeling. Once the wave of potency died off around 1:15 into it, it released its hold a bit and we were more social and active, with occasionaly moment of mental haze. We think this would be a good movie Indica or good for sitting around a campfire – aware enough to get sucked into something, but heavily relaxing.

Duration: Long, 2.5 — 3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors — personal opinion ONLY) Mental and physical relaxation, anti-anxiety, pain relief, and sleep aid at higher doses.

Overall: This sample got fairly strong at its peak, enough to satisfy most Indica-lovers, but was never overwhelming or uncomfortable – it retained a fairly even-handed relaxing potency that dwindled away smoothly over 3 hours. While the smell and taste weren’t remarkable, we believe that it was due mostly to the strain itself, which isn’t known for being particularly pungent in either area. A couple flaws aside, this was a very enjoyable Indica that provided strong relaxation and served to turn off the mind a bit, a great choice for unwinding after work or before bed. We recommend this for any level of patient – it won’t blow away connoisseurs, but anyone who enjoys an Indica should get something out of it.

chocolate chunk marijuana strain

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