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City In Oregon Seeks To Ban All Outdoor Marijuana Growing


medical marijuana advertising ban outdoor denverSouthern Oregon is one of the best places on earth to grow outdoor marijuana. I know a lot of people down there that grow some of the best marijuana I have ever seen and/or consumed, especially in the Grants Pass area. I have personally made many a drive to Grants Pass for the Jack the Ripper strain. It is, and has been, one of my favorite strains to consume. Growing outdoor marijuana is very much a part of life for many citizens of Grants Pass, and with Measure 91 coming online in July, even those that aren’t medical marijuana growers will be able to cultivate up to four plants.

But, sadly, the City of Grants Pass is trying to ban all outdoor marijuana cultivation, even if its in a greenhouse. That is unacceptable. The Oregon Sungrown Growers Guild issued the following action alert in regards to the proposed ban:

This is the time for our community to come together to defend the right to grow our plant. Grants Pass has instructed it’s legal council to draft an ordinance which is expected to be presented May 20th at the city council chambers at 6 P.M. This ordinance will BAN ALL sungrown and greenhouse cultivated cannabis in the city limits. If we work as a unit to stop them before this new ordinance is drafted and voted on, we can prevent the city government, and perhaps many more, from enacting these prohibitionist laws. As Lee Berger will tell you, this is canna-bigotry at it’s worst. Please read carefully, and share widely. Although this is a city issue, we are asking our patients and activists from all over the state to reach out and let Grants Pass know that this type of irresponsible ordinance will not go unchallenged.
Mark Bartholomew, City Attorney 541-450-6000 Roy Lindsay, Ward1 541-291-0346
Darin Fowler, Mayor 541-660-3696

grants pass marijuana growing ban


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  1. freewheelinfranklin543 on

    My great great granny and gramps grew dank herb and hemp for retting with the same strain. Granny planted in big hills with cow,horse,goat and chicken dung plus compost and thinned it out to one big female in each hill and got rid of the males. She had a small seed crop grown the same way on the other side of her farm with a few good males. Gramps grew the hemp for retting by sowing seeds very thickly. The plants were inches apart,no branching for long fibers.He cut before they flowered,bundled them up and soaked them in the creek. These were my grampa’s grandad and gramma. He and his cousins used to smoke their granny’s pot out of their corncob pipes,drink shine and tell stories.Oh yeah! And eat one of their Granny’s pies. The stuff gave them fierce munchies. That and the shine didn’t seem to hurt him as he worked his way into being a millionaire a few times over.

  2. Too bad. They will have to find a way to co-exist. We are FINISHED with suppressing opportunities for ALL so a select FEW can benefit. We only require Hexahedron & Tetrahedron from Cannabis. Octahedron, Icosahedron & Dodecahedron come from Hemp. I’m sure mom and pop will be able to keep these plants separated for their Personal Medicinal Use. Commercial will have to find a way rather than prohibiting the Personal Use as is now the case. IF they cannot. Commercial will have to do without Commercial production. Really the Science & Math are simple for anyone without a greed gene.

  3. Are suggestion that reality in your world is not ideal, and should not be guided in the ideal direction?

  4. ted mishler on

    that is I believe what people in all weed selling shops need to do, they need to test cannabis with a beam test for degrees of rotation

    I believe that everyone would find that they all have their own thc beam tested rotation in degrees that they feel most comfortable with
    I might be wrong, but i have a hunch that the quantity of thc and cbd, and cbn’s percentage alone is not an indication of the experience that a person is always looking for. It could be that people will find, if true, that a smaller amount of overall cannabis cannabinoids in thc, cbn, cbc, etcetra, with a high beam tested rotation in degrees might be equal to a high cannabinoid cannabis strain with a lower rotation for instance… I sure would like to experiment and prove that theory if it is true
    the book entitled Cannabis Alchemy by Stephen Gaskin gave me the idea, a great book…Loved it

  5. ted mishler on

    ok, looks like i will not be able to clear enough on my check this week to obtain a bus ticket, but i will asap
    HELLO TO DENVER!!! :-)

  6. russell bowles on

    A junkie is someone that can’t afford the next hit, a junky is a rich person that can…

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