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City Official Calls Vietnam Vet ‘The Enemy’ Because He Uses Marijuana


Reefer MadnessMilitary veterans deserve the utmost respect in my opinion. They put their lives on the line to serve our country, and we owe them a lot. I have friends and family that are serving, or have served. It’s not easy for them. They have to leave their families and do things that are very tough. A lot of them have life long injuries and/or suffer from PTSD. So it was very troubling for me to watch a video yesterday of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery trying to belittle a Vietnam veteran because he consumes marijuana.

The Vietnam veteran, Don Ream, attended a debate between attorney Montgomery and Attorney Marc Victor. The debate was about whether or not Arizona should legalize marijuana, and throughout the debate Bill Montgomery kept referring to medical cannabis patients as ‘potheads.’ Don Ream, in a very calm and polite manner mind you, told Bill Montgomery during a question and answer session that it was offensive to refer to medical cannabis patients in that way. After a short exchange, Don Ream made it known that he uses marijuana for recreational purposes to. That resulted in the following response by the County Attorney, per the Free Thought Project:

“Well, then you’re violating the law, and I have no respect for you,” Montgomery said. “I have no respect for someone who would try to claim that you served this country and took an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect against all enemies foreign and domestic – because you’re an enemy.”

That statement instantly brought on several boos from the crowd, and rightfully so. That’s how much Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery hates marijuana, that he would publicly bash a Vietnam veteran, going as far as calling him ‘the enemy.’ That is so unacceptable that it’s hard for me to find the words to type right now. Shame on Bill Montgomery. He needs to be removed immediately, and I hope he is never hired as an attorney ever again in his career. Below is video footage of the exchange, so you can watch it for yourself:


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  • h8hpd

    yet a person could allow a Vietnam vet to take pills known to kill its prescribers by the THOUSANDS daily, and won’t allow him the extract from a PLANT. a plant that when set on fire after being dried, will help you with much of your other ailments? having a mother who swallows 20+ pills a day and only ask to smoke medical marijuana to offset the fucking sickness taking 20 synthetic pills causes every day of her life, i stand by any person that needs an natural way to heal, or feel better with themselves.

  • Cyndysub

    Oh well he is f-Ed in the head then. So he is crazy.

  • Jetdoc

    No you won’t! He’s devout Mormon!

  • The Other LA

    Thanks for the link. I gave that thug Montgomery a piece of my mind.

  • 2buds4me


  • 2buds4me

    They can legally poison themselves with alcohol to the point of certain death and everyone will simply stand around their casket and say “Too bad, so sad.”

  • Jetdoc

    I had a ticket to this debate. However, I had to leave for
    D.C. soon after the debate, b/c Congress was going into Easter Recess and we
    needed to speak to them before they left. Therefore I had to miss the debate
    itself. I’ve been intimately involved in this since it happened though! One
    reason I haven’t been on here. I’m with a group of Veterans who have PTSD. We
    were invited to the Americans for Safe Access Unity Conference by Dr. Sue
    Sisley (R-AZ). We were there to lobby Congress for the CARERS Act. (The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States Act)
    We work VERY closely with Dr. Sisley.

    Our group actually confronted Mr. Montgomery on this issue immediately after it
    happening. I’m IN the e-mail to him! I’m an AZ Veteran, so his comments were
    directed at me as well! We wrote it under the guise of the News clip however
    because that’s where 99.995% of people saw it. We asked Mr. Montgomery
    something to this effect, (I don’t just want to copy the e-mail for privacy

    “… according to the short clip we saw of this
    incident, we don’t know if something happened between you 2 earlier in the
    debate? Because sometimes the media sensationalizes something.. Actually we
    hoped that something happened prior to that statement, because NO Veteran
    should ever be spoken to in that manner under any circumstances.”
    What upsets me about this is that Mr. Montgomery IS a Veteran himself! Mr.
    Montgomery wrote us back and I MUST tell you that I don’t know if I was more
    appalled at what he said to Don, or his explanation of what happened to us. For
    obvious reasons this will be redacted for privacy reasons as well as length.


    Bill’s response: ” I was at a debate on legalizing the
    recreational use of marijuana. At the end we had a Q&A… pro legalization
    people were over the top… we got to a guy who said he was a Vet… He related
    how Vets are now called heroes when he was called a baby killer when get got
    back from Viet Nam.

    Then he stated that Veterans are both.
    That started my blood boiling because, as a Veteran, I am not a baby killer nor
    is anyone else who has served. He then went on to describe his medical use of
    marijuana and offered to educate me about marijuana since I have been misled. I
    started to answer him by stating I distinguished medicinal use from
    recreational use and he interrupted me to say he was a recreational user.

    Well, I’d had enough. I wasn’t going to let him use
    his status as a Vet to encourage people to break the law so I reminded him of
    our oath of service and that we were supposed to uphold and defend the
    constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so he was an enemy.”


    I would say what pissed me off about the whole thing
    is that he said “… our oath of service… we were supposed to uphold and
    defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic…”

    Yes Mr. Montgomery, I took that oath, I remember it very well. Actually I’ll
    NEVER forget it. It was the most PROUD day of my life. So let’s talk about that
    oath. I WILL defend the constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. My
    problem with his statement is that I’ve gone over and over the Constitution and
    no where in it does it state that I can’t use Cannabis. Actually, it says I CAN
    in so many different places it’s ridiculous. My oath was to defend the Constitution,
    NOT your oppressive legislative statutes, used to control the behavior of the
    people! To me, those laws are an ENEMY of the Constitution and that’s what we
    Veterans do. We stand up so that others may sit!

    I also have a huge problem with his saying “… I draw a
    distinction between Medical and Recreational marijuana…” That’s the biggest line of BULLSHIT I’ve ever
    heard! He despises BOTH and has done nothing but try to shut down AZ’s MMA,
    since it’s inception. He’s lost at every level of the Judiciary in BOTH State
    and Federal Courts trying to overturn the AMMA. He’s presently prosecuting
    several Medical Marijuana patients in Arizona. He probably won’t win, but IMHO
    he’s attempting to cost them so much money in Legal Fees that they’ll end up
    taking a “Plea Deal”. If they Plead out, he’ll have a precedent set to be able
    to prosecute medical marijuana patients who are in compliance with State Law.

    I see we have the resident expert on everything Republican with
    us, blaming the voters of Maricopa County, saying we “…get what we deserve, we
    voted for him, etc…” Blathering on about
    how “This’s what happens when you don’t vote”, etc… What this self proclaimed
    expert should do, is his research before he opens his mouth!

    I don’t care if EVERY Democrat in the State of AZ voted
    THREE times! (like they do in Chicago), they wouldn’t have beaten Bill
    Montgomery OR Joe Arpaio! The biggest problem was that the Democrats didn’t
    find it necessary to even RUN anyone AGAINST them! So, blaming this on Maricopa
    County Republicans is just MISINFORMED but very IGNORANT at best! I love people
    who stereotype EVERYONE and then try to make them fit in the little box that he’s
    created for them. Even if you don’t fit, you WILL by the time he’s done! Round
    peg, meet Square hole! It fascinates me, especially when someone doesn’t know
    shit about AZ politics, that they’ve ALWAYS got the same thing to say! I swear,
    it’s the SAME thing in every post, just changing the name. I actually quit
    reading his posts and won’t read any future posts, long ago b/c they’re always
    the SAME every time and THESE were no different. There’s really no need to read
    them, but these responses somehow piqued my interest b/c I knew how wrong he
    was. I LIVE it! He changes a few words here, a state there, etc… but then brings the SAME shit, over and over
    even though he’s wrong! Nothing but a “Keyboard Commando” (I’m positive that
    this post will be C & P’d and responded to, over and over again by this
    person but… remember, he knows NOTHING
    of which he speaks about AZ)

    Calling them “Hippie punching, torture loving, etc… Republicans
    is stereotyping. The CARERS Act, for which I was in D.C. lobbying for it’s
    passage. It just so happens that it’s one of those “Hippie Punching, Torture
    loving AZ Repubicans” (Jeff Flake R-AZ) that’s trying to FORCE this bill into a
    hearing on the Judicial Committee. The Hippie Punching, gun grabbing, civil
    rights invading Dianne Feinstein is working AGAINST such a thing. But we’re ALL
    the same! Bill Montgomery definitely doesn’t represent the will of even the
    majority of Maricopa County citizens. But in order to beat him, you need to
    challenge him.

    The only challenge Bill Montgomery had was in the Primary
    where he was at least CHALLENGED by a Libertarian who had $500 in his pocket,
    Campaign signs made from Plywood with the message spray painted in stencils.
    (IIRC, there were only 50 of those) He had NO backing and jumped into the race
    late. However, the guy garnered 80,000+ Votes in the Primary. But at least he
    had the BALLS to RUN against Montgomery. AZ Democrats don’t have anyone
    CREDIBLE or qualified to run for these seats. If they did, they would!

    Same with Joe Arpaio! The only challenge he had was in the
    Primary as well. The guy who ran against him in the General was a Republican
    running on the Democratic ticket, so he couldn’t even get THERE (Dems) support!
    But Arpaio’s got over $50 MILLION in his campaign war chest. It’s NOT all from
    Arizonans either. It’s from people all over the country that send him money. If
    he were required to get his money from Maricopa County residents, he wouldn’t
    have nearly the war chest he’s got. So once again, it’s NOT just AZ Republicans
    who keep electing these people, it’s people from all over the country. The
    Democrats didn’t find it necessary to even RUN anyone against them. At least
    nobody with any credibility.

    Bill Montgomery’s got an image problem and this is going to KILL him in his
    next campaign if he chooses to run. I promise! This will be kept on the Front
    burner with ALL AZ Veterans groups. We’re also creating a “Crony’s List” of his
    cronies because we’re e-mailing every one of the GOP & Dem Legislators in
    AZ, Veterans Groups, City and County Officials, etc… making them take a stand
    on this issue. It’s time! We’re not going to let them get away with running for
    office anymore and laughing off where they stand on cannabis. That means ALL
    politicians, not just one party. I bet he’ll lose 80% of the Veteran vote in AZ.
    There’s always that 20% that will support him. The Senior citizen crowd will
    still support him. This is really going to come back to haunt him!

    Bill Montgomery needs to learn to keep his emotions in
    check. After all, he IS a Public Official, and represents the citizens of
    Maricopa County, when he’s up there. He has to learn that you can’t talk to
    Veterans the way he did. Hell, you don’t talk to ANYONE like that, I don’t care
    who they are! But when a guy went to Viet Nam and fought, in such a
    controversial War when most others didn’t, I believe shields him from ever
    being spoken to like that. By anyone, but especially by another Veteran!

  • lovingc


  • lovingc

    I have all ways had a low opinion of police, prosecutors, and judges in this state. Most have to pass an intelligence test, if they score above 100 on I.Q. they fail.

  • lovingc

    Maricopa County Attorney’s Office
    301 West Jefferson Street, Suite 800
    Phoenix, AZ 85003Phone:(602) 506-3411Hours:8am – 5pm Mon-Fri

  • lovingc

    AN other drug warrior on his way to uselessness.

  • D Wright

    my problem is that the law exist in the first place its sad that it takes a vet for sombody to hear but obviously nobodys listening I dont think he is using his status as a vet to tell people to break the law he is using his status to try and change a law that never should have been that doesnt make him the enemy a government that wont listen to its own people is the enemy and the exact reason the constitution was created in the first place so I find it real funny montgomery wants to say he is the enemy to our constitution when our government is the one trying to bend the rules