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Colorado Marijuana Tax Protest – Free Marijuana Joints In Civic Center Park Monday


colorado tax protest free joints civic center denverI received the following e-mail alert today from the Colorado 420 Coalition:

Monday, September 9, 2013
Greek Amphitheatre, Civic Center Park
Downtown Denver


Who: Friends, Cannabis Consumers, Countrymen, “No Over Taxation,” a Registered Issue Committee, A Whole Lot of Homeless People, campaign volunteers, Robert J. Corry, Jr., “Scorched Earth Lawyer” and Amendment 64 co-drafter.

What: Formal Launch of “No on Proposition AA” Campaign, to oppose the highest tax increase in Colorado history, authorizing a 30% State tax on recreational marijuana (15% excise tax and 15% sales tax). Free marijuana joints will be handed out to any person who is age 21 or older who attends the formal launch. No remuneration whatsoever will be accepted for the marijuana. Handing out free marijuana to adults 21+ is legal under the Colorado Constitution, Article XVIII Section 16 (“Amendment 64”).

When: Monday, September 9, 2013, at 11:00 a.m.

Where: Denver Civic Center Park, between the two symbols of government greed and oppression, State Capitol and City Hall, Greek Amphitheatre (site of Denver 420 Rally).

Why: Amendment 64 was sold as the “Alcohol Marijuana Equalization Initiative.” Marijuana taxes should be fair and equivalent to Colorado alcohol taxes, which are less than 1%. Passage of Proposition AA creates public safety problems. A bloated and greedy government does not serve the Public Interest. The joint handout is a real-time demonstration of basic economics: Proposition AA’s extreme taxes will undercut the Regulated Marijuana Market, and illegal Black Market and legal Gray Market (which is legal, but untaxed and unregulated) will both expand when the Government parasite kills the Industry host.

This is an official permitted political event. Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown challenges our legitimacy and claims our argument that the taxes will push people back into the black market is false, without explaining why. We challenge him on his relationship with the truth and cite arrests of cigarette smuggling rings, including one that was linked to a terrorist organization. In Florida, cigarette smuggling has increased 294%. People smuggle cigarettes to avoid their excessively high “sin” taxes! Marijuana was supposed to be taxed and regulated like alcohol, not tobacco!

For additional information, contact Larisa Bolivar, Executive Director at 703-244-4857, or Miguel Lopez, Volunteer Coordinator at 720-338-8766.

For more details, see:


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  • grokit

    Grow your own dope, plant a politician!

  • Thisis Insane

    That is tied to the fact that tobacco smokers have such a nasty addiction they are forced to pay the tax, or suffer withdrawal. Cannabis does not affect the body anywhere near as badly, as the nasty stuff they put into the processed ‘quality tobaccos’ they sell to us.

  • Thisis Insane

    The politicians in this country are bought and paid for, and you know it. They will bend to the will of whomever pays them the most. THIS is why it’s so difficult to make it legal, because they hide under the blanket of cash and don’t want to see anything that makes sense, only what makes dollars. The SCOTUS is already stacked against us.

  • fredamae

    “Linked to Cannabis use”????
    Given the fact that someone tests positive for THC doesn’t at all mean Causation – It takes Several WEEKS for Cannabis to Metabolize Out of your system–WEEKS post any effect one may have experienced during the first Two Hours post use.
    Another attempt to “Create Crises and Mis-Inform” about a non-existent situation.
    Should people operate a vehicle immediately post use? No, but neither should they be blamed for “nothing” that “looks” like “something” without All the facts being provided.
    Many of us out here are interested in your stats that demonstrate an Increase in crime..got any credible resources?
    Too high of a tax will only deepen and strengthen the Black Market–there should be reasonable limits that won’t discriminate against the less affluent, imo.

  • Robin Rider

    I don’t get the protests and I’m a smoker. This is WHY it was legalized, to MAKE money and HELP the economy. You dumb asses.!!!

  • Flower Child

    That’s what we were afraid of back in the 70’s. If it ever got legalized, the state and federal governments would tax it big time. Don’t they realize that if they do that, the people will stop buying it and start getting it like they always have? Illegally…Just sayin

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