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Complaint Filed By One Ohio Marijuana Legalization Campaign Against Another Is Dismissed


ohio marijuana medical marijuana legalizationPolitics is a messy business, and I think that can be especially true when it comes to marijuana politics. I’ve seen a lot of things since I co-founded this blog in January 2010 in the world of marijuana politics, a lot of which makes me very sad. In a perfect world, everyone would work together to achieve the overall goal of ending marijuana prohibition. However, it’s fairly rare that everyone can agree about the details, which leads to a lot of tension and fracturing. That tension and fracturing has led to a lot of defeats that didn’t need to happen in the marijuana reform movement.

Ohio is about a contentious place for marijuana politics as it gets these days. The contention started when ResponsibleOhio launched its legalization campaign and proposed giving the monopoly on marijuana cultivation to just ten entities. That provision of their initiative resulted in a lot of backlash from the marijuana community, including from national organizations that typically provide a lot of funding for marijuana reform efforts. It’s worth noting that the campaign has since revamped the initiative language to include a home cultivation provision, but only if people receive a license to do so. It’s unclear what will be required in order to receive a home cultivation license.

There is another organization, Ohio Rights Group, that has been fighting to reform Ohio’s outdated marijuana laws. The Ohio Rights Group filed an official complaint against the ResponsibleOhio campaign alleging sabotage. Late last week that complaint was officially dismissed. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The Ohio Rights Group (ORG), which filed the complaint last monthagainst ResponsibleOhio, charged that ResponsibleOhio deliberately tried to sabotage its efforts to get a ballot measure before voters. But the commission, while at least one board member expressed sympathy for ORG, voted 6-0 to dismiss the case because it “lacked the authority to rule in the matter,” according to Cincinnati.com.

ORG contended that ResponsibleOhio leader Ian James had infiltrated its group to steal donors and key backers before going on to found ResponsibleOhio, and that James’ actions undercut ORG’s ability to qualify for the ballot this year. James called the complaint “frivolous” in a press release, and lauded the commission’s decision.

I, like many other reform activists, will be watching the situation in Ohio. I’m curious to see how the ResponsibleOhio campaign ends up. They have pretty much decided to go it alone without the help of reform organizations and prominent activists, which would be a first if they succeed at the ballot box. People fear a corporate takeover of marijuana, both opponents and supporters, and this initiative will be the poster child for that fear going forward I’d imagine.


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  1. Krystofer Bakka on

    I’m the idiot?
    I know the definition of Monopoly. Maybe you don’t.

  2. Krystofer Bakka on

    I’m the idiot?
    I know the definition of Monopoly. Maybe you don’t.

  3. Ann Arbor 41 on

    Krystofer is an idiot , if you argue with fools no one will know the difference

  4. Ann Arbor 41 on

    Krystofer is an idiot , if you argue with fools no one will know the difference

  5. Maybe that’s because you are a hyper-liberal political extremist who has never said a single good word about them.
    I wouldn’t interview someone who bashes me on every single website she runs.

  6. Your ENTIRE argument is one big “what if” speculation, when you assume that the ten companies will not compete with one another despite the fact that a special independent commission will be making sure that they follow anti-trust and and amendment-specific laws that require them to do so.

    You criticize others for making predictions, but that’s ALL your argument is; one big PARANOID prediction.

  7. David Bourgeau on

    Here are some facts that those of you supporting RO should be aware of.
    First, 9 of the 10 “investors” have the same address, with the same registered agent, with the same filing date.
    While RO allows for home cultivation, there is a strict limit (4 flowering plants) and a yearly fee.
    There is no provision for what to do with homegrown if you exceed the limit, setting home growers up for violation
    The amendment allows for one new grow site after I believe 2 years. It does not appear to allow for more than that
    There is no employment protection, even for use after-hours (i.e. one can have a drink after work, but cannot smoke a joint after work)
    And while RO can claim that they want signatures gathered honestly, that is not happening. I witnessed several gatherers refusing to allow potential signers to read the amendment and for knowingly allowing those not qualified to sign to sign anyway. This can void the entire petition pack. (O.R.C. 3501.38(E)(1)) I witnessed them misrepresenting what was in the petition which is a felony. (O.R.C. 3599.14(A(1)) They have violated other election law by not advising signers, when asked, who they worked for, or for providing misleading or inaccurate information in response. (And yes, there is video proof of much of this on the Akron/Kent NORML facebook page) It seems to me, that there must be something seriously wrong with the verbiage if they are willing to use these kinds of tactics to push this through so quickly.
    If you have witnessed such activities, and wish to report them, I would suggest you send a letter (notarized if possible) including the date, approximate time, and description of the incident to both the Ohio Attorney General and the Ohio Secretary of State offices.

  8. Krystofer Bakka on

    The Blue Team was likely her unit name….
    She was probably a paid signature collector.

  9. Krystofer Bakka on

    Well, I know several..
    You just don’t know enough professionals.

    You must be really behind the times…are you still Using Windows 95?… hey..there’s an update you may have missed…

  10. No, I grew up, something you apparently haven’t done yet, I have yet to meet any professional who uses the word “derp” in a debate

  11. Krystofer Bakka on

    And yet…every few hours….
    You feel compelled to reply to me…

    You’re nothing but a puppet…lol

  12. Krystofer Bakka on

    I think its funny..you don’t know what ‘derp’ refers to…
    Have you been living under a rock since 2008?

  13. Krystofer Bakka on

    Why are you looking for a date?
    Do you date pigs?

    Hey, whatever you like…its your personal life….

    But you seem very desperate.

  14. its funny to see you get more and more desperate :) keep putting lip stick on that pig buddy

  15. Krystofer Bakka on

    You dont have any truth …
    Youve made multiple false and inaccurate statements.
    You have proven you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  16. Krystofer Bakka on

    I dont believe you, youre not from Ohio…
    You have no idea what you are talking about…..

  17. Krystofer Bakka on

    Nope….youve made multiple mistakes in your posts, some straight out lies, some must be your misunderstanding of how the laws work….

    I haven’t lost, but you seem to be suffering from massive butt-hurt…. i would expect you get that alot.

  18. Krystofer Bakka on

    So, you now claim its 10 people…..
    Its not…
    Its 10 individual legally identified groups….
    Possibly corporations possibility individuals…
    You dont know….
    In competition…..not a monopoly….
    Words and their meanings escape you.

  19. Krystofer Bakka on

    Ok… go ahead…. it still means the same to everyone else…..
    Being ignorant of the word isnt your fault….

  20. If I wasn’t from Ohio, I wouldn’t give two shits about this, also I”m not the guy posting on weed articles all over the country. I don’t think anyone would be naive enough to believe these ten 10 guys won’t set the market and then everyone in the state will have to live with it forever. Think about it 10 guys are going to be supplying the entire state of Ohio Marijuana, exactly how OPEC works, they NEVER manipulate market do they???

  21. Sorry, I’m an adult, I’m not up on all the adolescent sayings, I think I’ll go ahead and keep “derp” out of my vocabulary

  22. Oh yea, great argument, I’m sure these 10 wealthy guys who conspired together to create and fund Responsible Ohio are going to cut each other off at the knees to drop the price and put each other out of business right?? These 10 people will have a strangle hold on the entire market in Ohio forever, they will be the only ones prospering.

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