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Debunking The Latest Smear Campaign Against Marijuana


There has been a lot of media coverage about a study that claims that consuming marijuana will make you crazy. I have consumed marijuana for over half my life, and not one time has it made me psychotic. I know people that have consumed marijuana for 4-5 decades, and they also have never gone crazy.

In the video below, Paul Armentano of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) joins Thom Hartmann and thoroughly debunks this new claim that is floating around media circles. It’s sad to think that despite how far we have come, the mainstream media is still perpetuating junk science like this in an attempt to spread false reefer madness.


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  1. You’re trying to speak for history, but you’re being extremely one sided. Christianity also spread because it suits some people very well, and some of the most loving, giving people in the world are Christians. Maybe you should distinguish between real Christians and faux Christians.

  2. History speaks for itself. Christianity was forged in Rome by a violent political agenda. From there it spread through war, torture, lies, forgery, theft, intolerance, and genocide. This is historical fact.

  3. michael_ellis on

    @been there: You are technically correct if you insist on a 19th century understanding of “Unitarian”. Let me clarify for you:

    1. I don’t believe in supernatural beings or an afterlife. If you want to be pedantic, I’m a strong agnostic since I can’t absolutely prove the non-existence of god(s).

    2. I’ve been an active member of Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations in MA and NC since the early 1980’s. I used ‘Unitarian’ in this post as shorthand, as many of us do, rather than the less familiar abbreviation “UU.”

    3. You seem to have missed the larger point in my post, contained in my second and third paragraphs, namely that those of us opposed to the Drug War need to set aside political and theological differences if we’re ever to put an end to this massive injustice.

    If you’re curious about Unitarian Universalism, our position (since 1970!) calling for full legalization, amnesty, research, and treatment rather than imprisonment would be a good place for readers of this blog to start. http://www.uua.org/statements/legalization-marijuana

  4. Atheist Unitarian is an oxymoron. The idea is self contradicting. You might be correct if you referred to yourself as just a moron.

  5. No. What makes you ignorant is the insistence on clutching to a pre scientific view of a world in which unscrupulous power hungry individuals managed to convince folks like you to abandon thought and blindly follow their (power hungry scumbags) own wishes/desires at your own cost (unfortunately, because of folks like you, folks like me that are unbelievers are forced to subsidize your bullshit!).
    What makes your hypocrisy worse is that you insist on special privileges for you and yours based on your particular brand of fantasy just like ALL religions (regardless of brand or geographic area).
    This is part of the reason the founding fathers of the USA tried their best to separate church and state. Sad part in all this is your (and your ilk’s) insistence on bringing your crap to this blog which can function beautifully without said crap.
    Now let’s all watch the fun to come. I’ve never met a religionist (yet) that could “turn the other cheek” in an instance such as this without some sort of attack (usually starting with condescension)
    (make my point!)

  6. To be Christ like or Buddha like, or Muhammad like would make a better world but deities and organised religion are a pox on the human mind.

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    You misspelled a lot. Stupid much? Angry about ones pathetic and tiny place in the world? YOu are the kind of immature and ignorant sludge we do not need here. You are sludge trying to take rights from others. Stop hiding behind your keyboard you, what I assume is lard.

  9. A dead horse can’t be killed again so why are you still trying. Go play in the street.

  10. I have no religious affiliation and I really think you are a miserable person. What group are you going to hate for my comments. Oh wait, I am a Marine, so now maybe you can hate all marines because of my statements.
    But I’m sure you still won’t get it.

  11. Yes. I misspelled “here” once, and changed “me” to “myself”. I’m unsure how I fucked up the grammar. Even though I used to be a proof reader, I rarely catch my own typos and mistakes when writing. I guess that makes me ignorant.

  12. Exactly.
    Did you edit the post? Just out of curiosity I reread it, and I can’t find a single spelling or grammar issue in your post.

  13. It’s an utterly outrageous generalization. And since the weed legalization movement (this is theweedblog after all) needs the support of Christians, it’s also an utterly absurd political strategy. But don’t let me stop your self-indulgence.

  14. Yes. The thing that puzzles me though, is that as often as we agree, which is most of the time, you still have some primal need to treat me so fucked up. To what end, Cyndysub?

  15. Because this is The Weed Blog, and no one else really cares. We’re exchanging ideas, not conducting an English class.

  16. Why don’t you learn proper spelling and grammar before you start calling anyone else ignorant.

  17. “But, Christians are the dumbest, hypocritical, hateful, ignorant, judgmental and destructive people on Earth.”

    How can you generalize like that. It’s absurd.

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