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Demand For Medical Marijuana Plummets In Colorado


colorado legal marijuana salesMedical marijuana has been available at dispensaries in Colorado for awhile now. Until recently, there has been a fairly steady growing demand for medical marijuana. However, in November demand plummeted in Colorado. Sales for recreational marijuana held steady during the same time. Recreational sales have been allowed for a little over a year in Colorado. Per The Cannabist:

Colorado’s legal cannabis industry experienced an unusual autumn in 2014 — one that saw recreational pot sales reach a plateau of sorts as demand for medical marijuana took a nosedive.

Medical marijuana sales in Colorado tanked in November as they dropped nearly 17 percent from the previous month, according to just-released data from the Department of Revenue. Medical dispensaries sold $27.5 million of cannabis in November, a big downturn from October’s $33.1 million in medical revenues. Meanwhile the state’s recreational weed sales are holding strong — with $31.2 million in November and $31.6 million in both October and September.

It’s tough to say what caused the dip in medical marijuana sales. I’m sure people will be quick to point to recreational marijuana as the cause. However, if recreational sales remained steady during the same time, obviously people didn’t switch from buying at dispensaries to recreational stores. Patients simply didn’t buy as much marijuana from dispensaries during that time. Did they go back to the blackmarket, where prices are much cheaper? Did they just not buy any marijuana at all?


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  • Bongstar420

    Actually, vaping leaves behind lots of CBD, CBC, CBG, and high boiling point terpenes. Shall we say, the other half of the “medicine” that people really aren’t as interested in as they say they are.

  • Bongstar420

    Yep…makes it worth less though

    Who wants to maintain those relationships just for market access?

  • Bongstar420

    They lower the property value with their purile concerns..They just don’t see themselves in the mirror, but an imaginary reflection.

  • Bongstar420

    Yes, if you want, you can self supply in a closet without your overlords finding out.

  • Bongstar420

    I wish they would be sent my way..I’m fed up with all these half wits who are functional that want me to give them free drugs just to have access to the market.

    How may of those people demand 2 oz a month for free? Thats the standard here in OMMP land.

  • Bongstar420

    The same is true for Tomatoes…and computers.

    Why don’t you make those again?

  • Bongstar420

    Cannabis for pain relief is hardly worth more than asprin since it could be grown like hemp, extracted, and strain type is no where near as important as people think..you just mix cannabinoids with stuff sourced from other places…like CBDA + Limonene for breast cancer as a simple example. CBDA from hemp, Limonene from Orange waste

  • Bongstar420

    Hemp is not taxed…they are going to let high CBD low THC qualify as hemp even though horticulturally, it is not.

    What will kill hemp is drug addicts looking for Statist protections for their easy highs:


    Notice, the Oregon government voted in favor of hemp despite the drug producer demands for restrictions on hemp.

  • Bongstar420

    Medical research will take the fun out of the “medicine.”

    Or are we going to start selling cherry flavored Vicodin candy to all “pain patients” who claim “need?”

  • Bongstar420

    “patients” don’t demand anything but the best for the least.

    Dispensary shelves are stocked with what they demand…principally, highly psychoactive and more stimulating than sedating (because they want to be high all day long).
    There is a reason the THC varieties are bred to be psychotropic first “medical” second and not “medical” first with psychotropic being unavoidable.