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Disabled US Marine Corps Veteran Faces Life In Prison For Marijuana


Kristoffer Lewandowski marijuanaOklahoma has very, very harsh marijuana laws. Get caught for marijuana two times, any amount, and you could be facing up to 10 years in prison. Get caught selling any amount, and you could face life in prison. Commit a marijuana crime within 2,000 feet of a school, public park, or public housing and receive a double period of incarceration and fine, and a mandatory prison sentence (per NORML). If those penalties don’t alarm you, they should. Those penalties should alarm anyone. Putting someone in prison for the rest of their life because they got caught growing marijuana is an enormous injustice, and an enormous waste of public resources.

Some Oklahoma politicians say that marijuana laws in Oklahoma don’t need to be reformed because the laws don’t really result in people actually getting arrested for personal use, possession, or cultivation of marijuana. But that’s exactly what’s happening to Kristoffer Lewandowski. Kristoffer Lewandowski is a 100% disabled US Marine Corps veteran, and is also a husband and father of three children. Mr. Lewandowski served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Lewandowski suffers from severe PTSD, and grew and used marijuana to help with his suffering.

In June of 2014 Kristoffer Lewandowski’s wife and neighbors called police to get help for Kristoffer, who was experiencing a PTSD flare-up. But rather than assisting the disabled military veteran, the Oklahoma police that responded instead searched the home for drugs, and found six marijuana plants that weighed less than an ounce total. I think we all know how this sad story ends. Kristoffer Lewandowski was arrested and charged with felony cultivation, which carries a potentially life sentence in an Oklahoma prison. To make matters worse, Kristoffer Lewandowski’s family moved to California while they were fighting the charge, and the police there arrested him in an overly dramatic fashion. Per Truth In Media:

Earlier this month in Laguna Beach, CA, despite the fact that the Lewandowski family remained in contact with authorities connected to his Oklahoma criminal case, undercover police apprehended Kristoffer by surprise in a dramatic, guns-drawn raid while the Lewandowskis were picking up their children from pre-school, as he had unknowingly missed a prior court date while in the care of a Veterans Administration psychiatric hospital. Whitney Lewandowski, who noted that the undercover officers who picked him up had been following them since earlier that day and could have chosen a different time to make the arrest, said, “To be picked up like that, we’re all blown away. Especially in a pre-school parking lot where all my kids’ friends are, their parents are. Everyone’s witnessing this, and it was horrifying.

The Truth in Media article has a great interview with Kristoffer Lewandowski’s wife which gives more details about how the case came about. Kristoffer Lewandowski is currently sitting in a jail cell in California waiting to be extradited to Oklahoma where he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. The family of Kristoffer Lewandowski has started a crowd funding effort to help with legal costs (you can donate at this link here). The family also started a petition at Change.Org, and a Facebook page where you can learn more. What Mr. Lewandowski was doing would have been perfectly legal in many states in America. What is happening to him is just plain wrong. Please sign the petition calling for Oklahoma’s Governor to step in and do what’s right and free Kris.


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  1. The man who saved us is in prison just for treating his PTSD with marijuana… VA medical officers also provide such things to veterans in war and even after coming from war. They should be arrested for making addicted veterans.

  2. If you refuse to pay taxes, do you also refuse to drive on public roads, cash your welfare checks or use the city water supply? If not, shut up.

  3. I’m with you on Rand for same reason, consistency.

    I think the current day progressive calls for gun registration and prohibition of classes of guns are similar to the prohibitionist actions of the progressive era. Currently there’s like 5-10% of people complying with gun registration requirements in NY for semi-auto rifles. If guns were required by law to be registered and we had the same low rate of obeying the registration law like NY, will the progressives change their position when tear-jerking stories of families torn apart and kids going to CPS because mom or dad uses an unregistered gun to stop a criminal act of violence? No, probably not, not until churches teach members to obey the law of the land and the majority of conservatives register their guns and then, well, that’s when progressives will have a proclaim that the law is awful and it’s the fault of conservatives. Laws passed for feel-good reasons generally don’t work out well for society when it comes to prohibition of *dangerous* things because of the *potential for danger*, it’s the same propaganda message used in every prohibition bandwagon.

  4. Valid point. Jimmy Carter did flip flop on the topic starting the era of reaching into other counties to drop paraquat on plants. Historically, both parties have been friends with prohibition. Conservatives are the main block supporting it today, doesn’t mean they all do. I trust Rand Paul more than I do Hillary on this issue, although I think she would keep the same posture. Most of the lack of progress in Congress is the GOP. Feinstein is still out there in left field too. I don’t trust Jeb or Ted Cruz or Donand Trump though. I will vote for Rand Paul if he get’s the nomination. I don’t even agree with everything he says. But he’s honest.

  5. Conservatives don’t like change by definition. Progressives should start putting more thought into the things they support. Like the prohibition laws during the progressive era and marijuana tax act in 1937 passed in a congress that had 75% democrats in both the house and Senate.

  6. NEW gofundme page to help Kris. We had to do it through the “Weed for Warriors Project” to get around their rules as to why they took the other page down.

    Here’s the address for the new page to #FREEKRIS


    Thanks for your patience!