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Do Health Insurance Companies Cover Medical Marijuana?


doctors cannabis marijuana consumers health issuesA question that I often get asked is ‘does my health insurance company cover medical marijuana?’ Unfortunately, the answer is no. Medical marijuana has been proven to be an effect form of treatment for numerous conditions. There are well over 20 states in America that allow some form of medical marijuana. Exactly how many states allow medical marijuana depends on your definition of a medical marijuana program. Some states allow many forms of medical marijuana, while other states only allow CBD-only forms of medical marijuana. In the case of Minnesota, smoking medical marijuana is prohibited – you have to vaporize it, eat it, or take it in pill form.

Support for medical marijuana is the highest it has ever been in America, and more and more people are turning to medical marijuana for relief from their symptoms. More doctors are working with medical marijuana patients, and more states are exploring medical marijuana reform. However, health insurance companies are still staunchly against covering medical marijuana under their plans. Per Drug Watch:

The FDA must approve a drug before insurers will cover it as treatment. However, the FDA says it won’t approve medical marijuana until it sees clinical studies that answer questions about effectiveness, safety and potential side effects.

But it can’t get studies until the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issues a permit to researchers to purchase and experiment with pot. The researchers would then have to explain what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how they would keep the pot secure during a clinical trial.

Health insurance companies will find any excuse that they can to deny coverage. The fact that marijuana is illegal under federal law is all health insurance companies need to deny coverage. Hopefully when medical marijuana is legal at the federal level, health insurance companies will be forced to change their policies. Until then, medical marijuana patients will have to find other means to pay for their medical marijuana doctor’s visits and medicine, which is far from cheap.


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  1. Karter Banks on

    I recently had a ACL and meniscus reconstruction which resulted in having a metal screw and button put in my leg. As well as suffering from depression, and marijuana relieves both of my symptoms. Could I get a medical card from my symptoms?

  2. Kourtni Kilpatrick on

    Im a status Indian and I have recently started purchasing medical marijuana and was told that my local band office can not and will not help with the cost of my medical marijuana. They mainly argued that it would not be ethical since no other health care provider or anyone else for that matter covers it. But Ive done a little looking around and Veteran Affairs Canada does cover medical marijuana and is a part of the Government of Canada. So wouldn’t that be enough to argue that my band office should pay for my medical marijuana?
    Robert Airns
    Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

  3. Don’t care if its legal or not. My use of marijuana will forever be with a clear conscious :-) Nam saying mafacker!

  4. I have a broken ankle injury from a year ago And I need cannabis in order to eat walk shit make love with my girl so I agree it helps me with my pain I don’t smoke to get high I smoke one toke as needed to go on with my life all you anti government need to grow up and stop trying to be like cheech and chong or some one who’s pissed off with their own mistakes in life and blames the government for their mistakes fucking assholes your the reason why cannabis is not legal by making remarks like that your the tick pissing off the pitbull dumbasses …

  5. Alex Greenfeld on

    Wow elizabeth. Sounds definitely worth exploring as those symptoms and hx are serious. I would call someone either at a public health dept or your insurance provider and straight up ask. Is it medicalized in your state Im assuming?

  6. Elizabeth Mason on

    I’m a spouse in the military, if I did get medicinal mj, would our insurance drop me all together if they knew I did? It’s for chronic pain for over 10 years. I have had three lower lamenctomies and one L4 L5 fusion and I’m sick of taking all the narcotics my docs give me, it’s like we are going no where. It’s causing more problems with my body on the “normal meds”. I’m still in massive pain and want to try this route? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Elizabeth

  7. The VA will not cover anything until it is legally federally. On that same token no one is covering because of illegality. When it gets legalized your answer may be yes, but not until.

  8. whatstheproblem?lifetooslow on

    I dont think it has anything to do with conscious lol mannn marijuana is actually as much of a staple to people as anything, not about insecurities. And for example i was born on a marijuana farm outside of Sacramento so im just supposed to have that on my mind while anti people like you bash lol no. Also government vs. people for changing laws is merely a game of what benifits will whatever party recieve, right… Fuckin asshole

  9. Sir Waltard I suggest you complete some research before you continue running your mouth. Your pathetic ignorance is sickening . Unless you have walked a mile in a dying cancer patients shoes FOR EVEN A DAY you’d shit your pants let alone wish for death. My adoring fiancé was diagnosed with stage IV Glioblastoma two months after his 49th birthday. Since then he’s had his head in a vice TWICE for two craniotomies to remove the cancer from his brain only 7 months apart. First of all, since this is now legal (yet extremely expensive) in the state of CT, if he wants to smoke a little pot to gain an appetite because the daily doses of chemo make him sick rendering it impossible to get him to eat, then he can fucking do so. Secondly, smoking pot increases the seizure threshold which means since cannot drink because he is on three anti seizure meds, smoking pot has helped yield away the anxiety and sezuires. Your mother went terribly wrong when she raised you because ignorance is not bliss, contrary to what you believe. And lastly, I am my fiancés full time caregiver. He was forced into early retirement from the fire department as a result of his cancer and doesn’t qualify for disability. Gotta love this pathetic country. Mind you these decisions were posed to him in his hospital bed days before his first surgery last year. So I have witnessed how this terminal illness breaks apart someone’s body, will to live, and faith. So….be careful of what you say. You don’t know what everyone’s story is about their need for medical marijuana. And you should be ashamed of yourself for making such a generalization and actually think you’re statement has ANY validity. Which by the way, it has NONE. So print it out and wipe your ass with your opinion you poor ignorant fool.

  10. I disagree with your statement that few people want it legal so they can get high with a clear concious. I have a disease where cannibas does help with pain and also being able to eat. Your comments seem to be for people who are using it illegally, but some.of us are trying to go about it the correct way and not be an illegal user.

  11. Andrew Fortner on

    so do you prefer people to take several different pills for such small things like depression,anxiety,anorexia, other small case disorders ? and for people with numerous worst disorders such as cancer,aids there possibly going to die i think they have a right to smoke medical or not. in my opinion i think you should do some research on what medical marijuana is its mostly the cannabiniod cbd and little thc the only reason it holds any thc at all is beacuse cbd and thc needs eachother to make a reaction in the brain for the cannbiniod receptors but that is for the main strand for medical marijuana.

  12. Andrew Watson on

    You are a sad, ignorant person. Most likely an old, southern, conservative. My mother in law has stage 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer. She never smoked marijuana a day in her life until about three months after she was diagnosed. Not only did chemo and radiation make her very sick, it made her not have an appetite as well. Marijuana worked miracles for the nausea (world’s better than the five different nausea pills she tried before trying marijuana) all while increasing her appetite ten fold. Her ailment is terminal, so as you can imagine, her anxiety is through the roof. Xanex and other medicines work for anxiety of course, but with a range of uncomfortable side effects that she didn’t enjoy. She would also feel very loopy and tired to the point that she didn’t want to take any meds. Marijuana also helped tremendously with these symptoms as well. So before you go judging people with your close minded brain, you need to educate yourself and leave the dark ages. As you sit here probably looking at the bottom of a bottle.

  13. You have obviously never been high in your life. You obviously don’t have anxiety. Or depression. Or cancer.
    Your children aren’t in danger because people smoke pot. They are in danger because of your close mindedness. Ignorant people like should shut it.

  14. Insurance cash flow could cause prices to go higher with shortages/guaranteed money, and more people in jail for going to the street again. Though, under current law, it obviously should be covered. If it is not, patients will barter harder meds on the street for cannabis to afford getting such medical necessities; as it happens now.

  15. You have the right to do as you please, but our government owes the American people nothing. Marijuana is illegal for a reason and only a few want it legal so they have an excuse to get high with a clear conscious. The Majority doesn’t want their children influenced by today’s modern ideologies that everything is “ok”. The “its our right” people in america who think that the Federal Government is out to get them.. People choose to ruin their lives, not the government. How can you be unhappy with the congressmen you voted into office. So I say the hell with Marijuana, and your high’s. Try coming to terms with your insecurities and unhappiness and exercise your right to move on with your life.

  16. Michael Marion on

    If and when weed becomes legal in new york for medical or otherwise would the VA stand by it

  17. they do not cover the people, as they cover their money interests only, and healthy people are shunned, and the cannabis plant has the ability to make an unhealthy person, healthy, i speak for myself of course, but i am sure others as well see similar results from cannabis use

    the federal government is at fault for dereliction of duty to protect the cannabis community, but seeks to rather war with it by banning their work etc, real jerks

  18. Jeffrey Sean Garvin on

    The Federal Government really needs to get off their asses, reschedule pot or remove it all together. Charge Leonhart and the whole DEA with criminal charges for ruining so many people’s lives. Get rid of invasive drug testing which doesn’t prove you’re under the influence. The government must see by now that the public is educated about all the lies. What’s wrong with them? Really?

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