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Does Holding In A Hit Of Marijuana Longer Make You Higher?


hold in marijuana hit gets you higherI think we all have that friend that tries holding in his/her hit of marijuana as long as they possibly can in an attempt to get higher. They swear that if you hold in your hit of marijuana longer, it will make you higher. I have always gone back and forth in regards to which side of the equation I fell into – whether or not I believed holding in my hit of marijuana longer would get me higher. I have many memories of smoking marijuana, hanging out with friends growing up, and watching my friends try to hold in their hit as long as they could. I even witnessed a couple of friends pass out because they held in their hit so long. Luckily, none of them were ever hurt.


We always debated whether or not holding in a hit of marijuana longer would make you higher growing up, and we didn’t have the internet to research things. Everyone’s arguments were usually based upon ‘a guy they heard it from’ which is not exactly a good source. These days we have the internet to shed more light on the subject. I found some

According to Steve Liebke’s 2001 ‘A Cannabis User’s Harm Reduction Handbook,’ “Take small, shallow tokes or pulls. About 95% of THC in cannabis smoke is absorbed in the first few seconds so breath holding is quite pointless. All it really achieves is a far greater amount of tar being deposited in the lungs.”

The excerpt from Steve Liebke’s book didn’t have citation itself, so take that information for what you will. It seems much more reliable of a source than ‘some guy I heard it from’ though. What do readers think? Do you hold in your hit of marijuana longer because you think it makes you higher? Or do you think that it doesn’t matter? I invite others to post links in the comments to other research if they have something good to share! I would like to see a study done about the difference between smoking dabs versus smoking flower, and how holding it in is different (if at all). Because I know when I hold in dab hits, that shiz has some bite!


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  1. As I’m reading this I’m realizing there is a much easier way to figure this out…. Everyone’s bodies respond differently to different chemicals we put in it. So why don’t ya smoke one day taking hits & holding for 5 seconds at a time only then the next day you smoke hold each hit as long as you can and see which ‘methood’ you prefer! Problem solved. That’s what I’m gonna do… I admit I Googled it just to see what the consensus was. Hold longer? Hold shorter? I’ll do my own lil experiment and see what works for me.

    I am very curios about the no eating concept tho!

  2. Someone did the math. If you want to quote anyone, quote this mothafucka!

  3. TryUsing Punctuation on

    That’s not you getting higher, it’s you depriving your brain of oxygen. Try and hold your own breath for 20 minutes. I bet you get pretty high ;)

  4. SomeGuyIHeardItFrom on

    That just made me disdain from EVER holding it in. I never did it in the first place just due to some people passing out from it. It obviously didn’t work for them so why try it yourself?

  5. shot gun a j or blunt true but shot gunning the entire hit someone took without it moving through a j or blunt all ways got me baked in the past tho it was 10 years ago in my first year smoking but recently every time i started holding cannabis hits in longer again i have been twice as baked. try it out ^_^

  6. I’ve spent almost 55 minutes to read all this whole shit ’cause I’m high and I couldn’t read clearly, and the time flight.

    …Oh, and now what da f**k is my Disqus’s password?

  7. Because if you shotgun it you don’t inhale, you just suck the smoke into your mouth and blow it out. The lungs are where the THC gets absorbed.

  8. Stephen Lucas on

    That makes no since saying most of the the is absorbed right away if so then why can you take a hit hold it and shotgun it to another person and that person gets high?????

  9. James Densham on

    thc absorbs into the lungs at different rates at different temperatures, best way to describe the rates is on a bell curve, but thc at the minimum temperature for vaporisation absorbs 65% in the first 3 seconds, 85% in the first 5-6 seconds and 95+% at 7-8 seconds, although the longer you hold the smoke the more tar is deposited. ideal situation is to use a vaporiser and hold your “hit” for 6-7 seconds and release, you should see almost no vapor released, although the volume of vapor inhaled affects absorption and exhaled visibility, idea for efficiency is small hits to half fill your lungs held for 6-7 seconds to achieve the best balance of thc absorption, oxygen deprivation levels and tar deposition.

  10. I have this problem too. My best advice is: Leave room in your longs, and take a long breath of normal air after you’ve inhaled. If you still have problems (Which I do, but it helps), suck on some kind of candy lozenge. It helps the throat, and almost more importantly distracts you from it so it doesn’t drag you down. I’m pretty new to this though, so my advice might suck.

  11. I think holding it in works great if you like the smoke its actually quite relaxing. And I have heard 10 seconds is the best. Look if its smooth tasty nugs you just enjoy holding it.

  12. I spent about 15 seconds creating an account to see what the fuss was about. I’m vaping with an arizer air with pvhes turbo stem and holding it in for about 10 seconds or until i have a coughing fit that makes me see black and white or colors and shapes and fractals. Kinda like almost passing out. Then i realized i had to verify my email and find this page again so like another 15 seconds

  13. Emily Chandler on

    i agree, so much scientific research has been dis-proven after people lived by it for 30+ years. Just like we thought cigarettes didnt used to be harmful to any part of our bodies.

  14. Emily Chandler on

    I honestly think it makes you feel more high due to lack of oxygen to the brain. My friend used to take a zong toke, then run for like 25ft. And it would make him almost black out but he said he had never felt higher, which i tried it and in fact it did. Though i dont know whether its the lack of oxygen or more thc being absorbed, i found info online as well saying that it is actually mostly absorbed through the back of your throat. Being really sick atm, i cannot take big hits or hold it in for more than 2 seconds without coughing it out, and i definitely still feel very ripped :) plus it is helping with the muscle, stomach, and head pain ^_^

  15. If there’s a study that disproves another study then yes, science does expire. That’s what studies do, that’s how science works.

  16. This, as well as your claim previously about losing brain cells after one minute, seems completely incorrect. I cannot find any source anywhere on the internet claiming this to be true. It would mean anything humans do where they hold their breath for extended periods of time resulted in brain damage. How about free divers? They hold their breath for upwards of 6 minutes, with all tests showing levels of S100B (brain damage indicator) well within safe limits. How about those with sleep apnea? Are David Blaine and every other breath holding competitors all brain damaged? Didn’t he go over 15 minutes? Could you provide some reputable sources on your multiple claims that a human holding their breath for 60 seconds results in brain damage?

  17. Terran Anthony Caporale on

    i dont know how i got here but your replies made me lol so hard that i had to make an acccount just to let you know.

  18. I used to know a guy who would hold his in every single time until he blacked out every single hit he tried to do that on he died at 38 of a stroke… Me I just take another hit…

  19. It’s not like science expires after 20 years and we all have to rediscover everything. Because this study exists no one is going to bother doing it again. The THC levels were ridiculously low as was the amount of marijuana smoked, and they tested it on veteran smokers. Measuring blood THC was really the only way to show any difference.

  20. Captain Sarcasm on

    Thanks for keeping things idiotically literal, Stefan. I’d ask you for
    some credible academic sources, but it was a joke post on theweedblog

  21. Captain Sarcasm on

    Thanks for keeping things idiotically literal, Stefan. I’d ask you for some credible academic sources, but it was a joke post on theweedblog.com.

  22. Two things. All research points to six to seven seconds of draw and hold.
    Also, a headache from a lack of oxygen suggest your holding your breath for 45 seconds or longer.

  23. “Obviously” lmfao.
    Research shows six to seven seconds provide better THC absorption compared to a drawing and exhaling. And oxygen deprivation symptoms begin around 45 seconds in health adults.

  24. LMFAO, a quick google scholar search will tell you quite differently.

    Effects from oxygen deprivation don’t begin for about 45 seconds, in a health adult.

  25. Yes, around 45-60 seconds without fresh oxygen you begin losing brain cells.

    All research points to a six to seven seconds mark for combusting cannabis. Slightly longer for vaporizing.

  26. PubMed has two studies on this. One suggests six seconds of hold and other seven seconds of hold. The byproducts THC levels were roughly 40% lower for those that hold for those six or seven seconds versus those that inhaled and released. By the way, it took my five minutes to look this shit up. It’s not hard to quit being stupid and lazy.

  27. LMFAO, if your gas mask is faulty and fails to provide the necessary oxygen ratios, then you will lost brain cells. Again, this would have to be sustained for a minute or more.

  28. Kristian Thorsen on

    It is completely true, anything longer thatn 2 sec is a waste, those 5-7% thc you lose does not matter, just take another hit aftewards! Thats how you get higher :D

  29. …..i just signed up for a bogus email account to sign up for disqus for this site to reply to your response

  30. Ryan Schilling on

    I’ve found that taking a half breath during a hit gets you the most bang for your buck. Its done by slightly exhaling through your nose than inhaling through your mouth than repeat till you need to actually breathe in. Common sense says this is how you “seem to hold your breath longer” your basically taking gradually smaller breathes in than out until you how no more air, mathematically it would be represented by 1/2^n+1, n cannot be less than or equal to zero, n must be a whole number. Unlike math you cannot breathe like this forever eventually your fraction gets to decimally close to 0 so I only recommend no more than 2 half breathes. Also there is no tar from marijuana and if you think resin is tar you’re a fool do you think tar would get you high. Its just clumped up thc crystals covered it soot from smoke. That’s why resin is so harsh, it’s cause your reheating oil mixed with whatever smoke residue is on it. Honestly I think it’s an alright idea to scrape your resin but only before thoroughly cleaning it. Don’t just scrape it and call it clean. A clean piece means a smoother, mellower smoke. Its not about the quantity, it’s about the quality.(of smoke)

  31. Ive spent like 15min resetting my password now ive forgotten what i was going to type . but im still going to write shit just cause

  32. Yes, but it dossnt take more time then it takes to your lungs to be absorbd in your blood stream, so holding it down wil realy only make you more dizzy ;)

  33. As the study show yes it is pointless to hold your breath for more than 5 seconds at the most….95% of thc /cbd. Is absorbed the first 2-3 seconds….i think its the same with dabz too I’ve dabbed and blew it out right away and was high asf and wasn’t choking to death..lol

  34. The awful thing is, you’re absolutely right. This has been my go-to explanation for it all these months I’ve been smoking. I always figured the very basics of breathing justifies you holding it in for longer considering the unused smoke is given a much longer chance to hit the linings of the lungs, and thus you getting closer to a full absorption of THC.

  35. It’s ridiculous. It takes a minute before brain cells begin to die. 45 seconds if you’re unhealthy.

    And week kills brain cells theory comes from a Federal study in the 60’s where they tested hundreds of joints at a time on monkeys. Later was discovered that they lost brain cells because the concentration of smoke was so strong that oxygen deprivation was consistently present in act of giving monkeys the smoke. It was asphyxiation and had nothing to do with smoking marijuana.

    I smoke but its no excuse to make dumb claims.

  36. Completely dependent on the ratio of smoke to oxygen.

    Latest research says 7 seconds for best absorption of CBD and THC. Brain cells begin to die around one minute. So use common sense.

  37. S Michael Broderson on

    7 seconds is how long it takes for the thc and CBd to reach your brain. So hold for 7 seconds or longer

  38. Holding longer means more oxygen deprivation which of cause will spin you out. I’m not sure if that’s a good method especially with all the dying brain cells popping.
    It’s like smoking a bong. You only actually need to smoke half a cone as the initial and subsequent heat from the top half vaporizes the THC crystals before the rest of the cone ignites. Tap a cone out half way or 2/3’s of the way thru. If you’ve ever vaped before you’ll recognise the colour and dryness of the herb. What this means is that for half the cone you get twice as stoned.

  39. Google “how breathing works” and you’ll get a good idea of what’s happening. I based that on my own research and experimentation. Another fun trick you can do if you’re trying to get every last drop out of your hit, is exhale into a balloon and re-inhale. I’ve even used this method for people with lower tolerances. The exhale you put into the balloon has a lower concentration of THC, which is perfect for those with low tolerances or who just want a very slight high. A very slight high is actually very effective when studying, because it heightens your thinking process. But you have to be careful, because it’s very easy to get a little too high and not be able to concentrate on your study.

  40. Haha! It depends on how much I have, I think. If have more than enough, I’ll roll a joint and hold it in for less time. If I don’t have that much, I’ll pack a bowl and hold it in my lungs for 10-15 secs.

  41. Probably because the weed today is more potent and the more thc cannabanoids and terpenes you inhale the more intense of a hit you get try out a bubbler i personally enjoy water filtration over adry pipe

  42. When you first start back, it makes your chest feel tighter because your brain knows what to already be expecting~ therefore it intensifys automatically! !

  43. Ky Is never going to legalize it because the only way the cops can get it is by TAKING it from the farmers. I’ve been wondering forever about this! How many seconds exactly? Some chic told me 16. Lol, been wasting a lot of time! O well… good tines!

  44. Robert Nielsen on

    Now that pot is legal here in Washington, and (due to completion) the price has come down to $25 an eighth $7 a gram?), I no longer need to worry about how long I hold it. I can stop by the store on the way home, pick up 5-7 days of weed, and not have to hold a hit at that price; thereby avoiding the whole controversy. Now I take a full hit then let it out. I would point out that none of my friends that smoke cigarettes hold their hits in. Because tobacco is stronger? The pot we’re smoking out of the stores here typically run 22-25% THC. I finally got used to it, but at first I had a problem with staring at the ceiling and drooling.

    By the Bye, after smoking pot illegally for 40 years, it still feels so weird to walk into store, look at the menu on the wall (usually about 30 stains), and order it over the counter; as much as I like, up to a limit of one ounce a day!

  45. Well you could smoke a lower quality to help with the harshness but I found that helps take smaller hits helps keep from coughing and irritating your chest and throat or my favorite use a water bong with slushed water in the bottom and lots of ice in the tube really gives a smooth hit

  46. Vape enthusiast on

    Try a vaporizer. I had the same problem and the pains went away the instant I switched to vaping. There are some great vaporizer for under $150. Check out vape critic on YouTube.

  47. Alex Scheuerman on

    Holy shit u just blew my mind…i should have but never put those 2 facts together…maybe thats why them hippies seem brain dead, years of holding in hits

  48. In WWI, lighting 3 cigarette on one match at night was considered bad luck. The longer the match is lit, the longer you are a target.
    That’s why it became “bad luck.” :)

  49. You’re supposed to keep inhaling… Inhaling keeps the smoke in motion (which I imagine would help the amount of T.H.C. intake), plus you need the oxygen so you don’t pass out (like your friends) or lose your brain-cells due the lack of oxygen (Hence the old myth “Smoking weed kills brain-cells”… it’s actually due to holding your breath).

  50. I only smoke weed. I don’t drink or smoke tobacco or anything else. Though I do smoke Salvia from time to time and you have to do that completely differently.

  51. Why do you think Steve Liebke’s book is a more reliable source than some
    other guy? As far as I can tell, he’s just some other guy himself.
    Nothing really comes up about him online except for his book, which
    contains no sources.

  52. If you think about what you’re inhaling, it’s smoke with THC particles floating throughout. As you inhale it, the moisture in your throat and lungs latch on to the smoke and particles and they begin to absorb into the lining of your throat and lungs and they process it. As it processes what’s on it, it then becomes available to process more. The fact that you exhale anything at all is evidence that it doesn’t all absorb. The fact also that you can get another person (or dog) high by exhaling into their mouth is evidence that there was plenty of THC not absorbed. If you hold the hit in long enough, you can theoretically absorb all the THC (and smoke), giving your body sufficient time to absorb and then eat more. This is evident in the fact that the longer you hold it in, the thinner or lighter your exhale is.

    You can easily get pretty baked on a single hit if done properly.

  53. I had the same issue when I stopped and resumed smoking after a long period of time. It goes away within a week or two, n if not I’d recommend no longer smoking. #SmokeOn

  54. Maheer De Ruyter on

    I think it’s a panic attack from getting super baked. Try staying calm and breathe..

  55. this is so spot on I’ve had the exact feeling you’re describing and I since I was stoned
    I sat and thought about what it could be and figured it was the irritation from the harshness that got worse as I thought about it and worried about it, either way it’ll eventually go away try not to think about it and enjoy the high that’s my advice and everything Clara said^^

  56. Clara Neisess on

    Consider making the switch to a little bong. The water filtration is a nice step up in terms of flavor, and harshness on your throat.
    The feeling you’re getting is likely just the irritation that occurs from hot smoke entering your airway, ya know? It also sounds like perhaps you have a touch of anxiety about things as it is, so this feeling you have quickly causes you a bit of concern which would make the unpleasant irritation feel even worse.

    I suggest getting a water bong, putting cold water in it, taking a sip of some water, then hitting your bong. After you hit it and exhale, take another sip of water, relax and just see how you feel.

    ALSO! Keep in mind you shouldn’t be holding in your hits for a very long time. Most of the THC is absorbed within like 3 seconds of inhaling, and holding the smoke in longer than 7 seconds just allows more tar to settle in your lungs and throat, causing more irritation and or damage.

  57. I find now in later years that a 1 hitter suits me just fine. I toke and hold it in a bit then I inhale again so fresh oxygen can carry what’s left into my blood stream. This counters the effect of oxygen deprivation and a sures me that I haven’t wasted anything. When I was growing up I always had to deter people from camping on the pipe or not putting it out in between hits if they weren’t gonna pass it right away. I despise bud abuse. I can get 3 good hits from my 1 hitter if packed and toked properly. Then there is also the resin hits in between. Ok man happy tokking

  58. I personally feel like holding it in a little while is sufficient enough to improve my high. The key is to leave some room for a new breath while at the same time holding my hit in. Then the hit gets shoved deeper and I can exhale knowing I haven’t wasted a thing plus not experienceing the light head of oxygen deprivation. I believe any other way is just not efficient.

  59. If Ur coughing that will also irritate Ur tubes man. Try drinking liquids that coat Ur throat like tea and such. That shit will go away Pronto!

  60. Heitor Amaral on

    Yeah…we really should try to find out how fast the lungs can absorb THC. Google Academic here i come. XD

  61. Had a bowl and read this. Good read, thanks bud! Although I thought THC and CBD were the opposite type of high? THC uplifting etc.

  62. Smoking can leave you at a higher risk of developing certain lung infections, this can lead to airway damage that could decrease your ability to diffuse air into your blood. You might have just got unlucky really.. if it doesn’t clear up on its own a quick visit to the doctors and some antibiotics should sort you out, but token it easy for a bit would probably help too. Once the infection clears should be smooth sailing. I could of course be wrong, but it’s not unheard of.. Goodluck !

  63. Hey guys, QUICK QUESTION. I recently started smoking green again and when I smoke now I get minor chest pains and this tight feeling in my throat. It sucks, I’m a healthy, active, 24 year old so I’m in good health overall. I smoke out of a small glass pipe. I haven’t smoke in years, it never used to do this to me. Why does it now? Could it be anxiety related like a panic attack or is it just bc I haven’t smoked in a long time? Idk, if anyone has ANY feedback please let me know.

  64. 420BLAZEITFAGIT on

    as a marijuana smoker I can attest to that. you can feel your throat being burned slightly with each hit, and after a couple of days of hardcore smoking i always develop a cough. while they’re may only be a few carcinogens in marijuana smoke burning and inhaling anything obviously is hard on the lungs, that’s why beginners cough.

  65. 420BLAZEITFAGIT on

    I don’t think holding it in makes much of a difference for weed, however that is not the case for other substances, such as DMT and salvia. a DMT hit held for 10 seconds might give a little euphoria and small visuals whereas held for 15 seconds often it knocks you on your ass (if it was a proper hit). having experienced the dramatic difference it makes i could imagine that holding the hit might make a difference for weed too. a proper study should be done on this (or rather the mechanics of smoked marijuana in the first place). most studies are on pure THC or vaporized cannabis. the health risk to the lungs is still extremely obscure

  66. I want you to picture this. You take a hit and hold your breath for 22 minutes, capably. Your one hit can only contain so much THC before you would have to take another hit. After a certain amount of time your body will have absorbed everything it could. If we can all agree on that, the debate becomes – How long is long enough?

  67. I want you to picture this. You take a hit, and hold your breath for 22 minutes, capably. Your one hit can only contain so much THC before you would have to take another hit. After a certain amount of time you’re body will have absorbed everything it could. If we can all agree on that, the debate becomes How long is long enough?

  68. Cody Hoskins on

    Inhaling the pollution we all wallow in is harmful to your lungs as well. Might as well wallow high.

  69. Smoking weed does not reduce your risk of lung cancer from cigarettes. Inhaling marijuana smoke is harmful to your lungs. The smoke produced by burning anything contains carbon monoxide and dioxide and other tiny hot particles of whatever you burned

  70. To answer the original question. Based on my personal preference, research, and experience, I find that holding it in longer makes me higher.

    My version of explaining this is that THC is in the smoke. The longer I hold in, the more I can absorb.

    HOWEVER ……

    Lets see if we can contribute to this idea. Because I
    believe a lot of 420 people really stumble across this issue…

    – I googled for world record breath holder. And found this
    guy who after 10 years training got to hold his breath for 22 mins.
    ==> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2712984/The-Man-Who-Doesn-t-Breathe-World-record-diver-hold-breath-underwater-22-MINUTES.html

    – I googled for how long is it safe to hold your breath.

    And found red-cross website. (.ca website. so numbers may vary depending on your
    country. (lol.. troll..)) 1-2 mins is safe.
    ==> http://www.redcross.ca/what-we-do/swimming-and-water-safety/swimming-boating-and-water-safety-tips/holding-your-breath-underwater

    – I then googled for “how long can you go without air before brain damage”
    ==> long behold, google displayed the answer for me: ” 4-6″ minutes.

    So we can conclude that:

    – with training we can build this ability.

    – It is said to be safe for 1-2 mins.

    – And anything over 4 mins (lol…if you can) is considered dangerous.

    Personally I hold mine in for as long as i can. And usually I can hold it for much longer than needed. By the time I have expelled, there’s no
    visual trace of smoke, nor can I smell any. Granted my sense of smell may be
    compromised. I’m not claiming this to be the best method. But I find it efficient. My estimate is 15-30 seconds (depends on the hit). After 30 seconds i find no trace of smoke.

    I read a thread somewhere much like this site. It was relevant
    to efficiency on how much is too much to pack in a bowl. Basically the outcome
    was that several small bowls would be more efficient than one big bowl. ( This is actually a contributing factor to getting more high.)

    1. The lack of oxygen in a huge toke.

    2.Often requires more than one toke to finish the bowl.

    3. That left over smothered patch of green burning away while your holding your breath. “such a waste… “-_- ”

    3.1 That left over patch probably wont react the same since HTC is activated by flame, plus the contributed heat provided by the initial toke should create a
    hot enough field to activate (melt) the THC. Pretty much rendering it almost useless. This may very depending on the kind of bowl you might have. (This may be why that second hit isnt the same as the first)

    4. I also read that the body can only take in so much THC at a time. While the smoke may be in your lungs, some of it is attaching itself to the lining, causing tar. Because your lungs can only take in so much at a time. Like-wise when you breathe you don’t exhale pure CO2. you exhale a mixture of CO2 and whatever O2 your lungs did not process. You can test this breathing into a plastic bag. The remaining air can still be cycled a few times before you feel that the air your breathing is almost like holding your breath. That’s because of the lack of oxygen ====WARNING, I DO NOT RECOMMEND ATTEMPTING THIS ===

    I would recommend 1-3 small controlled portions. It balances out the THC smoke + oxygen. It reduces the waste of unessesary burnt weed. (do us all a favor). It would limit the amount of time needed to hold your breath.

    Furthermore, I would like the 420 community to be aware about how much smoke is being consumed. And about how much tar is being built up.
    I would encourage anyone to hold a white napkin covering your mouth as you blow out the smoke into it. Then see the napkin, and realize that’s what’s
    going into you. I currently haven’t been able to find consistent supporting facts on this topic. So i really don’t know what to advise other than to use your own discretion.

    And to take it a notch further… If you are a patient for legal medical cannabis. Depending on your supplier (like mine) you can get specific stats on the THC levels on your cush!. As far as I’m aware I believe 7% is average? but through proper strands, and growth process this can be significantly increased. I’ve been able to get my hands on up to 23% THC. The highest I’ve ever read about was 33%. I also find a combination of THC and CBD can be a nice buzz. Though THC is known as the couch lock. CBD is known to be more awakening, and actually doesnt give you the head high. more of a body buzz. But both mixed together actually go hand in hand. Im not certain but it would seem to almost amplify the “high” part. Even though CBD is not supposed to get you that “high”.

    My very expensive two cents… lol

  71. true,pot smoke or any type smoke is harmful to ya lungs…..but good 4 ya head…lol

  72. fukinhellnicecomment on

    dude, bro, that was solid fuckin advice. sat there and read the whole thing. stoned out of my mind. 10/10 fucking advice

  73. aren’t all herbs combustible? I’m gonna b like every trolling asshole and call u stupid bc thats all u trolls r good 4

  74. Not sure where u got your info or get it but, sorry dude, been using cannabis for over 43 yrs and so has , wife, a lot of friends, and not one ever , ever has had any lung problems, in fact had a ct scan of lungs not to long ago, dr said I had lungs of a 15 yr old, and never any tests or people from any where in the world has ever had cancer or lung desease, so guess u need to learn some more before u go blasting people about any thing burning or smoke giving any thing to your lungs, just look at all the studys , from real people that have used for many yrs, not some idiot like u that has never and thinks he knows all, u don’t know shit, so just shut to fuck up, when u have smoked as much as the rest of us regular old school burners then u can open your trap and give advise, but for know just keep it to your self, you have no ide and it shows in your stuid fucking idiotic response, CANNIbis doesn’t give u cancer, it cures , or helps relieve, fucking dum ass people.. just shut up,

  75. if smoking cannabis caused lung cancer every baby boomer would be dead!!! Including me!!! I am 58 and a 41 year daily smoker I and I am in perfect health I smoke it daily and I ingest it daily! Always have always will smoking cannabis will not cause lung cancer in fact if you smoke cigs you had better be smoking cannabis or you could get lung cancer!!!!! And as for holding my hit it all depends on how much I pulled up.. And my tip best vape ever is the Vhit Boom we call it the master blaster..lol

  76. And you heard this where? Let me guess you read it, right?!..lol your the frigging idiot!!! Cannabis does not cause cancer it destroys cancer!! Give actual facts not made up lies!

  77. Sean Collard on

    I hold for a few seconds, but not because I think it gets me higher. It’s just how I learned to smoke.

  78. I would take it out of your behind and put it straight into your big mouth.

  79. Hold for 3-5 seconds…
    Yes the longer you hold it the more you absorb…
    Ever blown it into someone elses face and they get high too?

    Thats because theirs THC still in the smoke you inhaled…
    Hold it for 3-5 seconds because that is the grace period before you start limiting oxygen to the brain…
    Which will also make you feel high but your not actually getting high… You are just depriving your brain of oxygen…
    Also after each hit take a nice deep breathe to refresh your system with oxygen….

    Don’t breathe from your chest…breathe from your stomach…extent your stomach while you breathe to get your DIAPHRAGM active which will help you absorb more oxygen and THC… Most people breathe wrong and only utilize the top section of their lungs…
    Better for the tar and shit too…rather it evenly redistribute over my lung so it can recover than just the very top half.

    You are welcome.

  80. my hypothesis is that the longer the duration the more is absorbed. surely that way more thc can diffuse into the blood stream though the alveoli. just like how taking deep LONG breaths is the best way to respire and get MORE oxygen into the blood stream. the question is would the same happen with another gaseous chemical as it does air?

  81. Sandra Hajek on

    Am I missing something? I don’t see anywhere where it says he is selling anything.

  82. MendOvale Kidd on

    I am from the school of thought that a light pull, deeply inhaled with plenty of air and immediately exhaled through the nose is best…. coughing is not a good thing.

  83. HaydukeLives on

    You’ll fucking get lung cancer from inhaling smoke from anything you fucking burn. Fucking idiot.

  84. Yeah I agree, I’d love to see more citations for the “95% absorption” figure he had there, it’s really the crux of the entire argument.

    At the very least, even if that does turn out to be true, it could just be some bonus placebo on top of the high for some people. That and oxygen deprivation can leave you light-headed. In any case, I’m willing to bet that if there is a difference in effects, it’s likely negligible and likely more harmful. It’s like car exhaust; things would get get gummed up a hell of a lot faster if it couldn’t release some amount of that exhaust.

  85. Thank you for saving me from having to give my “are you fucking kidding me” rant :P

  86. Cptnkush42zero on

    Great entertainment lol, I’ll just sit and rip my bong while ya’ll argue over pointless shit. N fuck em if it’s a pig karma will get there worthless ignorant fat donut eatin’ asses.

  87. Mary Prichard on

    I don’t care if they are cops or not… they need to be educated too. If this movement is ever to become mainstream.. the truth needs to be told. Folks who never smoked weed think they know all about it and spread misinformation which ultimately hurts the movement.

  88. If you’re just breathing in your cigarette and blowing it out , there’s bo point in smoking, you’re wasting your cigarette . Smoking tobacco uses the same absorption method as marijuana , 3-5 seconds is probably ideal for both

  89. James Campbell on

    Saying that inhaling any combustable herb doesn’t damage your lungs is proposterous. Where are your sources for this “New study done in 2014”? Im pro weed but I’m not ignorant to the fact that it still is relatively harmful to your lungs as would any form of inhaling smoke.

  90. okay, this guy is not correct at all, a new study done in 2014 is that the smoke has NO harm on the lungs or body what so ever. but I think holding a hit in only causes lack of oxygen to the brain witch could make it apear as if your getting higher, but really your just light headed

  91. Somehow, this reminds me of the old It’s bad luck to light 3 cigarets on a single match. After years, it was discovered that match company could sell more match books that way. So when i read this story… I’m not buying it. By taking more puffs quicker… they sell more pot. I’m not complaining!(c) jerry Pritikin

  92. Sinus cavities really absorb a lot of smoke, that’s a great, easy point breathing it out your nose Judith. Mango before smoking really intensifies the high as well.

  93. I believe you cant toke cannabis like a cig, you have to atleast hold marijuana smoke in for at least 3-5 seconds to get the right amount of buzz, from personal experience, just hitting marijuana and blowing it out like a cigarette doesn’t get you as high as holding it in for a couple seconds, you don’t have to ghost it or anything just saying a few seconds does wonders.

  94. If blowing your smoke to another or your dog gets them high, does it not stand to reason their is still THC in what you are exhaling. Although it is almost certainly most likely true that most is absorbed quickly I find the harder it is for me to find marijuana the longer I hold it in.

  95. Hemp “products” are legal to sell, just not to grow in the states, as well as sterilized seed and seed oil can be imported and is sold in most better markets. Clothing and Hempcrete, wood and plastic are being used. State Ganja laws keep state cops off of your back but not Feds. Although Feds don’t usually budget for anything less than 100 plants. Plus Obama isn’t enforcing the CSA in states with initiatives. Even if the CSA is totally political. Considering prohibidiots have stolen over a Trillion dollars on the Ganjawar scam. Even if Science has proven what the drug worriers hide from. Even with real life patients finding relief for their seizures and side effects. Some still lie to perpetuate the profits. These are the lowest of lifeforms. Bottom dwelling murderers. Watching kids reduce seizures from 300 to 2 or 3 and they continue to make false claims and predict future hobgoblins that haven’t panned out since their grand pa’s hobgoblins. Obama can remove cannabis as the bogus schedule#1 narcotic Nixon placed it arbitrarily. Without Congress or the profiteers causing the suffering.

  96. Some people have such slow metabolisms that ingesting THC doesn’t work, regardless of the quantity, ya dingus. For your information!

  97. true! the nose is so sensitive and so under
    appreciated when it comes to getting high..

  98. The way that law applies is like this. If a truck were shipping cannabis or related items to Colorado, Idaho could not prohibit travel. However, if just some random person were pulled over during the same trip they couldn’t be like ohh, well I am allowed because I’m from WA going to CO. If you have a medicinal card from a medical state, it makes law enforcement not as likely to prosecute you for a small amount, but it is still illegal.

  99. Are you a respiratory therapist? You write like one of my professors spoke! It was a long time ago, but I followed about 90% But I still KISS and go with Puff Puff Pass

  100. Larry-Patrick Ripley-Conkright on

    To answer the questions below: Hemp in ALL forms including seeds is schedule 1 and subject to Federal Prosecution EVEN in states that have legalized pot. Which for the record is fucking retarded, but please do not mail order even paraphernalia can be classed as illegal…….just watch your back is all!

  101. proffesor nintpzar on

    you clearly have a different idea of what getting “high” of cannabis is then.. yeah sure holding your hits longer will make you “higher” if you mean more burnt out and tired, and your brain is more outta wack because the shitload of extra shit in your lungs, but if you mean a real weed high like a head high from the thc the only isolated psychoactive component of weed (besides some recently isolated cbd’s which still arent technically psychoactive) you would be less “high” because the good part of the high would be overshadowed by a headache and wanting to pass the fuck out because its not a good time to be that “high” unless you vape it and skip all that tar bullshit. and dont get me wrong i smoke dabs flower and resin with the best of them but facts are facts man.

  102. I read once, that after 7 seconds your lungs absorb as much THC as they can. So I usually hold it in for about that long then exhale. Seems likes it does the trick for me lol

  103. The only reason you feel higher holding it in ur lungs for ass-ever is cuz you’re causing a lack of oxygen to your brain… The combo of the two is what makes ppl feel super lightheaded, dizzy, and sometimes puke… Most THC is absorbed pretty quickly, there really isn’t much point in holding it in longer then a cpl secs.. Unless someone just likes putting more tar in their lungs..

  104. When you hold your breath you cut of the oxygen flow to your body. The THC is pumps in your blood while your body tried to redeem oxygen again.

  105. smoke 7g in two hours. see how you feel. Then in a few days try smoking 7g in however long but witholding each toke in your lungs for 10+ seconds. Then report back here.

  106. to be honest, I don’t know how I got to this article or even what site it’s posted on. However what I do know is that this is a question that I thought ought not ever need to be asked. I’ll put it like this, if you’re exhaling smoke, you’re exhaling plant matter, if you follow this process as follows, take the hit with the smoke in your mouth, then draw a deep breath and hold it. Then take “sips” of air whilst still holding it in, you’ll find this has a cooling effect on the smoke as you’re mixing it with oxygen and it’s thus easier to hold in longer. A good place to start would be maybe 5 seconds. A slow count of 5 seconds. Then your goal should be 10. the goal overall is to hold it in until what you exhale is indistinguishable from any other exhale.

    I guarantee you, that you will get a lot more out of your stash and probably smoke less. As for the original post, I am “that guy”.

  107. Captain Sarcasm on

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 is one of the enumerated powers that make this slippery, and it often depends on the Supreme Court in any given era.

    Actually, I wish it were that way, and were there not this loophole, it might be. But one of the hugest obstacles by far for advocacy is that the feds claim control of this and it is often governed under federal laws, so the matter of states’ rights gets a little murky. C’est la vie.

  108. Captain Sarcasm on

    You can absorb 100% of the THC and 0% of tar in your lungs by ingesting it, ya dingus. For your health!

  109. 10 years ago i did the same reasearch and came to the same numbers of 95% of thc is absorbed almost instantly… The reason you “feel” higher is the same as if you held in any smoke…. Lack of oxygen… You simply feel mre light headed plus the weed added to that makes the high more intense… So in a sense “that guy my friend knows” is right… You do get higher… Just not from THC…

  110. Funny thing is, the constitution says states may not interfere with the commerce of another state… So wouldn’t that mean a state must allow to transport of seeds through their own state with no intent to distribute in that state…

  111. You use the word legal then say you have to lie about the content of the package. Silly Rabbit.

  112. I think it’s best not to hold it in as long as possible. Smoke as much weed as you want just don’t hold it in as long as you can. Take it easy, and breathe. ;)

  113. Judith Legendre on

    If you want to get higher breath the smoke out though your nose …..The cells in your nose grabs ex thc….

  114. I used to hold it in and toke on it as much as I can and it didn’t end up well, because I felt really dizzy and started throwing up. I kept on feeling my pulse throughout my body and feeling tingles in my brain and hands. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had

  115. Bojangleston on

    Could you be a bigger idiot longjohn? Jesus… Dumbasses like you are why people doubt weed. Go smoke meth.

  116. Bojangleston on

    I’m sorry, but I find that to be offensive and kinda wrong personally. I “ghost” my hits all the time, that’s just how I hit my weed. Inhale, exhale, inhale the blown out smoke again. I am unsure how my habit of weed hitting makes me a “tool.” I’m sorry, but you don’t make sense.

  117. I get what you mean but bad logic… Longer hit vs shorter hit isn’t the same as one beer vs ten beers, what you’re saying is “the more the higher” so if you want to get higher smoke more weed, doesn’t matter how long its held in!

  118. Jamarcus A. Critisizer on

    So I’d imagine then every time you take a hit you walk to a window and then back to where you were smoking every time you take a hit . lol

  119. It gets your heart racing but it makes you feel more relaxed and dizzy? If you hearts racing your not relaxed.

  120. I try to hold it more too because i feel higher when i do it. Although, i think that this happens because after having held a breath, your heart starts beating faster because your organism needs oxygen , and that makes you feel more relaxed and dizzy , same effects as weed.

  121. fish dog herb on

    sure they do. i believe the best time to hold it is always time it takes you to walk to a waindow. i find the high is also enhanced by the change in environment. i notice the world in all its glory and im instantly lifted and relieved to see all its beauty is still just out my door. but the best way to smoke weed like anything, is your own favorite way. find the truth for you and see what you like.

  122. charlesjoseph on

    I believe it, that holding it in affects you more, but others may disagree, but this is merely going on by what happens to me and a couple of my friends, perhaps it’s different for everyone?

  123. charlesjoseph on

    he didn’t say it gets you higher, he merely said it is coughing that causes lack of oxygen to the brain, even though it’s still wrong…

    Read it bitch

  124. Hold full hits for 6-8 seconds. If it’s hash, aim for 10.
    Hold “comfortably small” hits for 2-5.
    The only immediate high your lungs absorb during the first couple seconds is what you breathe in with the air, not what is left floating in your lungs. Do not hold in reg hits; do not smoke reg, it’s a disgrace to your lungs. Only smoke good weed, take slow draws from pipes and large hits from bongs, and don’t hold it for more than 8 seconds or you’re definitely holding it in too long.

  125. As you stated in your article here taking small tokes will absorb most of the THC in those first few seconds, however the excerpt does not state all THC just most of it. With that being said I still strongly believe the longer you hold your hit the better simply because any time the smoke is in your lungs it is absorbing THC song for the longer I can hold it and absorb the better¡!¡!
    When smoking; I would like to act as if my lungs were like an through toddler’s brain soaking up every little bit of THC until I can hold it anymore then exhale..
    Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but use your common sense when asking yourself if I hold it longer will I get a better buzz?? That’s like saying will I be more intoxicated if I drink one beer for ten hrs on the hour, as apposed to bonging ten beers in 10 mins¡!¡!¡!

  126. For me personally, I definitely get higher from holding my hits in. If you could measure highness and plot it wih the length of time the hits were held in, it would make a curve and level off at a certain point where holding the hit any further would have a negligible effect. I agree with the earlier poster, that for me personally, that point seams to be in the 5 to 7 second range.

    There are many other variables, many of which have already been mentioned in this discussion. The one thing for me that seams to be the largest factor in how much difference holding your hit in can make, is where you hold your hit. For maximum effect, breath it in deep. Holding a hit in your chest is not as effective as holding a hit deep in your belly. For the most effective hit, I exhale slowing from my chest first finishing with the air that sits in the very bottom of my lungs, and then I light it up, inhaling into my belly first and working my way up, usually filling the last and highest part of my lungs with air instead of smoke. You will also be able to inhale more smoke by inhaling in this way, and if you do so there will be even more benefit to holding your hit longer, so that can be another factor, but if you eliminate this variable and compare hits of equal size, and held in for an equal length of time, you will find that holding a hit in your gut area will get you higher then holding a hit in your chest, or at least it is that way for me, and the benefit of holding the hit in longer is increased significantly by breathing it in deeply like that. It may be more damaging to your health to smoke this way, but it will stretch out your stash. The less I have, the longer and deeper I hold my hits.

  127. well if you exhaled almost immediately like some of the newer folks tend to then your buddy is actually right and tis you who are the doucher. if you held for 5-7ish seconds and that wasn’t “long enough” then your buddy is the doucher.

  128. I think folks who insist on you holding in a hit and “ghosting it” are tools…my buddy once got offended because it was his weed and I wasnt holding in my hits long enough…he felt i was wasting what he paid for…..what a doucher

  129. I think it does make you higher, but just because you are giving yourself a head rush as well. I guess the ~5% would help as well, but with all the rare you get I don’t think it’s worth it.

  130. This information is consistent with what I have read, though again, can’t cite: 80% of the THC (and any other cannabinoids) is absorbed in the first second, and the other 20% takes another 3-4 seconds after that. So holding it in has no point.

  131. Holding in smoke doesn’t actually kill brain cells, or cause them any oxygen deprivation. Brain cells only begin to become oxygen deprived and die after several minutes of not breathing, under normal conditions, far longer than is possible to hold in a breath (without already having some brain damage). But it is true that holding in a hit causes much more tar build up than normal. But yes, I believe that holding in a hit does make you the slightest bit higher after absorbing the remaining five or so percent of THC; but whether individuals notice it varies.

  132. The only reason you feel higher is because of the head rush you get from holding it in for so long, cutting oxygen off from your brain, killing brain cells, that’s what causes this head rush and feeling that you’re getting higher, in reality you’re getting dumber..

  133. Kids need to learn about weed on

    You’re wrong. Coughing doesn’t get you higher.
    Science bitch.

  134. It is the caughing after holding it in that makes you that way due to the lack of air to the dome.

    science bitch

  135. If u keep the smoke inside, you’re more out of breath…so this leads to the point that your body seems more effected by it…

  136. Well to be honest it all depends on the work you have. It really doesn’t matter hoe long you hold it, but how many hits does it take to get you high. Having some nice upgrade, a strain containing a big amount of thc. Will get you as high as if you were to take a five second hit, than a 10 second hit. The smoke you inhale as you’re taking your hit already contains the amount of thc so that’s the amount that will get you your “high”. Taking a hit from some regs, which contains a low amount of thc, will mean that you’ll need more smoke = to more thc entering your body.

    I hope that helped out with the question

    & P.s I know I’m late asf, but it is indeed an interesting subject.

  137. That is f ing rite I love this Joseph guy up their could have not said it better myself

  138. Robert Hancock on

    40yrs of smoking has taught me to conserve and yes holding the hit does make the effect better, last longer and if your not out of control, conserve your supply. It’s obvious when smoking really good stuff, ragweed(commercial) doesn’t matter but who smokes bs anymore, legalize, put the south american drug lord out-of-business.

  139. “Scientifically” “According to” “Proven!” blah blah. LISTEN the best source you have is yourself. I personally
    (like many of you) toke often. I’m an electrical engineer so naturally science is kind of my thing. I hear many stories about all THC being absorbed very quickly. I just dont understand how I personally get higher holding my hit longer? Many people say “Lack of oxygen” blah blah. But a lack of oxygen effect should not last longer then your next couple of breaths. If I were to go out and smoke a bole or vaporize right now I can GUARANTEE two things. 1) I will peak faster. I know when I peak because nobody likes to be walking in past RAs while they are peaking. 2) I WILL be high LONGER. Of course some jack-off is going to post something they read from some other thread like “well that’s just the Placebo effect”… well it doesnt matter what effect it is it gets me higher and the title is

    “Does Holding In A Hit Of Marijuana Longer Make You Higher?”

  140. It is scientificaly provent that if you hold a hit for longer than 7 – 11 seconds it wont do anything for you so there goes to show holding it in fucks you up more, happy trippin guys!!

  141. yeah bro i get what u sayin and it make sense to me because when you think about it if you just inhale and exhale instantly there will be a lot more creamy smoke coming out then when say you hold it in from 4-10 seconds there would be a lot less. So in mind the way it works is that the alveoli are absorbing a higher amount of thc making your high last longer and become more intense. Also inhaling it right is important too, say for examply you take a toke of a dube and then while inhaling through your mouth you breath in through ur nose this will prevent a decent amount of the smoke reach your lungs, if you take a toke and completely inhale thought ur mouth and swallow every bit of smoke you will get higher so that also would mean that holding it in for longer gets you higher. i completely agree with you and i probably sound like a know it all faggit right now but im actually just stoned and i become really really really talkative when im stoned even though im not talking im actually writing right now. by the way what do ya think of my name? do ya get it?

  142. Just to end this discussion, it all depends on if you take a big or small hit.
    if you use a bong, u should hold it in for a longer time, ofcourse.
    but still big hit = long time ( to get the most out of the inhaled smoke)
    small hit = less tima ( because the amount is smaller it takes much less time to get absorbed inside your green lungs! PEACE

    I go to a school where the students are higher than their grades. LMFAO

  143. I think regarding the alveoli if that’s true then when u rip a bong u should clear it slower so they (the alveoli) are open longer and taking in a more consistent amount of smoke for a longer period of time. Does this make sense to anyone else???

  144. “Laziness works. And the simple way to incorporate its health benefits into your life is simply to take a nap.” Tom Hodgkinson, brainyquote.com

  145. Well, if you had read all the other posts here, you would have the answer to your question. :)

  146. What u mean ? Im asking if i take a big pull up and inhale and hold it for 3 seconds and exhale , will i get higher ?

  147. Salvia takes about 20seconds to be absorbed. I think 15 seconds minimum to feel any sort of effects unless its a strong extract. So its not a “1 size fits all deal”. I guess we can all do our own practical tests. When I use a vape bag…..I don’t hold it in at all, basically just inhale then exhale until the bag is done and the effects feel the same from holding it in but I just cough more which makes me feel more stoned for a minute or 2.

  148. Those medicines are for the lungs’ surface, as they are anti-inflammatory medicines. You don’t want them going straight into your blood, you want them to rest on the tissue.

    Aveoli in your lungs open all the way up only while you are inhaling, so while you might still absorb a minimal amount of THC while holding your breath, the majority of the THC and varying cannabinoids are being ingested during the inhale. That’s probably why Liebke suggested shallow hits, as you are slowing taking it ALLLL in instead of rushing the smoke into your lungs.

    I’ve done some research on the matter, though I’m no doctor. I suggest not holding it in.

  149. I had to google XD as an emoticon to figure out what you said. (And isn’t my mountain gorgeous? No need to respond, of course it is.)

  150. This discussion is awesome. I love everyone’s input. My thoughts on this subject is that it does only take 2-3 seconds to be absorbed, I tend to hold mine in for around 5 seconds. I do it because I like to take really REALLY big guys on my 2 footer and I test myself to see how much bigger of a hit can I take. If I’m smoking a blunt then I usually hold it for about 3 seconds.

    I just realized it’s 4:22 and I’m sitting in bed with a poor in my hand. Lol

  151. yo, some good shit on here. To Dr Milton Bryd. The man below you has a point. i respect and know that in order to anwser any question, and in this case the famous hold your hit questions you HAVE to understand how x y and z work normally to have a clear basis for understanding how they work under variable (and yes, many, many variable) condition. But, we need it to be “dumbed down” at least I do.

    I’m thinking now, there seems to be a consensus that it doesn’t have enough benefits form holding a hit in longer. YO, props to a lot of people on here actually trying to take a look at this question seriously. Thats whats goodie

  152. I agree with this idea of keeping it in motion. But if while holding breath you “force it” repeatedly against lung surfaces with your pectoral muscles that might help absorb more. Then breathe 30 warm wet W’s in and out of a breathbonnet (breadbag etc.).

  153. The highest high. Rocky Mountain high. Same thing, right? As your picture visually depicts.
    (I’m thinking I should have picked up on that.) :D

  154. I was just poking fun at the idea of “the highest high”. Sounded pretty epic, is all. I don’t really have an opinion regarding tobacco as I don’t usually smoke it. =/

  155. just tested several small shallow tokes in a row, exhaled through nose cuz i like tastte… it works…

  156. The Bus From Speed on

    Because, as already stated, it only takes a couple seconds to absorb THC vapor. lrn2readingcomprehension

  157. When taking other inhaled medications (albuterol, spiriva, advair, xopenex, etc) the instructions say to inhale deeply and hold your breath. Why would cannabis be any different?

  158. You are probably right for the capillaries-opening thing, but as was said earlier, 95% of the cannabinoids are absorbed in the first few sescond. Therefore, taking the pain of coughing is not worth the pain, I think. Plus, you probably feel “higher” because you lack oxygen when you cough (even more if you fill your lungs with plenty of tar), which makes you feel disoriented… as a powerful high may do.

  159. The MMJ doctor I got my recommendation said in his speech that it’s not beneficial to hold it in.

  160. i have noticed that it gets you higher because the more you hold it in the more it makes you want to cough and the more you cough the higher you get.

  161. I didn’t have much trouble understanding… All medical terms are derived from latin so if you know a little you should have no trouble.

  162. Dude! Do you want to “dumb it down” a bit. What the heck did you even say? That is one of the main problems with most in the medical field. They WANT to find an excuse to use ALL of the useless words they learned in college. That is a whole lot of words just to say, “Puff, puff, pass.” LOL! ;)

  163. Nick Antoniewicz on


  164. A cigarette makes you feel higher because THC takes time to get into your system fully. If you take one hit of pot and sit back and wait 15 minutes, you’ll feel high just like you smoked that cig.

  165. One day, i was with my brother smoking some weed. We started to talk about “Why a cigarrette makes you higher?”, and we believed that is because the amount of oxigen in your lungs decrease. I hold my breath for a while (with no smoke), and after exale, i felt really really high (probably “dizzy” is a better explanation). Maybe that’s the reason some people believe it makes you higher, anyway, it’s just a theory

  166. Kjell-Gunnar Rovland. on

    There used to be times when there was little hash,& we where many around the table.So each person had to make the most of their toke.If someone blew out their smoke too fast,they would be noticed & commented upon.We also made sure to mix in alot of tobacco to make it last.Passing out was known to happen on occasion.

  167. To understand the issues of holding a breath that has a medication aerosolized into the lung fields, you need to understand the following actions and mechanics: Deposition of medication and particulates, solubility coefficients of oncotic pressures and osmolarity, gas distribution of inhaled gases, time of exposure and functional exchange from air born delivery to absorption into the blood stream, and through the blood brain barrier.

    Actions of inhalation, reflect the volume of what is inspired into and distributed into the lungs. The very pattern of inhalation will determine where the inhaled volume is distributed into the lungs and that alone is a variable that changes the amount of medication absorbed, due to lung structure (alveolar gas exchange) where respiration begins. It would take more than this blog point to explain further, yet the science has been done to understand this. Alveolar gas exchange where the absorption of medication is effective, is a mechanical function of membranes allowing the medication to cross through membranes. There is a functional limit to holding a breath due to the metabolic demand of the individual.

    So many variables to know…………….. and so when you hold your breath, do so for a measured moment that you are comfortable with. There is no advantage after your body has responded to the inhaled, breath hold. Which does vary to each individual, with a bell type modified curve of absorption.

  168. decon stony pott on

    i’ve known for many years that holding your hit for more then just a few seconds doesn’t make a difference in your high,infact it could ruin your buzz because the lack of o2 could give you a headache.

  169. Great response. Everyones different most were a great read. No negative waves man,yea I stole that.lol

  170. Joseph Newingham on

    I choke almost every time. Guess thats what happens for holding it in for as long as i could all them years.

  171. You should go smoke a bowl and chill out. Let everyone have their own opinions and ideas. People aren’t stupid just because they think a certain way. Be open and spread good vibes.

  172. Brianna Jini Taylor on

    I hold it in for the times I had to go without lol.jk I like to hold in my lung till I feel a cough is coming.

  173. Does adding tobacco/nicotine after toking actually make you more high?
    Or does it bring you back down quicker than if you didn’t smoke a cigarette?
    Or does it keep you from hitting the highest high?

  174. Edin Faraon Ramzes on

    The answer was already given, but basically anything over 5-7 seconds is pointless. 90-95% is absorbed within those first few seconds (your lungs have more surface area than you think). After that, I think the rate is something like 1% every second or so.

    This really needs to be brought to more people’s attention. Too many times I see people either showing off or just plain damaging their lungs by holding their smoke for ridiculous spans of time. It’s not cool, it’s dumb.

  175. Yes,but why couldnt you just sit up straight,or even stand up?that still expands your lungs,and yea,cause everything on google is true lol..

  176. that is not true.longer or shorter,it does not metter.same amount of thc gets in the sistem.for sure.

  177. if anyone believes that the longer you hold it in the higher you get, you are mistaken. the higher feeling you get from doing so is only there for a few seconds because holding your breath like that deprives your brain of needed oxygen and makes you a bit light headed.holding it for more than three to four seconds is pointless.

  178. That’s actually true because my coughing the smoke is exposed to more surface area in your lungs. Google that shit

  179. Michael Englehart on

    I like to hold a hit for 1 minute. It seems to get me higher, but I will admit it might just be a case of light headedness for holding it. But I also think of it as conservational, the longer you hold it, the longer it lasts. Also holding it that long was great at movie theaters. nobody ever smelled it.

  180. I think holding your breath longer just adds to the high but maybe not because of the weed but because of hyperventilation and lack of oxygen to the brain

  181. If only there was some way to measure how much THC made it into the blood stream, then we could…like…errrrmmmm….

    1. Have a person sit in a chair. Ask if they’re comfy. Maybe get them some tea or a muffin.
    2. Measure a rather small and precise amount of medicine.
    3. Vaporize it into a bag using a volcano or similar.
    4. Have the person take a measured amount of medicine.
    5. Have the person hold the hit for X seconds, then exhale. (tea time!)
    6. Wait 5 minutes. (more tea & muffin time. enjoy.)
    7. Measure the person’s blood THC content. (tea and muffins are not free)
    8. Let X = X + 5.
    9. If the subject is still alive, go to #1. Else, go to #10.
    10. Stop.

    Graph the measurements sampled at #7. Observe the trend, if any. You’ll have your answer.

    I’d like to volunteer to be the person in the chair having a muffin with a bottomless pot of tea, please.

  182. Unless I’m smoking from a water pipe, it’s several short tokes and I’m good to go. Holding it in for more than a few seconds always seemed funny to me.

  183. Holding it in does two things, you get higher and you fuck up your lungs. Load small hits, hold for a three count and blow. Save your lung tissue cus you want to grow old as well as stay buzzed. Peace.

  184. I smoke weed just like i would smoke a cigg…inhale…exhale. On few occasions I hold it in for a few seconds…but I never notice a difference. As long as I’m getting high…it doesn’t matter to me. My mom used to tell me that it takes 6 seconds for the THC to absord into your lungs. I dont know the truth behind that…but I used to hold onto it for the simple fact that my mom said it. She also told me that smoking a menthol cigg would get you 3% higher…again I dont know the truth behind it. Does 3% more high really make a difference…could even tell a 3% difference??? I dont ever recall sitting there after a J smoking a cigg going “damn…I feel 3% higher”. Anyway…I’m rambling. HAPPY TOKING!!!

  185. I was also told the more you cough,the higher you get. Doesnt seem legit to me but then again,idk hah

  186. Never felt an effect .. and tried it really often.
    I think it just a bad Idea … not good for the Lungs.
    Its different with Salvia Divinorum … if you smoke salvia its good to hold your breath for 30-60 seconds after smoking.
    And theres a German Internet Show for Potheads… in one of theyr episodes they say Its just a Myth and not good for your Lungs

  187. I just know when I got one of those huge hits and it expanded like crazy and I coughed my brains out,, i was high high high

  188. good 1, And only a dope would choke on a toke, OMG, I’m the biggest dope of all :) ==============~

  189. yo someone need to say “this is proven scientific evidence that x makes you high. So we did a study between holding for 5 seconds and as long as you can and x are the peer reviewed, T-test verified results. X are variables and the conclusion is X.” if you guys want pot to be taken seriously and legalized it needs to be taken seriously. I enjoy smoking but think of the research and time and money that has funded the ciggerette industry; good and bad, and that should be embraced from smokers. WORD get it on, bitches

  190. A lot of people here are saying holding it in doesn’t get you more high, that it only makes you feel more high. But what nobody has said here is ; being high is a feeling, so saying it only makes you feel more high does not make any sense, if you feel more high, then obviously you are more high. and yes you are feeling more high due to lack of oxygen to the brain, but you still are feeling more high right? The added feeling may not be caused by weed, but it is still adding to your high, it’s just like smoking a cigarette right after smoking weed to add to your high. Just be careful of how long you hold it in for, you don’t want to pass out.

  191. asdfjklxtiffany on

    Did anyone notice how you can’t ‘dislike’ things, you can only like them. Which really sucks, because there’s some REALLY dumb responses on here. If only stupidity could be legal. We all know you only have to hold hits in for 5 – 7 seconds at max. And we all have our own ways of smoking. This forum was a pointless, and rather dull read.

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  193. Ryback [NB! Not really] on

    Your brain cells could die but really, nobody holds their hit in for minutes. It might damage your lungs more, might make you pass out. So I agree it’s pointless and risky Brain cell damage? Not that likely imo.

  194. we are located in German Town Maryland where we grow and supply quality greens for sale , we offer discreet shipping to any destination via EMS . contact 970 788 6066 if u need some

  195. I think when you hold your breath longer you merely feel higher from the blood rush and your heart beating faster from holding it in. If you want to get higher invest in a pinch hitter, use it for awhile. Then go to bowls, then joints, then bongs, then blunts, then reset. And you’ll never have to quit and stay high.

  196. i take small toke, inhale as quick as i can from light to all the way back in my lung while maintaining control of it all, the speed, the flow the bubble size the lit bowl minimizing weed loss , exhaling slow get a lil more out of it. and yes for what its worth just hold it in for a bit you don’t get 100 % even if you do but hold it in, that un noticeable amount of more will add up expecally if your taking smaller hits and more of them. tar deposit, ud be stupid to rip so hard it hurts your chest later, never even heard of it but i smoke ciggs tar harm is easy there, but haven’t seen any case of it in weed use, dont worry about it just dont aim for maximum tar and you wont accomplish it.

  197. When I first smoked I was told thats how you smoke pot that was how you got high (yea right) after smoking it that way for so many yrs then learning that holding in your hit was just a myth i tried to smoke and not hold in the hit and I like could’nt do it I always took the hit in so deep I always just hold it in thats how I smoke I guess anyway. Have you had your meeting with mary & Jane yet today?? haha have a good one. Peace be with you always.

  198. I think that some MMJ states have put laws in place regarding cannabis seeds, but I don’t know how that would affect international shipping.

  199. i have asthma and use a vaporizer. since you are not actually burning the weed its not harsh.. its the best way to get pain relief and absorb THC..except for consuming food products

  200. I’ve learned that when taking a hit, it is best to inhale for 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, and exhale through your nose for 3 seconds. The theory behind it is that it hits all the pours.

  201. 5 to 7 seconds is long enough. With vaporization – just take enough to fill your mouth and hold it a few seconds and everything is beautiful.

  202. I have a theory why people who hold it longer in their lungs feel ‘higher’. It’s like with smoking, or with sheesha. You get dizzy because you’re getting too much smoke in your lungs and less oxygen than brain would like and that makes you dizzy. That’s, in my opinion, reason why people tend to feel ‘higher’ when they take longer hits, their brain is just losing oxygen and that makes them dizzy and together with weed they feel ‘more’ high. I take mostly short hits when I smoke joints. When I have a bong I hold it about 20-30 secs just for fun. I didn’t notice any difference in short and long hits. Maybe just that with shorter hits I cough more :) .. well that’s my theory.

  203. Just think. Smoke a joint give little hits, you’re gonna need more little hits than big holding hits. It is nothing to be asking, think about your own experience

  204. I was always the type to hold it n as long as I could it just made since to me the longer it’s n ur lungs the more ur gonna get but who realy knows its just me tho different strokes fur different folks

  205. Claude Ferguson on

    I feel higher when I hold it in for a good 30 seconds, so that’s what I’ll continue to do. The time it takes for your body to be deprived of oxygen is varied. Those who think holding the smoke in for a minute will give you brain damage, are wrong.

  206. to get the most out of a hit, inhale. When you cant hold the hit in any longer, take an inhale of regular air and hold that as long as possible. When you cant hold it anymore, repeat process with regular air. Keep repeating until you cant inhale anymore and MUST breath. This will “trick” you lungs.

  207. THC is a cannibinoid, however so are CBDs. However, to get good wee you need HIGH levels of THC and LOW levela of CBDs. CBDs make THC less effective!!

  208. Seeds are legal so long as they are sold and shipped as “Novalty” or “Collector” products. Order from Amsterdam so you are covered. They are legal and WILL still grow.

  209. I see a lot of speculation here without scientific fact. The lungs have a mechanical function and smoking (cannabis) interacts with that function. Deposition of the inhalant, distribution, particle size, gas exchange, aveolar expansion, and many more, are factors in understanding the impact of smoking and what inspiration pattern creates the most effective absorption of inhalant (cannabis). The very fact that the inspiratory pattern can change the distribution of what is inhaled and where it is deposited does have some valid impact on the effect achieved. Let’s have discussion with knowledge, not assumptions.

  210. i think it is important to save smoke longer i lungs to be more high
    for exemple of me
    most of my friends smoke joint like cigarette and i’m not, after this they almost not smoked and i feel more good than them
    by the way..
    i’m checking weed on this way
    when i heat and hold like 20/30 sec i feel the level of weed but when you smoke whole J. like cigaret its half of what you can get from him
    in my opinion…

  211. It only takes a few seconds for the THC in the smoke to coat your lungs and dissolve into your blood stream. really at that point it depends on your heart rate. I’ve heard coughing gets you higher, which would make more sense cause coughing after a good hit would force heart to pump harder in turn delivering the THC through out your body faster. Even at that rate you would still only be getting high faster.

  212. I wouldn’t hold in for more than 10 sec when smoking with a group to avoid looking like an ass from a bad coughing fit but when I’m alone I try to hold as long as possible. Its just a habit now but started out as how I was taught when I first started smoking.

  213. SWIM would just use for and SR 2.0, SMP or BMR.
    And the bloke selling weed is not a cop but a scammer, not even using a for email address. If he is a cop, it’s entrapment.

  214. personally i say toke, hold 5 seconds, and release. thats how i get the best high, but iam not goign to claim that its the right way, give it a try everyone it makes smoking a J alot more relaxed too because you arent choking in your smoke all the time, for holding in so long, the thc was already absorbed half a minute ago guys but lack of oxygen wil certainly make you a little light headed and dizzy.

  215. I don’t know why, but, for sure it’s the first hit that gets you high, the rest is just part of a ritual. It doesn’t matter if you hold it longger or not. I smoke one joint in three parts. I start in the morning with a couple of tokes, then I smoke the joint again after lunch, stop and keep the roach to kill it before dinner. I can assure you that by doing get stoned all day long, with only one joint.

  216. When you are holding your breath you are simply blocking oxygen flow, killing brain cells and not boosting your thc receptors anymore than you would from taking a small hits. Basically, you hold your breath and get dumber, not higher

  217. dont ever let someone push your chest like how he described. i tried, and is dangerous. It stops the blood going to your heart….consequently, i was knocked out without knowing. If pressed against the chest for too long you could die from lack of blood reaching your heart.

  218. makes perfect logical sence that it does kinding relaying back to something like the choking game, ur holding ur breath not allowing oxygen to your brain giving to a reaction within ur brain simulating i higher high theory solved

  219. I’ve never tried it, but other posters seem to have tried it and gotten ripped off. Or I guess if someone tried it and reached the DEA, then we probably wouldn’t have heard about it.

  220. best bet it to google vaporizers (or marijuana vaporizers) and do some research. pax is one option. there are a variety of differents vapes at different price points. there are also standard plug in vapes, and portables. as i said, do some reading, ask more questions and find what you need

  221. No, to my knowledge, mail order bud is not legal. I’m not even sure it is legal to send cannabis seeds through the mail.

  222. I too have went back and forth over whether it makes a difference to hold in a hit.

    I finally came to the conclusion that the only reason you perceive to get ‘higher’ when you hold in a hit is that the THC and lack of Oxygen together are causing a larger wave of euphoria to hit you than just a normal hit would. Without getting enough Oxygen to the brain, and then loading the same brain with lots of THC/THCV/CBDs, you’re obviously going to feel a bit more euphoric and light-in-the-head.

    My two cents at least.

  223. no there is a difference you can find a video online about doctors who inject a lady with straight thc and it does exactly as mic jane describes and then they inject her with thc and canniboids and then its exactly as mic jane said here i the youtube video url http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGr0ne9FHOM these same doctors plan to have marijuana clinical trails for humans in about a year they have proven it stops and kills brain and breast cancer.

  224. I think it gives you head rush nd makes you feel higher than what you are, that’s in my experience

  225. is mail order weed legal? even in states where MMJ is not legal and what proof do i need that i am a patient? Word of mouth?

  226. I am interested in getting a vape machine…so a PAX is best? Are there different types of this? What would you recommend for me…2 adults will be using for daily medical marijuana use and recreational as well. Thanks for the info. ;-)

  227. Comments like this are just lazy. It can’t hurt you to answer legitimate questions. You’ve already posted that you’re selling bud, so the “damage” is done.

    Answering “no” to whether it’s legal or not doesn’t mean you can get busted for something.
    Putting an age restriction on selling pot SHOULD be done, regardless of whether its legal or not. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the reject that sold pot to a 12 year old….

    If he was a cop, he’d have just called the phone number you posted and set up a meeting.

    Talk about dope.

  228. The bong ripper on

    So… is this legal? Is there an age needed for this? Because I might be a potential customer. Also if its not legal im still a potential customer

  229. I have some dank Northern Lights right now and running it through the PAX makes it as smooth as silk. No smoke – only vapor. If you cough, it’s because your weed is strong – not cause of smoke. The PAX is a true vaporizer – does Not turn your weed to ash. The pax also stretches your weed out. They say you waste 95% of your THC in a joint – only inhaling 5%. I agree. The Pax oven will last 3 big sessions for me – so 3 days usage for .25 grams. Try to make a joint last 3 days… A good vaporizer pays for itself in a month or 2. I can make a dime bag last a month. Try that rolling J’s.

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  231. Weed has cannabinoids and THC. You need both for your high to be happy and awesome. If you only ingest THC it’s horrible. So… i think it does get you higher (or at least makes your high a little happier) because all the THC is absorbed within a few seconds, but what about the cannabinoids? I’m not saying im super smart but this was always my thought on the matter. If im wrong, by all means please enlighten me. Thanks and happy toking ;)

  232. holding in DMT is very relevant to the intensity of the trip, at least for the first ten or so seconds.

  233. This is my very own opinion, but I like to look at everything as science. If THC is stored in the fat cells, and a skinny person would get higher quicker than a very….large person…. Eating food that has fats would store the THC in the fat cells, which would reduce your high. Considering the THC would also be looking for this fat to be stored in, it would send a message to your stomach saying it needs fat, which would send a message to your brain saying I need some damn food to store this THC. But, this is also not a problem considering we always have to eat, and if that is the only side affect to Weed, May the Lord wake me up to bake up.

    -Captain Krabbs

  234. question….i have copd and it’s hard to smoke a doobie. a friend told me i should use a vaporizer. since i’ve never had the oportunity to use one, i’m curious as whether or not this would work for me. i’m trying to prevent the lung explosion when you take a hit. any thoughts?

  235. lol.. I have TRIED to tell them it does just as good to inhale, then exhale. also, cutting off oxygen is bad for the brain

  236. mayb the not breathin just makes ya feel more stoned, and as for passin out do rising sun, start squattin than while mates givin u blowback, slowly stand up, when stood right up they press against ya chest (not hard lol) propa mullers ya and has high pass out rate so get ready to catch ya mates :D

  237. I have always heard with vapor that you should hold it (ghost it) so you see as little vapor escaping as possible. However with smoke I’ve always heard its just a normal inhale (pause) exhale.

  238. Sometimes I hold my breath just because I like the way it feels. Then there is the cannon ball cough. Combine them with one hit, and you hit the triple point (scientific term). Puff to high in seconds flat, baby.

  239. The air adjacent to the alveoli has 95% absorption however the air in the center of the alveoli may not touch the wall of the alveoli. By taking short sips of air during inhaling cannabis makes the air circulate better in the alveoli and would increase absorption. Some people actually blow exhaled cannabis smoke into a volcano type bag and re inhale it later for good effect. Seems a little to conservative for me.

  240. that would be breathing carbon dioxide, which can get you high, like when people hyperventilate, right?

  241. I wouldn’t hold it any longer than a drag off a cigarette. Why? Don’t think any of my friends got any higher…

  242. I toke. I catch my buzz and I eat. Boy do I eat! I remain on my happy cloud! The effects don’t wear off, they linger for me. IF I don’t toke, I don’t eat! Due to the harsh HIV meds I must take daily, I have zip for appitite. I smoke a bowl or a pin joint, my appitite returns. Food does not bring me down. Ironically, caffine does! Weird I know but for me, it’s true. I tend to avoid anything that contain’s caffine when toking. Some might level out, once they ingest food. Mind over matter. If you wish to remain on your happy cloud, you will. If you wish to level out, you will. Smoking more won’t help. Once you’ve made up your mind, your decent may be a smooth one or you’ll bottom out in a blink. But like I mentioned, not everyone is the same. WE each use this amazing herb, for one thing or another. If I just wish to get zapped, then it’s my will. But to level out after eating? Nope. Pending on my food of choice, it’ll enhance it.

  243. I have a PAX vaporizer and so my intake can be carefully controlled or crafted to the mood I want to “get into”. I get “adjusted” (thanks Russ) several times a day. From a freshly packed oven holds .25 grams for me and I get 3 to 4 sessions from it. First draw from fresh is a half breath. While I’ve found holding to provide no increase in high, I’ve found a “panting exhale” to increase the adjustment by nearly a third. My theory is I’m swirling different vapor past different capillaries by “re-breathing” the same vapor on the exhale. I hate to exhale and see good vapor going to waste. I guess I could try exhaling into a plastic bag and re-breathing from the bag. Hummm?

  244. Its an illusion imo,holding your breath longer will make you light headed so people probably think its the effects of the weed.I must admit im a sucker for this,ill have to stop doing it now.Its obviously just a myth.

  245. I do not hold my hits, I draw it in slowly and deeply, then I slowly exhale it. That I have found to give me a greater high than anything and I think i know why. If you are slowly moving the smoke through your lungs it is passing over the surfaces that absorb the drug. But when you hold your breath the smoke just sits. I think keeping it in a slow motion makes the most use of the hit. Just my .02

  246. This may or may not be relevant, but when we used to smoke DMT back in the 70’s I got so high the first time that I tried to blow out the hit immediately to not get quite so out there and it never worked. With DMT you either smoked enough or you did not smoke enough and holding it seemed irrelevant to the level of the high.

  247. A vaporizer is the best invention in the world… so smooth for those of us with breathing problems. :)

  248. Ernest Paul Toth on

    Don’t try 2 B Aqualung but,hold it-o-bit!!!!!!! Take it from-o-pioneer with canteen-o-Southern C. in hand….

  249. I never smoked to impress so average breath volume with a couple second hold worked best for me. ( Think breathing control techniques while doing cardio exercises type of smoking. ) Holding it longer, or a mondo hit never did anything except make me cough or choke ( I have asthma ) and that is not fun, so why do it. I love the effect of a chilled water bong but the hits are too big for my personal tastes. Vaporizing is on my list of to-dos first chance I get.

  250. Joshua Johnson on

    I read an article about this, years ago. I cannot recall the name of the article nor the publication, though it may have been High Times Magazine. The article was an interview with a doctor of some sort who made a very clear point. The lungs only have the capacity to absorb a specific amount of any gas, be it oxygen, smoke, or some other substance. Therefore, this doctor went on to explain, the idea of holding your hit longer only serves to keep oxygen from the brain, causing brain cells to die. I really wish I remembered the article better, but the guy made perfect sense.

  251. Johnathan Melton on

    There is this debate for concentrates (specifically Dabbin) about whether or not holding in your hit longer gets you higher. Personally I do not think it works that way as your article suggests. I feel the “higher” feeling is actually oxygen deprivation, not more THC entering your lungs. BB size dabs are FAR more effective than marble sized ones, no matter how you look at it.

  252. Capt Cosmo, Retired on

    I look at it the other way around. As a neck & throat cancer survivor I was unable to swallow any liquids for 3 1/2 years and unable to swallow food for 5 1/2 years. My short term memory is fried from the extensive chemo. Unable to swallow or eat for so long I no longer have an appetite. Unable to remember if I have eaten, coupled with no appetite, I have gone days without nourishment and wound up hospitalized. The only time I have ever found myself looking in the fridge is when I have the munchies. For me it’s “Stay High, Stay Hungry” and I munch along continually. My many medical providers are aware of this unique situation and approve of my indulgences and self medication.

  253. I have also heard most of the THC is absorbed in the first 5 seconds or so. Makes sense not to hold smoke in your lungs for long periods of time.
    What I want to know is if the old saying “stay hungry, stay high” is true. Seems like eating does reduce the effects duration but I have been unable to find a reliable source.

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