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Don’t Let Marijuana Be Taxed To Death In Colorado


boulder colorado petition double tax marijuana cannabisOne of my biggest fears about marijuana legalization at the state level was that it would come with such a hefty tax that it would never reach it’s full potential. Marijuana legalization opponents know this, and know that the battle isn’t over. We need to keep fighting. Below is a petition urging Boulder, Colorado leaders to not double tax marijuana. I encourage everyone to sign it to help send a message that this is not what was intended when voters passed Amendment 64. You can sign the petition here:

Mayor Appelbaum and Members of the Boulder City Council;

When the voters of Colorado approved Amendment 64, I believed that our elected officials understood that our message was clear; end marijuana prohibition, make retail marijuana available to adults with deliberate speed, and use the revenues for school construction. Instead we have seen the General Assembly ask for revenues far beyond the Constitution and a steady stream of local taxes with no clear indication that any city will be prepared to allow retail marijuana sales to adults on January 1, 2014.

I write to you today to express that the patience of this voter is now exhausted. I am troubled by the Denver tax proposal and doubly troubled by the Boulder double tax. This frustration may cause me to withdraw my support of the state tax measures as well.

My specific concern is that these extraordinary taxes are going to be used against the very purpose of Amendment 64. Boulder is considering a 10% sales tax and 15% excise tax to be used to “prohibit or discourage use and accessibility; (and) social norming campaigns to reduce social acceptability” of a product that Boulder voters legalized by a 3-1 margin. The city also wants to use these revenues for treatment programs even though 80% of substance abuse treatment admittances are for alcohol while only 8% are for marijuana -the majority of which due to a court order related to possession that is now legal. State law requires persons ordered to treatment to enter treatment at their own expense. Amendment 64 was the “Campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol”. The Boulder proposal doesn’t even regulate marijuana like marijuana!

I would agree that public education on the responsible use of marijuana, as well as alcohol is important as we move into post prohibition. Unfortunately the Boulder proposal would only continue the misinformation of prohibition while depriving Boulder residents of the testing, labeling and childproof packaging that would only be available if regulated retail marijuana sales are available. There is only one beneficiary of the Boulder proposal … the Black Market.

Because I am clear about why I voted for Amendment 64, I ask you to vote NO on the sales and excise tax proposal.

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  2. Thomas Mc you are absolutely right about this . Seems funny to me that our government tried so hard to keep marijuana illegal , but now they have their pethic hands out wanting a cut of the profit. Just shows what crooks they really are.

  3. Your math is a bit off.
    1.5x the rate of state tax wouldn’t make the product 1.5 as expensive. Assuming state tax rate is 10%, that would raise the tax rate to 15%, costing you $11.50.
    With the new introduction, they are saying a total 10% for sales, and 15% for excise, making a total tax of 25%. This would cost you $12.50 for a $10 bag.

  4. i could see it being taxed at 1.5 the rate of state tax, (as a washington resident, that would make a $10 bag $13-15 and that’s plenty reasonable) but 10 sales + 15 excise is ridiculous, that makes a dime bag $25, and an ounce cost over 500. We’ve voted for legal and recreational use, in our homes, not exposing it to the public or harming anyone around us with “second hand” smoke. Treat it just like cigarettes, they’re taxed a bit luxuraily to prevent them getting in the hands of kids (yet they still do every day) Just use the taxes for our schools, our teachers, our roadways, The things that matter the most, not promoting treatment, recreational use is a choice, not an addiction, nothing like the other drugs out there.

  5. In New Mexico in 2010 there was a bill introduced (the Medical Marijuana Tax Act) to impose a 25% tax on Medical Marijuana purchases. Our legislators shot it down and I hope Colorado will be that lucky. It is still taxed, but at the same rate as any other taxable item. It would have been smart to exempt mm consumables from sales tax, just as all other consumables are, but no one says they are that smart. Good luck Colorado!

  6. Inflated taxes will make it cheaper to acquire MJ through the black market. I know many that grow MJ now and it would be so easy to get my supply from them. I purchase from my dispencery becouse its the legal/affordable/ right thing to do but I would forgo this if taxes continue to rise and it becomes more affordable to purchase from the streets. Something you should think about!

  7. The State and Municipal governments are already going to save HALF A BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR not having to enforce anti-cannabis laws, yet the greedy politicians still demand MORE!

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