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Dr. Frankel Explains How THC Becomes Active Through Decarboxylation


I am always interested to learn more about the science behind medical marijuana. Luckily Dr. Frankel has uploaded some great videos online that give the breakdown of how THC becomes active through decarboxylation.


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  • moldy

    Thanks! That’s what I was interested in.

  • incogneatow

    Cool! Thanks…

  • Choom Gang

    He does not say the ways cannabis can be decarboxylated, this 4 min video explains the ways. Time and heat are the main ways.


  • DavidTheExpert

    And this is an excellent explanation so that even I can understand it. I knew that THC needed to be decarboxylated, but I never actually knew what that meant. But now I do. Thanks, Dr. Frankel.