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Federal Government: Marijuana Still Has No Medical Value


fist michigan medical marijuana asthma autismThere is a big court battle going on right now to try to get marijuana rescheduled. Currently marijuana is a Schedule I substance according to the federal government, meaning that it has no medical value, and is as dangerous as heroin. This federal classification of marijuana comes despite the facts that the same federal government grows marijuana for medical purposes in Mississippi, supplies the marijuana to federal medical marijuana patients every month, and owns numerous patents related to marijuana’s medical properties. But never mind those pesky facts.

The federal government submitted a court filing yesterday that maintains that marijuana still has no medical value and is a dangerous, addictive drug. Per SF Gate:

Two weeks after President Obama signed legislation prohibiting federal interference with state medical marijuana laws, his administration has told a federal judge in Sacramento that pot is still a dangerous drug with no medical value.

The U.S. attorney’s office, representing Obama’s Justice Department, made the argument in a court filing Wednesday opposing a challenge to the long-standing federal law that classifies marijuana as a Schedule One drug along with heroin, LSD and ecstasy — substances that have a high potential for abuse and no safe medical use.

While there may be “some dispute among doctors as to whether marijuana is medicine,” there is ample evidence to support the government’s conclusion that “this psychoactive, addictive drug is not accepted as safe for medical use at this time, even with medical supervision,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Broderick wrote.

The fact that marijuana is considered to have no medical value by the federal government is slap in the face to science, logic, and compassion. How federal officials can argue against medical marijuana considering they are growing, researching, and distributing medical marijuana is beyond me. The Obama Administration needs to give up this sham and do what’s right and logical.


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  1. the only ‘ignorance’ there was, was among the people who had no relationship with the plant-hell, some didn’t even realize it was a plant at all! no-they, the corporate big biz owners in bed with gov’t who make sure the ‘right’ people make the most money, worked at demonizing and outlawing this plant because they KNEW it would compete with all their poisonous products and spread the wealth and health-this is NOT what they are about. they are about consolidation and concentration of that wealth and health to a few elite. the rest of us are ‘farmed’ so to speak for our labor, blood and tears.

  2. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    any federal official that supports legalization is there by guilty of child abuse and cultural genocide and will become named in the pending class action suit for the rightful intellectual property of CBD THC cannabis derived extracts and medicines

  3. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    follow this silverado I believe it may be the beginning of a class action suit against the fed for child abuse………and cultural genocide…………..yes a cannabis culture established before prohibition and protected under federal law treaties dating back to the 1700’s the fed even holds the patent illegally the medicine was already established under public domain as being the creation and intellectual property of the kickapoo nation’s doctors and families of kickapoo indian medicine men even secret societies this is what they were attempting to beat out of the children the wild-crafted medicinal ways of our fathers

  4. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    Kickapoo Indian Medicine company a heritage the united states government does not want it’s people to understand
    Prohibition in the 1930’s which crushed a family company of medicinal practitioners of cannabis culture people established in good faith before the 1890’s Touted as EXTREMELY Successful After 5 years by a noted New York news paper……………………..TRIBAL ENROLLED all treaties apply even prior to 1700’s……………………………..
    Jonson and Johnson DuPont chemicals nylon corporations destroy the hemp industry using the reefer madness campaign. severely impacting the lives and traditions of Kickapoo native families forever a very different out come would be apparent had these laws not been enacted and the violence and institutional prejudice that became a national practice still functioning today as evidence of its torture other wise why would anyone one need these schools. rosevelt said it plainly kill the indian save the child what is the indian if not the original woodsmen wildcraft hemp rope before the vikings touched shore a cannabis culture then an a cannabis culture now but look at our kickapoo nations position in life her spirit beaten and abused tortured in government schools taught our fathers medicine is evil and immoral and not human, our language destroyed by your lies and political movements to control natural resources and now exposed to the truth even our science our medicine you seek to profit from our intellectual property our gift from creator

  5. BTW the owners of Leafly, according to 20/20 now become public traders on wall street: get it? The monies are starting to trickle over. Oh Dear, how much longer can hypocrisy stand? ALSO, if anyone is considering a class action lawsuit against the government, this is prime time.

  6. 6 years!? More like 45. It all started in the 70’s with the Powell Memorandum. Check it out on Wikipedia. Oh yeah and don’t forget Reagan’s f–ing “trickle down” economics that virtually destroyed the lower and middle classes.

  7. If there’s no medical value and they’re going to keep it on the Schedule 1 listing at the federal level maybe someone could let the state of Washington (and maybe Colorado too) know they’re breaking federal law by collecting taxes on such a substance with their hair brained recreational cannabis scheme passed by the voters over 2 years ago now. I know they’d like to continue with their federal law breaking ways saying “times have changed” (which is true but obviously NOT for them) but we all know what they’d do to you and me IF we were guilty of something similar and so this isn’t something that’s going to be continuing to be swept under the proverbial rug. Pot activist and lawyer Doug Hiatt did a mini interview on this very subject in the Christmas edition of the Northwest Leaf and the poo poo is getting ready to hit the fan over them continuing to collect these taxes ILLEGALLY. The end of I-502? Hardly and paraphrasing a bit, he says the legalization effort will survive as will their trying to expand the new DUI anti cannabis driving laws. But as that’s a lot to chew on, that’s a story for another day too.

  8. Absolutely true enough. There’s more than one way to get this done.
    The big question is: Who’s going to step up? I’m really tired of the “Pass the buck” routine.

  9. Change the scheduling yes, but taking cannabis off the CSA entirely, not sure about that.

    Alcohol and tobacco are not on the CSA schedule.

    “Alcohol and tobacco, for example, are specifically exempt from control by the CSA.” — From DEA (dot)gov

  10. Obama doesn’t need to use an executive order. The CSA allows the Attorney General or Secretary of Health and Human Services to change the schedule including moving it to section that includes alcohol and tobacco if the evidence shows that it doesn’t belong in its schedule. And Congress can’t complain about it, because the science backs it. When the results of the case in California come out we’ll see how the country reacts.

  11. It should be on the same schedule as alcohol or tobacco. Whoops! They are not on ANY SCHEDULE!!!!

  12. Obama was left with a republican led train wreck on the global economy. The world came very close to a financial collapse. Obama averted the worst of it but some of the economy is still somewhat shaky and this will become evident this year and the next. It ain’t over. You sound like you head is pretty far up your butt by your comment.

  13. Really glad it’s working for you too! I was amazed the first time I had diarrhea and smoked a bowl, the miserable feeling inside was all most instantly gone. This plant has so much untapped potential if only our idiotic “leaders” would put people overy politics.

  14. Autumn Gabriel on

    What arrogance, to admit doctors are prescribing cannabis, but federal government knows more than the highly educated doctors. Almost as soon as I see a new drug advertised on TV, there is another commercial stating if you or a loved one have taken said drug & had adverse, sometimes deadly reactions, to call an attorney. I trust God much more than politicians. There is a reason that our bodies have cannabinoid receptors, receptors being the operative word. God meant for our bodies to use his amazing herb, not chemical drugs! ;-)

  15. One thing you can try is making a diffuser. Take a paper towel tube and stuff dryer sheets inside, blow smoke in one end and the smoke exiting the tube will smell like dryer sheets. It’s not perfect but it helps. Vaporizing I think is your best option though. Edibles are good and discreet, but for a panic attack you want an instant fix, which edibles won’t give you but vaping or smoking will.

  16. My apologies. Depending on what state you live and your budget I would try thc oil,or wax and use a vaporizer. I would try cannabis butter if you can get trimmings. These things have no smell of burning. The butter can go on anything especially comfort foods. This blog has a easy recipe look at cannabis recipe. A medical Marijuana supplyer should be able help with the wax and oils and a good choice for a vape pen. If you live close to Colorado go there. Lots of info online. The butter you eat (cook with) edibles are potent and effects the whole body. Let’s say 1 cookie 45 min later heaven. But don’t dose heavy with any of the above it is all potent. Good luck.

  17. Democrats are just as guilty as republicans. Your ‘us vs them’ scenerio just isn’t valid. What you have is the power elite and that consists of both parties, who are pretty much the same. Who do you think has supported Wall Street and big business for the last six years?

  18. I get violently sick to me stomach and I can’t leave the bathroom to smoke outside. When my insomnia is bad in the middle of the night, I’m not going outside in the dark with no protection. It’s not safe. When I have anxiety and it turns into a panic attack, I need to use marajuana to calm down and I can’t even leave my room, it’s so bad. How do I go outside to smoke it? I don’t know what to do. Any ideas?

  19. If you think Marijuana has no medical value, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY should be PROHIBITED access should any of you develop a medical need (cancer).

  20. “America has the highest cancer rate in the world”
    This is because republican Whores to big business have let big business have a virtual free rein and big business’s myopic focus on profits and disregard for public health.

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